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Produce a Fashion Show

Lesson 12 of 12

Post-Show: Dealing with Downtime

Jay Calderin

Produce a Fashion Show

Jay Calderin

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12. Post-Show: Dealing with Downtime

Lesson Info

Post-Show: Dealing with Downtime

And finally, dealing with downtime. We have, this is like giving birth, right? I can't speak to it, you know, but it feels like that, and it feels like it would be that arduous, and it takes almost that long, actually, it's actually a good nine month period that you should be planning that far ahead when you're doing these kind of things from start to finish. So, there's the high you have to deal with. You wanna ask yourself (clears throat) how do you deal with that high? You know, I mean because there's a rush where you feel really successful, and it went really well, and you're excited, and you're pumped up, but sooner rather than later, there's that crash, and not to put a downer on it, but it's just very, very true, and sometimes the crash is very, very subtle, you just feel like what do I do now? So, I want you just to, like, be aware of that, and then, basically say to yourself (clears throat) what do you do with that? You know, is it, do you need like serious downtime, a vacatio...

n? 'Cause sometimes I have done that where I've scheduled time off just for myself, and then, other times, it's all about the next one, and in the industry, if you're working on large scale, it is automatically the next one, even if you're exhausted, but, but know that there's this little, you know, there's a little feeling of I'm not sure what to do without all these people around me, and without a hundred things to do, and a dress, you know, in a couple of hours. So, yes? So, do you... What I, my what I do is very project-oriented, obviously so, after I'm completely finished, I'm pretty much dead. (instructor laughs) But when, in the process of it, I'm, I shouldn't say this, but I'm almost in at manic, you know, Oh yeah. Point. It gets that way. Yeah and you know, I actually have to stop myself, but then, because it is project oriented, it's not really a business, per say, that you do day to day to day. I actually haven't figured out what to do. It just kind of abates after a while. Oh it does, yeah, and sometimes-- What do you do? And sometimes, you just need to let it wash over you, and let yourself be like, okay, I am lost, you know? And that downtime, that's why, dealing with downtime, you sometimes need to let it happen, but I think the thing about it is sometimes if you don't know it's coming, you can be really surprised and either take, you know, get angry, sad or whatever it is, so, I think the key is to know that, you know, you've invested this time and energy and it's been intense, you know, to get something like this done 'cause it's a big production, and say to yourself what am I gonna do afterwards? You know, am I that type of person that needs that downtime? Or am I gonna say, I wanna jump into the next project? And (clears throat) that is, that's just all a very personal thing, but I think just the knowledge that, it's the, that next step, whether it's transition or wrapping up, is the key. So, alright. So, that actually kinda brings us to a close with fashion show production, and there's just a couple things I wanted to say to kinda wrap up. One of them is, as intimidating as it might sound, and as huge as it might sound, you should approach this without any fear, okay? Fearless, be fearless. Have fun with it, and again, like everything we've talked about, it's okay to do it, it's okay to try it, and, and even if you are, it doesn't turn out the way you want, it's gonna provide you with information for, for instance, the teams you need to build, and the people you need to bring in, but really enjoy it. I can't say enough how much I love my industry. I've been doing it since I was 14-years-old, and it's, I think sometimes, oh, I don't wanna do it anymore, but it's very fleeting, and it always draws me back 'cause it's something I love, and if you guys are invested in what you love, it's a beautiful thing. So, allow yourself to be fearless. And the other thing is, for a lot of times we don't feel like we allow, we have permission to do things, so, I am all saying to you and everybody at home, you all have permission to do all these steps and explore these steps, so that you can test the waters, and see where you fit in the scheme of things.

Class Description

Fashion shows are a great way to generate interest in your work and get in front of a buying audience. Get the why, when and how of putting one together in Produce a Fashion Show with Jay Calderin.

Jay is a veteran of the fashion industry and in this class, he’ll offer invaluable insights on producing a successful show. 

You’ll learn how to:
  • Develop a concept and build a team
  • Create a timeline and checklist
  • Manage all aspects of the show
  • Take advantage of the post-show buzz
You’ll get tips on everything from promotions to operations. Jay will also help you get press interested in your event and guide you through the crucial post-show follow-up process.

A well-produced fashion show can be a powerful tool for boosting your business, but they aren’t easy to pull off. Get the inside scoop on making yours great with Produce a Fashion Show with Jay Calderin.

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