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Produce a Fashion Show

Lesson 11 of 12

Post-Show: PR for Fashion Shows

Jay Calderin

Produce a Fashion Show

Jay Calderin

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Lesson Info

11. Post-Show: PR for Fashion Shows

Lesson Info

Post-Show: PR for Fashion Shows

So PR for fashion shows. The outreach is very important. You wanna think about who you're reaching out to. And remember that the press you're reaching out to maybe not be fashion press. In Boston, we have a small, a small group of fashion press people, and we wanna think about how do we expand that. From a fashion perspective, it could be really about getting to know and researching bloggers in your community that you think would be influential and impactful, but also you wanna think about, again going back to the story is, do you have a business story that comes out of your collection, something that you're doing or that you've collaborated on or for your show? Do you have a human interest story? If you're doing a charity and there's someone who is benefiting from the work of that charity and you have them in the show or in the audience, those are stories that you can pitch to not just a fashion writer, but a human interest writer. So think about the different types of writers there a...

re at a publication, what they focus on. It could be that maybe the story, if you've introduced accessories or hats, right you know you're doing the show is all about this, but then the focus might be on your hats because they stole the show. So, that kinda thing is what you wanna keep aware of. And then also keep in mind a lot of people think they have to send everything to the press. A lot of the press materials that are sent to the press end up in the round file cabinet. So you want to remember that you wanna make it just really easy for them and available for those who do want it. So this is an online press room is a great thing to add to your website. And even if you don't have a fancy website, just having a Dropbox even, it could be that simple, where you give a link to someone who wants to write and you've got some images, you've got your headshot, you've got pictures from your recent collection, maybe studio shots that are really clean, maybe editorial shots that are on location, maybe runway shots. And then not a whole lot of them, but just the ones that you feel best represent you, but definitely a little bit of a choice, and then a press release for the show, a bio for you, a mission statement for your company. All the basic things you might put in a press kit, you want to have them digital and you wanna make sure that you have, that the images are high resolution and that your documents are in a format that most people can read. So PDF probably be the easiest. Okay. All right, so, just to quickly go around the room. Other than fashion press, what might be a type of writer or press person that you'd reach out to based on what you do? Does anybody have one? A story that they're telling or. Well so, I think there are organizations that maybe not exactly like clubs or something like that, there are organizations that have their own press within that organization. And they would have some interest in what you do. I was thinking about there must be some Comic-Con or lots of publications. Newsletters and specialty websites, those are all great resources for that. It's not like big press, but they get the ball rolling and you have to remember, good reporters are gonna be scouring those resources. So how are you promoting your show to the public? And what do you think should go into an online press kit? I kinda gave you some of the basics, but there might be things that you want to add. You might have things about the charity you're working with that you think are important because that's a part of your business model. That's just a natural extension of it and that should go on there too.

Class Description

Fashion shows are a great way to generate interest in your work and get in front of a buying audience. Get the why, when and how of putting one together in Produce a Fashion Show with Jay Calderin.

Jay is a veteran of the fashion industry and in this class, he’ll offer invaluable insights on producing a successful show. 

You’ll learn how to:
  • Develop a concept and build a team
  • Create a timeline and checklist
  • Manage all aspects of the show
  • Take advantage of the post-show buzz
You’ll get tips on everything from promotions to operations. Jay will also help you get press interested in your event and guide you through the crucial post-show follow-up process.

A well-produced fashion show can be a powerful tool for boosting your business, but they aren’t easy to pull off. Get the inside scoop on making yours great with Produce a Fashion Show with Jay Calderin.

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