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Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro

Lesson 2 of 27

Segment 2 - Setting Up a Sidechain in Logic

Ed Solo

Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro

Ed Solo

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Lesson Info

2. Segment 2 - Setting Up a Sidechain in Logic

Lesson Info

Segment 2 - Setting Up a Sidechain in Logic

Somebody wants to know if you could recap using the screen sets creating the purple blocks that penn said the screen says yeah just just recap sort of thing everyone is in the heart keys yes, I mean basically screen sets of controlled by the by the numbers on your keyboard. So so is that the default or do people need to set that out? No it I mean normally people don't even realize that screen sex exists so they're permitted on screen set one and don't even realize it's there it's just it's just logic to them right? But I think by d for every time you press the screen so it's just it's just it's just the same it's just your arrange page so you basically if I press to I'm on screen set tuesday you said he said but the window wherever you want to be and every time I pressed to that's what is going to be it's just it's just a really easy way quick way to navigate you know so instead instead of me if I wanna go to the mix a page from here said it me kicking mixer down here we're going up he...

re we're going go nixa I think you just press too I mean it's a press free living my environment seven I've got my all you have been sounding so football so I like tio screens set four is my on the fire and get my tools up sick pencil if I create a region here for double quickly sw region I'll get the piano ready to at the bottom here welcome input my notes so see the notes that I recorded I like to have screens set four is that so? I mean screen set for gonna goto window piano roll clothes that make that biggs and now every time a peaceful I mean my piano roll on that is depending on what selected in so if I make another make another one of these here just very quickly into a few notes in here going this one here that depends on what once highlighted if this one's highlighted numbers for I mean the piano roll for the one that's that's highlighted but screens at one point out that one on this we have got the whole screen from a piano roll. We're back here I just got the bottom sometimes you wantto just to bottom but sometimes you want you want to have the whole screen sitting down here he chews puts up a bit you have your velocities in a staff or you can choose uh you know, pitch bend what have you so you've got the whole screen to see what's going on there? Yeah, I have another question would you recommend using side chain plugging like lfo two on a bus to send tracks two percent actually yeah I use lf auteuil quite a lot the finger that photo is good for house music because because it's simple for that but on drum and bass I used the old school side chaining way of doing things so yeah, maybe I should going to cite changing to be actually me explain that so before him or at least how it's set up maybe yeah we're going to go into that in depth later uh I don't think I was actually going to go and say I might do that now actually still have a bit of time yeah basically you get a track here I'm gonna get some drums up so go to the six twenty four drum hits I'm going to choose get a kick save then kicks okay, next track run down bring up the year six twenty four choose a snare uh kicks and snares and snows thanks one and we're gonna get high hat trumpets tops programmer a simple beat real quick so again, teo because I'm going to draw it and not recorded in if I right click or oppressed escape I'll get my tools up get the pencil tool click there and then when I highlight the bottom you can see it moves you can extend it then we do when we do my jobs in four bar blocks sometimes eight blocks I think the media's well a lot of people would do the drums audio so they can just put all go directly on the on the tracks I prefer not to do it that way I mean this you know, some people forget that when I first did this cufflink I have more control I'm going to go in you know I'm gonna do this this drama based on the change the tempo down here toe one, seven, five yes, your tempo down the bottom here go in just uh they curve drawn based kick real quick yes, a copy papers all tonight and you highlight something in copy and drag it copies it that's my kick I'm not gonna get it it's all on the snares which was snoring real quick she's a different one copy er hattie real quick. Oh, another thing I should show as well is quite useful up here in the corner you've got two symbols that the one on the left is whether it's always highlighted said only sister arrow tool if such is my pencil told me you can see it's my paints a little now the one on the right is like a short cut so it's if I press command it chooses the one that's on the riot so instead of me having tio say get the pence that all the time by principle right clicking a prison escape I could just choose over here the pencil so now whenever I pressed commands it's the pencil or for example you know that the scissors if I press command in terms of it so it turns into the scissors so instead of me having to right click and choose my tool you can get really quickly just pressing the command key so this one here is what's chosen but person commands and now but when it draw a new part instead of me having to right click or purse escape I can't just press command straightaway to pencil comes up just it's a real time savers and I just chris commands click bank and I'm back to my normal arrow anyway back in here quickly draws some hats in here again highlighting ought to copy so there's a real simple there's a simple john bass peak right there so the purpose of doing this is just so show your side changing so officer I need to get some kind of get some kind of base actually how would you have appeared tonight which is this one here uh wasn't at work you know because he's not there anymore. Okay um yes to uh going face basis to say come to see ah okay, so I'm gonna program in a quick, simple, simple bass sound here uh oh look what we got something's not right so let me choose a simple sound just for the demonstration purposes go then yes this one so again here you can choose the tool when this is separate from the arrange page so up here I might have that on scissors so that when I pressed so when I press command it says into scissors but down here is you can see his penance source when I first come on it's a pencil so real quickly I can't just press that just drawing the note without having to go back and forth by right clicking e so this is just a demonstration of ah basically what happened duck and returned the kick comes in now this's house music, local issues and if I would talk like I forget the guy's name is george russell said but in john base because the patterns different uh yeah basically means let me show you how this works so basically well first I'm going to send this base to the base bus I'm not going to buy sends because this is not effect when you when you when you when you do something as a send it still comes out and I'm sending it to the effect but things like drums and bass I want only to go to the bus so I do at the moment this is as you can see here it's going to the stereo out but I want this to go to the base bus or come down to us base so now and you could see this right but he was changed to my base bus so now this base is going to the bus well I'm going to do is ah first so I'm going to do what I want this base to duck every time the kick comes in to give everything more volume so I do that if you remember in my environment walks ten it's going to be my side chain bus when we just label it down here s c for side chain and it's got no output on it because I don't want tio I don't want to hear is just control purposes and don't want to hear what's going to this bus so back to screen set one kick now I'm going to send the kick to the side chain I actually this might be another reason when you want to use when you want to use pre fader instead of post fader because I might want to be able to change the voting with the kick about changing how much she's being sent to the side chain so let me do that actually let me change this teo teo pre fada turn up bypassed so now I've said the kick tio side chain bus you could see it coming through here now I can't hear it common thistle clearly bus don't want to hear it it's just control purposes now I've got compressor here on my base bus and again, if you want, you can turn on enough uh as you could see up his side chain bus ten so normally this is set to none on the compression is compression compressing whatever's coming in based on the base excuse the pun but I want the compressor to start kicking in for the kick drum so side change under choose here bus ten that's your input that's my input to the composer exact taking the information from yet so now when I play compression frechaut down ducks the base in time with the kick drum now you've got an extra features down here on the compressor because the kid has a lot of low frequency in it it is kind of is taking is taking too long for it to open up again even if I turn the release down quite a lot you can see there so what I want to do on a put a high pass filter on the side chain which you do here so I change filter activity on I want to make it a high pass, stick out high pass and used a frequency here so down the bottom is don't do anything as you go up it's just letting the highs of the kick come from so go sit there about halfway now when I'm playing up here a lot quicker now I've got more control with the release you can see a ducking when the kid comes in to change your text as well oh yes basically what is he's doing as thie attracts plane anything that goes to the bus base is duck slightly by the kick so then overall we are over william can then be you know, allowed up here now if you did this extreme that becomes a bit of an effect and you can hear it duck in if you did just slightly you don't really hear it but it's gonna make your mix louder louder yeah sometimes also sending a snare to that as well. So the snares also ducking the base a little bit don't have to do that you know it's a preference thing so I would see the way I would do that back to screen set one click on snare but I'd have to send the snare to the same side chain bus over here again let me make it a pre fader but I don't want I don't want to base the duck as much on this near so I'm not going to turn this up is much to see the more the more I turn this up more the bases going duck tio something you know tennis down this yes that's that's how do you must start changing is there can you solo that base with and why without the side changed the way that that works actually I think maybe just by no no I mean there's ah yeah there's a way around that how do how do I do that to get around because it might be interesting for people to hear sort of what it's because because it's subtle like with the snare because I've no I've heard of people doing that for to get that kind of like pumping thing yeah medium stuff but on the snare too to just kind of get a tighter mix and get the overall going yeah that's a really cool technique yeah, again we were german base something we use it more as a subtle mix down to love an extreme sometimes you might want to use is in the extreme effects you can hear it all ducking but in general are using more than mixed down told you can you can you can choose depends on how much you're ductile everything you know okay, yeah can you do that on its on its own? I think there is a way to do that. I think that through and we have a question. Okay? While you're thinking about that what's the difference between using the environment window for ox channels rather than just like standard iowa routing and logics main mixer you can't actually you see all the buses in the main mix of window you okay makes a window you when you get to see what's on the arrange window got it so because I put the drum bus on delay bus on the range window yeah you're now going to see them on the understanding mix of window here but obviously I don't really want to have all of my boxes on the arrange window so yeah so I do environment just because it's always nice to me and they're all my talks is there you know regardless of what's going on on my range page you know yeah there's another question yeah on that the access twenty four was the main difference between a stereo out in the multi out the multi els for instance if I weighed a c c here for its that's argues for these kick the snare and the obvious different tracks and different instances off the six twenty four but what I could have done is to choose their six twenty four multi out and then within within this I could then have one instance idiot here six twenty four and I can choose different sounds to be coming out of different different tracks I don't think we really need to do this to be honest I mean that might help back in the day when computer power is a little bit less and you want less instances of stuff I mean you can still be useful I suppose if you if you you know if I want to be a change the tune of all the drums one go on one it's that severe sixty four but yet have the onset outputs in general I just use it in this instance of the six twenty four to get a different get out of a different track yeah ah case a number quick thinking solos for instance so as I'm I'm playing it wasn't so bad in there so the kick so that more than one thing at time obviously you have your music to you something that you can also meet individual blocks as well so if I copy with this for instance I could just hard like that press press em now that that part alone in need you can do the same with solo as well so if I hide that block on press s it's just going to throw that block hello hello grouper blocks and again you can tell when you're selling blocks because at the top it goes it goes yellow here at the top uh another thing I like to do as well is my blocks I liked I liked to label them so I always call everything as quitting a basically because sometimes I might do a variation on what could it be called on this block for instance I might do something that might do it feel phillip the end of something and I would um I'll pay by the way uh let a p that she choose the piano roll on whatever's highlighted over here yes at this block here for instance have changed it but from the outside you can't tell this different so what I would do then I would label it different I would call it a e because okay for a little kick right or something like that so now a glance I consider this hasn't also like tio color codes column meyer blocks as well so or my drums for instance uh again alternate see things that the colors I'd like to make a more purple you can choose what color you want it's just nice to do things in colors the base so I like to make brown just makes things need um yeah again it's good to always label he attracts as well so I mean the man has been kicks me quick kick snare with that hat and now when I'm in my mixer page you can see down the bottom here the labels you can throw color codes thie the mix of pages well so in my range page I've got all my drums in purple so I might do the same in the mix of page so the highlight kick her shift to highlight something else at the same time hat and compress ornate and see and there we go there all purple so now a glance when I switched to my screen set straight away I can see there's my drums down there again based on what the basin or tonight and there's my base in brown so straight away a glance and I well I am I just you know bank there's my drums you know it's just nice quicken quick and easy yeah jerry has a question about could use midi notes trigger effects on other tracks either via bus or side chain for example have a track of many notes to activate the delay of another track do you ever do that activated delay of another truck yes I'd like to trigger the delay so use a middie track toe actually trigger the delay on the different tracks and say you had a bass track I think that's what he's asking to you had a bass track that you wanted river bond but only in a certain spot you wanted the reverb hit or something like that and these do you ever do that or you just manually automated yeah there's a few ways to do that I mean for instance, this see the snare for instance administration so far kick you in the senate and go to large burb you can hear the river now if I just wanted that river just on one snare for instance there's a few ways I could do that I could I could automate it by a president it seems the current track that among when I could move up and down there any purpose eh it brings up my automation and over here is what's automated? So the moment it's on volume. So if I wantto automate the volume of the snare, it gets quite do that. You can choose other stuff to automate. So I go to maine, send two large verb from what I could do on the very last snow I could turn up. You can see, but it's a bit of a long way to go about it. So what? So what? I would always do that another way. What I would do instead is what I would do that I would duplicate this track. Our person, this one here to mix things that copy of the track we've ordered sends and eni cure anything you've got on there on this one, I would turn up their turn up the reverb. And what can do? You can cut the snow out here and just moved onto that track. So now excusing what's happened there so this the body is going down. So now yeah, be incented areva blessed that's, probably less fidgety waiter to do you know, sir. Then anything on that track thing goes that goes to the viva there's. Another way to do this as well at the moment of chi out that track of moved it, but what but another way to do this? With so that include us back together again glue to use the glue pressed a shift button, click and lose it on my way to do that would be to take this the second one down here out of the main mix and instead of ah moving this down I would copy it down so mi copy this down here cut that now effectively it's the same thing but I don't have to change anything on the original track I just copy it to the other track and because it's not going to the main output you know hearing this near twice it's not twice as loud this is just so now it's easy just to remember where I put this I'm going to get a revenge hit and I don't have to worry about what's going on on the original track I don't we do this with with sounds of stuff rather than you know effects and you know little guitar skanks, weldon and drums but yes, it is it's the thing and then we do tio rather than automating, you know, sends and stuff it's a real quick way of just just moving this year on bank straight away I've got a revival nationally rather than me having to go in and change the dual nation, you know? Yeah, awesome dave brit wants to know if you can show how to access the environment window one more time, okay? It's accessed environment. Ok, so obviously at the moment I got in the screen set. So for me, I let you just press free. Bang, you're in, you're on the yeah. Yeah, but to do it to do for the first time that we go to another screen for what you were just from here from here, you got a window come down environment. But when you first quickly there's different up here, there's different things is this different parts of environment you have, like a click and ports many instruments mixer. So when I go to environment, you want to make sure this is on mixer and there you go. This is is your your mixer environment where you make all your buses and it shows you everything that's going on in the background track wise and again to put on the screen set. Just choose the screen set by pressing for, for instance, someone screens to order a stay safe. I've kind of using that and you got the window. Choose environment there's my violin and I'll only go behind and closed. The arrangement does so this is just the environment. So now to get to the environment just past five well, I've got it on free and there's there's your environment there's a real quick way of getting to it by using the screen sets you know you know that people use screen sets but I find them really handy is just well quick too just get about when you first start using you might you might have to be careful because you're gonna if you're not used to using them you might you might be clicking stuff and you know going back to the arrange page and stuff so it's good to kind of get used to working with him and when you do everything's real quick yeah way also have you have these key base needs to quote ghost parts of aliases now kill me if I copy my part it's if you just copy and normally personal tonight it just makes a copy of it but why I tend to do is to make ghost parts and you do that by personal tonight and shift now when I'm copied is now because he's in italics this is a ghost copy of this and the reason I do that if I changed my mind for instance and I want to change the kick drum sound on here if these were normal copies I'd have to go in and change change all of these parts but because these air goes parts wherever I changing the master gets changed in the ghost parts as well so if I don't like this kick, for instance so before that kick instead now it's changed in the ghost parts as well a zoo no it's this one here because it's different isn't a ghost parts I'd have to go in and change that well, yes that's this guy but you can be a little bit confusing sometimes goes parts and there's pros and cons to use and I think it's because I never set in stone but I want to do always you know, you might want to change things so that that's that's why used goes parts yeah so again with this nurse the hat ornate and shift copy and they're now goes copies but you gotta be careful, I think because sometimes if I delete if I delete the master part here that tells me you're about to see a region that has aliases so you got be careful not to delete the well what it tells you if you can't believe that you're gonna happen often equip orphans yeah I can't do that. Um what else is there? Um yes let me took from so yeah let me come back tio mean, legally stuff you're sick because I made the template I didn't talk about saving the template. Let me go back a ways off um let me let me let me start giving us a second little italys so basically what were once you've got you know you've got your setup you want this to be the thing that opens up every time you open up logic so you've got you know you've got your your buses will set up the effects and stuff you know you got your market at the top so what you do you could you get a piano here you go file saved as a template to go save a template I got over my current one but in basically every time you open up a new tune file new uh close don't save you get a choice here template one so you click on ten point one and in bank on you get to us to save it straight away as well but most the time you don't want to end yet they see there's my mom say the time you start you track everything is all there for you you know you've got you piano you got my drum bus at the top there got my markers you know yes this is this is my normal template this is the one just creates he wanted only use that you can see here there's extra stuff it was well, we got different. I've got free different reverb swell in just two got different delays still got my side chain bus over here uh I can't have a thing when when saving let me get this appears well when you say even your us another thing as well yeah when you when you started a tune trying to save it straight away of what you're going to save over hang on save as you choose where you going toe you know, put it took the name of you tune here at the bottom you got option here to include assets and what this does um if you've copied any audio falls into your project you want this clicked so then the order follows to be saved within the logic project of why they're gonna be saved outside on again the year six instruments as well. You only need to really have this ticks if you're going to be moving your projects or someone else's because something is probably the's days have a lot of hard drive space it's probably good too take this anyway somebody basically always does it just self continues everything or the files into one heart is amar rolled into one project photo so that would help you that would help you avoid given your project to a buddy and then somehow likes one of the loops or samples or sounds like he's not in there? Yes, it was local on your yeah, I mean, if if if even if you're never going to do that and you're just going to use everything on your own computer, you don't really need to click the sx one you should still click the issue still check the the audio false because do were far more exist somewhere in the computer later on down the line you might move it or delete it you'll come to open up the the project and it might be gone but pretty much the excess things always gonna be there but if you got lots of hard drive space just ticket anyway it's just get to have everything the other stuff I don't really use dr beat so if you did use actually beat and you could take that as well yeah generally just want these top free and then when you say that it will be contained within the photo there is much else to go over really? I mean we have ah bpm down here she goes kwan ties and stuff maybe so in here down here isa weii snapped two amendments and six teams and you can change that to you conceded the lines changing here is I changed this on this is apes six teams qantas is and let me and let me just be called something quick so high like piano track press it was recalled burn coal burns down here or you can just press are so we're going to this now as you can see it will slightly out of time so why would do but up here is my quantifies value by default is off normally want you on sixteen's so done here sixteen or sixteen a's same thing sixteen a focus is this it's lodged everything now for future reference because that's there you can just I could just quickly quantities but he's going to qantas everything to sixteen's fast talking on sixteen b it's going to nudge things slightly a swing sixteen c accept your I'll go over that more in detail when I do the wait the house truck most john bases only pretty much all it's all six teams and you'd be surprised how you can get something tio feel like it's got swing to it just by changing the velocity of something so yeah I'll go over that in the next section we're doing drums ok yeah we have another question is it possible to create new templates as discussed then go back in import older tracks to conform to the new templates? No okay no no you know me you the template is because it is kind of part of an actual tune itself right it's just the you can't go in he was asking whether you can put a new template on an old tune, right? Yeah no, you can't do that. Yeah, our import data from an older template onto a new nose because ascension you're just saving on a range track yeah, you're saving the layout effectively, right? Yeah so if you left tracks in there, for example wood and then he opened that template so if you left like an audio track or a baseline in your template and you open recalled the template wouldn't recall that bass track as well are you just you just say that you just saving a song you're freezing right the way that it sounded just saving a song basically but you just saving ten places and every time you open and you the new song yeah this opening you know everything we're setting right rather than it being completely fresh and asking you you know have the trucks you want stuff a bit lost regarding these indepent you'll create markers on the tracks I always thought markers were used on the global track okay you can do that top here okay everything cool global tracks and you can you can draw him marcus pencil when you can draw in your markers and label them and stuff and I just I don't know I just I just don't like doing it like that personally I just like having my actually drawing in blocks here and then I can color code them so said so the first thirty bars might be an intro so I might change the color of that teo like color what's the hockey for changing the color again changing the color is all tonight and see and again I could write in these as well and say you know intro oh another thing as well I mean most of time you would stick to sixteen bar blocks, but sometimes you might have a little too barbie or something before it drops, in which case, I could just highlight all these and just move over by two bars. But, yeah, I can see my sixteen by blocks, you know, so I mean, I guess you can do this in the global tracks in the markets, but I just prefer I just prefer to know like this. Really. I mean, if there is any, advisers have disappointed used in it like this compared to the other way. But this is just the way the way I've done it, but it may need to see this may need to see sixteen bar blocks, so as I'm zooming in and out instantly see how how much sixteen bars is she's quite useful for when you're in the arrangement phase of writing a tune just to just see, you know, a sixteen block.

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Learn the basics of producing electronic music from DJ and producer, Ed Solo. Ed has worked with DJ Fresh, Krafty Kuts and FreakNasty, and in this class he’ll show you how to drop the beat using Logic Pro.

Ed will take you through the essential elements of electronic music and show you how to use Logic's EXS24 sampler and a few other virtual instruments. You’ll learn how to work with Logic Pro’s stock sounds and explore the range of options you already have in your DAW. Ed will teach you proper routing and mixing with eq, compression, and effects. Then he’ll show you how to bring the elements together and produce a complete mix. Ed will also discuss what differentiates the electronic music genres, drum 'n' bass, trap, dubstep, and house — and how to create the sound that make them unique. Ed will also show how many of these techniques can be applied to any DAW, not just Logic Pro.

If you want get your start in electronic music production or just pick up some tricks from an experienced Pro, don’t miss Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro.

Software used: Logic Pro 9

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Fantastic course. Hands on details from an experienced producer, showing us tons of useful, time saving tips to get real results. I can't get enough of this style of teaching. Thanks Creative Live and Ed Solo!

DJ RootBwoy

This is a great course which covers basics as well as more advanced techniques, and the insight into Ed's workflow is very useful.


Picked up a lot of good information from this class. Ed is very knowledgeable, and takes us through the technique and the thought process of sound production, composition, mixing, and mastering. Towards the end of the course, at times it felt a little disjointed, as the segments switched between different tracks; but the information provided was good, once I got oriented. Would definitely recommend this course.