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Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro

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Segment 16 - Remixing a Drum and Bass Song - Pianos and Synths

Ed Solo

Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro

Ed Solo

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Lesson Info

16. Segment 16 - Remixing a Drum and Bass Song - Pianos and Synths

Lesson Info

Segment 16 - Remixing a Drum and Bass Song - Pianos and Synths

And if you notice there's a gap in the baseline which I'm going to sort of another little bass sound so here are going to use the massive instruments and massive on one other thing I should also do is to save command s so in massive I've already made a sound here for this I'm just going to enjoy this one instead of play because just one note so there's no point in me it really playing it I think it is a g I wanted starts they would go and I want I want another one but this time I want a slightly different lfo speed so I was just talking yesterday so I was asking me how how would I do that I don't really want to start automating the fo speak so I'm just gonna make another copy off this massive and already I made the same sound different lfo speed so if I think between them you can hear a different track I'm going to copy this part here over here on the other track and then this one is well I think I'll take it down or not two there's two ways I can do that can go inside here she drugged...

the note down about two or another way aiken dio is up here this gives me cem para meters for the party selected and I can just transpose here can click this and go minus twelve which is you know wait no you guys at home listening on your laptop's speakers because that's quite a low sound so get some headphones and speakers and you and you will hear that and you know again I mean I could actually had some because this is club music they said that there are frequencies that you won't wouldn't necessarily here at home at the same time I could actually put some distortion on this so people were listening on their phone or wherever they can still hear the mids from the base is well, you know the I said keep it like this for now we're gonna cover all my bases brown because that's why do you label them all a ok and again I want to send all these send all these tio my base bus it is bus free for me that's one instead of going to stereo I want to go to the bus free walks, free bases and again I can casey let me let me put some side changing on that uh again from yesterday the way I do that I have a sighting bus sit up she's bust twenty I'm gonna send my kick drawn to bust twenty turn up and just a little bit of the snow is we're also what the base is like a bit on this near but not as much as the kick so to do that I'll just send a little bit of this near to the bus says you see on the kid comes in quite a lot on a snare just a little bit and then what I do on my base bus, I have a compressor and up here the side chain of bus twenty because as well, sending my kick in my senate. So the compressors going duck in time with the kicking, this name got quite subtle, but it just makes everything a bit more glued together. Okay, so after that sixteen bars there and again on the market at the top so I can see what a sixteen mile block is after that I want I want being some vocals, I think embargoed copy this across the stars just before. Right now in this part of the the vocal I don't want the whole vocal to play I just choosing bits and pieces. So what? I'm going to teo she's my scissors up here e don't want the next part two to me that part next? Just teo. Teo teo, before I did it quickly, I'm going tio teo, I don't want the whole same baseline in that section, but I want the second half the same dna copies. Because if I put this base across the top of the vocals quite busy base as a lot of media frequencies in it kind of gets in the way of the vocals so instead for that part of the base I'm going to have a different sound kind of differ we're going to use for the yes one thinking I have a simple quite simple sub kind of sounds and let me go because my screens a bit crowded I think I'm going to use my screen except for just the whole camera was the whole screen because on this section here also want put some pitch opinion as well well my little keyboard here and when you got pitch bend on it so hee hee hee the second is to bend down so down here I've chose pitch bend so in the middle there's no bend from this section here went to bend down I just want to put that back up again in your section again here ah theo melt it bends down in pitch by you control here uh bomb here bend range at the moment is just bending down by two semi tones so if I want to do that more content it up and say five seven times first seventy two copy is over here again so now because it's quite a sub e sound about much midson it doesn't clash with a vocal so much so we played in relation from back here I'm going to get back to the vocal plus before that before that section comes in I want to cut back some of these drums because these are all your parts in it cut these rather important back so I'm gonna get this is is up it also feels someone made area put him down here someone that should be put in here so okay plus new audio track stereo ben find them I want a fuel a b and c that's one number one it would be the first one here could be that course you guys make quite a moment so I'm going ask me q tip we'll put overdrive on it good friend the overdrive it was shortly a bit and when that's near there something's going to chop it from there I knew that part again after that section I want normally have to feel you have a crash cymbal over here so again I'll cut this part of oakland and also now I want tio when I put some delay on the last the last part of his vocal there's a few ways I could do that couldn't I just want to make it thanks partly that these this way so down here bus doug delay I think that the automation click here this is what's kind of being all made to them is volume I want to go teo send one a dub today hee hee hee hee bring it down again afterwards on a short in the day as well possibly there may be shopping way so again if I wanted to I could just touch you because listen it did not by putting that on touch it just do that quick in this one just to show you another way here we go put that back on read afterwards again on the day here I think that's the same so much just delete this election season again on this one under a short but the higher up this is more it's going to send it to be like that too much down here would be too little so you get that just how you want it just tio and again here, tonto short in some of these drums could you show us the delay settings too that you just yeah, sure somebody asked ok, so most delays. Yeah, the thing that gives it that dubbed feel is the fact that I moved this groove thing here to the right. Now if it's is normally on fifty percent and I'll show you the difference is so this is it. Normally they did it again here I couldn't w quick in this here again half again but but with the slider here he pulled us to the right is called dotted apes kind of but when I looked at that scene in a different way that's what they're using dove basically instead of being straight on the apes in the cores it's called a dotted eight israel syncopated sound exactly yes syncopated but yes just previous griffin of course here to the right twenty five percent on everything but the feedback of course I got my feet back on the fifty percent you khun sometimes the ultimate that as well oh I get my delay chenault up is a separate track because in certain parts I'm not wanted I'm not going to make that generally around fifty percent other cities you have as well here with the low cut in the high power so each time it repeats it cuts out some of the bottom so low cut up quite high you can hear just the tops going through or vice versa you can get your way around ten tops down you know just adjust its taste really but I always like to have and a little bit of the bottom cut off a little bit the tops cut off just getting that more authentic tape delay sounds is very very good deal I actually did logic tape delays very very good away does okay so again at the end of that section I'm gonna have another drunk field with this time of much use a different one I'm hoping that my body had been here this was still a my fieldstone on was filled day saying try that one state to be longer excuse me I don't want the first scenario. Casey copy another drums over here copy the tomcat over copy the symbol also, I might cut out the very last of the guitar in canada as well. I think you're right. We also have got the guitar piano bus track here so I can put some delay on the last one here what I tend to do on the on the delay off the guitar the piano is toward the end of the track I'm actually just played a whole track through and just do it. We called it all a cordial manually and you can do that by signing into a noble doing in hero for the time being I'm just gonna pregnant in quickly it's a bit much one way and I could even in this section here maybe just music it's ass I just got the piano west first I just get some variation this section here I want to bring in my baseline again from the beginning just change it up a bit. I think this second half of the baseline this will keep base I might choose a much is a different sound the same the same melody plane so what we'll do is create new track software mr amtrak creates six twenty four that base based up to yes, we get all these sounds here from my my master's base pack sample so not only my making for people to buy actually making for myself just to have a lot of base I was just there nice and ready for me to use so you know you should be if you buy this you're actually using the same baselines that base sounds I actually use I think it also puts him some leaps into the packers well but is this more for the sounds himself you know so you can create your own melodies be using my sounds which is a distorted oto it sounds I think I made that he's in some outboard distortion e q and stuff actually so use it quite a lot nice sound what going to do his part here bring us down onto this track instead only to put that on one o tending release up a bit I need to remember to put that food based bus so it has the side tranq impression on there now just suddenly it's all just generally in quite an icy saying for this next section here from that down there goes any questions yeah we dio is it easier to change the bpm of the vocals in increments are all together it's just personal preference so I think they're talking about like if you have a full vocal stem for like your whole project that runs the length of it is it easier to chop it up and changing yeah I think I think it might be actually yeah I mean when I'm with my experiments with times trish in sometimes you can time stretcher the whole vocal if the quality isn't that great different parts can be great what was good in different places so yeah, if you just trump one part of it time ships that dropping of apartment times that you might get different results yeah is that because you could use different algorithms on did like even if you use the same algorithm it can sound differently yes because different parts you might want to try different algorithms out yeah yeah uh another thing you know I should quickly talk about ism is called a lot of time see I'm quite lucky on this because it's an official remix and I have all the individual parts sometimes I don't have that luxury and I might want tio reinforced to get the guitar on the piano with my own piano so let me do that so if I'm new okay piano sound up credit truck so for instrument I'll talk about inversions here as well is quite interesting thing get a piano she must standard in one piano that is just a classic piano from the cool game one from back in the early nineties kind of sand that realistic very dark kind of piano e I worked at the cooled early on this on the key a shop d ah that's the first called a g minor and the second court wass c d shop in gene that just called this one in first quickly we called the second money after which is c d shopping. What these clear these parts together. Quick, let me going to my dedicates screens. So there we have to cold in short, he's a bit it's. Basically, we have a g minor a c minor. But this is very good. So I'm going to do. I'm going to invert he's an inversion. Sorry on the second called and basically what inversion is it's? Quite a simple thing. Before, before I knew about it was a revelation for me to understand exactly what it was. It's really simple to basically bottom? No. And you move up and active that's the first inversion two straight away because the notes of close so it has a bit better. I could do the second inversion, which is take bomb no again and putting up until two straight away. That sounds a little bed and boy you really needed. Not that. Yeah, because because they're the movement is going. It sounds like it's going down. Yeah, the first one and then same exact core, but the movement goes up. Yeah exactly plus it denotes a closer together I think passes easy win guitar players are playing these is it's easier for them to not move their fingers as much money on their fingers load you know so again if if I moved this this last one up again that's not the third inversion that's just the same is moving the whole called a productive rights you have to inversions so getting the same calls but justin values I mean there's a revelation to me I just you know it's just such a simple thing to do I wouldn't you know any any corp and you have just experiment I mean I could have done it the other way so for instance instead of bringing these ones up I could have been in these ones down if I could be in the top one here down there yeah yeah I mean I had it before it's going up? Yes that's a you know, nice tip inversion such a simple thing but as a very, very nice effect being both being both. So there is exactly the same called but you're just changing the actives of some of those brilliant so another thing I would do that this summit will play from there from the beginning to see how it sounds in that should be me that you know you need it wait thiss one man stand and wait in the way and there we go so another quick thing as well is just before the drop comes in theo theo little bit sudden weight comes from the drone base into the radio section so I think I've done on this tune because I felt it'll the drums down I never see because I'm going for a bus I don't have to talk to each other from individually I could just do it on my drums back here so why do you choose a filter various ways you can do with aniki ongoing tio auto filter because I get twice of residence and stuff I don't worry about this envelope is stuff that we're going to use any of this um needle I pass basically all my drums were going through this we're gonna do and just go all to make the cut off we can see here and possibly the residents as well so what do press a from automation here as you see here I get a list of all the plug ins there on over here on my inserts so the first one is gain seconds overdrive for find these auto filter now we're all to make the cut off we can see follicle course find cut off should all be africa were living a cut off yeah I'm automating the cut off said the movie is up higher and bring it down here that that so if you play this you got to be smooth also put a delay on these here to make their celibate smooth as it passes across as it comes down I might want to boost the resonance of it so quick here again come down to alter photo residence and it wasn't just starting down the bottom askew could see in the background you can see the cut off we can see for reference there's a switch between these once you put something that's your chosen one of these will make you put it on the bottom down here so they have to keep choosing so soon as I've automated something I'll get to it really quickly down the bottom here it's again there's the cuff we can see is the residence way to go also I also want to make the bypass off the plug in itself so I do that by I think its main insert for bypass so at the moment is bypassed and at this point here oh it's coming to effects at this point here where it should be bypassed again so in the way and everything I might do is well was just before the drop have a couple of rises and stuff I said let me create a quick your truck where was I had to summarize this time we didn't have a way with these rises and again this is a sample pack of summarizes and what I've done some favorite ones I've just color coded way big stream that one justice course a bit you could put the reverb and allowing it so we were there delay which is about the delays it's difficult different options in the eyes I might also takes him if there's any bottom in there take the bottom out of it base out you know, I've covered a lot of the basics here and there to and asked us to get to watch you guys any questions? Yeah, we have a few artists really wants to know how might you approach the time stretch on a guitar and piano on a part that is less open and more llegado? Would you do anything different with time stretching something like that? Okay, so what I would do in that situation I could do the same thing but in what I would do is ah it's a very good question actually. So in here there is my my cut up on by yes basically for people to understand what you're saying is because this is ah because this is quite sure is easy to chop it where's another one might be quite longer. Yes why do is always the attack is quiet shop I would shorten I would short in with these at that and I'll put fade on the end of them so many southerners for second so imagine if that was a bit longer what I would do down here fade out turned up and you can, uh, as you can see, those little fade on there, you make it sound more natural. So that's, normally what I would do. So if this is really sure and it didn't have the fade on, you can hear well, you can hear it clicking slightly. I mean it's not as bad because it isn't quite a battle like he said that, yeah, that's, what I would do, oh, I might at times cheaper and general without the times I do have that problem that he says, where the notes are quite long and I would short in it and input favorites and make it sound natural. Ok. Singing for him wants to know. Does logic pro come with packed folders, too? What photos? Pack folders, pads, phone is pack folders of the hollywood when you pack the voters most years, but most versions of lodging do you think in the new logic, I think they do in a slightly different way? Yes, I did a different way, but you could still essentially dio course. It may be easier to do, I think, okay.

Class Description

Learn the basics of producing electronic music from DJ and producer, Ed Solo. Ed has worked with DJ Fresh, Krafty Kuts and FreakNasty, and in this class he’ll show you how to drop the beat using Logic Pro.

Ed will take you through the essential elements of electronic music and show you how to use Logic's EXS24 sampler and a few other virtual instruments. You’ll learn how to work with Logic Pro’s stock sounds and explore the range of options you already have in your DAW. Ed will teach you proper routing and mixing with eq, compression, and effects. Then he’ll show you how to bring the elements together and produce a complete mix. Ed will also discuss what differentiates the electronic music genres, drum 'n' bass, trap, dubstep, and house — and how to create the sound that make them unique. Ed will also show how many of these techniques can be applied to any DAW, not just Logic Pro.

If you want get your start in electronic music production or just pick up some tricks from an experienced Pro, don’t miss Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro.

Software used: Logic Pro 9

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DJ RootBwoy

This is a great course which covers basics as well as more advanced techniques, and the insight into Ed's workflow is very useful.


Picked up a lot of good information from this class. Ed is very knowledgeable, and takes us through the technique and the thought process of sound production, composition, mixing, and mastering. Towards the end of the course, at times it felt a little disjointed, as the segments switched between different tracks; but the information provided was good, once I got oriented. Would definitely recommend this course.