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Export Options and Final Q&A

So I'm going to go down to the file menu and before cs six, it did not live in the in the in the export. I'm sorry, I told it, I'd just forget that I'm going to come in here end of the day and how it goes. I just chose export. I've got a couple different options even when it comes to pdf, I have a couple different options, I have interactive and print, so why not start with the print one first I don't like that they separated him out, he used to be together in the same thing, but now it's separated, so I'm going to choose a pdf. Yes, I'm coming here and just save it out to my desktop. I get all these options to choose from first thing I'm going to start with it's, one of the presets that comes with the program, and then I'm going to change it because I think they're crazy. Some of these, the settings that air in here, but I'm going to choose one I'm going to say, I'm going to print, maybe I should start with high quality print, right? So let's make some changes to that, then I'm gonna ...

tell you don't do any of that, but I just want to show you what what sort of things air in here so the first thing it says is accurate are the acrobat compatibility this is making an acrobat five pdf we'll have up to eight nine around eleven now but acrobat five and above understands transparency so if we choose five or above it's going to be continue to keep all the transparency that's in there and it's not flattening it, that could be good and that could be bad it could be good because I know that it's still in layers it's still transparent and if they open it an acrobat professional they can still make some changes to it once I flattened it it's kind of flattening layers and photoshopped you've kind of you flatten that you've made it one thing they can still kind of get in and get some information but where that might be an issue is if I'm sending that for print to somebody and I send them the acrobat five and they send it out to their machine and their machine has old software it's like I don't know how to make that look transparent I don't know what to do here's a box you know there's a solid box instead of drop shadows and so that could be some issues so one of things that we could do is we could choose acrobat four I'm going talk about that in just a minute let's go this high quality print that's here acrobat five and there's no standard we don't talk about standards in a second I'm going to tell it what pages a lot of these look exactly like the print dialog box so that's good I can printed pages or spreads I can embed page thumbnails so that when we have this pdf we could see the thumbnails off on the left hand side an acrobat or or adobe reader and I could tell it to view the pdf after exporting so launching whatever pdf program is that I have set up here's one of the ones I think is weird we're going to high quality print so why is optimized for fast web view turned on? I don't know nothing to worry about that I don't need it optimized the thing that we're always trying to do with a pdf is get the smallest size possible for portability but the biggest side that has the most amount of resolution and information that we need for whatever and product is so whether that's digital or print print were probably fine as long as it's small enough to email or ftp or whatever it is we're doing with the file it's fine bigger is fine although we might make their software crash so we want to keep that in mind as well if our final product is reading the pdf on a tablet keep in mind on a tablet will have the in a certain amount of space so they probably don't want really big, big pdf ce that air so big that we can't even see the better quality, but we've crammed all this information in here and now it's a big download and I have to take up space on my tablet us well, so again, always be thinking about what you're final version is when create a tag, pdf or got tagged information for accessibility, so for people with visual vision problems or, you know, visually impaired, they can actually have the tagged information on there here's that same export layers do printable and visible ones. If I've chosen hyperlinks or bookmarks, and we didn't go over any of this, we can add hyperlinks inside a pdf and create hyperlinks that they could tap on and something happens, or tap on if it's on a tablet and if it's on a computer they would click on so I can create hyperlinks to go out to websites, or jump to another part of the pdf for anything like that. So that's something you're interested, look into that and what a lot of people get tripped up on is they put them in their file and then they're not in the pdf and that's, because even though you put them in there, you have to remember to click this here as well. Also and I know we didn't get to cover this said we might we're not going to get to it is the table of contents the table of contents when you make a pdf, those could become clickable a swell and that's a choice in the table of contents, whether or not to create bookmarks. But you still have to remember to click bookmarks in the pdf export as well. And then that way you're table of contents. You tap on it or click on it and it jumps to the page in the pdf I could choose to print those non printing objects and any visible guides and grids that could also print those as well. If I have interactivity, I can include the pier appearance of those just the looks of those so we don't really talk about interactive. Pdf sit all we're not going to talk about that. But if you have interactive video there you can add that here. Compression this is where the magic happens in a pdf this is kind of the thing that confuses people. People has asked me. What is the resolution of this? Pdf! Pdf ce have no resolution. So if you just open a pdf there's, no resolution, all the individual elements in that pdf have a resolution. And so what you're doing when you're exporting it here with this resolution here you're saying what to do with all those images that are in there and what kind of resolution do we have? So by default you have these different algorithms that are here and I know they sound scary and they are but that's ok, I'm going to just choose the one that's here, the bike cubic down sampling that's the default that's the one I use and basically what it's going to do is just look at how to give you the best resolution on the best image while getting rid of the stuff you don't need that's just a fancy way of saying that so what it's telling me is anything that's over three hundred we want it down sample it to three hundred member we said that was the magic number p p I or d p I three hundred but it says for images over four hundred fifty so you have to wait till an image gets up to four fifty one before it squeezes out information I'm all for if it's over three hundred of its three o one I want you to squeeze out that last big salon I want to get that as small as I can so that's what I have set up and I'm going tab so it takes that and you noticed now it says high quality print modified now I've made changes to the priest set I'm gonna go ahead and say this is my own pre set in a little while I may do the same thing down here. Those were color images, this is grayscale images, so three hundred for that really of the compression said it automatic and I'm also going to choose maximum quality for my images because again, we're going to print with us. So obviously I want high quality or is high qualities I can get monaco in images air set to twelve hundred and I want to say for images above twelve hundred and I'm going to leave. This is well, this is just the compression algorithm used here, so I've squeezed out as much as I can. I want to make the smallest pdf while not losing any image resolution at all. It's not going to add any image resolution, but if I have something that's four hundred it's going to squeeze it down to three hundred it's going to get rid of stuff, that won't be noticeable anyway, I also want to compress my text and leinart, this is going to be a lossless compression it's just going to compress any other text in liner that I have. As small as it can go without losing any resolution or any information and crop image data. Two frames this is interesting if you're if you're going to pdf, is that if we have this twenty four hundred d p I image and we squeezed it, we shrunk it down and now it's at forty, eight hundred because we've placed it at fifty percent and in design, we've doubled our resolution by making it smaller. We talked about that with links earlier, and so now we have forty eight hundred d p I what we've told it, sample it down to three hundred so good, but maybe we've taken that image that was this big, and we're on ly cropping out this little image, right? So we're not using the whole entire image. We're just cropping out one portion of the image that we're showing well, I can tell it to crop the image data and it's only going to send the information in that frame. So why send all this stuff that's cropped out? You're not eva and seeing it on the page, why send that into your pdf if you have one picture, maybe not a big deal. You guys were doing photo books. You might have one hundred of these in one book and that's going to take up a lot of room, so crop that out as well. The only thing you can't do is if someone opens this pdf and acrobat like gets that gets to the printer and you say, oh, I don't like the way a crop that can you move the picture over and show a little bit more of the you know, whatever we had that chipmunk earlier, a little bit more of the chipmunk over there and he's I can he wouldn't be able to do that because you've cropped it, so if you don't have that selected, they'd be able to move it. But basically, if that happens, I want to start over. I want to create the new pdf because I want to know that my artwork matches the pdf anyway. So that's not usually an issue for me marks and bleeds exactly the same as they were on print. That's easy output so we're going to do some color conversion. We may or may not be doing our own color conversion here. So if I have no color conversion everything in the pdf that's rgb will remain rgb, cia micayla remind remain cm like a and that's fine, like I say, because I can let them do that on the other end, if I'm sending them an unflattering file and no color conversion, their software will handle the color conversions. Otherwise, I could tell it to convert to the destination that I'm sending it to and again, I'm going to go swap coded if I'm going off set printing so again, if you want to get into this color stuff you can otherwise this is usually what I used, I'm gonna show you actually this preset I use for all my printing and it's not this high quality print that's taken do that advanced here's that flattener again, but I don't get to choose that because it's not flattening if I choose acrobat for it will flatten, and I can also choose whether or not to subset the fonts that's on ly sending the characters that I've used. I think this is weird when when percent of characters used is less than one percent. Do you know how many characters you're using in a funk? They're two values I put near one hundred percent and zero percent, so chances are I've used less than one hundred percent of the characters and it will subset it so five type the word hello and that's it it's only going to send h e l l o that's it that's the only four characters it's kind of send instead of setting all of sixty five thousand blips it's going to send just that little bit so I just usually that set at one hundred if I want to set up any security make a password open this I could do all that we'll let you read up on all of that there's a lot of stuff in there, but anyway we can set that and this just tells us what our settings were and I would go ahead and save that is a preset so already saved it, you know and changed here I might call his high quality print, but this is, you know, for creative live it's a little different. So I'll say ok? And I would go ahead and export that pdf, but I'm not going to export that because I'm going to actually show you what I do when I'm saving a pdf and this is going to save you a lot of time if you're exporting and this works in north america, there are some other standards around the world. So if you're joining us from around the world that I know a lot of you are, your standards may be different, but you're going tohave standards that our industry standards in printing where you live so in north america at least we use the pdf x one a standard a lot and what that does is a couple things for us it always subsets and embeds the fonts I'm sorry really subsets the funds and includes them so we don't have to worry about them not having the fonts it automatically converts everything to see m y que for us so for printing that's good right and it automatically makes a flattened pdf so those are the three things so what I do I do some ads for one of the ski resorts where I live and I never know what magazine they're going and then each magazine uses five or six different printers anyway and so for me whenever I send them an ad I just put it in p d affects one a because I know it's an industry standard and so when I choose pdf x one a this standard here changes pdf x one a and I could make a couple changes but if I make too many changes or the wrong changes suddenly changed the compression or change the color so it's rgb my standard is going to go away and I want to make sure that that doesn't go away that needs to stay so it's making an acrobat four file so the first thing I can choose is oh look it wants to flatten it let's do high resolution yes, I can leave that on and I've now made a change so it does say modified and one of the things I have a one of my pt affects one a standards as I've told it to use the bleed settings so I have one that I've saved called pt affects twenty with bleeds so have that there under compression it does say three hundred and four fifty I do the same thing I set this up in three hundred three hundred and it still isn't going away my standards not going away and that's okay but if I look at the color it says convert to destination preserve numbers and there's that web swap coded again so it's automatically converting everything you have in your document to see unlike a so it's ready for print and because this hasn't gone away I know it's fine let's save this and we'll call this pdf x one a creative life now next time I want to export something I can just choose that here's my other one I had petey affects twenty with bleeds but it's just ready to go so I know that when I'm exporting for print and it has a bleed I can just choose that and should be shouldn't be a problem at all. In fact, if you actually ask a printer can you take a pdf x when a file the probably fall over backwards because you actually know what that is and they've really excited the other reason having a standard is good. A lot of print shops have software that lets you take in a pdf and just run it through a checker and make sure it fits that standard. You can bypass pre press with a lot of that, so a lot of print shops there set up that way that you could just hand it to the person at the front counter they could take your pdf for you email or whatever things running through and say it passes the standard cec send it right into the print too, and get ready to go so it's actually a really quick wayto to have that checked. So that's something I used all the time and I tell people do that you get rid of so many issues you don't have to worry about flat ners so it's already flattened so if we were going to have trouble with those tomatoes, we would look at the pdf we would export that let's go ahead, do that will export that out and exports in the background now, it's kind of weird we've always used to waiting for the thermometer bard of phil printing, exporting it doesn't the background so it's a little disconcerting that we don't even know when it's done we'll just come out and look and go oh, there it is, but because we've already flattened it I can go ahead and look at this it's not a supported file type very interesting I have no idea why won't open an acrobat of all things come on let's right click on this and let's see, maybe we will control click on this and let's open this up with what had happened all right, it opened up anyway I know a tip what? What it's doing all right so let's zoom in here and I can look at that and I can see that that looks pretty good to me I think that the shadow looks fine it didn't do anything really weird tomato the type looks a little strange but it looks strange across the board so at least it's not just the part that got overlapped it looks good so because I've already flattened it I know it's flattened so it's not going to freak out when I printed anywhere because we've already done the flattening. I know this is what it's going to look like so again the pdf x one is great because it's already flattens it. I know it sounds old and weird to save it to something acrobat four when they're on acrobat eleven but that's kind of the way it works and I do that all the time to make sure that my transparency isn't going to cause me any issues and I know it can send that off confidently because there is no transparency they don't have to worry about it that makes sense there, buddy. All right, we've got a couple different export options were going to do really quickly one of them being that interactive pdf now we didn't really do interactive, but I just want to show you that it lives in a different place I'm going to the export just like before we'll call this tomatoes interactive we'll save that to the desktop and we actually need to choose interactive from the menu down below someday I'll remember that by c s nine or something and I can choose some of the same items that we had here view after exporting embed the thumbnails I can also a great acrobat layers which is kind of nice so if I have layers in my document I can actually create acrobat layers when I exported and that's something else we can view from the side bar an acrobat is we can see all the different layers I use that all the time if I have like a graphic that I won the different elements of to be showing in layers I could do that and my client can look at it and turned the layers on and off a swell so it just corresponds the indesign layers to the acrobat layers so I can come over here and tell it forms and media this is if I've done things like put in a new image, I'm sorry a video or audio or something like that. I can put that in there so you could drop in audio or video into an and designed filed so you could have a printed brochure. If you're going to say your photos, you could have a brochure of everything your services you provide and have it printed. But then in place of the photo for the printed one, you could actually have a video in place of it and make it interactive. Pdf so you could hand out to people or put on disk or whatever it is you're doing with your media stuff. You can hand that out and they can click on it and they will see the video. But you have to make sure that you include the media, otherwise it does appearance, which means whatever the a picture is that the still frame poster frame of the video you put in there that's what we'll show up. I want to make sure you include that pretty much everything else is the same security things like that and say ok, so that's what I would do an interactive. Pdf so it's just a slightly different place and let's export one more thing we can export to ajay peg so if you've done let's, say you've laid out a book cover or something like that, they've done, you've creating your book, covering your making your book and you're going to, you know, do an actual photo book or something like that in I don't know whether they're using blurb or you don't do it through apple or whatever you you've done that and you actually have your book cover there, and you just wanted j peg of it so you can put it on your web sites. You designed the book cover in design, but you need to stay a picture of it so you can put it on your website. You do something like that do j peg, so just save it out is a j peg and you get a lot of the same options that air here quality let's put a maximum here's the resolution, you can choose what resolution you have fear j peg, whether or not you want rgb seemed like a grey scale, you can do that you could even do simulate over print if you want to show what that would look like when blends together, we're doing that over print preview we could turn that on a swell and just to export its going to export that out to a j paid folder, a dripping file excuse me and the last one is actually they used to be an export. Now it's in the save document are the save dialog box and was going to say save as and we talked about saving it as a c s six document or a template, I said the other thing we might talk about is thie indesign cs four or later idea mel file and I do love that they finally said what the idea mel file is for and what this is is for saving it down to another version, so if you want to open it up in cs four or c s five or five point five, you can't just take a cs six file and open it directly into that that particular format you have to save it down as this idea mel file, which is what we have up here and then you can open it up you khun going to see us four into a file open and will open just a ziff you open an actual stand alone in design file. All right, so that's a way to save it down for people with other versions or you have another version, you've got one at home and one of work you've got to keep saving back and forth I don't recommend that because if you save it down, there are some things that are in the new version that aren't in the older versions, so if you save it down once, you might be all right because you could fix it, but what happens is a lot of people save it down, we're confident work and then bring it home and bring into their new version, and that will save it down and all that round tripping theirs bound to be something that gets messed up or lost in the process. The other thing I use this for we talked about how in design gets the bloating after a while. It keeps that history, but it is supposed to get rid of it when it gets rid of that locked file, but sometimes it doesn't, it holds on to all that stuff. Sometimes what happens is that just retains all that information. You can save this as an idea, mel file, just click save and save it out to the desktop, and then I can be right here and c s six and do open and open up that idea, mel file again. So even though I saved it and open it up right into the exact same version, of course now it's entitled, I have to give it a new name, but what that does sometimes is get rid of that weirdness that's been retained for some reason, saving it to the idea. Mel file gets rid of all that extra information that it might have been holding on to so if your files are acting a little weird that's one good troubleshooting tips that I've learned is that you save it out his idea they'll file and open it right back up into the same version they have to say name it the same of course overwrite the other file that's there which is kind of a pain but it's a really quick wayto fix files and I just want to show you what that looks like they come out here it looks like kind of like rose inter office mail envelopes that's what it is right so just a little file here and it's just the idea mel file so it's just a real quick way to transport it send it off to somebody with a different version or to get rid of those little weird things that happen in files and the last thing on pdf I'm just gonna go back to pdf really quick one of the other precepts that I have in here I got a pdf and I choose print I'm going to save it down for an ipad or ipad three so these air a couple ones that I've come up with recently that people been asking me about they say I have this brochure and I would like to just put it out there for all my sales reps to have on their ipads so I have pdf for ipad, the only real difference that I have. Obviously, I would have I want to make sure my file is set up ten twenty four by six seven sixty eight, so I probably set it up as web intent when I first started it, but I'm going to go and save it, and I have the resolution set toe one thirty two that's the screen resolution of the ipad prior to the three so says, I've had three of course now there's a four you know, you gotto probably change that or three and up will probably have to call it, but it's, just double the resolution so to sixty four it's pretty high, it's almost as much as print. You could use the print one if you want, but I set this up for somebody, and this is actually one of the ones is in my power back. I just, um, set it up and I had like two more people the next week asked me, hey, what should I set this up? And I'm like here's, the pdf export that I have. So if we want to add pdf exports that people already of preset, we'd come here to the file menu and come down adobe pdf presets and say define and we can go ahead and hit load and they just go and find the file so if you have somebody that gives you those a print shop might give you ones that they want you to use or you might find him on the web that are out there you might buy them you might just have somebody else that created him in and shared them with you you just let him go find him here we'll load him up inside here and then they'll be available for you when you go to export your pdf so that is what I have on exporting any questions on any of the exporting they'll put preview transparency all that good stuff here in studio is the internet have questions for me but of course all right now we've got some questions on this topic we also have some style questions still okay so you want to do the let's do this topic questions for a while we're in it we're back it's been kind of do cleanup on whatever else is okay hanging out there that sounds great. So duke park city this this question is in relation to the ink topic that you were talking about earlier in the right capacities on that stuff is there a way to have in designs have tracked the paper color from the swatch color to get back to something closer to the intended lighter color on colored paper? Wow let's go over there and you re read that again sure okay is there a way to have in designs have tracked the paper color from the swatch color to get back to something closer to the intended color on colored paper it's a lot of the word color in one sense yeah I don't even know how to approach that ok I don't think I quite stand that question it sounds like it sounds like he wants to automate it so that if it papered colored changes that he wants it to show up at the paper color swatch is really just a hack a ce far as I'm concerned just this is to give you a flavor of what it's going to look like on that paper so I'm going to guess no unless he's trying to do something that I just don't understand what he's trying to do maybe that's something that he can feel free to email me on that one were tweeted you tweeted me as well that would work fantastic all right the next one it might be too specific but I've seen cork come up a lot over the last two days kitty bushels is wondering I'm converting from court cannot open that file and in design are do I have to save it a certain in a way you can open it directly and depending on version of pork you have version there in okay um and all you need to do is to file open, and I believe I actually have a really old court file in here, and I think that they can only open up the court five now and I could be entirely wrong documents to convert here's a court file o it doesn't even want to open it for me. That's how old that is. So what you should be able to do? And if it's great out, it means that it can't open that particular version. Just click on the cork express file and click open it should open directly in, but I believe it only opens to court five c if you have newer ones, you have to save them down or there's a plug and out there from marks where and it is kind of costs, I think it's one hundred one hundred fifty dollars, but it does an amazing job of opening up all the newer version. I think it goes up to court nine as matter of fact. So it opens up the newer versions of cork into the newest versions of in design. And the nice thing is everything's there. Your text is texture, images air there. Sometimes there's some weird things actually what the marks were plugging I rarely have any issues at all so what I do with that kind of a cheap that I do I go into court well when I had pork I would go into court and I would x for each page out as an m p s and then not as a pdf because there's issue used to be issues but I would do it is a gps and then I would have kind of ah cici of what it should look like and I put it on a layer back behind and then open it and I could see exactly how the layout should look but yeah you could just do a file open and it should open up ok and a similar question as a follow up from a mark I e d fifty for what about a book files like a pub as faras exporting to them I assume yeah you can absolutely that is one of the greatest tools you can use for the pub conversions don't you have anything with let's do this with text it's a matter of saying command or control eve for export and shoes a pub andi saying that like it's really that simple that's how you do it as far as making a really goody pub there's a lot to learn about that but anyway you can export right out to keep pub right from in design and that will create that that pub file that you need and I talked about stiles earlier being very important if you're creating any pubs you definitely definitely want to use your styles because that's going to become your styles that's in your css filed at the pub file creates so absolutely you could export to the pub ok great question yeah actually just building on the first question that was asked when you're creating layers and you're just trying to take a look at the preview of what it would look like on you know, a stationary or colored paper if you're not satisfied with the results you're looking at it you're saying holy cow that's way to read or something else what kind of steps to take to go about fixing at cleaning it up a bit if it's the colored paper that's causing problems you pick a different colored paper I mean that's something you're always going to be you know if you feel you're doing color paper and you're putting photos on it you're really asking for trouble should really be on white or off white once you start adding pictures of people on green paper it's never gonna be a good a good result so that would be my first thing if you're looking at having too much ink on it you know we have the anglers too much enough to actually back into photo shop and make some changes to the color is, well, just things to be keeping in mind of how that photo is going to look, especially photos, but everything. How that's going to look and react with the paper that you're working on, so not just the paper color, but the paper texture. Some paper is more absorbing and it's going to actually spread. You put an image on there and the dots that we're putting, we're doing this dp, I it's going to spread more so it's called dot gain and it's going to spread and it's going to make it darker, or just not quite as crisp and clear. Definitely talk to someone who's, an expert on paper, and you know, if you don't. If that's not you, you didn't talk to the people, the print people there, they're going to know their paper. So that's, why we talk to you.

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Go in-depth into Adobe InDesign CS6 with Erica Gamet! This class takes you from the basics, getting familiar with the Adobe workspace, color basics, and working with pages and layers, to advanced type, graphics and table manipulation and working with long documents! It goes all the way from creation through output, whether print or digital. This class is designed for those with a firm knowledge of page layout, such as those migrating from QuarkXPress, PageMaker, or Word, and those who want to get past the basics of InDesign. Though taught on version CS6, the core information also pertains to versions CS4 and up.

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