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Powershift: Global Book Tour Event

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Daymond John, Chase Jarvis

Powershift: Global Book Tour Event

Daymond John, Chase Jarvis

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9. Q&A

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Lorenzo Wilson coming in from linked in. How do you overcome the anxiety? Not the anxiety that we're all experienced right now with the pandemic. But the anxiety around launching something new because fear stop so many people? Lorenzo wants to know. How do you coach people to manage to the anxiety of putting something new out in the world? Forcible. How you wouldn't put it New of the world out in the world have done all your homework on it, And putting something out new in the world doesn't often mean that you have to put a physical product. Or so it could be putting out the idea. It could be putting out a video. You know, people love to do opinions, and that's the best thing you could do. Open yourself up, be vulnerable. People love people who are vulnerable because they often even if you fail on, you fall flat on your face. Because I got to tell you I call school down three times from 89 to 19 to close the three times, but because I kept starting it back up and I only lost $500 $1000...

I opened it back up because I called three times. That's what I have found. My three other partners who said You're not stopping? I love it, you know, and I want to get behind you, so be vulnerable. Please trust me. You won't get a lot of people behind you if you really look at some of the greatest selling products in the world, it wasn't always the superstar that sold the best product. People like to relate to people they think are little quirky, a little vulnerable. George Forman the fat, the fat A boxer is selling grilled because people related to him. Suzanne Somers, after she damn near lost everything she's selling the time mats or flagrant played. I wanted top reality shows in the world, and I'm using these things to hopefully make you laugh. I'm giving in reality people you don't always happy, shiny and glossy and perfect. True often. No. They act, they learn, and then they repeat, and they always get army behind it. Don't try to get a big army, just like you said. Go deep on your relationships. Let those four or five or six people support you throughout the process of what you're doing? When I was selling Boom, I would literally just sell to maybe 10 different people. May would say, I'm the food guy in New Jersey And then I was a little girl in Manhattan. And what happened after that? Then I sold a 5 10 sores. After that, I got my deal. That was worth millions of me billions of dollars because we said All right, now you figure it all out with those people. Now we replicate that around the world and so leader for weights and could scale Amazing. Amazing. Thank you for that. I'm sure Lorenzo will find a lot of value there, as do the other thousands. People watching. Gonna go Anthony Stevens Now from lengthen. What's the most important thing when you want to power shift from being employed to transition into your gift or area of passion? Most important thing, Slow pleaded with. If you have your porch enough to be one of the people right now or a boy set a goal, said the time. Come on, understand that you wouldn't want to out of this 10 hours of this. 30 hours of this and a week, a month. Whatever the cases I worked a red lobster for five years while I created who I missed my wife. My Why? Waas, I need to keep the lights on. I don't want to sit here and be warm and fuzzy to you and tell you twit your day job and burned all bridges. Don't do that. I need to keep the lights on. So I would make $30,000 a year. And Red lobster, but And I took my house and leading this was it. This was the 1991. I took my house and wait before Airbnb was out. I rented out the read rooms in my house for the $ apiece or $50 piece of weak, and I slept in the basement on next to sewing machines in a sleeping bag. But my why waas that I needed to fund this company and I didn't have enough money. So making $30,000 a year at Red Lobster in five years, that equates $150,000. I had medical. I was eating all the food and red lobster, so I didn't have to pay for any food, and the staff were unlocked. All the waiters and waitresses were coming to me with the flea markets on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays, and they were working for free. And my rent at home was being paid because I was renting it out to told her strength. So what? I was getting robbed in my bathroom by a total stranger. It doesn't matter. I have my why what I want to do. If I would have started with that time that you know what I would have to do, I would have to do $2 million in sales over the course of our five years, and I would have never done that. And I wouldn't be here with you today. Brilliant. Brilliant question from Rain Hewlett from Facebook. Um, I've got a brick and mortar store and was planning to expand in the fall. Would you recommend expanding in this current condition that were in here in the global pandemic? Or should I expand online? Chase? Come on. You have external line regardless. Bingo. You need smaller than ever. Don't do any outlays. You need to expand online. Remember you right now are having people cast by your store. You're at the mercy of the people that are passing by your store right now. But online you're selling to the entire world. You need to understand how to sell online. Because business is very simple. You either increase sales or reduce costs. Right now, you need to reduce costs. Do not invest in anything else long, especially retail shop. Because even if you want to get in a year, year and 1/2 and this thing is not gonna be over as quick as you think, or the way that people are buying Now remember, people are still buying. They're just buying in a different way. And if you're sores having challenges right now, people so eating three times a day, people still need to work. All of you need to get medicine. They they're buying. Still on line is where you have to go. I like to say when you're online, you're one step away from the money. When you did the business like I used to go, I will stay up. What steps away with money? I made the clothes. Maybe a buyer would buy the clothes. Maybe they you know, Then maybe maybe they would put it out on and on the shelf. and maybe a customer, Boyd. And if a customer did by who was the customer why they buy, why did they not buy it? I will score five steps away from the money. Now, if you sell it online. You know why your customer, what once their age, wants to call it like when asked what they want to see in the future. And there's on Lee, you know, three ways to deal with the customer. You acquire a new one up, sell a current one or you make one by more frequently. When you were selling directly to them online, you can up sell them when you can make them buy more frequently. So when you have a sore, you find acquire all day long, right? So you have to go online and make sure you get really small on all your expenditures right now. We don't know how I knew that one was gonna fight you up, man. Mohammed Mohammed designs asked from YouTube. How much has the personal brand that you built on TV helped you in business and therefore, do you think building a personal brand on YouTube or any other platform can have a similar effect for us. Really? Really great. Question my appearance in my, um you know, gift. The going on shark tank has changed my brand massively. A lot of people. Why? Waas? But they really just thought about me as a peril. You know, Like I said, he talked with you in a box. They didn't realize that you look, fundamentals of business is giving me a lot of opportunity. But also, it also has simultaneously changed me because it personally one on the shark tank. I thought I was just gonna get good deals because all I was getting pictures, clothing lines and this was laughed the last recession. And I wanted to get more and thinking because if I was dealing with Macy's instead of just saw him close, I had had 10 close minded either that day. And I want to be able to say the Macy's Can I take a more real estate by selling you electron ICS Bennett betting or embarrasses they to do with one buyer and because they already while working with me, they knew I was a great manufacturer and they know they can trust that I will deliver and I'll take back good. So that's why I want to do it. When I started to realize that, uh, that it was very empowering to people toe families, it was doing showing people that people walked up on that carpet and they had everything at risk, everything. And they were hard everyday working people like the people watching us right now. And they took one action and now they have their own companies. When I saw that they were learning, I realized that I had a bigger responsibility and it started to define my wife. Remember? Have been on the show over a decade, and we change. They say we change every seven years. Well, it didn't take me long to change after two years, and I realized I was like, You know, um, I really want to help people I created for us by the school or a culture of people who felt they were being neglected, not a color about culture, right? I couldn't need the Daymond John A. Me, and there's a lot of brand. I don't know who the soul, but there's a lot of brands of clothing line that name themselves person. Then I just I started writing books called Display of Power, which I want to tell you that you have the same power that everybody has. And then I started to do an angel of Bessie, and I started realized I am somebody who cares about people. I do want to change the world a little bit and if I happen to be a great example, the result a great example. The show is unfortunately, I'm one of the only African Americans or people of color that you'll ever see on a national television show that had nothing to do with music or sports. And there are many, many more out there that are not publicly acknowledged. Case. I know many of them there behind the scenes, but I like to say that you can see that a young brown, dyslexic boy from Queens can make it than anybody can write and went in. And I started realized that when people understand the power off viewership and tapping into their, you know their creativity and power shipping when they stand on that carpet, no matter color, gender, sexual preference, they have size, weight, religion. That car doesn't care. You can become who you want. After that and so I sort of understand the value of the power. That and it did change my public persona as well has changed me mentally. And a chain might try That changed my wife. Incredible. Just a couple questions. Now I know we're running a little bit longer time, but against so many people want to hear from me. This is an amazing opportunity. Thank you all for tuning in here to creative live with Mr Damon. John talking about his new book, Power shift. Ah, hike Opinion wants to know. What do you do when someone says you can't? What do I do when somebody says I can't? All right, listen, you can't get offended at somebody because you don't remember. You don't know what happened. That personal, of course, is locked in the closet. And you told them that this was the way. Like Waas and or they could not like you where they just may not have division. First of all. Right. On second of all, just remember this. If everybody could do what you could do, there would be no place for you, right? It would be no place to you all. I remember what my mother told me. Driving out street, she said, You see these cars He's building like this fall everything on one right now. It started with one person with one idea that one action Simple. Is that one person one idea that took one action? What? I can't it be you? There's no reason it can't not be you. And if you look at Forbes top 1000 companies, 65% of them are self made. Men and women that's created the businesses. That means they had nothing. That means everybody told them. No, you can't do it. I saw more. I saw Zuckerberg be interviewed by President Obama one day. Zuckerberg doing okay, right? He said he still here? No, he says he still here. You can't do it. Remember, he started with all these kids in the Ivy League platform, and they said, Well, when you let the regular kids on that platform, they're gonna go away. Then they didn't go away. Then all the kids in college when you let the high school kids on the platform, they're going to go away. They didn't go away. Then when all those kids said you're gonna let my grandmother Nana is gonna be on the same damn platform. I want no way in the world. Everybody stayed then they said, Well, we're moving them. We're moving up. With who? With the smart bones. You have to have. Ah, a laptop or a desktop. Nobody's gonna look at stupid as they slipped on their smartphone. Guess what happens. No, you can't get into this country. You're always going to here. No. And you've got to be strong enough. No, you're y know that you have influence. And no, you don't have to go shape. No, they're gonna buy relationships to go through this. And that's why we're here. That's what we're talking about this right now.

Class Description


Join us as Shark Tank's Daymond John shares his newest book POWERSHIFT with the world. During this exclusive event, Daymond will break down many of the key concepts of the book and give behind the scenes commentary. Our very own Chase Jarvis will join him for discussion on important topics and the two will host an interactive Q&A session with people across the globe.

In these unprecedented times, we’ve worked with Daymond to create a worldwide virtual book tour stop at CreativeLive. Wherever you may be, you’re invited to attend alongside our global community for free.


  • Anyone feeling uncertain about their livelihood and position in this rapidly changing economy.
  • Professionals who want to break the mold of how to achieve success within their respective fields.
  • Creatives who need a reminder that we can always recapture a sense of power and command through building influence, honing negotiation skills, and nurturing relationships.


  • Learn the steps of Daymond’s tried and true process to transform any situation, close any deal, and achieve any outcome.
  • Make an impression and influence your field.
  • Master negotiation and understand what makes a great deal.
  • Sustain the relationships that make your career thrive.


Through never-before-told stories from his life and career, Daymond shares the lessons that got him to where he is today: from how he remade his public image as he transitioned from clothing mogul to television personality, to how he mastered the negotiation strategies that determine whether deals are won or lost “in the tank,” to his secrets for building long-lasting—and profitable—relationships with founders and brands.

Throughout the book, some of the world’s most successful personalities reveal how they shifted their power in meaningful ways:

Kris Jenner on determining your value: “You don’t have to go ask somebody else for permission. You have the power to be able to stick to your guns and demand your worth.”

Mark Cuban on finding and understanding your why: “Time is the one asset we don’t own, we can’t buy, and we can never get back.”

Pitbull on tapping into your inner power: “A lot of people feel that to be powerful is to exude strength. I think it’s the total opposite. To be powerful is to be powerless. It’s when you give everybody what you got.”


An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Daymond John has come a long way from taking out a $100,000 mortgage on his mother’s house and moving his operation into the basement. John is CEO and Founder of FUBU, a much-celebrated global lifestyle brand, and a pioneer in the fashion industry with over $6 billion in product sales. He’s celebrating his 11th season on ABC’s hit business show Shark Tank by acclaimed producer Mark Burnett. It has now gone on to win four Emmys and millions of weekly viewers tune into the show as John demonstrates his marketing prowess and entrepreneurial insights.

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Rosalyn Clark

Loved the class. Thank you Daymond for the encouragement and insights to remain "Authentic".

Micole Spicer

Great information from Daymond John! I am going to purchase the book Powershift today!