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Podcasting for Crafters and Makers

Lesson 11 of 31

Challenge: FInd What's Out There

Tara Swiger

Podcasting for Crafters and Makers

Tara Swiger

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Lesson Info

11. Challenge: FInd What's Out There

Lesson Info

Challenge: FInd What's Out There

I'm going to test to see if you can do both Auphonic and Instagram Live at the same time. What I'd like you to do, when you're not watching my Instagram Live is to find what's out there. So you now have an idea of what format you're gonna use. And do you know your general industry and area of what you're probably gonna talk about? We're gonna get way, way more specific. But what I want you to do is, in the general area, I want you to go to iTunes or your podcast app, or however you listen to podcasts, and I want you to search for shows in that area. And in your workbook, I've given you a couple of questions about how to analyze these shows. Because, I'll tell you, what you're gonna do is see that there're other shows in your industry and freak out and be like, "Oh no, I can't do a show. "Somebody else is already doing it better. "And they're huge, and they're wonderful, "and they're beautiful." So what I want you to do is actually analyze it. You're gonna look for at least five shows t...

hat cover the same kind of topic that you cover. If there aren't five shows, awesome. there's an opening. If there are a million shows, that's fine too. But then I want you to write down a couple things about it. So, how often do they publish? What kind of format do they use? What is the show about? So that format, are there two of them? Are there three of them? Is it an interview show. Is it a solo show? What is going on with them and how many people there are? And then, what do you like about the show? What do you dislike about the show? And what do you think the show is missing? If they were going to hire you as a consultant to make their show better, what would you do? Now, you might not have ever listened to these before. So I don't know if you'll have time to listen to all the clips in our break. But get started on this. And this is really going to help guide where you take your show. Because if there's already somebody doing what you wanted to do, in the format. Then ask yourself, "What are they not doing?" The fact that there's someone doing exactly what you wanted to do is not a sign that you shouldn't do it. Because you are obviously different from them in so many ways. Your life exeriences, your style, how you express yourself, it's all gonna to be different. I promise you, there's plenty of room for everybody. But you need to identify how you're gonna to make it different. Because in the next section, we're gonna talk about what kind of content you're gonna create, what kind of show you're gonna have, now that we know the format. And then what is your unique angle on it? And the only way to have an idea, if your angle is unique, is to know what's out there already. So I promise you, there's not a mom of four kids in health and wellness who is a mentor, who's talking about what you're talking about. But there might be people in the essential oils world. Or there might be people in the busy mom world, right? So comparing what they do and what they don't do will also, if you look at it in the right way and think about what they're missing, it'll give you confidence that like, "This is needed. Right?" So one of the things we looked at last week was there's a podcast that's in the same company as where you work, but they do it super buttoned-up, super professional, "I know everything. "I'm the expert. I'm perfect." And that's not your style. So that's awesome to know. Because, obviously, we all need more less buttoned-up a podcast out there. So look at what's out there. If you have the workbook already, on page four, fill it all out. I give you a list of things to look for. And keep working on this throughout your day and your week. Remember, I'm going to show you how to launch a podcast in a week. So start thinking through what's out there. So you can make yours slightly different. Just don't let it intimidate you.

Class Description

Are you obsessed with podcasts and wondering how to develop and produce your own? In Podcasting for Crafters and Makers, you'll learn Tara's one-week podcast launch plan and how to make a show that's effective at reaching your goals. We'll generate a big list of episode ideas and find angles so you can produce show after show!

You'll learn:

  • Why Podcasting matters and is important for your business
  • How it builds trust
  • How to generate content ideas
  • How to choose a format
  • How to start a podcast in a week!



I design embroidery patterns and I love podcasts but I wasn't sure what I would talk about in my own podcast without being able to show pictures. After watching this course I already have 20+ ideas for podcast topics, plus I now know how to get a podcast up and running, step-by-step, AND how it fits with my business goals. Tara Swiger is an excellent teacher and coach. I filled page after page with notes!

Rhonda M.

Excellent, practical information.

Dawn Craig