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Working with Text

So it's actually work with some type friends they're working with text and type tired of looking at pictures yet come on no no photographers come on you want to work with text you know you d'oh let's do it all right so the first couple things we've done some placeholder tax that created text frames that's great juicy and find gonna put this in here put a text frame in here and I'm going to use my f two keyboard shortcut and philip weston placeholder text so everybody's amazed right it's all good so I'm gonna assume you probably know how to type text and move tax things like that some things you can't do that you can do in other programs just because I can ask this all the time can you select text like this word and this word and this word and this word answer is no you can't do that you could do that and I believe in word but I can select everything from a word I just double clicked on that to get that word to select and then I'm gonna hold on my shift key and double click on a word do...

wn here and it's going to select those two words and everything in between so I can't select this word and then translate this word it wants toe bring everything in there so against like everything from the beginning to the end if I want to one of the things I could do with text when I want to select say everything from this point onward, you know, as I shorten up that frame and now at the bottom, I have this little red plus and that's telling me there's more text and I closed it up and we're going to talk, I believe tomorrow we're going to be talking about linking the frame, so we actually have these text threads and link them along, but what I can do is say, ok, great, what if I wanted to select everything from this word there to the end, so I need to be able to get to the end, but I don't want to open up my text for him to show more of that text because I've got it exactly where I needed, but I do know from that point onward I want to do something to the tech, so I need to select it so I can use my if I have a ten key, which apple was kind enough to delete from all of the new macbook pros are no ten keypads anymore, so you can't even do this trick. So I'm going to show you this trick because I can today because I have an actual keyboard if I send my my taxes and my cursor to the end by doing command and hitting the end key and so now it's all you know, I love that little arrow and showed me it was down there somewhere. I sent it to the end, and then I'm going to hold the shift key and click at the beginning of that word. So now the text from here to the very end of my story is selected. And this is great, because sometimes you're just trying to squeeze out the last little bit that's all you want to do. So I just want to keep making that smaller let's say I'm actually gonna zoom out so I get my toolbars back there. And so maybe I just want to make this type smaller until all that type fits right sometimes to do it's you can see that it actually went to the end there, right? So that's, what I did is I sent it to the end. I commanded it to go to the end or on a pc. I controlled it to go to the end. I guess so. But that's how I remember it was commanded to go to the end. You could do the same thing if you wanted to select from the very beginning. And maybe the front of your text frame is on a whole nother page. It's not on the same page, you know we've got eighteen pages of text and I want to send my cursor to the beginning I can command it home, which is the very beginning so it's going to send it there and then I might hold on the shift key and select to hear so again if you don't have a ten key and you probably don't if you have a mac laptop just out of luck, he'll just have to open up that text frame. It's it's really kind of annoying, but anyway that's how we we move around there the other things that we can do like I said is we can double click on a word we could triple click to select a line we can quadruple click to select an entire paragraph, which I only have one paragraph I'm going to cheat and again do what I said don't do good hit that extra return so that we can actually see the difference between the two so questionable clicking gives me an entire paragraph I can turn off that triple click to select a line in preferences if I want to it's kind of a pain I've never needed to select just a line so it's nice not to have to click four times to get to a paragraph feeling select three times instead so it can turn that off a swell there's also something called dragon dropped text editing, which you have probably used to if you've used word if you haven't used word, it might be a distraction. It was something I never even knew you could do before because I never typed in word before, so when they introduced the several versions back, if I want to grab a portion of text and drag it and drop it down here let's, see if I could do it. I don't know if it's turned on my preferences, I shall see it is not something to turn that on, so I'm going to go up under preferences and come down here too fulsome type say, where is drag and drop editing a enable in layout view, which is what we're working in authority on this other view called story editor right now it's in lakeview let's enable that. So now when I select some text and I get close, I don't know if you can see that let's actually zoom in a little bit my cursor changes to this little plus, and so what I could do is I can grab this and drag it and drop it down there, so I just took a whole section and I moved it around I'm going to undo that instead, what I want to do is I want to grab it as after I start dragging it I want to hold on the option here the all key if you noticed my cursor changes to a spinning beachball excellent let's see what happens when I let go it still worked lips it didn't indicate that the option was working told on the option key and you can see that the option key when I hit the option key it duplicates the arrow let's hold that down and it worked even though I couldn't see what was happening with it but what happens is I was duplicating what I had chosen and dropped it down below soon out a little bit here and let's undo that the other thing I could do as I congratulate this and put it out in a whole new text frame so once I start dragging if I hold on the command king or the control key on a pc and let go it's going to move everything from there and drag it out to a whole new frame I think maybe it doesn't like that I'm zoomed in well see, the thing I don't like about it is it always makes this size shape frame no matter what kind of text you have even if I had this whole amount here going to drag that out hold on the command can lingo and it drags out to the same shape and it doesn't even fit so I don't know why it does that but it does thie other thing aiken dio cousin grab that same text start dragging hold on the command key to create a new frame and the option key to duplicate into that frame or control and altana pc let go so it moves it and creates it into a new frame a swell so if you've got a lot of text editing to do using the dragon drop, text editing is pretty handy if you can get used to it. I finally got used to it it's all good. Some of the other text trips tricks that we have is we can do dynamic spelling so we can check for when there is spelling mistakes as we go along otherwise we have to do spell check so let's actually start with spell check, so I'm going to go up under the edit menu and come down to spelling and check spelling and it's going to come in with the list and say, I don't know what this word is reveler that you have here are some suggestions that you might want for that and I can change it if I say okay, actually I meant rib beller sure that's what I meant or if I didn't mean rivelle er actually like the way it was spelled originally, I can add that to my user dictionary so these air dictionaries on by default, the dictionary that if you have installed us english, for instance as your when you installed in design use told your os up your operating system, then it's going to choose the u s english dictionary? You can have multiple dictionaries in your design document if you want, but right now it's going to add that twenties or addiction I can say ad that this's great if it comes up and says, I don't recognize your name well every time you do this, do you want it to come up to tell you doesn't recognize your name or if you added to the dictionary, it will recognize your name just put it in there s o I had stuff all the time to the dictionary I don't like the way it doesn't recognize a lot of compound words, it always wants to separate it into the two words s and I'm like no, this is the word added I added my website my website comes up all the time. I don't recognize this erica gamma dot com is one thing, so ok put that in there that's one word put that in there so that it doesn't keep coming up with that. Also, when you're doing spelling, you can say, what am I searching just this story, which is just the text contained in this frame or I could do the document the whole entire document which is nice or just to the end of story, which means it won't get to the end and start at the beginning again but only go through once. But if you're starting here will go through the end and rap back to where you were. I kind of like that. The other one is documents all of this one it says all documents this makes it sounds like all documents in the creation of history, right? No that's, not it at all. It is thie all documents that are open so that's nice. If you have five documents open, you want to spell, check him out at the same time. Do it, go for it. Check him all the same time. So on this I could either tell it ad or I could tell it ignore. So ignore I'm sorry, skip this particular version I can't say it, nor all so if I know it shows up a lot and that's right hits ignore also won't keep hitting that same word over and over again. And if I do add it, I could tell it it's case sensitive, so if I was adding let's, see the word u r l and doesn't recognize, I could say add that and say, it's case sensitive because I want to make sure it's always capitalized. And I would just go through skip skip until I get through everything it didn't recognize that because I don't have a space after my period, so I thought it was one word it also tells you things like when it's not my dictionary when it's not capitalized or improper capitalization and if you have repeated words and I'm going to show you where that set because sometimes you don't necessarily want that I don't want to tell me when a sentence or a line isn't capitalized because a lot times I'm doing ad copy and so I've got everything on its own line have done a force return and so obviously my sentences don't all start, you know, my lines don't I'll start with a capital because I forced it and I'm just I'm just doing ad copy, so I'm going to set that also in the preferences so under preferences spelling, I can tell it what it is it's looking for misspelled words shirt repeated words so I tell it don't look for on capitalized words and sentences because again, I might have that because of working with ad copy but here's where I can enable dynamic spelling this is the spelling it checks it as you type and it puts the little squiggly lines underneath it so I can choose that if I want to tell it what color underline I'd like for each but again it's not looking from capitalized words or sentences today told it not to up there so let's do that and let's see if it comes up with anything it doesn't like the word revelers still it doesn't like this word either I'm gonna fix that and put a space there just to know what to do with that but on this word it says, hey, this word is spelled wrong or doesn't recognize it but I can put my cursor in that and right click or control click and bring up pretty much all the stuff that we had in the spell check so right here I can go oh yeah actually I meant it's revelers and just choose that and it automatically changes it right here so it's a quick way toe to see the dynamic spelling I find it a little annoying just having all those color squiggles under everything I guess I'm saying I spell things wrong sometimes and have been capitalized words and things like that so I don't like having all that because it just is too much color that's kind of in my way so I just I just don't personally do that we can also turn on auto correct just come over here preferences and go back down into the spelling section and auto correct enable auto correct I really don't use this too much because this has a whole list of misspelled words my words that I misspell are actual words there just the wrong words, you know, at the time or the only one I ever use a lot that's in here is the eye spelled t h a lot sometimes I do it on purpose not necessary when I'm typing it in design, but I have it here and it says th should be replaced with th e but what I use this for here's my little secret of what I use this for I use it for a kind of shorthand dictionary, so I'm going to say add let's add a word and one of the words that I don't like to type is adobe inn design or in design or anything with an inter cap even my cat's name has it my cassidy was night shade and I capitalize the s because it's like software and so, you know, I have your the intercapital letter that's in there, so even typing that or mac os ten capital m a c space capital o capitalists face capital x so doing that trying to remember that report express, you know, we're page maker, you know, just all this is the inter caps I don't like that, so I'm going to actually do one I'm gonna say my misspelled word is q q because I'm never going to accidentally type q q gonna do that on purpose and the corrected word is in design all right so I don't have to type that out and we do one other one I'm gonna add z z z I know that went to that either and that's going to be mac os ten will say ok to that we can also tell it auto correct capitalization errors and that's nice to so say ok I'll come over here and we're going to create this and I'll just say this class is on and I'll do q q period wanna hit period it automatically fills in the word and designed for me taught on z z z mac os ten and the capitalization errors sometimes it catches names I'll take I'll say that it's taught by bob and it's not going to do it for me is it it's not gonna capitalize it for me dang it some days it does in some days it doesn't and there's an actual setting that I always forget to set so I'm sorry what's that thinking because bob's a word you could bob for apples that is they hear something at my susan let's try didn't work either there's there's a reason for it I have to actually I turned it on in my spelling that's the other thing is that it's on spelling so come back in here because I tell it on capitalized words I got to actually tell it that that should work then let's try that again susan now I still wanna work that's fine wasn't that exciting anyway? Do the wrong every time, but I want to show you the shorthand wang is that's kind of cool there's actually programs that actually do that for you if you have a lot, but sometimes I just throw those in there and it's like or if I'm just working on this particular document and I have to spell like the word tacka cardia, I know how to spell it, but I don't like to spell it. I don't even know what it is, but I was just do a lot of medical stuff and tackle card. It was just one of those, so I just put in z z z just z really quick, I have the word tactic rd a spell for me, so I just kind of use that as a as a shorthand dictionary. All right? We're going to go on and talk about howto format some of this text, all right? So let's, actually do that. We're gonna work with the character panel in the paragraph panel on the now about where we're going to wrap up today when I'm working with character styling or character, not styles, one of styles it we're working with characters I need to actually select. Certain characters for it to affect it. If I'm working with paragraph settings, I only need to have my cursor in the paragraph I don't have to have the whole paragraphs elected so that's kind of nice, so what I want to do is if I want a word to be m bold or some of the words to be emboldened has selected all so I clicked and dragged across the text that could drag down. I can do like I did before double click on a word, hold down the shift can double click I want to make sure I got that comma is well, I'm going to open up the character panel first and then we'll work with the paragraph. Panelas well, so have the character panel and some of the options that I have here are also duplicated up across the top in the control panel. We talked about that how it changes, depending on what we've chosen, so I've chosen the type tool, so all the stuff in the control panel is type related, but I also have these two buttons over here, I have the control panel and the paragraph panel, so when I change each of those, it changes in a pretty much duplicates everything in this panel, so I'm going to work actually in the the actual character panel right now. So I can change what fonts something is displayed in by clicking on that and using the pull down menu if I want and if you notice the pull down menu it shows you a sample of the font off to the right side and that's kind of cool except that they used the word sample which is probably the worst word not the worst word but not a very good word to try and get an idea of what the letters look like you tend to try and look at letters like geez and cues and things that are a little different and kind of tell you this is a different type of font so ems and p s and l's aren't very very helpful at all but the cool thing is I can see what everything looks like in a particular font so let's say I'm going to go ahead and grab let's grab ariel even though that's not that exciting but I have four different faces well so I can choose the font as well as the type face all right someone come in here let's let's actually choose a different one that's coming here to adobe chasm trump that has a lot to choose from the one thing you notice is that some of them have those next to them and some of them have these tee tee's that's the type of font so it's a true type fawn or an open type on and for the most part, if people are buying fonts, I always suggest open type fonts just because they're more versatile. You don't have flow issues between macs and pcs, they're the same font, so ayotte, stefan and open type fund is what I always recommend, and you may see once that our post script type one fonts, I don't think there are any on here, so anyway, I can choose the font and I can choose the face when I pull up in this video, I have to actually choose both have to come in and say, ok, that's adobe cows on pro bold, but I can always come back here and choose a different face or choose a different font by typing it in a cz well, so if I double click on that and they know I wanted choose minion pro, I'm going to start typing and it will actually show up here's. Another cool trick about finding a font if I select some type, but I'm going to do the whole entire paragraph that's here if I just put my cursor inside the font, uh, fought box, either up here we're over here and just use my up and down arrow keys that actually just goes through alphabetically through all the fonts, let's, get some that actually show up get out of the asian fonts there. There we go. So I can just scroll through there and see each one exactly as it is in that particular font that's kind of a just a real quick trip trip for that tip for that one type back and minion, so actually get million pro. I don't bold italic I just want regular all right, so again, I'm doing that by selecting some text and affecting it somewhere to select a little more so we can see it. Some of the things that we might choose as we might have the size of the font. We can use the pull down menu to select a specific size or weaken type it in again. I can click once to the left and type in here. And so maybe I want to do something really odd, like twenty four and a quarter point so I can have some really weird text. Size is whatever size I think I could go three digits past the desk milan that come back here and type in eighteen point when I'm doing it you notice over here this is my leading. This is my spacing between the lines it's changing and that's because I haven't set toe auto, so when I changed the size here, the auto sizing is also changing for me. And if you notice the line spacing is only changing on the text that I have selected there's a setting that you can choose so that letting is paragraph wide there's like a big raging debate all the time that he changed the leading it should be across the board in a paragraph and not individual lines in there but as you can see, there might be a reason for it you know, obviously not going to do that in a book but you might do that in an ad you know, just for something different a little something odd there's a lot of things we do in here that you probably shouldn't do you know is probably you know, grammer people rolling over in their graves you know, at that that's all right because we like to keep them on their toes I'm one of them all right? So I'm going to come back here and put twenty to make that auto I can also choose a specific amount and so I know what particular spacing I'd like I also have something called turning so that's what this little graphic is I'm gonna zoom in a little bit you can see that even though the text doesn't look quite as good, I'm going to zoom in what the kern ing is the colonel is spacing between letter pairs and that's kind of what this is showing this little a v it's saying that right now I have it set too. Metrics and that's on by default. And what that is is it says that the letter a takes up this much space in the letter v takes up this much space and that's it. So they kind of fit like the old type, you know, they're just it would fit like this. But what the cunning does it says, you know, the n v kind of wood nest together really nicely if you pushed them together a little closer. So that's, what the colonel is you're saying the space between these two should be a little closer. So what I can do with this is I can tell it optical. And what it will do is look at the pears, each paired together and figure out how it fits together better so much use optical when I do that, you know, so just changed a little bit. Tightened it up let's, turn it back to metric and then back to optical. So what I do is I have no document open. I hit my text might a type tool, and then I come over here and I've changed the kern ing toe optical, so I always have optical turned on. So it's always there, I have to do this for every paragraph and every bit of text that I have is just always turned on. There are a few fonts that actually look better with metrics on I could turn those off, but that's the exception to the rule, I also have tracking which the space between letters across the board, so whole thing, everything, instead of looking at each parent, how it fits it's just gonna be one amount applied across the board. So again, I probably wouldn't do this very often, but we can doesn't look great, but again for display, copy or had copy may be wanting to do something like this, and so that's, where we would change that amount, and we also have the horizontal and vertical scaling something else I don't really recommend you're not really doing much justice to that font. I just made it two hundred percent height, that's all, we don't really want to do that. Let's, put the back one hundred percent same thing with the width again, if you want something wide, use a wide font don't don't is that that's usually what I tell people you may want to, you know, just tweak it ever so slightly, maybe putting it at one hundred two percent with we'll be enough that you can't really tell that you've totally messed up the fund, but it just makes it wide enough to fit what it is you need to fit, so you might want to try that baseline shift is to take something off the baseline. So that's, what this is down here is the baseline shift. I just selected a word and I'm just going to move it. A couple points off the baseline again. That might be something that you want to do for an effect, or you might be doing something like you have scientific notation or something like that. You've you know, you've got him put, you know, h two o let's actually put it o in there so I can t h two o I might tell this this is sub script, but I might just want to move it off the base line a little bit, so I might just want to move it down below it's not exactly proper, but it gives you the effect that we might need. And the last one that's on here is also one of these things that I say don't do, but then sometimes you have to do it. This is called skew or fall site alec there's going toe put twenty five percent or twenty five degrees here. And it's just going to skew the letters that is not a re alight alec that's false I telling here's a secret here's where I use this and I use it when someone comes in, says, I would like this script in the italics version. Well, I tell them there is no I tell a version of that script and they said there was one inward because word lets you do whatever you want to do. You want a bold it sure you wantto italicize it? Sure that's fine, and then you get that kind of well worn does that? Why does your fancy shmancy program not do that? You know, that kind of thing and you're like, oh, I found the slanted version or the italic version of that script. There it is, right there is beautiful just where you left it and then they're happy and then all is good with the world. I do the same thing when people ask me for bold of the font that I have let's say I didn't have bold of this fund here, let's just make this palatine. Oh, and I don't have bold let's say, so I do something that you probably shouldn't do, and I'm actually just going to select the text. It's like the text frame it's going to change the text across the board, but the reason I did that so you can see it, I'm going to take and I'm going to tell it in the text I have a solid text, but I'm also going to add a little bit of a stroke on that text a teeny tiny amount of stroke, so I'm gonna come over here and I'm sure give me a stroke and I'm going to make it an eighth of a point, so it's going to make it slightly bolder? It's not really bold, but again, when they ask for the bold version of the script or whatever it is they're looking for and they can't figure out why I can't do it, I will put an eighth of an inch or a sixteenth of an inch stroke on it just enough to make it boulder when they hold it up side by side, they go see that's all I wanted was that and you just shake your head and move on with your day so that's that's what I use them for. So I do's the false I talent for that as well. So that's pretty much everything that's in the character panel, so you do want to make sure you have your language chosen, preferably when you speak, preferably one that you're working in but the thing is is that I could tell it that this is us english right? So it's there but I could also tell it that it's spanish and if I tell it it's spanish it does not magically translated I'm sorry, but what I can do is when I go toe run spell check and I go to check it with my english dictionary you notice it doesn't recognize any of those words look at all those underline words because it's looking for spanish words apparently yes is a word we're ok with that in azle word we're good so recognizes that but all those other words it doesn't recognize because it's going to try and do spell check with spanish and it is all wrong so we don't want to do that let's change that back to english but that's something to keep in mind you can actually change that and do you run the proper spell check on each you would need if I told it was spanish, it would probably be the spanish dictionary so you could also run spell check on that so let's go with the paragraph setting now I'm going to go down here to this next paragraph and remember when working with paragraphs we only have to have our cursor in the paragraph we don't have to have the whole paragraphs elected sewing clothes, the character panel and open the paragraph panel and I've got some things across the top these air, all the types of alignments that we have so right now it's left justified this paragraph is what we're working with left justified and actually I want to create or delete some of this so that we have all of our stories because I want to see what happens to the end that we just end right on a more thrilling than oh, no, we'll never know it's a great way to kill it right there, so I'm going to put my cursor in that paragraph and I haven't left justified or aiken center justify it or write justify it and then these air all of these air all justified on both ends but what happens to that last word so I could center it right? Justify it or this wants to fill it out and sometimes that this way it just moved it upwards and was fine sometimes if there's three words at the end it's going to just stretch everything out and it's not going to look so good. So this is one that we use a lot right here I someone actually just left justify it if you don't let me put it back to center and I can play with the margins, the left and right margins of the paragraph so right here I can move in the left margin a little bit and the right margin a little bit and that's kind of cool if we want a paragraph that is shorter, maybe it's a pullout quote or something like that, we just want to highlight it a little bit. Instead of having a whole separate text frame with a different size, we could just move in the margins to kind of get that set a little bit better, so use that, then we can also take this next one, this third icon that's here is the first line indent, so I can either choose to have the first line in dent a certain amount or because I have the margin pulled in, I can go with a negative value and it could go out as far as the same amount of this direction, so I can't go outside the text frame will actually tell me when I've gone too far with the nice thing is that can have that hanging punctuation so I could do the same thing I could like hang bullets outside or stars or whatever it is I want to, and it doesn't actually hang outside the text frame. I just move in my margins and then hang out that first line in debt that's in there, so I'm actually going to set this back to zero nelson this back to zero as well and this back to zero the next thing is space before and after so I kind of told you don't do this thing that I just did this extra return don't do that I'm going to delete that but we want space between our paragraphs the recent we want don't want to do that hard return is if I have this hard return here and that paragraph get sent to the next page in the text flora new column that space may go with it so suddenly there's a space at the top of the column and followed by the paragraph we don't want that so we might be tempted to delete it then we delete it and it flows backwards and now there's no space between our paragraphs again so we want to do is add space before or after one of the paragraphs so that it's there if we need it if there's two paragraphs together it's there and if there aren't two paragraphs together it disappears so it's kind of a little bit of magic there so we take that delete that fleet that extra turn in this paragraph on the bottom and I'm going to tell it ad space before and you could do and space before or after you keep in mind if you know you've got a subhead that has space after your paragraph that starts below has space before those two amounts are going to add together so sometimes you've gotta you notice play with the amounts that are in there, so just keep that in mind. I tend to use space after almost, but this is my last paragraph, so I'm going to say space before and I'm just going to add a little extra space now when I select that text, I can see that there isn't actually a return there. It's contextual if it needs it it's there if it doesn't, it goes away right? So what else I can do? If I don't know how much space I wanted to be equal toe one return so I believe our leading is about twenty two. So let's say it was twenty two but I wanted to be equivalent two one whole extra return. I can come in here and type in twenty two and then hit points. All right. Second to say twenty two points and that is actually equivalent toe one hard return that's in there. So that's something that we can do a swell instead of itt's measuring in inches right now. But I can put it into points so I know that it's equal to a certain return that makes sense. I'm going to the same thing space before space after whatever. And we could also do drop caps, and I'm going to actually change this word to she so I have more than one, characters we could actually see what a drop cap looks like. So in here I've got this drop cap function, I'm going to say drop cap, and I need to tell it how many lines that drop cap is, so I need to make it at least two I love that zero is a choice and one is a choice, which doesn't do anything until you get to go. There we go there's a drop cap, it's taking up two lines or three lines. We can also tell you how many characters that drop kept is well, chances are we probably are going to do that a whole lot boy might that's kind of cool, especially if we have, like, a list of do's and don'ts who do and don't in the drop cap if we want going to bring that back to one character so I can bring that in and say, great, that looks good, and what I like about the drop cap is that it changes if I change the letter and so let's change it when I all right, so as I change each one it's going to move the type in and out for me. All right, so I really like the way the drop caps looks on that and the last one I'm going to show you on here is this hyphenation. So if I look at this paragraph, I have two hyphenated words that's not too bad, but I can tell it don't hyphenate it all. So when I do that well, that wasn't a hyphenation that's supposed to be a dash, but they actually used in just a hyphen so let's actually change that to and m dash there so at least it's not in the way so anyway, I have that so it's not a hyphenation it's an m dash, we'll worry about that, but I can turn on the hyphenation or not. Or I can have a little bit more control instead of just honor off, I can go up into the panel menu and choose hyphenation when I do that here's my on and off again, I could do on off let's preview that on off or I can use this slider in here so I haven't right set in the middle so I can either have better spacing, but I manned up with a lot more hyphens and we have to still that's not bad, sometimes you'll get a lot more or I could have fewer hyphens. But then my spacing doesn't look so good, I've got these rivers of white running down through here, so sometimes you don't need to find the kind of the nice, happy medium in there. I also have some other choices and a lot of choices, and I won't go into all of them, but I can tell it that I have to have at least five letters in a word before it will hyphenate that's kind of nice on hyphenate short ones, I can tell it how many hyphens are actually allowed in whatever space I can only have three hyphens in a paragraph or two, or whatever it is I want to do, and I can also tell it that you can't hyphenate unless there's a least two letters on each side of the hyphen, so I can do that as well. So, no, I have a lot of control over that, and I'm not going to sit and do that for every paragraph in my in my whole entire layout, what I'm going to do is I'm going to create all this text and these paragraphs stylings and I'm going to put them in what's called a paragraph style, we're going to do that tomorrow so that I take it and I put it all together and say, great, I like the style I'm going to set it is a style so it's just they're automatically I don't have to go to every paragraph and set the hyphenation I can't imagine how long that would take me to do a document that way so anyway that's what we're going to leave it we're going to end up with the the paragraph styling that's here we're going to think about stiles tomorrow and that will be pretty cool and yeah I think we're gonna throw it open to questions and we'll wrap today up so you guys have any questions on the text training we've gone over um on some of the fonts that I have for certain clients it is ah they were designed specifically for them and they show up his red what is that? Ah, the fonts of shoppers radio the fonts were designed for that mean oh yeah the fonts were designed for them it means you don't have the fonts loaded so the fonts are here if you have something we've chosen a font that you don't have um actually try to think of one that I I don't have that isn't here um there's a think I have it in here it's because it'll showed in the list but then on the left side it'll show eh red is yeah oh and I will tear I had it yet it's generally in brackets so it's it's red in your it's red actually highlighted in red here on your page no it's not on the page it's just next to the fund itself it's a red a and it doesn't read a is a that's a postscript front and you two parts to a post out front you need the printer font and the screen fund so you're probably missing half the font so it's not showing on screen properly so that the red a just means it's a it's a adobe type one font I'm gonna just so some something to find the second piece for a second piece forget it because those were kind of cold so maybe that's been around awhile fair enough that's what I would check cool all right let's throw it open to the internet then do we have questions yeah excellent let's start with this one this one was from this was based on some of stuff you're doing earlier it's from jerry b and he asks can the font selection be set to a limited quantity the fonz oh so that you don't have so many brazilian in your list my recommendation is you have fought management software and I don't actually have any loaded on this machine I use fun egypt pro I used to use suitcase I've dabbled in the new version of that as well but you definitely want a pro level fund management software and what that does is you on ly load the fonts that you're using and that actually kind of is very help for a lot of things, but for the most part, you're not putting them all in your system if you have a mac, especially dumping them in your system for system folder e o if you want management software, you can come in and say, I want to open up just this set for this client here's, abc client ready to go, you just launched those and then you'll starve all the system fonts, but you won't have every front that you've ever used because, you know, if you're putting men manually, you're probably not going and taking them back out when you're done that's what management software doesn't let you turn on just the ones you're using and then the system fonts and then of course, microsoft loads, fonts and adobe loads fonts is, well, they're starting there, but at least you don't have everything you've ever used floating that's the only way you can really do that farm management software question from luna star how do you change the first letter of a word to something more decorated or ligatures? Okay, that actually we would take that and I'm I could do I'm going to get a little bit tomorrow, but what I could do it, I could take this, take this drop cap, take this first letter and changed the character style does something else so I can come in here and let's make this, you know, zap fino or something like that accepting that we don't want that let's see if I have is that you know you've been on here, I thought I would have it, but I do. There we go so you can just change the character to a different font and then tomorrow we're going to actually build that into style sword drop caps are actually a different style. They could take the first letter and just change the font of it to something else. I hope that answers her her question, so I think that was great that, um you know, this one might be something that is gonna be a little bit to detail of an answer, but I'm going to ask it anyway, wait, see, din ain mesa I apologize if I butchered that is asking, can you go over creating a table of contents? No, we're okay. Yeah, we're going to do that actually would have been no it's a little bit more advanced and so if we have time tomorrow, we may touch on it, it's one of the things that I kind of leave to see if people ask about if we have time tomorrow we might squeeze it in, but we're not doing it eleven minutes we'll have a question from twitter regarding color on git is from twitter handle at I'm marco if the text is white invisible on your document no color will it show on color paper it will not show on color paper because it's just assuming the paper is not actually that color is not ever printing it just means there's nothing there and whatever's on the paper is going to show through see if you put it white and it's just there it's not going to show up in white ink or anything like that we're just gonna have it it's just going to show up just plain and find col this is a question we've gotten actually several times from march iran we got it from twitter on it's about adobe clouds of some people are saying you know I don't own inn in design is thie cloud option that adobe has now is that the right way to go so I just buy the application? What are your thoughts on that? If you're just buying the single application I probably wouldn't cause I think it's more than the price of the cloud right now for the whole entire suite so with the cloud you get the entire suite for I believe right now it's it's still might be the thirty dollars price fifty dollars is the normal price so that the most that's what it is but you get the entire master collection when that so absolutely everything that you could possibly want from adobe is pretty much in there. So the cloud, to me, is a good idea for that. You can rent just the individual applications, but I believe the individual applications now are sixty dollars or seventy dollars a month. So you'd be better off a whole suite, right? Exactly. Yeah, exactly, unless you just want to try it out for a month. But there is also a demo, a version of it. So if you just want to try it out, I would say, download the demo version of it.

Class Description

Go in-depth into Adobe InDesign CS6 with Erica Gamet! This class takes you from the basics, getting familiar with the Adobe workspace, color basics, and working with pages and layers, to advanced type, graphics and table manipulation and working with long documents! It goes all the way from creation through output, whether print or digital. This class is designed for those with a firm knowledge of page layout, such as those migrating from QuarkXPress, PageMaker, or Word, and those who want to get past the basics of InDesign. Though taught on version CS6, the core information also pertains to versions CS4 and up.

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