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Open Type Font

Credited text frame so one of things I talked about was the open type fonts and some of the special open type ideas that are out there and I also have some open type but I wanted to deal with crab the right for the right file here open type stuff and I'm going select a type that I happen to know his open type and aiken select this and look at that it says pro so chances are pretty good it's it's an open type font if I click and hold the font menu I can see this little green and black oh and that's the open type symbol so I know it is and then the other nice thing is when I am working with open type is that I tend to have a lot of different typefaces available for instance we talked about million pro and mary ad let's come down here to mary I'd look at all the typefaces I have in married and this of course comes within design so just by having mary had pro I have pretty much every typeface every face I could possibly want in a font right on and that's a good thing because that gives you...

lots of options instead of having fifteen kinds of fonts and your layout going one or two that go well together but all these different choices for thicknesses and I tallis sized and condensed stretched and all that great stuff so I'm gonna go back to this font though this is catholic school pro and it is an open type font so some of things you can do in an open type font and we'll have to look and see if we have ligatures in this particular font and if not on polling and that does but what I can tell it is incoming here in select my paragraph that's here come over to my character style panel character panel I'm sorry and choose open type I mean to actually select the character as I said, if we're working with character styling, we need to make sure we have the text actually selected or if it's a standalone frame in this case I can select just the frame sometimes having it selected you know, shows everything in the opposite color going to show you a trick how to get around that when we get to tables especially, but if I am selecting all the type in this this particular frame, I just have to have the frame selected and I could start making character options on that. So I'm gonna go back to the character panel to the panel menu and shoes open type and under open type I have a lot of different options right saying come in here and see all the different options that I have available in this particular funk if it's in brackets they don't have that built into the fund. So again, this is all going backto what's built into the fund. Some people wonder why they can't do fractions and things like that, even though it says fractions, but they only have an option of two or three fractions and that's because that's built into the font. So speaking of fractions, I have a fraction right here in this frame, and I just type one slash four that's, not exactly what I wanted to look like. I wanted to look like an actual fraction, not this one slash four, so I'm coming here to the open type menu and choose fractions when I do that, you notice it made it an actual proper fraction, right? So that's because that's built into the font, but let's see what other fractions of saying we have a really weird number. All right, let's do that if you notice that didn't exactly give me the fraction that's there and that's, because that fund is not capable of that. So even though I have fractions turned on, it doesn't recognize that as a fraction and all. So some plants have the capability of doing that if I were to change this to adobe castle on pro, and we'll make it a lot smaller, so it fits actually in here. If you notice it does see that is a fraction even though it's a very strange number so that font is capable of doing that when you have fractions turned on, you have to actually tell it to turn that on. Don't do that and get back to our other font that's here some of the things that we have available things like swash is all right. So some just a little bit different lettering that we have so friends and swash, if I look at the a and the l specifically when I turn on swash is here's the changes a little bit it's a little more, you know, swash here little fans here, right? So we can turn that on its well for that particular fund. And again that's built into the fun. If we're in the glitz panel, we would see all those different characters. We saw that with four types of eight in that one font and that's because what it might be old style on might be a swash one is regular, whatever we've got a lot of different options that are in here. And we also have ligatures turned on right so that's something that may or may not actually beyond, but a ligature let's come over here, and actually we have them turned on let's see if anything changes when we turn off those ligatures nothing changed so let's go ahead and see if there's even anything in this pont let's do it f l we do have ligatures turn on notice how that f l became one character pretty much if I look at it it's actually two characters but it puts them together and sees them as sort of one character that's what a ligature is where we have connecting letters that are set up within that font if I turned off or turned on those ligatures actually looks exactly the same let me try one of the other let's try adobe castle in pro again really know which ones have ligatures set up in which don't so let's try that there's a nice ligature that's here let's turn that off you know it's how it's separated into two letters that fnl so ligature is going to take certain character character pears and attach those because they flow nicely into each other rights we turn those on or off and that's just a style choice whether or not you want that on or off and again not every font as it this one absolutely did so those are some of the open type characters and actually the ligature fund the ligatures air not specific to open type but some of the open type features that are in there are alternate ligatures that air in there as well lot of different stuff old styles I talked about that the numbers let's turn on just do a number here and I don't really want a fraction let's turn off fractions for that and let's just tell it that we're going to do old style if that's there again it has to be there let's do proportional old style and our numbers are smaller and kind of sitting down below the baseline or closer to the baseline there so it's just again a style choice that's something that may or may not be built into a fund but the open type fonts have a lot of different options for things like that so again why was tell people if they're looking at buying funds or changing fonts just getting some new ones they're old ones are old and corrupted we had a fun question yesterday I wasn't working and so I have some fonts that air from the nineties and the fact they've work is kind of incredible but I probably shouldn't be using them she probably buy new ones and get oven open type and make sure I have all this ability and capability that's built into the into the open type fonts that air there all right let's do some bringing in of different text and close up all these documents that I have here grab a sip of water really quick you know it's going to be a serious segment if I'm going to take some water just beforehand we're going to bring in some text we're going to import text from other places so right now we've just been doing placeholder text or maybe we've been entering text in and design we can actually bring in text from other places other sources pages files rtl files plain text files word files and word files are probably the one place that you're going to get a lot of stuff from and whenever I teach a class I would like to ask people how many people get word files important tons of hands go up how many people get perfectly formatted word files and no hands go up I love it so there's a lot of cleanup to be done usually and sometimes there are styles that come in so one of the questions was about styles and imported files and they come in and then I generally as a designer pretty much strip out all the styles that are in there in that word file because what I get and your mileage may vary but what I get r word files that they might have styles there they might have even used them for the first three paragraphs and then they just decided that I'm done with that I'm not going to try to assign styles so I get very strangely formatted or not formatted it at all word files that come in so I like to new get out and just don't even bring don't bring in any styles in have a couple different ways to bring text in. I showed you one way where I can create a text frame and have my blinking cursor and then I could do file place and place a file right inside an existing tex string and that's great if I especially if I have a template already set up or have already done something and really you know set up the structure of this file but then I want to bring in my text from somewhere else but something else I might do I'm going to select this and just deleted is I might just want to bring in my text and have it created frame for me so I said that everything had to have a frame you had to put stuff in a frame and in design so I need a frame that's there but the great thing is when I bring in a text file it creates a frame for me and I tell it where to create it and how that frame needs toe look so I'm going to go to the file menu again everything we place in in design comes in through the file menu and I'm going to go out and find some text here it's actually bring in a a bigger text file that I have oh are we tired of the house of a sharia let's go to tale of two cities look that's a little more upbeat let's do that I don't know felons very long though we'll see so I'm gonna make sure I have show import options turned on otherwise it's going to use the last important options we used, so I'm going to turn those on so I can see those tells me it's a microsoft word file that's great, I know it is because the dot doc file leave all this turned on again, I probably don't have anything in that file on dh designed, frankly doesn't handle footnotes all that well, they're all right, but at least they come in, so I always leave those on the topography is quotes the curly quotes, the smart quotes I want to have those come in and I am going to remove all my styles and formatting from texting tables, so I'm going to strip those out. I am going to click this little button that says preserve local overrides when we get to stiles later in the day, I'll show you wide what that means, and we'll look at that a little bit more when we worked with styles, because we're also going to tell it how to bring in styles if they actually did use stiles. I'm going to show you how to bring those in a swell, but right now we're just going to say stripped those out. And preserve local overrides, and basically what it means is if even if they use styles or they didn't but they went and italicize some fonts using, you know, the push the italic button or pushed the bold button it's going to remember that and bring that in and that information's there it's not how we want it. We're going to make some changes to it in design, but at least I'm I don't have to go in manually. I tell a size all the words that they are italicized, so we don't do that just leave that if you want to save this set up, if you've done a lot to it, you can hit save preset just we created a new document we can say save this is a preset, probably not a big deal for this here. If we start getting down into customizing style imports, that gets a little more harry and we might want to save that so we could save a preset if we want if we know that someone else style eyes is their text really well and we get it, we've already set up all these customs styling things we don't have to remember that, so we'll save that and have that is a preset next time, but it's pretty easy strip out the styles preserve local overrides let's just say ok and I get a loaded cursor just like when I brought in an image. Now I have a loaded cursor with text in there I have a lot of different options of what I can do with this particular frame I can just click or not if I actually right click if I just click it will fill to the size of the margins it will go from where I selected out to the right and down to the bottom I'm going to undo that just commander control z and come down here and click again just to show you that it goes out to the wind and fills the frame and each time I have this little red plus at the bottom that's telling me there's more to that story we need to do something with that text so let's zoom back out and under that again the other thing I can do is click and drag a text frame to whatever size I need so I may have rulers already set up telling me where I want my text frames or might just be doing it free style like this, right? So just put that in there and again that little plus telling me there's more to the story I would undo that the other things that we can do is we could have the whole story flow across into the all the pages as needed so I'm going to really quick. Well, I still have my loaded cursors I'm going to open my pages panel when we look at pages in just a little while right after the break, but I just want to show you what happens when I take this page and I flow in this text and I tell it, flow to the margins, fill the page and ad pages as necessary. I'm gonna hold on my shift key when I do that, my icon, trance, this little serpentine icon, and so I can see that changing there, I'm going to just hold that down, hold on my shift key and click, and when I do that it's going to fill the pages and ad pages as necessary until that's full and actually what I want to do is I'm going to undo that, and I want to bring in a different story that I know is longer because we need more pages needs to look really good believe this is the one artie f file, same thing they'll bring it in the same hold on the shift key and click there we go. I wanted it to have lots of pages, so it's going to add all the pages until the very end of the story and there's just going to end if I undo that. All the pages go away right? So it adds pages as necessary and that's because I do what's called auto flow and that was the shift key I'm doing an auto flow, but let's say I select this and I decided one way text to be in this frame right here and I get that plus and now I wanted to be in a frame down here wanted to continue when I let go, it automatically goes to the selection tool, which is what I need, but it should automatically flip for you and I'm going to click on that plus when I do that that plus changes to that little blue arrow that tells me hey there's more text it's flowing somewhere and it picked up the rest of the story into my cursor so I could drag a frame out here and click that plus again and I'm just picking up the rest of the story and placing it so I can do that manually if I want if I haven't already set up the frames, I could do it with the text as I'm placing it I can even do things like come on here and add a new page and we use my keyboard shortcut for that shift command pierre shift control p on a pc and I still have the story I needed to pick up the story here I didn't pick it up click on the little plus make sure I have the story in their double click on page two and do the same thing but here's the thing that's a lot of placing it clicking on the plus clicking it up so there's, another little shortcut that weaken do the same thing we're dragging out the frames and pick it up all in one go and that's called the semi auto flow, so I'm going to hold down the option key and the shit I'm sorry the command key in the fifty no, I'm not going to do that come on, there we go! I'm just going to use the option key some days. My keyboard shortcuts aren't in my head where they need to be a little does the option key or the all chiana pc and that gets me my semi auto flow so it looks like the auto flow the little serpentine but it's part dashed so what that's going to do is as I hold down the option key, drag it out and it picks up the rest of the story right? So just keep holding on the option key I could keep drawing out these text frames and it's continuing the story and then I could even create a new page hold on the shift key and place it and now it's going to throw in the rest of the story let's, go to page two where we have a lot of text friends I want to see how my text is flowing right now I'm not seeing that I just see all these text frames and I can see they're connected, but I can't tell what order it goes in, so what I need to do is turn that on under my view menu under extras show text threads and now when I don't have anything selected it's fine, those lines are my way, but as soon as I select a text frame, it shows me how those frames are connected just really great because I can see where my stories flowing. If I want to jump my story from page to page, I want to move this you know, down to another page I could just drag it down and see how that story evolves around through there sometimes it's a lot of scrolling to the page if you jump from page one to page eight, which happens a lot that is a long line, but as you scroll you can keep following the line if you need to and see that that the text reads that air there, the cool thing is that you can change this if I decide I don't really like that that's too many text frames, why did I do that? I can grab this frame here and just delete it and when I do it just says oh well we'll just continue that thread shall way it's a little chain and it is oh we take out that one little link that's fine we'll repair it make that there or if you decide hey, I really wanted another frame here we can add a frame at any time so use the type tool create a new frame here and I'm gonna use my selection tool that's what I use when I'm working with the out ports of the text gonna click on the text here pull a little bit so I can actually see the end of it what I want to do is click where the text leaves that frame and I get sort of this I get the the story as it is you know it's over here it's a little broken text link because that's what I just did was I broke it and I'm going to bring it over here and roll over a frame and I get that solid chainlink and click on that puts it into that texas is hey but you had some text going from here to here do you want to keep that chain going? Yes I do so I go ahead and add that as well I can also add text or link text friends they already have text in them which is kind of nice so let's say I have this here and close this up and would create a new one that just says it says the end it's already have the end here, but I realized I needed some text still to be in this particular frame so I can take this last text frame. I still a little bit more on this story click on that clicking here and will automatically throw that text in before whatever text was there. I have to come here and give it a little extra return get it out of the way, but it will automatically pushing whatever text is there and push it down, so the linking the text frames is really cool things I could just do it as I need by holding on the option all key and picking up in placing I can also do that if I have empty text frames. All right, so I'm just going to add a second page here or another page here I can link empty text frames so again, if I was setting up my layout, but I don't have the text yet claim hasn't given me what I need. I can come in here and create a text frame and let's actually make this a you know, a two column type frame will go into the object menu, takes frame options, make it two columns give it looks, keep doing that give it a little bit of extra space in between here and I'm going to hit the little out port even though there's no text and I'm going to come in here and I'll hold on the option key so I can pick up the rest of my story it's flowed here and here, so now when I look at those text threads, I can actually see where everything is linked but there's no text there at all I can either start typing and fill in text or I could do my placeholder text if I want to or I can go out and place a text frame or text file and put that in there. So put this same one in that we just did and say ok, and it automatically fills that in so again we can set that up ahead of time without text or we could do it while we're placing text specifically that makes sense everybody cameras show you one more quick thing and we'll do a couple questions and then we'll take a break. So let me, um create a whole new lives I want to do a new document start fresh so I could tell where my text frames are there's something called smart text re flow and it's on by default if you have text going to just fill in placeholder text here and then I'm going to shorten up this this frame a little bit I do want to make sure that my actual my preference is on so come up, underdog type and smart text re flow and I want to uncheck this limited primary text friends we haven't talked about those yet, but we're not using those on this page, so I would make sure we have that and I want to tell it to add the pages as necessary to the end of the story and I also want to delete any empty pages, so if I have text floated ads as needed as I'm typing along, I also want to know that when I make my text smaller and flows backwards, it will get rid of those empty text pages at the end, so say ok, I'm going to flow this to the next page it just clicked on the story create a new page here and let's put this story down here and I'm going to make it so that I want to make it actually big enough to fit it. It isn't big enough, so should go ahead and add another page automatically. Let me actually undo that want to make this big enough first to fit the rest of my story, okay, so there's my two pages good, I've got my page, my story going across two pages, but I want to do now is actually make this shorter so I'm gonna make this frame shorter so that there's more to the story when I do that it automatically added that page two it accommodate that so if I have that turned on, you have to have at least two pages with a link to text frame for it to work because it needs to kind of know that it started then if I start typing and I get to the end here and I'm typing typing type and I get to the end it will automatically just add a page will keep going toe fill it to the margin size the cool thing is if I'm on this page three and I delete some text it's fine I delete a little bit more text it's fine as soon as I do lead and it goes back to that other page page three will eventually disappear it just goes away because it doesn't need the tech so as I'm taping here keep going it just now added page three that's where the rest of my text is on here so that's smart tech story floats on by default or should be on by default but you can turn it on otherwise that makes sense so you can have it automatically flow from page to page that's great if you're actually typing along and entering all the stuff you don't have to keep you know I wonder I think I need twenty pages I need a couple more ended a couple morrill just added for you magically so that's smart text creflo any questions on placing the text? Placing importing we've gone over much with styles we just stripped out the styles because we haven't done styles yet so I don't wantto talk about stars do we get to that point so nothing here how about the internet is the internet have questions for the internet? Does have question excellent they're awake now they always have questions excellent. Um let's start with this one. Steve hamel dot com asks if you bring in text from a word document that contains formatted tables. Well, the tables retain their formatting and positioning when placed in design. Doc that's a big question I was trying to break into tables on ok, we want a drink and it will bring in tables. Yeah, I wasn't. I I usually mentioned you can bring in tables for and will actually bring in a table from word. It does not retain a lot of its styling. No, but it retains it as a table editable table and that's actually what will do right after the break so off. Worse, right? Yes, there are quite a few new designers in the chat room is and I actually learned something today that someone is hoping you khun re explain and its net ingenuity in austin, texas what is ligature is what has led you to it was and I'm not really sure of the you know, the actual like history and use and all that but a ligature are oh our letter paris that form basically one letter style that's there like like the fnl was one of them if I believe is another one so if you have so should come over here and we'll make this actually I'm going to make a whole new text friend that's not gonna work now if my floatable text it's going to change it since I changed the fund let's come over here and it has to be a font that actually has ligatures built in so in this case let's do the word final and we'll look at that really close and if you look at that f and I there one character you notice the dot is missing because the top of the f is actually creating that the dot basically it's creating one kind of nicely formed character instead of having the f come over and it's kind of in the way of the dot of the eye by having a ligature you've created one character that actually has that by turn that off over here and turn off ligatures that's what we have and it doesn't look nearly as good so what a lot of a lot of funds have these ligatures built in and I think they're on by default just so that it's it's much cleaner and nicer and it's just a more stylized way of doing it it just depends on the aleksei on the front itself so it's so subtle but it makes such a huge difference it does and if you're a type of while I'm sadly not one of those I have many friends who are and I love them dearly for that even though they drive me crazy sometimes but they could probably explain that a lot better why that's there but I don't know why, but I look at it and go that looks nicer to me, so I least know that which I'm glad you re explain that to you because I thought I knew it wass your definition of like, oh actually, I did I just called because it looks pretty good type question um I know that you like these can air could go over type one of fonts for used today versus open type or true type I have some great old phones and lots of them if they're working for if the old type one finds the postscript type one plants are working for you that's fine, I have some that I used that like I say are still hanging on there dearly the problem is is that if they're old and you've moved them from computer to computer as your computers have died over the years someone have some weird issues with him. Nothing with the post could fund the type one fonts is that you need two components to them, you need a printer, font and a screen fund, and that actually could get kind of confusing, or if they are really old, you may have lost one, and we had a question on that yesterday where it wasn't working for you on screen because the printer version of the fault was there, but the screen wasn't it wasn't showing what it needed to on screen, so the type one funds, they're just they're just harder to manage the open type fonts have the same same capability built in, but they're in one file and they could be used on a mac or a pc. So if you're using here in a mixed environment where maybe the person writing something or setting it up in in design might be on pc, they sent it to the printer who has a mac. If they're using the same fund, they won't get text re flow because they're actually using the same exact font. Where is even though they have the same named fawn on a mac and pc, it might flow differently, so open type font is really, really good trichet sponsor can be really good, they're actually a better format, I think the problem is people make really cheap, you know, five thousand fonts for ten dollars on the you know, the cd from the office supply store on dh, they're not that well crafted, so the font format is actually really good is just there really also easy to make really cheap and not so good ones that air there. So I just recommend open type funk to people if they're going to buy him, because they and they also have can have a lot more a lot more glimpse inside them as well lot more options for things like no fancy ligatures and old style and a lot more symbols that air encapsulated in that I had no idea there is that much to you, there's so much for fonts. And like I said, I know this much, and I have friends there. They know this too much. Too much about fun. So that's, kind of just from a technical standpoint how that works cold. Some question from seoul can you use the grid if I that you showed us yesterday with photos with text boxes with with photos, with tech so you can we do with text boxes? Yeah, that was one of the samples that I showed if you create a text friend and draw out, we do our gratify secret feature up and down arrow keys okay and right and left arrow keys and we like go we get threaded text three frames so I grab this and actually make sure my text threads are showing here I actually do have those grated frankly that they're in a grid I've got the threat of text friends already so if I put my cursor in here and hit our f two to give us our placeholder text this is an entire story that's already threaded together so again I said I use this sometimes if I just know that I want like four five on a page there might have been a grid but I don't have to do that click and holding click and holding, click and hold it just thrown on the page and say actually I only wanted you know this many good let's delete those and grab them and go hand so and of course what I did that I selected him this order so they're kind of out of order and it gave me a thing saying it's going to mess it up I don't really care they're going to be strong the other so I can put my story in the wrong order so but anyway I can play with that and then just started dragging out the size and shape that I wanted on that but they're already there and they're threaded and I didn't have to do much work for it so wow, I said that all the time and for captions and photos I have all the text frames underneath the captions and I have a text from their text father's coming in that has everybody's name that needs to go under the captions I can flow those in really easily that way as well. Okay, we got one from dina h from cary, north carolina what if you need to consider page between pages already containing text and images can you get it to fill through the net? The new page text frame can get to filter it will jump over if I already have a story jumping from one page to another and let me actually just on a new document because I have auto text flow on that one but said I brought in bringing that same text that we just brought in and I was bring this in here and we will jump it to page two so I'm creating a new page and then I want to create a page in between I absolutely could do that and come over here to the panel menu pages panel menu and insert pages and we haven't done the pages panel menu but we'll do it anyway we'll insert a page after page one and so now I have page one page two is my new one I just inserted and page three and if I look at the text threads and scroll backwards I can see that it actually jumps over that page and continues on that page so yes, you can actually jump it across and if you added it's going to keep it connected where it was it's not going to suddenly move everything up and that's the one of the great things about it is it's a page layout program that's what it's designed to do you know we looked oil can I books author of the other day and it's a little harder of of things around this is the control I was talking about trying to get that uh the page is exactly where I need to be on the designer. I'm going to tell you where the pages go. All right? Okay. Well, yeah, one more question before break. Yeah, and this one is coming from a k can you remove text flow links after you have flowed the text such as keeping the text and the boxes they can you have to actually use a script for that. Like if I wanted tio disconnect these two boxes that air here but I want to keep the text exactly where it is. So if I break the text frame right now, if I click I can click on the the inflow of the second box and then it's actually click that and roll backwards to that first page and get that broken link and I can break the link. But now it shows me that there's more to the story and there's nothing in that frame. So if you want that to stay in the frame, you have to actually use a script, and I can't riff it's a built in one or one that we that's online. But it's break links to all stories, so basically break the lincoln ls. Look at how your text is sitting in each of those frames and break the link and leave them exactly as is. And I know a lot of people use that for, like newspaper editorials. Well, they've got to take a page, and someone else is working on one document. Someone else's, work another. We have to break that link. But like I said, I can't bare if it's a script that's built in or one that we that way, someone posted online but it's a free script either way and it's. I think it's called break linked all stories, so look into the scripts for that.

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Go in-depth into Adobe InDesign CS6 with Erica Gamet! This class takes you from the basics, getting familiar with the Adobe workspace, color basics, and working with pages and layers, to advanced type, graphics and table manipulation and working with long documents! It goes all the way from creation through output, whether print or digital. This class is designed for those with a firm knowledge of page layout, such as those migrating from QuarkXPress, PageMaker, or Word, and those who want to get past the basics of InDesign. Though taught on version CS6, the core information also pertains to versions CS4 and up.

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