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Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro

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Segment 12 - Sub Harmonic Bass Production

Ed Solo

Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro

Ed Solo

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Lesson Info

12. Segment 12 - Sub Harmonic Bass Production

Lesson Info

Segment 12 - Sub Harmonic Bass Production

And I should mention as well especially in a lot of dance music is is choosing the key off the chain that you're making uh yeah the way the wife sub bases should never really make a tune in the key of c or anywhere around it because from a from a sub based point of view kiev sees either is too high or too low so if I just get a simple I don't know what you guys listen to this on at home if you just listen for your laptop's speakers and you might not be hearing some of this but said that no down there for instance us only a few places they're going to replicate that sound even nightclubs normally eat it's kind of lowest note you really want to go to in a sub base if you're writing a song yeah like I say don't never way around bc or d because your base is going to be quiet high up or it's gonna be too low so it's always good to do around f g and I really and you've got no choice you know another people ask me as well about about e q in sub base now if you're talking about just a pure app...

ears sine wave kun isn't to do anything because it's just a pure sign wave so normally we cue something to bring out the harmonics you know sound now appear sub sine wave hasn't got so it hasn't got home weeks so cute you were going to be doing is changing the volume of a certain a specific frequency so ah so say for instance I think is sixty six hertz get up to sixty six here q sixty six hertz then effectively what I'm doing is turning up the volume off that note have some people because of depends on their money even situation not even one is but their room certain bass notes he gonna sound louder than others so they might think that they have to be cured I might hear that you know a friends and some upfront weighs a bit quiet so I'm gonna take you turning up a bit or a month in two thousand it might turn it down a bit that's not the way to do that's just your monitor and so if you want a flat sub base you don't need to queue it all I mean if there was a few little clicks in there you might wantto you want to take all the tops out like that and then get rid of any clicks in general you don't need t q sub base obviously if you've got something with a bit more harmonic content on it then if it's not pure cylon waved and yeah you kun is gonna have a slight effect obviously the more harmonic series in the sound the more effects that the coon is going is going tohave if I make this squarely for example still quite something and now for your cue the middle of it you know you kind of have a bit of a you can hear a little bit in general if you just got a pure cylon wave sub base you don't like it because some people like I said use these layers so they might have already sounds down here might not have any basin or they might take or the base out so they could for instance go to the bus here um colorful the base I don't have this whole with plain a sub as well I mean you bite into that and I think why people do that is then the sub level is consistent regardless of what's going on here but I like to have all my all my bases here with sub already in them but because of that I have to be careful and make sure that the levels of the sub is the same so a good way to do that is to be to put a channel e q e you see I'm quite lucky by experience that they're all pretty pretty level but for instance, this one here could have been like it couldn't wait allowed like that in that situation I've got a choice of either turning it down a bit or if I'm going to keep the mid sound of it if the if the mid sound of it sounded it sounded okay but there was too much subbing it then I could put any cue on here and just take out a little bit they say here this's this level given that I haven't changed the volume off that particular base sounds that's one thing you gotta be careful about when you are when you do it my way and used to sub from the sounds of using if you notice this one was a bit choir if I bypassed this a sec and yet here in context again such sound actually sounds a bit louder even though the sub is quite so I might turn the sound down now you can tell that level drops quite look when this base comes in so I want this up to be just as loud as the others. So again I don't want to turn it up because the midst of the sound of audio for, you know like so going on this tomorrow and there were going over a system sub level I see now that new research just made that was a bit quiet this foot off on the base things on again this is too loud because I tempered with their earlier just to show you close wait as you saw earlier when I put the field said that base general because see it drops quite big in body and remember this is show me the voting with just this up because I have the because I have this this on here obviously take yourself inside of it there was gonna be they're showing the levels of all the midst the base and everything so that's what I do is a good trick yeah it's a really good check and you can see jobs loads on this sub three self made so going just boost the base of it here here we go yeah and then depend you can change how high you want the hay depends out no off the base that's being news but jimmy heavy rains between eighty and one hundred hertz backup was about five six take it off on the way the way you did it this way as well is now the actual sub base has a bit instead of it just bean one cyan wave to copy the whole knows it's just it's just there. Obviously we all this subs from these bases they're gonna have a bit of modulation and movement going on so that the sub is kind of a bit warmer and more human than it being just that these air layers and I've got some based in sub separately james wants to know what james on some arrangement tips we said it hasn't given any yet are you going to do some arrangement stuff tomorrow when you actually do more of this yeah zycie tomorrow be I'll be building a people are gonna be re creating tracks that already made from scratch okay, so as if I'm making him for the first time that people could see that and I'm going to be doing a drum bass track and also a house track I've made a kind of nightly baseline house tracking possibly a trap style track with the jump with the drone base truck I haven't decided what what would I want to do us it might be nice to get advice from people in the in the chat books I've got to mind I've got one which is more more of a reggae style one okay and no one wishes maybe I could play in quickly and in people could totally yeah, you will decide the ideas of what one uh what I'm going todo let me just open means you catch me make sure safeties yes yeah that's saved openly sin so we've got looking glass we mix so this is the first one this is a remix of just done almost finished and it's on a reggae type style so let me just play a quick bit of it for you guys in the way wait wait okay says looking glass and it's the kind of style arm or traditionally known for you know their big stole john bass the other one um way here this one is another drawing based track it's less less reggae influenced but there's ah, it is a bit more going on with it so it be you know, it would be a different kind of thing to teach again. This is a remix, but it doesn't really have that reggae kind of feel to it. I'll give a quick play on this. Yes, this is we're not here. There are some things looking glass so we could get some people from the guys is to the second one is the winner so far. Really? Okay, interesting. I mean, even if I don't do the first one, I probably look, hope it quickly for some people. Yeah, sure. So let's see from joe hi, ed. Longtime fan what hardware's our software since to use to make that distinct jungle cakes base always sounds so fresh. Oh, I think that's the thing I mean, you know, it's not the particular one bit of equipment because I am doing it has a certain sound like me. Why? I mean, even if I try and make something sound a bit different just all the tiny little decisions I make it's the same with my drums as well, you know what people say, I control there, your drums, there were some people that some people don't but it's really hard not to sound like maybe even if I use different sounds just subconsciously just tiny little things of the q and some of the things I pick is going to sound like me you know? So I wouldn't like a lot of stuff recently has been on the past few years has been on the mini boom which has been me making sounds on the mini boom and using in my look masters pack which I was just using the last two and using them based sounds a lot of them also in soft seems like sometimes massive sometimes years too a combination of different seems just recently a few on the mix of faith is more the fact that I made them you know is the fact that I have a kind of certain style with a conscious of it or not and so that's why it sounds like that jungle cakes base you know that one particularly equipments the fact that I made it awesome because they have a questions yeah how do you make a base wobble without introducing the high frequencies? Can you only do that with a sign wave? No, I mean normally to do that you have it you have a square wave but if you don't want too many higher frequencies in there that you just you know well now you just don't you have the for instance on here, for instance so there we have ah wei have how much? First clothe second you don't have the amount as much so today a woman hasn't got those higher frequencies where firstly, because I'm no amount of sending is this extreme second, because the coffees actually, maybe as we go into the if I did have a sign wave I have signed the nfl to the volume rather than the filter. So it kind of sounds a bit wonkish but it's more just go once more the volume going up and down rather than the filter. Ok, so in that situation, you kind of choose a sign wave yet, okay? It is what I've done in the, uh, in the truck I was making a second ago. Okay? Yeah. And it was a question about your reggae style cords. Ok? Is that something that you could show on that on the symptom? Not these because these are mourning for nick, but yeah, in general year, I'm probably going to cover a lot of that tomorrow, so maybe we just save that for tomorrow. Yeah, but let's do the inversions. Okay? Yeah. How you actually build your courts? Yeah, I mean of reggae called a simple and sunny to cold, but this is too dude inversions which hole, which which I'll put the cover tomorrow, okay?

Class Description

Learn the basics of producing electronic music from DJ and producer, Ed Solo. Ed has worked with DJ Fresh, Krafty Kuts and FreakNasty, and in this class he’ll show you how to drop the beat using Logic Pro.

Ed will take you through the essential elements of electronic music and show you how to use Logic's EXS24 sampler and a few other virtual instruments. You’ll learn how to work with Logic Pro’s stock sounds and explore the range of options you already have in your DAW. Ed will teach you proper routing and mixing with eq, compression, and effects. Then he’ll show you how to bring the elements together and produce a complete mix. Ed will also discuss what differentiates the electronic music genres, drum 'n' bass, trap, dubstep, and house — and how to create the sound that make them unique. Ed will also show how many of these techniques can be applied to any DAW, not just Logic Pro.

If you want get your start in electronic music production or just pick up some tricks from an experienced Pro, don’t miss Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro.

Software used: Logic Pro 9

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Fantastic course. Hands on details from an experienced producer, showing us tons of useful, time saving tips to get real results. I can't get enough of this style of teaching. Thanks Creative Live and Ed Solo!

DJ RootBwoy

This is a great course which covers basics as well as more advanced techniques, and the insight into Ed's workflow is very useful.


Picked up a lot of good information from this class. Ed is very knowledgeable, and takes us through the technique and the thought process of sound production, composition, mixing, and mastering. Towards the end of the course, at times it felt a little disjointed, as the segments switched between different tracks; but the information provided was good, once I got oriented. Would definitely recommend this course.