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Paragraph and Character Styles

Styles are key if you haven't ever thought about using styles no matter what you're doing you should really used styles I am like just one of those styles people I'm just gonna come down say why aren't using styles on everything there's a million and one reasons but here's what here's three that I use them for any changes that come up who wants to sit and change all the places used a certain style we used to sit right down it's eight point over ten point with this much letting you know what this much you know spacing is tracking all this stuff we write all that stuff down that's a pain nobody wants to do that and so that's one reason that we would want to use him good what is the style? I'm going to show you to set a style we talked about how we we made all these changes to our character in paragraph. And then we I said I save those of style so I can use them again and again so I don't have to form at each character in each paragraph all the time in minutes save it is a style also know...

n as a style sheet some people have used that terminology and so I'm going to save that again and again the other reason that I want to use it is so that when for so for consistency and for ease of changes and here's the big one if you're doing anything digitally like you're going to take your book and you're going to make it into a pub or any of those floatable formats you're gonna make digital magazines out of them to read on the ipad and other tablets things like that styles or where it gets all its information if you don't take any of your information and exported to the web from in designing and make it html out of here if it doesn't have a style, it doesn't know what to do with it on the other end, so styles are key for everything and I tell people even if you're making a one page ad make styles because next time they're going to remember that ad you did last year you're going to like, yeah, I have that you're going to be opening it up you're going to be saying, oh, I did this and I did this you're going to be copying and pasting or sending styles over, but if you had styles already made, you could just duplicate it and go so let's look at what styles are so yes so a style is something I used again and again if I've got some text here I'm gonna make a couple of paragraphs here all right? So I have this parent released two paragraphs and if I style what this paragraph looks like here and it looks a little different than this paragraph here that I've done, those character like we said character, maybe that's bold or something like that and have that, and I don't say that as a style I have to remember to do that every time, individually and style, each paragraph separately, so I want to create a style sheet for that or a style so that I can use that again and again, and there are character styles and their paragraph styles, we're going to start with actually with paragraph styles, and I'm going to give it a little analogy that I use in all my classes, whenever I talk about styles and it I make it sound like it's built, like building a house when you build a house, or watch somebody build the house, as I do, I don't actually build houses, if you notice there's always a foundation on a building, got a foundation, and maybe have some framing and that's the same throughout the house, so that's kind of what a paragraph style is, is it's your foundation, and you're framing? So you tell it that this whole paragraph is styled in such a way, and in that paragraph, styler, things like our own alignment that we talked about also, though our character style styling is in there as well, like font and size and letting those are things that we've been doing in the character panel but those actually get put into a paragraph style too because for the most part a paragraph should probably look pretty similar right? We don't want a different font for every character that's in the paragraph unless that's the look you're going for let's say it's not and so I would tell it okay, this whole paragraph needs to be you know, palatine oh ten over twelve ten point with twelve point leading and so I've got palatine o in here and that's great so that's our paragraph style that base that foundation and then within the house each room has its own like maybe texture on the wall or different color on the waller different pictures hanging on the wall and that it's something that gives each room it's character that's where the character style is like in two so it's sort of the exception to the rule of the paragraph so on this paragraph if we made it ten point over twelve point palatine oh, but then some of it needs to be bold it's not regular it's gonna be bold like maybe this word we're gonna draw the word evening in bold that's going to be a character style and it gets applied on top of a paragraph style right? So we tell it the paragraph looks like this but there's this word that I want to look like this a little different, all right? So we're gonna look at character styles as well. So with paragraph styles, what I do when I'm building one, I don't sit there and think, I think this paragraph will be made of this font, you know, I don't usually think out that far ahead. I'm going to come in here and choose the paragraph, and I also in this case really need to choose some text. I don't need to choose the whole thing, but because I'm putting character uh sorry character styling inside there like fonts, I need to have some texts elected so I can actually affect that text, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to come in here and let's, go ahead with that. We'll do minion pro, I think we'll dominion pro, I'll make this a little bit bigger will make this twenty point and just the auto leading twenty four point, and I like that it's left justified, that's great, maybe I would give it a color. Whatever it is I need to do, I'm going to do everything I need to do with it, and in fact, I'm also going to go over here on the paragraph panel, and I'm going to choose a little bit of space after and just give it a little bit space after even though I gave it that extra return, we're going to lead that, so we don't have that s o I styled that and I like the way that looks I can always come back and change it, but for right now, it's a good start, I like that as my paragraph, so what I want to do is create a new paragraph style based on that text there, all right? So what I'm going to do is I'm going to come up here to the to the paragraph style panel menu and choose option, and I'm going to click the little new paragraph style buttoned down here, but I'm holding on my option or my old key, and that force is over open that paragraph style panel, the first thing I'm gonna do is give it a name I'm going to call it let's call his body text, and the reason I want to style some text first and selected before I say new is that it automatically filled in all that information right down here, so I didn't have to go through each one and say it's this size and this leading it's all medically there, it says it's twenty point and there's ah, eighth of an inch after that paragraph, so everything's there and I can also say apply that style to the text that I have selected it's already I've replied this characters or paragraph style to it so I say okay and it shows up in the paragraph style menu so tells me that's body text the great thing is when I come down to this paragraph here I could just put my purse sir in this paragraph and click body text and now it looks exactly right when I see you want to get to the end of this paragraph and I keep typing or bring stuff in its going automatically format that into that particular style so again if I have this page open and then I create a new page and I have some type fillon placeholder text I just need to select that text and say that also his body text now the nice thing is if I go back and change body text to something else it all changes so I'm actually going to do that on body text I can either come up to the panel menu and choose edit come down here and edit that style somewhere actually don't do I want to right click on that and say edit that style or what I like to do is I hold down all my modifier keys shift option command or shift all and shipped out in control on pc hold those down and double click and the reason I hold those down is if your cursor is sitting somewhere over here, you've got some text over here and you like the way this text looks and you double click on body text it's going to assign it to wherever your cursor is sitting, so get used to holding down those keys or doing the right click and choosing edit and at least then it won't apply it to wherever your cursor happens to be sitting so I can come in here and if I decide I don't like this sizing maybe I want to come in here to the character formatting and change it make it a little bit bigger I say ok every place that had that style applied to it also changes so that's why we use style so it could make changes and so we have consistency across the board I saw the same thing I can click over here and apply that body text to it I'm going to come down here and then I'm going to choose and we show you how I make the character style and they were going to start actually working with the styles a little bit more we'll take a look she takes some questions after I show how to make a character style my character styles are really, really super basic and I tend to have nothing selected so either click off or you go under edit and you could do d select all if it's available so make sure nothing selected cause I don't want any information being force fed into my character style like with my paragraph style so would come into character style hold on my option or my all key and click on the new dialogue here and my character styles are really super basic like italic right? So that's on there do and I'm going to tell it it's italics are goingto basic character formatting and I'm going to come down here to font style not even gonna put a font in there and the reason I don't want to put a font if I put its million pro and then we change the body textile to palatine oh any place that I tele sized will also still be minion pro so I don't want to put any font information unless of course the font is the exception to the rule. Sometimes I have character styles that are just zap ding bats because I might want the first character in every paragraph to be adapting back character so the most I put just what goes into that font metallic I can click and hold this pull down menu but as you can see there are a lot of different faces and that's because those air based on all the fonts I have loaded so some of them have really weird things like that as the face some type of metallic keep in mind if you switch to a fund that doesn't have I talent any plane place you have a tag, does a talent character style just won't be I tallis sized the tag is still there but it is an italicized and some fonts say things like oblique instead of italic. So keep that in mind as well. Is that that might that might play into it and some of them are smart enough to go oh, she has a tagged italic will use oblique. Some of the funds aren't smart enough I was going to say okay and that's the on ly thing that's in that style is I talic so now I can come in here and select text that I want to be I tallis sized. So I was going to select this one word and it's his body text and we're gonna italicize it now why I do that and a character style instead of just I tallis sizing it is that I get stuck with overrides if I don't do it this way. So for instance, let's say I wanted this word soundless to be ice italicized and I just come up here and I'm just going to tell it minion pro italic when I do that, I get this teeny tiny little plus over here on the paragraph style and that's basically telling me I have an override in fact, if I hover over it, it will tell me that I can option click to clear it or it also usually tells me if I zoom out a little bit, it tells me what the override is also tells me that it's I tell iq the reason I don't want that override again is that things get left behind when we make changes, we want to make sure we don't see these pluses. We don't see these overrides so that's why, by telling it it's this character style that goes away, I'm going to actually undo that and bring it back. So the other thing it tells you is that an option? Click to clear it so fine option click yeah, the override goes away and so does the the italicize ing that I did. I actually wanted it to be italicized, so I'm going to click I talic and make sure that I have a character style applied to that I would create a couple other character styles things like bold, bold, italic things that I think why we use again and again, you can't apply multiple character styles, so if I want bold italic after critical one that's called bold italic and so just create a couple more always create a bold one the character formatting and I'm gonna tell it this is bold and we do one more that's just a color instead let's call this red and I'm going to come down here to character color and I could either choose one that's in the swatches there are many so if there's a one that if there's not a color I want in there I could just double click on this little proxy here and choose a color let's just make a red color will choose that say ok and so we have this this red color here so we'll choose that as the color that's the on ly information that's going in this character style is that it's a color and it's that red color so say ok and so now I can just double click on whatever text I need to turn red let's do that red we'll do this in bold and this night alec go ahead but because you can't apply more than one character silent time you couldn't go ahead make something red and bold we have created a little unnerved or starting after so yeah she would have won it was called bold red yeah absolutely I still going to come through each of those and put in character styles on top of that that's the basics of paragraph styles and character styles and we want to try to avoid those pluses those overrides that air there so I think let's before we get into some other cool things that we could do a styles we'll see everybody kind of has the basics of styles down and you know we'll try and keep it for what we've done because I am going to show some really cool stuff we could do with styles as well ok, I know this one's applicability all this one comes from michael tl from atlanta can you have a default? Can you have a dig? A default of paragraph styles and character styles that open with each new file? Yes you can you would set that it was new dot no document open so if you want to have the styles all the time close all your documents create the styles and have that assigned and have that clicked in fact I could do that on a document basis as well I can just with nothing with no text selected I come here and say body text that every time I create anew uh text frame it's automatically already in that body textile so do the same thing just with no document open create the style select the style and then everything that's created will have that absolutely okay really cool and beauty of the lake have, uh, questions that kind of go together really cool says what was that sam why k search in the library where what on and then beauty of the lake has a follow up. For instance, you have multiple logos in your library and specifically need to the same mike a one okay, so back on the library's, the question that was asked here was that if I type in cm like a doesn't know that it seemed like a because I put it in the library or not, no, it would have to be that when I tagged it and gave it a description, I put in cm like a in the description, so it's something I do when I do my love was I try and put think of the things I would researching on on color load would definitely be one of them. Excellent, thank you. Sure, we're going to be all right. Can you set any presets? So for consistency sake within the same document let's say I had a paragraph style that went with a particular character style. Can you set it so all know which to go together? No, I don't think so. Yeah, because usually you're paragraph styles there, it's definitely separate than your character styles. If you wanted to always have the character style, you just build that that part of the character into the paragraph so for instance, if you know you always wanted a particular paragraph two b bold then he would just build that into your paragraph style instead so right. Okay. Yeah. Say if it's something that's going to across the board on paragraph you just build into the paragraph style. All right, so let's actually, next thing we want to do on styles let's bring in let's make some changes to this so I have this paragraph down below and it has body text applied to it and I don't like the way body text looks all of a sudden I wanted to be justified let's say so I have my cursor in the second paragraph here I'm going to use my keyboard shortcut to justify that shift commander jay so it's justified text and now we get that little plus again telling me there's some overrides and the override is that it's justified? Well, that's fine because I decided that's what I want my paragraph toe look like now so what I can do is I can come up here to my panel menu and choose redefined the style, so I'm telling it yeah, actually I do want the body text to be justified instead so by redefining it redefines it here and every place it's applied also updates so I can continue to make changes to this text maybe I decide actually want us to be a little bit bigger and maybe I do want it to be I tallis sized I don't know something like that I can come back here and just keep saying redefined the style so now everything changes if you notice though this just said bold and because it wasn't italicized in the character style this gets left behind so we're gonna have to probably change that a little a swell but I can keep making changes to and say I don't really like that but maybe I do want it to be instead of by tallis sized maybe I decided I wanted to be a certain color so and come down here and create a certain color with that and redefine that style again everything will turn that color right that makes sense everybody keep tweaking it and redefining it because you don't necessarily know right away that you wanted to be that particular that particular size I just start with something and then start redefining it from there I also have where aiken base styles on other styles if I want to so I'm going to go ahead and actually I'm going to show you a little trick first that I that I do so when I bring in text from somewhere else I can strip out the styling member I told you I strip out styling I like to get rid of that I'm actually going to bring in some text into this new document and I'm gonna come in here and I believe it is this file here hopefully let's check that out let's, strip out the styling and preserve those local overrides this's where it's really important? I'm gonna bring this in and hopefully I have my styling in here I do not have local styling in here. All right, let's, try it that doc file and if it's not that one, we're going to fake it and put it in there anyway there we go that's what I was looking for so I brought it in and I told a preserve local overrides and I've got a couple words here that a right alice sized right? So those air there, what I want to do is I'm going to select all this text and I'm going to actually select a little bit here and I'm going to create a new style somebody option create that we'll call this body text and a sign that body text to everything if you notice there's a little plus and that's because some of those words have those local overrides in it and that's fine that's actually what we want. So if I look at this this text is fine there's no little plus no little plus but this is where we have those local overrides well, what I want to do is I want to find all those places that I write italicized and I want to assign the character style I talic to it, but I don't have to print this out and highlight all the places or make sure I don't miss anything cause it's kind of hard to see which ones right tallis sized so I'm going to make in design do the work for me so I'm going to create a character style really quickly I have nothing selected, so no information is being force fed I'm going to call this italic I will do the italics this is just what we did before we're just doing it in a new document, but now what I want to do is use find change so we've been talking about find change with the plug in here's a fine change I use all the time and do find command effort control f to bring up the fine change dialog box and I'm going to make sure I'm in the text tab not the grab tab with the text tab and I'm going to come down here to formatting I'm not even gonna come and I'm not looking for a specific word and changing into another word I'm going to come down here to fine and for matt and click once in that field and I'm going to tell it toe look for something I'm gonna look for some character formatting and I'm going to tell it toe look for italics character formatting and I want to change the formatting click on that once I want to change it to the character style ite alec I know it sounds weird we're looking for right alec and changing it to italic but we're looking for it's where it's manually formatted italics and changing it to the character style italic so say ok and I want to make sure I look in the whole document, right? So I'm looking across the whole document and I'll just say change all when I do that tells me it replaced it in six different places so that's good when I say done, I can look at these individual words to see yep, it assigned that character style to it if I select all this text that plus is gone, so I know that all my local overrides are gone so that's why I want to bring them in so that I can find them automatically and have those be assigned that makes sense to buddy all right let's do one more thing where I bring in some text and I'm going to use a script and it's a script that it's a third party script I think you'll you'll enjoy this will bring in the same exact document strip out out leaving the local overrides I'm going to show you a script, so we're going to do that really quickly under the window menu under utilities, scripts so I've been alluding to scripts and plug ins I'm not going to talk about how to get them or were to get them but this one particularly is one actually I totally like I don't have it hot build you up for that I don't have a dinner because they just decided to show you all right I'm going to have to just let that one hang will have toe do a demo somewhere else for that I guess I'm sorry it's one called auto it's called a auto pc style so it's paragraph in character styles and it is just a little script and when it runs it it will create a script based on your text it will create paragraph styles and all those local override it will also be created into standalone character styles and then if I bring in more text it will look at it and say oh this matches this text exactly let's assign that character style it's a sign that paragraph style see that's me trying to do something on the fly I show you something cool but that's all right it's a very cool script and if you guys want it you can ask me about it later maybe I'll put a little link on the chat later on where that is so anyway that's one way I do that that's just a way of cheating so I don't have to set up these styles by myself all right, so let's come back into my paragraph in character styles, of course went away because I closed them all up recent my workspace so they come back, make sure have one with my body and my italic one that's here, and actually I want this, this one that has a bold and red might alikhan all that, and I'm going to start basing some styles on other styles, so this is kind of where it gets kind of harry, but really, really cool. All right, someone close this up and I have these body, the body, textile, that's here, I want to create some other styles that look kind of the same, but I'm goingto base them on body text and it's going to be kind of like what? The master pages where we created a master page and they were all based on them and we make a change to one and ripples down through well, chances are your styles, you probably want them to be kind of similar throughout. Maybe they're going to be bigger for the headlines and a bold and maybe I taliban smaller for captions, so I'm going to go ahead and create some text here, and maybe this is my headline just type the word headline, but it's, I'm typing it in body text. And that's ok, because what I want to do is I want to select this text and I want to create a new paragraph style, so I'm going to create the new paragraph style to option and click and the reason I wanted to assign body text to it because it automatically fills in this little bit of information it automatically says, hey, you're creating a new one but you're basing it on body text I'm going to call this headline that's great, but now I want to make some changes to it those exceptions to the rule again so one thing I might want to do in the character formatting and stiff twenty two point this is a headline let's make it thirty six point and maybe we'll make it bold so I want to come back to the general tab it says its body text plus it's bold a bold condensed I guess I ended up with bold condensed and thirty six point and the reason I like it based on something else again if I change body text to trouble you shay the headline will change to travis shea the captions will change everything else will change along with it so I tend to start with body text. His body text tends to be the one that's you know most prolific throughout your your document all right, someone to say ok and so now that's in headline so now I have headline and I have body text that's there but if again if I go in and change body text let's change that font to tribute shea and I say ok, my headline also changes now it changed him had a bold condensed and there is no bold condensed trevi shea loaded so that's why it's pink it's telling me it changed and what hasn't changed like you asked but you don't have what what you're asking for so want to undo that will bring it back to, uh to the palatine oh armenian pro scuse me so I would base a couple more styles on the that style, so we do the same sort of thing I'm going to come in here and then maybe I will tell it this is a caption I tend to write the words so I know what it is I'm working on and I'm going to tell it it's body text which had already had that's fine, I'm going to base it again on body text create new will call this captions it's based on body text except for in this case I wanted to be eighteen point and we'll do eye talic so say ok and now I have that set his captions headline captions and body text let's do one more we're going to do a byline our author will do author so type the word author again, I just typed the words so I know what it is I'm working on. I'm going to move this up so we could actually see it. So I have everything in a weird order when we do author same thing it's already assigned body text and if it isn't, go ahead and click bad. But I told that that was the default style that's why it's working like that? We'll call this one author and maybe in this case, we will make it slightly smaller and it will be bold italic all right, it's based again on body text already. And so now we have that now. The nice thing is, I can also create a cascading style that says, when I hit return from one, it goes to the next style that's there. So that that's something else we can set up. So let's do that. So right now I have it based on their own. If I change body text, everything else changes. I could base each one on the one before it, but that gets confusing a train based everything on body text. I might have twenty different body textiles in one document there's body, texas body text with bullets, body text with a little bit less margin. Where body text that air pull quotes, things like that. So I have a lot of them. I have one that's usually called first paragraph, which might have extra space before because it has a subhead above it. And I just want a little bit more breathing room so might look exactly the same, except it has a little bit of space before it. I also have one that's usually called first paragraph that has a drop cap if we want to do that. And we asked him if there was a question about that yesterday and I'm going to make sure that I cover that as well. Today. So let's, take the same sound is going to a new page in the same document, and what I want to do is I want to tell it that when I hit the word headline and when I hit return, I wanted to say author let's say I wanted to go to the author's style, and then I wanted to go to, um, body text from there. All right? So I wanted to continue and I want to hit return from body text. I probably wanted to stay in the body text format. The reason I type that I was just so I can see what order I need to put everything in. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to come over here and I'm going to go to the first one in that session headline someone hold on like my shift shift option and command all my modifier keys and trouble put on headline and I want to tell it next style this means when I hit return what does it change too so under headline when I hit return I wanted to go toe author doesn't mean the same thing and say when I go into author and I hit return I wanted to go toe body text and when I look at body text it says next style is same style and that's what I want because I know he'll return on body text I don't know where that's going to end when it ends and I have to switch to something else I have to manually switch back to it we'll say ok so now what'll happen is if I say this is a headline let's actually say headline so it's in the headlines style when I hit return I type the word author I want to return I hit body text so it automatically is doing all that changing for me the cool thing is let's take this and I'm going toe tell it basic paragraph right so basic paragraph is just going to go back to my minion pro twelve point that's what comes by default in in design so basic paragraph is going to strip it all the way back to that and I want to do that cause I wanted get rid of that everything that was in there I don't want any styling that I created to show up in there, but what I can do is I could do that while I'm typing so that is I hit return it changes or I could take type that I've brought in from somewhere else or that hasn't been styled and I can still get it to do that rippling that the different changes that are there so what I need to do is grab let's ahead multiple body text paragraphs I need to grab the entire rotation of text is what I call it so for instance, of let's say I had another rotation of it headline author I can't spell that a come on author and body text here let's say I had that well I need to grab one whole rotation of that so I'm going to grab all that text and then I'm going to find in the first style which is headline that I want to use in this rotation in that same pattern and I'm going to right click on that I am going to write click on that and tell it apply headline then next style which is going to create that rippling so when I do that everything gets formatted right away so you could see if you got it brought in text from, say, a database entry, something like that. People are filling out a form and it's coming into, and you've got a style, all this stuff, or you just have all the names that are in there. You're doing what you were talking about your books, a lot of things like that, I might say name and class, or something like that, or name and whatever else underneath it. And you would have just that in the same text, and I could tell it that the first line is his name, and the second line is the class or something like that. You could have that pattern repeating, so do the same thing and say, apply headline, then next style, so that's, really handy with, you know you have the same sort of repeating information over and over again in a paragraph.

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