Posing, Styling and Lighting for Beauty Photography

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Posing, Styling and Lighting for Beauty Photography


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Class Introduction

I was actually really excited when they invited me to teach this particular topic. Because in my life, I've gone through a lot of different phases of what ignites me creatively. And ages ago, it was specifically, I did fashion for high school seniors, and then it was fashion editorials, and even at one point, I did photojournalism. Not well. But, I tried all these different things. And right now, the thing that really, really ignites me, excites me, is beauty photography. And actually, if you visit my social media, if you take a look, and you go to Instagram, for example, you'll see that most of the work that's up there has been beauty. And I love beauty, because it's fascinating to see with what the face as a canvas can be, transformed with lighting and styling, into anything. And it can be so emotive. And man, I love it! So, that's what I'm excited about right now. And so, I wanna pass this excitement onto you guys. But I want to give you some insights into the things that I've learn...

ed are important for beauty photography. Some of the things that you should consider, if you first wanted to get into this. Now, beauty photography is kind of a broad term. It's typically anything kinda chest up. Although, there are a little bit wider shots. But usually, it's anything chest and above. And it tends to be focused on an element of beauty of either the subject, or something styled on the subject. So, that could be hair, or it could be a beauty shot about skin. Or it could be a beauty shot about that model's features. And so, I love that I kinda have that range of things to play with. And hair and and skin and makeup, is what I've been shooting a lot of recently. And so you can see, these are all images I've taken in the last year or so. And they've got totally different moods. But you can see how much I love lighting and skin in all of them. So, we'll talk about that. I actually have a class on skin, that I am teaching here at Photo Week. And then I have a three day class on skin, because skin is super important for beauty photography. So if you wanna know even more in-depth about that, definitely check it out. So, I wanna show you some examples. In beauty photography, I've studied many of the things we consider to be beautiful. And so, one of those things for example, is we love long necks. We love healthy looking skin, healthy looking hair. We love big eyes. We love defined jawlines. And so, all of these things, I'm regularly working into my photography. So, it's not necessarily the focus of the image, but it's things that build up the beauty of the image. And so, I'm going to tell you my five tips. If you're like, "yeah, you know what? "I wanna try my hand at beauty photography." Some of the things you need to think about. And everything from concept, to your lens choice, to posing, to lighting. And how I'm going to wrap up today, is I'm actually going to be shooting three different beauty looks. But they're not drastically different. What it actually is, is I'm gonna have one subject. And we're going to start with a more basic look, and then build a little bit, and then build a little bit more. So, you'll see how I actually shoot. It'd typically progress from something simple, to something a bit more avant-garde, or something a bit more creative. So, that'll be at the end. And as I shoot, I will tell you everything I'm thinking about. I'll tell you about how I'm choosing my camera angle, my focal length, the placement of the light, the pose of the model. And so this is not necessarily by any means, an intensive class of all things beauty. But I think it should be a pretty strong overview of the things I'm thinking about when I am shooting a beauty image.

Class Description

In this live shooting demonstration, fashion and beauty photographer Lindsay Adler will show you how to create three drastically different beauty shots with a few simple changes! She'll talk about considerations for styling choices, lighting setups, modifiers, camera angle, lens choice and poses.


Stefan Legacy

Good course for someone new to photography and looking to learn how to pose and light their subjects. Very clear teaching style and easy to follow along.