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Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro

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Segment 19 - Remixing a House Song - Vocals and Effects

Ed Solo

Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro

Ed Solo

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19. Segment 19 - Remixing a House Song - Vocals and Effects

Lesson Info

Segment 19 - Remixing a House Song - Vocals and Effects

And that the time myself included when ideo unofficial remixes of reggae tunes, I don't have the actual parts to the regulator and I just have the whole tune itself, so for example, would have this whole section here, I have that to remix with, so what I normally do his first I would take the bass out. The problem with most of reggae tunes is you've got that snare on the free when you combine that with drum bass drum kind of I get kind of thing you don't really want that so quick tip over how to get rid of that worked, but I'm or sometimes and it does I was is that what we do is we put a cut on the snap and all of the snares about that, and what we can do is we highlight these and up here uh, like ocean in the last segment you can do, it will fade out of these audio parts you consider fade in a cz well, so I do fade in here just twenty or something. What that's going to do here? You can see he's stood or fading on this near hits here also, I couldn't do a curve to this as well turn the...

curve up, you can see him just like, come on it, so now if I play it down it took out the snow a little bit now it's also to count the other elements of the two bits of the vocals as well depending on the track you do and you're gonna have different results this one it's not working quite as well because the way the vocal lands on land as well jim sorry is now four ways it is a little bit better wear and you're like this is sometimes it works a lot better than others but it's always worth a try when you're doing every mix of a reggae tune that this tio dio e that had to do this about six months ago and it's really helped me so yeah, that was pretty cool when you show right? Ok, now we're going tio make a house track from scratch well, I've already made it I'm gonna recreate it from notes and stuff so first I'm gonna go to the new clothes yes, that one, uh template here we go. This is how I showed you yesterday in the first part is my template uh let me say this ok? You didn't keep that on there. It was like a remake saved so straightaway I have had a few audio tracks up here have my sixteen by mark is at the top here you have a piano bass also have on the buses and stuff set up here from my template, a case of the tempo of this to not be doing is going to be one hundred twenty six bpm. So down here I set my tempo one to six, but first let me get some drums and quickly it's gonna hide this section here with this arrow. So first you six twenty four you can put if you're using them one oo sound like a quick or something, you can't you just have the exit twenty four one oh sometimes do it doesn't make too much difference to going, so I was going to choose that anyway, it does actually save on processing power of the computer, but this's computer pretty power force doesn't remember, but if you're gonna have a lot of stuff going on in the tune, all these little things do help, so you know, you just gotta keep johnny simoneau sometimes these badges to have it in one of anyway, uh, for the kick drum, I used a bank of made courthouse kicks, their jobs on house quite the easier than german base, making my pencil to up him. I've got just a selection kicks that I've put together from frank ones from different sources, but they will still make for house musical, there are issues that one again, I'm not gonna have it to now we're gonna have it that they're somewhere because I want to start playing drums on over well, even if he's gonna go up that I have too many things peaking ok after that I'm gonna have ah lately that kickers well, everything should be labels needs next I'm going to get up that's twice in ninety nine hats tops ninety nine hats their in house music the limp of the the limp of the hat is very quite important to this the sound of the track especially open hats back in the day in the eighties there had when you went away we're up to the next kick as time went on has tend to have got shorter and shorter just to demonstrate being a mom and again just changed it to taste really. But before I do this, I think I might put little say in part because it can get quite boring when you're when you're creating drums and it's just the drums on their own you know it's good to have some kind of something to vibe with so for this track and the young at least space here for more drums I'm gonna put myself down here somewhere say issue twelve uh since I used was it was a free since actually june june cnn it was actually the very first precept it was what kind of grabbed me that kind of inspired me just teo teo right a quick with I see that was just played that wallace has pretty cool that sounds so cool day in quickly and again I mean if you notice from this sound but it has a lotto porter mental on it so if I just go get that bend so I think I think I'll keep that in basing this sounds I'm going to take some of that I'm not going to completely feel to out like this or do that it completely takes it out so I'm going to just go take out slightly more control and again with house music I could do the side cheney movement I signed a kick to a bus and input compressor you know it's quite long winded way of doing it but that's the way I like didn't drop based people more control but in house music is really good well plugging called lf auteuil I think is about sixty bucks of things were really really good toe um ex far records and a photo and basically what this does is locker autumn automatic side changing really um she congee you're join the ducking so you see here so it's always gonna find let me say this quickly they sort of this sound that would be really extreme ducking loathe again you can change the shape how this works the way it's changing straight away just on the channel strip without having to really buses or anything basically more drums in here so people are ninety nine hat, which is classic classic sounds comeback last year's um, but when? And hasn't got the very highest on its song inner layer and never had over the top of that will be so go use extreme for john hit such tops. What to do? My part ham seems tio it's even on one show as, uh, I think it is from one shop for some reasons. Let me turn it off and again we got to edit. Yeah, there were a bunch of some reason to shoot one. So if I command a highlight, all of them alternately, kwan shock and other one shots turned off and now control the length where how long I pressed the key. Yes. Now that gives it an extra on the machine to the hats. Yes, this is the way it is not cheating this it's a way of side changing, but really easily but it's more suited to four for music. Because it's see it's easy to say about that was withdrawn and base it's not doing it before it's going to kick in different places. So, yeah, if you want to know the proper way of doing side changing you, khun, go to the of course and I got recently in debt from that but with house music's is a lot easier to have a lot more control just to get a plug in I think it's a few other problems as well this one is a photo expert records there's a few others that did a similar kind of thing where you don't need to worry about buses and starting just literally stick the thing over the top of the channel and it's essentially doing what side changing does and again on this as well no, I only have two stuck the volume I could you got filter and stuff and as well you could do a whole lot more than just the just just start changing on the volume and you said that's like sixty dollars sixty dollars about sixty bucks yeah when I first got it they actually their their record label that she had a really clever way of selling it they they said if you just buy their release on people he gave for free so it helps them get their tune into people shot so cleverly hallmark employees so yeah yeah but other the release isn't out anymore so you have to go to a web site and buy you just search google lf auteuil I just I just looked it up in its forty nine ninety five seasonal cheaper next we'll look clapping here nbc uh sixty for stereo junkets texas news bc health it the case is going to come up here on the two in the four. Yeah, just like a classic nine cut there. Excuse me. Okay. Um ah case at the moment there's no there's, no swing going on, everything is all straight quanta ized straight to six teams, but now I'm going to put it in a little house music. You tend to put swing on stuff in joint base music don't as much because it's so fast generally the slowdown in tempo you go, the more sweeney can have on drums so I'm gonna show you what swing is in a second. You don't know what that is, all right? So that has no swimming it's always bang on the sixteen piece everybody I should have made these half is long released either copies many, but basically swing is is anything on the sixteenth and it pushes it slightly later. So find out where these and you do that here at the moment it's sixteen a which is actually no swing. If I put this on the sixteen b, you can seeks and lodged it's slightly over to the right there going sixteen to see a little bit more swing to put that back on the sixteen in a sixteen psi making more funky basically I think too much it's quite interesting how for me this for seconds by that being moved slightly over the whole thing now sounds a little bit more kind of different and more swing, even though she's wonderful sounding yeah, basically swing is and I'm not going to put some little temporary notes in there and again, I'm going to put them on the same swing and show you the difference between uh sixty nine in the sixteen sixteen c uh, kate so look here six twenty four just search for this sound I want she's okay, enjoy this in here. Now this is I think this is actually from er is a tempering. I cut up into six things so each year slightly different to get more organic type feel copy that at the moment. This is just a standard straight sixteen. But now for hard I m p r sixteen c theo, theo swing and this is without straightaway gives it more thank you waving and you get another little shuffle sounds on here. Maybe they're in there again. Qanta sixteen c again, if I move this and museum down, we should walk to mack with the snap to the swing value. It was he's really mean, yet you can see the slightly late should be coming across. Well, I was gonna copy this trump's no sixteen bars copy the sound here and lou that's given ok, so I've made of my jobs here but I don't want it all to be in from the beginning some of them want to bring in a pick up so thiss tempering for example, I think all media out here I'm quite sure controlling his tractor to sixteen bars and the basic come in off the sixteen dollars chop the very last that's out there as well on these little snippets here as well in back well let's get him some base in here before me getyou visors and stuff going just to build into the drop to get a bit of a vibe so a lot of house music a good tool is this year is a white noise white noise riser so the way I do that is uh cradle your truck someone was I've made already of a bit of course in on it so what noise is just noise so that sound very good example I'm going to do because I'm going to feel too up first I want to take some based on our vic's family of wonder at the bottom so a little bit of river little bit alone it stereo the lace up here stereo the way we're going to dio uh sure it stops before the job downstairs put a filter on it so fluid the up I used the alter filter I have a setting up here that I've already made for this purpose what noise chasing a band pass filter for this now play this theme that you can use the latest stuff makes it sound quite nice so I'm gonna call to make that person a and again down here here we go this shows the what I have on the inserts everyone is the I don't want to make you the tools to filter that's what I want to automate here all the different controls within the altar I want to use the cut off so pathetically ordered cut off there we go start on the bottom and she put it I started a little bit higher and slowly fade up river track a bit too much down that tenet around over there that is put the l a photo photo again about pre sets up here teo for for a lot of it making it more extreme you can hear that and he goes now got a bit more of a vibe for when the base actually comes in okay, so now let me get crushed in mourning as well. Can you soft management track? They're six twenty four stadium uh this time and clear this here especially one doing here is you can see if you know the name of something in your ear six twenty four you couldn't instead of this looking through it, you can actually go find type in the name and in tow, under east could clear, clear find. So I know that what I want is on the drum hits hasn't tops event symbols. So what changes you getting here? I'm going down, okay, just call that nice, a colored and green.

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Learn the basics of producing electronic music from DJ and producer, Ed Solo. Ed has worked with DJ Fresh, Krafty Kuts and FreakNasty, and in this class he’ll show you how to drop the beat using Logic Pro.

Ed will take you through the essential elements of electronic music and show you how to use Logic's EXS24 sampler and a few other virtual instruments. You’ll learn how to work with Logic Pro’s stock sounds and explore the range of options you already have in your DAW. Ed will teach you proper routing and mixing with eq, compression, and effects. Then he’ll show you how to bring the elements together and produce a complete mix. Ed will also discuss what differentiates the electronic music genres, drum 'n' bass, trap, dubstep, and house — and how to create the sound that make them unique. Ed will also show how many of these techniques can be applied to any DAW, not just Logic Pro.

If you want get your start in electronic music production or just pick up some tricks from an experienced Pro, don’t miss Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro.

Software used: Logic Pro 9



Fantastic course. Hands on details from an experienced producer, showing us tons of useful, time saving tips to get real results. I can't get enough of this style of teaching. Thanks Creative Live and Ed Solo!

DJ RootBwoy

This is a great course which covers basics as well as more advanced techniques, and the insight into Ed's workflow is very useful.


Picked up a lot of good information from this class. Ed is very knowledgeable, and takes us through the technique and the thought process of sound production, composition, mixing, and mastering. Towards the end of the course, at times it felt a little disjointed, as the segments switched between different tracks; but the information provided was good, once I got oriented. Would definitely recommend this course.