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Powershift: Global Book Tour Event

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Daymond John, Chase Jarvis

Powershift: Global Book Tour Event

Daymond John, Chase Jarvis

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6. Influence

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this idea of influence and showing up in how you present you talk about it on shark tank Ah, or how to show up on shark tank. But not everyone who's listening is going to get beyond shark tank. Ah, but what role does it play to, like present, um, present yourself the way you want to be seen, but also be authentic to who you are. Because a lot of people that I see trying to pitch the show up in a suit and tie and they're not really a suit and tie guy, or they show up in, you know, amazing cocktail party outfit. And when it comes to find out, she wants to be hard core CEO, managing a business from at home. And so help me understand how you can both be authentic because that's and you know, there's only one of you out there listening. So I I mean, you know, how do you show up a Someone who is authentic and present well to sort of cultivate the influence that you talk about in power shift? I think that's a good question. I agree with you. Too many people show up, you know, and they think t...

his how needs be presented right on. Uh, give example. If you show up to my office and you're telling me that you're colder and things that nature you show up in a three piece suit. I don't think that you're in dark rooms for 48 hours coating. You know, uh, so you know, if you show up in my office, you know, or my home, let's say that you know your you know, you do really good construction of you showing a three piece suit a problem, because I know that you're not doing the construction. I want to find the guy with the knee pads on the girl that need pads on with dusty stuff because I believe you're in a three piece suit, cause all you're doing is taking my money, taking a piece of it in hiring that person. And so how you build influence? Well, you're right, Chase. A lot of people are not gonna be in a shark tank. And somebody said to me one day, Damon, what about me to an elevator? Because the elevator pitch now and more important now than ever before, because, like Seth Goldman says, nobody's making any more attention these days, right? So whether your elevator pitch is online or whether it's passing by somebody with your mask on? Of course your masculine. But how do I influence your Daymond John? If I walked into an elevator and you were there, I didn't know that I was going to meet at all. So how can I create influence with you? First of all, talk to me and tell me a little bit about your business and how you think you can add value to me. This is kind of a great pitch. Hey, Damon, here's my technology. You know, we just kind of started up, but, you know, I want to get a good opinions by people like you. So if you give me some of your office, I'm going to give you the technology. And I'm gonna find ways that I can add value to your system. And I'm not gonna charge you anything at all. Just let me know why. Contact back. Let me tell you the name of my company and so sold someone and have somebody look out. It looked me up, and if not, no problem. But I'm sorry. What down roads You in the run down running to you down the road In the future I wish you all the best, but I hope that I can add value to you and to your staff and you leave. You know, when you build influence, Not Then you showed me one thing that you're not making your problem. My problem is I got my own damn problem. You're trying to solve my problems, But here's where you build influence because I'm gonna look you up, I'm going to tell my staff. Look, you're right after I leave here and I'm going to look up all the things you've been doing. One look at the company. But I'm going to look up. You know, all the people around you. I'm going to look up all the things you're saying. Are you somebody saying negative things? That are you? Somebody who's always a problem solver in Boston. Great things. I want to look up the people around you. I was in an elevator and a woman did grab my attention. I did look her up. And unfortunately, every time I looked her up, she kept taking these pictures with the sky. Would a Confederate flag T shirt on on all her selfies. It was her husband. I don't have but so much time in my life. Maybe he just likes the art of the Confederate flag, but I think it's probably something else different. And I believe that she thinks like that as well. And she never knows Line ever called her for that potential investment that I wanted to give her. That's where influence is built in your past, and I want you to have a direct correlation with who you are in your influence. Put yourself in to toe five words, if you can. Can you describe yourself? Because you can't describe yourself in to defy words? Then you're leaving up is upto us to interpret. How will take different Nike? Just do it for bias, like as what you crave. TNT. We know drama. You need to know what you stand for because they say a jury exonerates conviction in the 1st 30 seconds of seeing you, and when we see online or anyplace else we are judging, so you need to be in control it. So this is how you build influence. No years through your true structure, who you are. Put yourself into my words, right. Dress the part that you believe you are not what somebody else should think you are. You should go and dress how you are and carriers off the way you want to, because sooner or later we'll see through it if you don't carry yourself the way you really are.

Class Description


Join us as Shark Tank's Daymond John shares his newest book POWERSHIFT with the world. During this exclusive event, Daymond will break down many of the key concepts of the book and give behind the scenes commentary. Our very own Chase Jarvis will join him for discussion on important topics and the two will host an interactive Q&A session with people across the globe.

In these unprecedented times, we’ve worked with Daymond to create a worldwide virtual book tour stop at CreativeLive. Wherever you may be, you’re invited to attend alongside our global community for free.


  • Anyone feeling uncertain about their livelihood and position in this rapidly changing economy.
  • Professionals who want to break the mold of how to achieve success within their respective fields.
  • Creatives who need a reminder that we can always recapture a sense of power and command through building influence, honing negotiation skills, and nurturing relationships.


  • Learn the steps of Daymond’s tried and true process to transform any situation, close any deal, and achieve any outcome.
  • Make an impression and influence your field.
  • Master negotiation and understand what makes a great deal.
  • Sustain the relationships that make your career thrive.


Through never-before-told stories from his life and career, Daymond shares the lessons that got him to where he is today: from how he remade his public image as he transitioned from clothing mogul to television personality, to how he mastered the negotiation strategies that determine whether deals are won or lost “in the tank,” to his secrets for building long-lasting—and profitable—relationships with founders and brands.

Throughout the book, some of the world’s most successful personalities reveal how they shifted their power in meaningful ways:

Kris Jenner on determining your value: “You don’t have to go ask somebody else for permission. You have the power to be able to stick to your guns and demand your worth.”

Mark Cuban on finding and understanding your why: “Time is the one asset we don’t own, we can’t buy, and we can never get back.”

Pitbull on tapping into your inner power: “A lot of people feel that to be powerful is to exude strength. I think it’s the total opposite. To be powerful is to be powerless. It’s when you give everybody what you got.”


An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Daymond John has come a long way from taking out a $100,000 mortgage on his mother’s house and moving his operation into the basement. John is CEO and Founder of FUBU, a much-celebrated global lifestyle brand, and a pioneer in the fashion industry with over $6 billion in product sales. He’s celebrating his 11th season on ABC’s hit business show Shark Tank by acclaimed producer Mark Burnett. It has now gone on to win four Emmys and millions of weekly viewers tune into the show as John demonstrates his marketing prowess and entrepreneurial insights.


Rosalyn Clark

Loved the class. Thank you Daymond for the encouragement and insights to remain "Authentic".

Micole Spicer

Great information from Daymond John! I am going to purchase the book Powershift today!