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The Power of Habits

Art Markman

The Power of Habits

Art Markman

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Class Description

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Setting a goal is one thing, but actually doing the work to achieve that goal is a totally different endeavor. If you want to hit your targets and make lasting changes in your life, join author and psychologist Art Markman, Ph.D., to learn what it takes to build and maintain healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

This course won’t serve up superficial self-help tips; instead, you’ll dive into the latest cognitive science behind behavior change. You’ll learn how to build new, positive habits and break the cycle of existing negative ones. You’ll explore what it takes to sustain healthy habits over time and increase your chances of maintaining new habits by empowering your friends and family to make positive changes, too.

Don’t waste another day simply wishing you could make a change that really sticks — equip yourself with the techniques you need to transform your life in measurable, powerful, and positive ways.

Class Materials

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Art Markman - Worksheets Pt 2 - Know Yourself and Your Environment.pdf
Art Markman - Worksheets Pt3 - Feeling Emotions and Getting Smart.pdf
Art Markman - Course Syllabus.pdf
What Do You Know About Habits Quiz.pdf
Art Markman - Worksheets Pt 1 - Setting Your Habits Straight.pdf
The Power of Habits Session 1 Slides.pdf
The Power of Habits Session 2 Slides.pdf
The Power of Habits Session 3 Slides.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

Tanya Johnston

Fantastic! I'm loving this course and am so grateful to have the opportunity to listen to Art's great insight on behavior and ways to tweak it. Thank you, really awesome.


Wow. Very engaging, entertaining, and enlightening. Art Markman is so much fun to watch and listen to during the entire 3 day class. His brain dump has zero fluff. The concentration of so much information is incredible, and how he gets it into your head is mind boggling. He's whipped my brains into a spongy soufflé. I am so happy I discovered this class. Thank you!

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