Posing 101


Posing 101


Class Description

Posing is one of the fundamentals of great photography. It’s also the thing that photographers have the least control over. We can choose our lenses, set up our lighting and retouch with Photoshop®. But when it comes to the pose, we need to work closely with our subjects to make it just right.

Fashion and portrait photographer Lindsay Adler will break down the fundamentals of perfect posing, giving you the basic rules you should follow to make your subjects and your photos look their best. Through live photo shoots and slides, Lindsay demonstrates the do’s and don’ts for every category of subject, including men, women, older people, couples, brides and grooms, groups, and more.

This course is perfect for novice photographers just getting their feet wet in the world of portrait photography, but it also offers useful advice and techniques for even the most skilled professionals. By the end, you’ll be able to discover the beauty in every one of your subjects, and bring it out for the world to see.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Connect with your subjects through sincere compliments, repeating their name and discovering their passions.

  • Be confident and gain control over the shoot.

  • Avoid using negative terms that will make subjects feel ill at ease.

  • Master the rules of posing, then know when to break them.

  • Use camera angle, lens choice and cropping to improve your poses.

  • Understand the differences between male and female posing.

  • Hide unflattering problem areas.

  • Address different body types through posing and wardrobe.

  • Go for simple poses rather than extravagant ones.