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Recording and Editing Skype Call 1

So we're going to attempt to do right here is I'm going to record a quick skype call with john he's going to go to the other room, and we have I've already recorded a forty minute, so open your hour episode, my audience is expecting it today, so it's actually today's show I have to be consistent, and I've got most of it recorded. I'm going to record this last couple minutes, I'm gonna patch it in, I'm going to export and show you guys on the screen how I produce the show and I'm actually going to get to that listener that had the show notes question was that in here? Was that that was you? I have? Ah, so I do it like you do it, so you'll see exactly how I do my show notes on bats. It is that cool? Well, I'm going to kick the tv, all right? Let's do this. John, you're out. I'm going to throw my headphones in here just one so I can hear him pretty good. Now I just using little earbuds. Typically, I would have, you know, a full set of studio headphones. Or I just got these really cool fan...

cy in your monitors that, um, are really cool I'm gonna have will support vegas, it absolutely yeah all right, kids all right, so michael see if your work is going to be what could possibly go wrong only live yeah it's only life all right, so I'm gonna call I'm gonna do this thing first cause I always like to do this first remember I'm not sure if he got his schedule once by the way don't leave another isn't anybody here something one of the thing I love to do that really changed my whole podcast life with schedule once dot com that is a it's a way that I schedule all of my shows so I have three different landing page is for people to click on in these scheduled automatically goes to my my google uh uh calendar and then it goes right to my I cal on my computer so I instantly get updated when I have an interview with someone so hey, john, how was it going? Um cannot agree we'll hear him here say some john michael, I'm here I'm alive and, uh we're walking the rolling can you hear me? That's great. So now what I would be doing as an interviewer is I would be looking at my I have a recorder here I didn't really talk about it the grand poobah of recorders right now is the zoom age six so that the roland john talked about his great this is the super cadillac and then zoom h five this thing is the most versatile device I have so I use it for live recordings you can plug and xlr microphone right into it I could line in these quarter inch plugs hit record it goes to an sd card it's solid state and it's literally almost fail proof unless you run out of batteries um I go from my computer to the mixer the mixer to this recorder and I hit records so what I can do now john hey buddy how you doing? I'm doing green good to see you back it's good to be here so john we are once again live we're here live on creative live around the solar preneurs our we've already going two segments of this show how do you feel about your first segment did how'd you how'd you do I felt great the audience is phenomenal they're engaged asking great questions the crew here is just rocking the role and I mean the whole scenario has just been ten stars ten stars out of five and that is very impressive so so what I know about you is you are you're very fit guy we went on a two mile run actually three mile run yesterday we ran back and forth across the golden gate bridge and I heard something about you that you stand up paddleboard you do that often is that something you're into these days yeah, we call it sup seeing up paddle boarding and being very force into living on a bay in san diego I'm able tio tow wash the sunset most nights as I as a paddle border listen to solar power new hour I do appreciate that I do appreciate all the downloads. One time john was at my house on it he went onto my computer. I had about two gigs of storage left and he went to itunes and subscribe to his show and had it download all of the shows on then I actually try to do that to him. Last night computer connection was so slow at the hotel that it didn't let me so by the way, everyone go to seoul upon your our dot com slash itunes and click subscribe maybe a great little experiment to see if just the subscribe button works that well, because now I'm way over it, right? So if you go to seoul our dot com slash itunes and hit subscribe will I fly up new until our into items? Who knows anyway so that the cool thing I like about your paddle board is that it's not it's, not like surfboard, is not fiberglass? What is it? Yeah, I don't know the question yes or that question no, you do it because it's made out of inflatable canvas au mastro are you dragging me through the garden right now? This is supposed to be the part that gets you out of doing that I'm trying to be a michael gruber right now I know I see that. So can you talk about your inflatable canvas it's, a nine foot six inflatable canvas from tower boards, which is right in pacific beach and they were actually funded on shark tank by mark cuban, which was phenomenal, which I loved and it's inflatable so makes it about nine pounds even though it's nine foot six inches and it floats about three inches above the water surface. It's really cool because generally as stand up paddleboard is huge it's, a giant long surfboard and it's even hard to find a vehicle to put it on, if you have a small car it's hanging off five feet on either side so you have one that you can actually deflate and roll up well, that's really cool. How was your fitness change since you started supping? So one thing I notice about fitness is that when you take one step in the right direction, it seems to be easy to take that next step is all a momentous game, so I'd come back from stand up paddleboarding feeling kind of sore in the arms accord to get a good workout I don't want to sit down and eat a a greasy burger and french fries I wanted to kind of kick that fitness and nutrition ups to the next level two so it was one of those things where one thing leads to the next and I've only seen good results you've worked too hard for that you'd you sweat it too much to go undo it with some nonsense so well that's fantastic it again thank you so much, john for being on this show you can always find john and entrepeneur on fire dot com oreo fire dot com if you can't spell entrepreneur as most people can't like I had I had to change mind a solo our dot com because most people can't spell preneurs um and then of course you know fire or is it johnny dumas on twitter or you gently dimas is johnny davis and like you I haven't yo fire dot com slash itunes so go ahead and describe very good thank you so much and ladies and gentlemen have now just listen to episode number one seventy six of these solar preneurs our you can always find the show notes it solo our dot com slash one that seventy six by the lovely lera and we will see you next time all right so now all right, so now thankyou so now ah thanks, john you're off the hook um to now I have this file I don't need this anymore. I've got a file that has just a small mp three on it and it's just a little sd card, I can stick it right into my macintosh. I'll do the rest of his british because you sound smart and what I dio is I just plop on over tio, my finder here, and I have all these shows and right here eleven forty six a m I just recorded this here's, my little mp three file fire garage mint. So what I did yesterday in garage band and let's hope that this body is going to come through. I'm just on my phone normal waiting for food to arrive the table and I scroll through a photo. So I recorded two segments yesterday. The first one is in the hotel room, then we didn't want actually at the essence, it michael your show or you listen to john restaurant and you want to think that thiss and I had a little I did a little transition here in the middle, which was just this funny little her ears sake and a sake way start everyone's we're back, we didn't make it to the suit, so what I've done is they have there's something called a bumper in the audio in the radio world, and when I have people on my show I have them record a little. Hey, this is pat flynn. You're listening to sola preneurs our michael o'neill and I start every single episode with that because it identifies and it it allows people go well, there's an episode I didn't know existed, so hopefully go find another episode. So what I've done as I bring all of those into one single file in this case, I think I have what I turn on. I turned out adam corolla a few dozen who adam karol is from the adam corolla show. Um, turn that off the celebrant our party can make a credible you're listening to seoul bureau, our michael the seller printer, our podcast job security for the unemployable. Just my drummer I played live drums on my intro and recorded it comes because that way it gets me fucking up. So the way I set this thing up is I have all of my people, um, that have done these little you know about why? And I just choose which one to pick for that particular episode. This one I chose adam corolla. Then I have my british woman that says job security for the unemployable she's next I'll zoom on this you can see this she's right here she's my british woman and then instantly my intro starts my interest starts right here if you can see this is its volume that's traveling right here and then I haven't fade the second that I start talking this is just a little automation the reason I do this this way is because I don't have to do this every show now I have the entire show set up for every single episode I just export from that one template that again leaves my production time super fast so when I my lady's his lazy you know and now your host michael o'neill waiting on now your host michael waiting gentlemen this episode number one seventy six of the sole of her new are our I'm here from a hotel room in san francisco california myself that's the beginning of the show and now what I need to do is actually add that last part that I did so I can cruise to my end I have a little end segment that I do right here and I actually need tio grab this mp three that I just recorded and just plop it right in so it's there now if I want to I'm not going to uh but if I wanted to I could put another little in between earth there and just make my mommy will show you here and let's might well do it right we're here so I grab this little guy and I could just option dragged this thing and actually just copies it we went a little smaller so I can grab it, so normally I wouldn't have any of this editing I usually just hit record and I hit stop and I have one mp three file I don't ever do I don't usually patch it together like I'm doing this right now, but now you can see it it's that easy don't be daunted this is garage band, by the way, it's all I've ever used I know there's a fancy fans your things out there this is actually worked really well for me, so I haven't done it yet if I start reaching the end of where garageband can actually assist me, then I'll bail on it so and we'll see on the other side just hands it's good to be here so john, we are once again live, we're here live on that we just did and then finally I just need to tack on my little end, which is just right here I'll just a line that with where my audio I'm looking at this right here and kind of looking where my audio and the final thing I have to do before export is I have like a little a little bridge of audio, so I want this thing to fade in a little bit so I can just drag it right here and that should just about do it I always do a final check and make sure I don't have any left over sometimes I leave one of these things on from an old show like this is adam corolla but I need to make sure that nobody else has turned on and it looks like we're good to go looks like I'm all here and good so I will take this thing I'll click share I'll have export song two disc I export ninety six k bps um it's a little higher than they recommend but I want the again I'm such a stickler for audio quality I want my intro to be sounding good I wanted all the sound really great so I go a little bit higher makes me pay probably ten bucks more a month in in liberated syndication costs but I can deal with that it's ok so so oprah nure hour I'm going to go to audio podcasts and I save it out his show number one seventy six this will take a second so I'll take a question while we're here it'll take a minute or so sure we had a hand here in your studio grab a mic drop the mic where you from say your name hi I'm ray from radio to me great pause and turn them into streams wait ray from israel and radio tomy connected are you are a yes some radio tomi rae is are israeli autumn e r a diatta me no sorry that was your radio radio nami yeah okay all right radio want autonomy I want to talk about music licensing because I think there's a lot of misunderstanding in the podcast world that if you use less than thirty seconds of published music it's okay and I'm here to say it's not ok yeah so what she's saying is you can't just use what about like for a curious about what about gives your teaching me this what about from music review shows absolutely no not you are legally viable if you have any recognizable I guess you could be sued by copyright holders and I think there's a kind of again of this urban legend that if you just use a little bit it'll be ok that's one of the nice things about streaming is that we do cover as copy of my season on sound exchange so you can get a little bit more liberal with using music but I was curious how you talk about music and if it's something that comes up in what you do yeah so I I did my own music for my intro and there's actually companies out there what's the name of the music company that does podcast music john hardy jungle what is it? Audio jungle audio jungle is one of them I know there's a spontaneous yeah what is it? Music yeah there's probably dozens of them at this point but the technique that I use is the first thing I did is I wrote down exactly what my intro was to sound like then I took that intro and I shopped it out on fiver for a couple of british voiceovers I just got I got three of them then I took the three and I merged them together into one intro then I had a baseline in my head and I hummed it into my um my phone actually and I sent it to my buddy I said, dude, can you make a baseline? He sent me a baseline mp three I put it on my ears turn my turn my zoom on put some mikes on my drums in recorded my drums to it then I layered the music over the drums. Now I agree, not everyone's going to do that that's the whole thing however, the outsourcing the intro definitely it definitely gives you ah riel professional sound and again five bucks you could go to five or there's a million voiceover artist as faras riel music goes garage man has a bunch of royalty free loops, which is what I just used getting into that universe of using like real people's music you have to get explicit risk written permission actually had jennifer paige who did that song it's just a little crush I had on my show and I was like I said, you know, I'm going to use this for an intro you to use your song is the tone of my show oh, is that okay? And I got her saying it on that I'm sorry if I tunes pinches me. I've got this on audio. Um all right, so we're still converting. Uh, yeah. Next questions? Yeah. Let's go for a quick one. Could use remind people the name of the microphone that you were using this is the heil p r forty h e I l p r forty and I'll tell you there is a there's a company called b s w yusa that does the high opr forty package. So normally that mike by itself is like three hundred twenty nine bucks three thirty nine or something like that. They have a package with boom arm shock, mount pop filter and microphone for three, sixty nine and cable. It is hugely discounted. They have a similar product for the one I was talking about before, which is the e v r e twenty and that's the same company that's doing my soul a preneurs our packages again. So if you want to find out about those ones five hundred bucks that'll get you amazing set up most of this and the other one is like super fancy, so looks like we're about ready all right so here we go so now we have a now I've got a naked mp three file and I'm going to show you I can't do it in three minutes like john did because he's he's like flash but what I can dio is I can look it so I have I'm uh lucky enough to have someone who does my show notes and this is where our question comes from so she listens to the show so I had her eye we recorded the show I exported last night I said please do me a favor and do some show notes for this episode like on the fly and she said ok no problem so she's awesome so I do what you do I I use a plug and called power press on on wordpress and that gives me the option if I scroll down of adding an mp three file to this blood post so what I need to do is first make the I d tags so I grabbed my title like shoot over the idea editor I open this here's my episode number one seventy six ready to go I hit command d which gives me all my defaults and it's ready to go and I just throw this in there I feel out more of these than I think people normally dio but I like to cover all my bases and I usually just grab my first paragraph and I'll throw it in here like this and I look at pictures my pictures already there it's ready to go I hit update now it's ready for lipson so what I do on lipson is a little bit different than john because I do a file for download only this is how I learned at the beginning from cliff ravens crafty years ago and then I do I just take that file and I put it into my block post so we're seconds away here and if I let's see I could just grab this little ad file for download only I click upload I'll go right to that file and now it's going to think for a second I'll take another question we probably look about a minute of this thinking, ok, sure let's see, now this comes from paul afflalo, and they say we've heard about recording one on one interviews and through skype. But what about recording with more than two people in one in one ruin in one setting? Yeah, well, I mean, I think this thing has thing has foreign puts, you could get mixtures that have a zillion even if you don't have a mixer the zoom age six has four separate microphone inputs you could take this too ah, an event you could mounted on top of a camera if you want to you can put four exit we did way did ping pong cast it? Nickens worth mastermind event ping pong table for podcasters each with microphones plugged into this device came out sounding like we're in a studio and that's why this is the granddaddy for me all right, now what people wanted to do that with more than one people want more than one person virtually through skype or another digital you can use google hangout and that will give you ten people in one spot if you if you I have and skype will if you'd use the paid service actually, um but barring that there might be it might be a little more of it like technical challenge to get there and I know you have a question I see you're ready. Okay, yeah, go ahead. So let's have it with the pure energy transfer on podcast? Yes, I'm not going try to outrun you or she's like I've done that well, you I might not bike, you know, like I thes sites and comfort but yes so that I love your idea by the way school thank you. S o one of the questions I have two quick questions one is how do you know if your home internet is up to the task of doing sky only have okay and hard wired if you can hard wire okay way need to fix this. We should have. We should have that hard wired thiss was way faster yesterday with this is ah, this is going way slower than it was. I don't know why that is all right. We'll see. And so another, another quick question for those of us that do podcasts out in the wild, like a spree and idea in person if you don't have an optimal recording environment. Last times I getting echo if I'm in meeting someone in a conference room or something, are there any quick hacks to reduce the echo? Or if we improve our mike, will that take care of it? So I love the I don't have it with me, there's a mike we use yesterday, so I we were. And how long was that bar yesterday? John lau it was really loud, and you you couldn't hear and we and actually last monday, john and I did plane cast where we recorded a whole show on a plane that's how brilliant that zoom age six is because it has a compression setting, and I used a ah ashore, sm fifty seven microphone, which is a very, very focused condenser microphone, it's what they use for snare drums, actually and that's way that way, it doesn't get the bleed from all the other drums, so when you look at those member of the bob barker microphone the one it was like this long it was like like this that was like a super condenser microphone but you know, this is just not macho toe hold of microphones, but if you I would say you can get assurance some fifty seven or even a fifty eight on craigslist for fifty bucks get a couple of those suckers if I if I spoken to it as some fifty eight and then this you would be able to hear the difference so you don't need to spend a ton of money on a great mike although it's nice to have it is really nice for a full sound hang out helping self published authors learn how to sell more books cool and so my question is we've experimented with the length of the intro for the show early on it was like three minutes and then we pared it down to one minute and then there's the whole interest to the interest just like thirty sec exactly will you answer my question? You know they'll make it too long I mean how it's like all right let's again entertainment get to the content, right? So when you have a question as well, my question was about this particular app, but I have just discovered yesterday that supposedly you can do your podcast on your boss jock bossjob with your thoughts about yeah I met the guy years ago and I'm actually trying to figure out a way to do a full mobile like just using the eight six and boss chuck I have all this gear that I brought to try to figure out how to get the sd card to interface and all this other stuff it's really cool it's a little complicated to to actually do a live show like there's a there's a lot of steps to make it work but I think it's khun sound I mean it will sound as good as the input coming in so if you have a good microphone and you can line right into it I don't see why it could couldn't work is a really great mobile set up yeah, I have an ipad I want to do the same thing yeah I think it's pretty good we're really getting short on time. I think unfortunately because of this download speed were not I was going to show you it published hit refresh on itunes it was going to be there but I just know that in, you know, like eighteen minutes and fifty five seconds that it's going to be ready to go and you'll be able to just go like this and actually here for those of you that are watching this alive you'll be able to go ah so lower dot com slash itunes probably on your phone because it takes the itunes app a few hours to kick in, but on the phone, it refreshes really quickly. So I would say within the next thirty minutes, if you just pull it down, you'll be able to hear the first part, the second part, and then what we just recorded a minute ago. And I think that's probably going to do it for me, right? I think we're probably close on time, or I can answer more questions. Well, we have a few more minutes to go if you have anything else. Any other advice to give to people? We could do a few more questions if you guys have any other questions. Okay. More slides. I got it. I got a nine slides. I'll talk with the slides, then. Yeah. No, it's. Ok, you know what? That's it's fine. Just goto life after eight weeks. Dot com slash creative life is all you need to do, and I want to answer questions. Yes, it's pass the mic back there. I don't know if you can handle this on this a technical question, but I saw you uploading the lips, and I think that might be where my problem is arising on podcasts app on my iphone, some of my episodes air showing like for example my kroeber zero three zero and so we were just showing the episode number zero to one right I think that might be in your I d three tags that might be the sdu do you use a separate eighty three editor to do that are you using the r s s feed from lips and I'm kind of using a hybrid of pat flynn's tutorial and john the dumas is territorial so drag it into itunes I do a lot there and then I use the I d three editor yeah for the rest of them so I the crazy part is I do him all exactly the same way but there's difference in podcast I've never used the itunes one so I can't speak to that but the idea three editor one that is has always worked for me and if you saw that I was able to set it up with defaults you can in the preferences you can put defaults and then just hit command d when you open up into file it fills out everything except your title and what do you know if you want to do a little description so you well that's pretty good trick thanks. Yeah john has so within lips in nathan are you also entering in the title and description is well know on lips and I'm just doing that older interface lips and three I think and then upload from hard drive ok, so in that lips and when you're uploading it from the hard drive filling the title in the description within lips in tow like you saw me doing that little three minute video like as it was loading, I won't enter the title in the description below the loading bar okay, I'll try that thank you that a well, I'm going to skip through these a little bit yeah I I don't understand the differences like before you started showed me power press I thought you could only use power press if you were using blueberry and I use simple cast that is very right. Oh, how in as a host I noticed well you're using lips and empower you didn't even know that was possible and plug in my sights and wordpress I have the power press but I deactivated it when I decided to go a simple cast instead of blueberry what's the difference so thank you for that but no idea you could still use one is just hosting your show and then one is a plug in for your actual wordpress site no, but I mean what's the difference between the hosting like what's, the difference between simple cast and lips and and blueberry like like they're all competing at each other like but it's the same thing there that you have to have a place to store your mp three file and I happen to store mine on lips and you happen to story or somewhere else all you're looking for with power press is that link to the perma linked to that file? No idea. Yeah, it's all that really matters. You mean apart permanently meaning our three no, the mp three file. Oh, the five s so when you install power press onward press it gives you the option to I can show you, but it gives you the option to have a media file on on your blood pressure right on the right. And then that rs s feed that comes out is what I cento itunes. But why wouldn't I just upload eight from my computer to power press? This is not a host you have to. You have to host it somewhere. It has to exist on the web somewhere as a link to download from right it's like it it's indicated. Like, you know, a newspaper column could be syndicated in a bunch of places that has to come from one writer. So you have to put the writer in place first so you can hosted on lips and you can hosted on blueberry any of those places when you uploaded to their server, they're going to say, ok, here, here it is, here's the whole link here's the mp three file where that goes is up to you people go down letter from your web site you could get it from stitcher you get from itunes but it all happens from that file I get it yeah thank you welcome thank you for joining us again creative live watchers in our live audience and of course galvanized san francisco's in the house as well. So cool stuff we're really excited to be bringing you segment three and four today but if you are tuning in with segment to you start mr michael o'neill of solar power new hour break down how to grow that brand how to become a prod castor and then we did a live skype interview where we were uploading that podcast into the real world in tow utilizing the directories and the powers of the internet wheels have been spinning we are now live and itunes and my colonial would hand over to you my friend tio to share with us what it looks like to be life cool so thank you john and you chris so first of all is my fault I had connected to the wrong wireless network is that of the fast one however it is up here's my phone here's some of the podcast I subscribe to um I love hardcore history our glance was great, right? Yeah it's really good you know what else I have adam corolla um gilbert of course nice and uh pg thirteen by the way, if you guys really want to up your podcast game this show here's the thing by alec baldwin right here is it is really his prose it gets so listen to all of those they're amazing anyway so where we left our heroes we were uploading a file onto ah lipson or liberated syndication now mike whole rig's not set up right now but I took that that file ended up having a link so it says traffic dot lipson dot com slash below one seventy six dot mp three's no I have one single file where that mp three is now whether anybody listens to it on stitcher or itunes or on my website more is a direct download it all hits that one mp three file that's what it does on lips in so I take that mp three file I copy it and I paste it into my word press uh I've got a new post a new block post and that has a little spots I use a plug and called power press that says what where do you want this what's? The link you want me to send it to when I click that little mp three I pasted in there and I hit submit so now I have a blood post that has all of my key words and all the links to the show and that mp three that are ss feed, then goes to itunes and that's when the thing gets published. So if I look at this, I can see it right now, we've got behind the scenes of creative. Why? What johnny do, missus a live show, and I don't think we can hear it, but, um, but this is live for you to download. Excuse me as we speak. So you want to listen to the precursor to today's event and then our way we'll actually talk. A lot of we dug into some really good podcasting topics we actually for once, I stayed on topic pretty hard, and we got we dug into some really kind of where podcast is going to go in twenty fifteen and what's, you know what the next steps are. So if you guys want to have a listen to this particular show and even that last part that I recorded with mr doom is here is eyes on that the end of it. So anyway, that's where it ends up and ends up right here in mobile device, if you look at it on itunes proper, it will take a couple hours. Tio finally propagate. So with that, thank you guys, I do appreciate it, and we'll see next time.

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I think this is a great course for a beginner to start off strong. I really appreciated that there wasn't too much repetition, each presenter had his own perspective. I was disappointed with the lack of diversity in the presenters - all four teachers were white men. That said, they had magical information, great energy, and generosity for sharing tips! This course is worth watching and worth the investment.