Powering Up with Adobe InDesign CS6


Powering Up with Adobe InDesign CS6


Class Description

Go in-depth into Adobe InDesign CS6 with Erica Gamet! This class takes you from the basics, getting familiar with the Adobe workspace, color basics, and working with pages and layers, to advanced type, graphics and table manipulation and working with long documents! It goes all the way from creation through output, whether print or digital. This class is designed for those with a firm knowledge of page layout, such as those migrating from QuarkXPress, PageMaker, or Word, and those who want to get past the basics of InDesign. Though taught on version CS6, the core information also pertains to versions CS4 and up.

Software Used: Adobe InDesign CS6



Fantastic! Erica, I ADORE your workshops. You are the best instructor I have ever learned software from. I am now a serious Erica G superfan. thank you! Thank you CL!