Posing Family Portraits


Learn how to create powerful, stunning big group portraits with award-winning photographer Bambi Cantrell. During this segment, Bambi will teach you how to pose and light families and how to communicate with family members — everyone from the 7-year-old nephew to 90-year-old grandpa and grandma — in order to get them in position for the perfect shot.



  • I too thought the class fell short on posing, it was a lot of talk in the beginning and only 1/2 hour with a family but it wasn't really posing. It was more on how to deal with kids and using the old reverse psychology to get them to do what you want. I think Bambi is an awesome photographer, but I think CreativeLive fell short in putting this together, I'm sure this was just part of a much longer class. Wish I could get my money back too and spend it on a better class on posing.
  • Bambi is a great photographer,buty this clas falls way short. There are very few posing techniques in this video. She talked about "the mood" - yada , yada (we've all heard the same stuff 1000 times) but I really wanted to know more about F-stop to use when shooting groups in relation to focal length to keep an artistic look yet keep crucial parts (eyes)in focus. How to deal with spacing and limb placement - height discrepancies and other challenges - NONE of these are coveredseriously in this class. The first hour is just talk - very little about actual posing of camera settings.- More about mood and selling (this is a posing class) last 30 min a family comes in and in all honesty the pictures of the family aren't very good, no lighting set-up at all just the natural light and video lights(that happened to be there from the CL team), no depth to pictures, not what I was looking for in a class with a title "posing family" - for $79 for a hour and half class I expected much more! this class is a $15 class if that. Wish I could get my money and time back.
  • The title of this should have been, "A day with Bambi Cantrell." If you are looking for a family posing video, move on. I love Bambi, but this video talks a bit about how she does business and you can see her interact with the client. Other than that, the posing instruction is minimal to none