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Time Audit

Lesson 2 from: Productivity Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs

Kyshira Moffett

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2. Time Audit

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Time Audit

the very first thing that I'd like for you to do as you think about being more productive in your entrepreneurial journey is something that I call a time audit. So what you see here on the screen, it says on delegate and eliminate and this is going to be the framework for the time audit. However, we're not jumping into that part just yet. The first thing that I want you to do is spend the next 5-7 days tracking your time, you can do this by hand in a spreadsheet or even in an app where every 30 minutes to one hour you're going to stop and document what you spend your time on. It's very important here to be honest about how you're spending your time. Don't worry, no one will see this but you, but it will help you to understand what's actually draining your time. So every 30 minutes during the work day, stop and document if you did 3 to things in that our document every single one if you stop to watch netflix document that as well. But you want to write down every single thing and if yo...

u want you can even carry this into your personal life for the purposes of today. We're sticking to the business. Now after 5 to 7 days of tracking you then want to go through every single thing that you wrote and you want to use the own delegate and eliminate framework the first thing you want to fill out his own what are the things that you worked on that you have to own? No one can do this, but you this is your zone of genius. The next category is delegate. What are the tasks that can be outsourced to someone else? Even if you don't have a team yet, I still want you to feel this part out because it will give you an idea of where to start, when it comes to hiring or outsourcing. And the third category is eliminate what are the things that need to be completely eliminated? Things that are completely draining your time, your energy and they're not adding to your business whatsoever. One other thing that I want you to think about are some of the tasks that you're doing that could in theory be automated. I want you to go ahead and put those in the delegate column, even if you don't know how to automate them yet, you don't have the right tools. No worries. But this is the very first step. The time audit is something that I do any time I feel overwhelmed, which for me is on a quarterly basis. So if you have to do this activity more than once, that actually means you're doing something right. Right? So from the time audit, we want to now review the items that we own. So moving on here to our next slide, there's four boxes here And the boxes are manual task can be automated longtime projects and can wait. So when you look at everything that you put under own, because it's entrepreneurs, I am 100% sure that there are things you wrote under you own that can be delegated and automated that you have not yet moved. So we're going to now face that truth on this slide. So take your list and now draw four quadrants on the paper in front of you once you do this activity and then from there fill this out. So for the manual tasks, those are things you physically have to do. This is something that technology cannot replace. That can be automated. Think of things like sending contracts and invoices. Those things can be automated, long term projects are the things that you're working on that require multiple steps. For example, if you put under own launch campaign, we know that there are a lot of steps in the launch campaigns. We want to move that to the long term project box and then can't wait. These are typically those behind the scenes passion projects that we're really into, but oftentimes are not top priority in our business were not completely eliminating it, but we're putting it in the right category. If you struggle with this activity, a couple of questions I want you to ask yourself number one. Is this something I truly have to do? Does this truly require my zone of genius? I know that you feel like I feel that no one can do it. Like you ever, you have your pure zone of genius for me that's coaching and engage with my clients, everything else, someone else can do that. So answer that question for yourself the next, if there was tech available to do this, would I invest the time to set it up? Sometimes there is tech available to take on certain task but we don't either know that it's available or we fear the learning curve. We fear investing the time to figure it out. But this is something that I want you to think about after you've done your time on it and you see that you spend 10 hours a week doing administrative task. Well if you would invest 10 hours one time to set up all of the automation, you never have to use that again and you're not freeing up 40 hours a month. Right and then the last one will this drive revenue or increase efficiency? Those are the two hard questions I asked myself whenever I am caught in the weeds of passion projects or designing graphics or whatever it is, I typically will stop and say, is this bringing in any revenue? Or is this making things more efficient behind the scenes, which is actually tied to revenue because you are an employee of your business and you cost the business money? Right? So that's how I like to look at things objectively. So that's the next part of your task.

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Celestine NLN

I am not Tech savvy and spend too much time doing things that need to be eliminated. Ms. Moffett's presentation was excellent for me. She presented information regarding time management, productivity and tech. assistance that I will be using. Thanks


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