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Interview with Jared Bauman

Welcome back everybody we are doing our photo week rebroadcast the special edition here where we're doing interviews with all of our instructors before we show their segment so I hope that you're enjoying this week we're on dave four of five here if you want to be able to own any of these individual segments and re watch them like if you loved what scott robert was doing and you want to be able to actually practice that and we watched that segment by itself you can do so you can buy that buy any time access to that segment for fifty nine dollars so they didn't consider doing that if you'd like and you can do that with any of the courses during our photo week rebroadcast that is the live discounted price to go ahead and check that out for now though we are excited to move on to our next instructor who during photo week taught profitable pricing his name is mr jarrod bombing jared how you doing buddy I'm doing great how you doing rest I am fantastic it's good to see a good to talk to you...

it's been a while it has been a while I have to say it's been a while you look quite comfortable on that couch there so I like your new set up you know me too this is my this kind of a home for the week so I really have had a good time. Uh so let's talk a little bit you are the pricing guru you are the guy who knows everything about how to set up your pricing and your business so you can actually make money and run your business and do the things you love so well, what are some of the questions that you get asked the most about pricing? Yeah pricing is one of those things that a lot of people struggle with setting up probably most common question is where do I start? You know, it's one of things we all have to have pricing in order to charge for what we're doing it's kind of one of the tenants of our business you know as opposed maybe a marketing plan or something like that pricing is so important but where do I start? Where do I start to build it? And the common area that a lot of people will turn is the look around though look teo everyone in their industry that looked everyone local no kind of copy their pricing to be based on what they see around them and and really the best way to start and the best way to begin with your pricing is to really try not two cops everybody else but to try to look internally, figure out your goals, figure out what they're trying to make, figure out what your business needs and go from there and how you create your pricing which is a lot of what we touched down actually in the probable pricing on on photo week that's fantastic it's so instinctive too just like well I have no clue where to start so I'm just going to look at all of these examples that I've got around me but you're not seeing you're not seeing their costs you're not seeing how much time they're spending you're not seeing all of those elements that go into pricing yourself appropriately so one just like tell us very briefly about the photo week of course yeah exactly you having me on the head I mean you never know what anybody else is doing you need to base your pricing on your goals you know how many events or or you know whatever the metric is for you how many events you want to shoot in a year you determine it also based on how much money do you need to make from the business you know and so you know we really went through all that in the profitable prices on foot a week we went through where do I start? How doe I evaluate where to start with my pricing? What type of pricing model is best for me and we just really touched on the basics of the different time to pricing models that are available which one you might want to choose depend on your goals and how to start getting down that road just from the basic standpoint basically, where do I start? Where do I start with my goals and where do I start with the pricing model that is so fantastic. And then that one actually the photo week course led nicely into your three day course which you did hear pricing strategy and business I think the photo week course works like you said as an introduction as a start as a like ok, I have no idea what I'm doing let's start here and then how did you build on that for the three day? Yeah, exactly. I mean, the photo week is the intro it see where do I get started? And the three day I believe it's all of day two we talked about and that's when we got into the specifics, the fundamentals behind howto build different pricing models why you would want to go with each one and exactly how to build it a joint I mean there's a lot of theory behind how to set up your price. There's a lot of structure there's a lot of strategy and it's not cut and dry it's not easy, it's actually very, very it's very, very internal meaning it's very based on what your goals are it's very based, you know, there's a there's a right method for the right price teacher for right outcome and so we just I mean we spent an entire day on it it's probably probably overwhelming but that's the great thing about getting the courses you can kind of watch it over and over again and absorb it at your own pace but I mean it's like eight hours of just detailed pricing analysis and set up that's amazing and I know that there are a lot of people out there who need that what else did you talk about on day one and day three if day two was all pricing what else did you cover? Well, I mean it was really top to bottom how to set up a good business structure. You know, pricing is only one component of a good business good business needs to have clear goals it needs to be set up based on ah, you know, a structure that that is that is very personal, very specialized. You know, in a solo printer business like what most of us are in, you need to have clear distinguishing factors and so we spent the three days to talk about how our marketing how are sales, how our price, you know, everything plays into creating business it's all about you and all the things that make you happy and the things that you want to use to succeed that's so cool uh, because your business, this is most people get into photography, they run a business because they love the art. They love what they're doing, and that that the business side of being able to make it so that it actually works is foreign to a lot of people. It's a lot of artists are not training business don't have that as something that they think of as interesting. What is it that you actually find interesting and exciting about this business side of things? I love business, and I love it because it I love helping other photographers, actually, with their business, you know, that's what? That that became something that I was a big part of that bomb and photographers and it's continued on out in my in my time you spend that shootout at it. And really, I love helping people realize the ability to have t fulfill their dreams, their goals, their passions. But the reality is it's kind of like what you what you mentioned. You have to know how to run a business in order to be in the business of, say, photography and so it's really become a mission of mind. Help photographers be able to continue to have an impact on the world each one of us has a way that we want to impact. This world, but at the foundation of all that you have to go to run a successful business to be able to have that impact year in and year out, I think that's beautiful, I mean, it's funny, because in all the interviews that I've been doing this week, that's been this just kind of running theme that's come out of almost every everyone is we've been asking a lot of people, what did you wish you knew when you first started? And a very common theme that I've heard is I wish that I had approach this as a business. I wish that people have told me to focus and set this up as a business rather than, as, you know, just something that I'm doing on the side for fun, or it was all about how to use the business side of it toe actually be able to do what you love exactly what you said. So you someone who is very business oriented, who loves that side of it. So what are some things you wish you had known when you first got started? Yeah, you know, I mean, I came into it fully aware and fully excited about the business side of it, I think one thing that I didn't know. Is that I thought that I'd be able to set up the business and it would just be able to run itself and it will run almost on auto pilot you know, it's, it seems so that's a romantic thought in business school to just go in and be an entrepreneur, but, you know, I really never thought that it would take so much work year in and year out and that's something I love to remind people is and it takes work and it's constant and it doesn't go away, you know, it's constant, you constantly have to be in front of your clients you constant to be in front of your connections and you're yeah, people refer you you constant had to be re evaluating always, always and so I was prepared for the setup and for understanding that it was about the business. But when I wasn't really prepared for was how much continuous work it would continually take. Yeah, well and that's where the passion and the drive in the question of like, is this something that you really feel strongly enough that you want to and are willing to put in that much work for? And and then are you setting it up appropriately so that you really can so that's awesome, I love that so jared, what are you doing these days where you spend in your time well, most actually, all all of my time right now is is with shootout at it one of the company's third company I helped to start with with their that's six seven years ago. It's a post production company for the for the wedding pros so it's color correction services and that has been exploding recently in the last two three years. And it's it's a wonderful, you know, it's carrying on in that passion of mind to really help photographers out in their business. This is something that we started as a solution to our own problem many years ago, and it's really exciting now for me to spend my time working with photographers, helping them in their business, and in our the limits its color correction, taking the burden of color correction off of the professional wedding photographer, and giving them their business act of them so that's, where I spend all my time these days, and it's, it's, it's, a blast to see that business grow, and to have a partner that's also well, I mean, you know, like you said it start with jared platt, right, who has been here on on creative live everyone loves jared, obviously, and I love that it came about as a solution to a problem because you guys photographers know the things that face wedding photographers and no the problem areas that could be helping out so I love that that's your approach is here's the problem here's your solution so I mean let's be honest there are other retouching companies out there what is it to you that makes shoot dot at it the, um the solution to the problem um well, you know we're the fastest you know, we we turn our jobs around, we get you your images in this fast is forty eight hours and something that I and I think a lot of stars have realizes that speed is one of the most one of biggest differentiators now you know, especially in wedding photography brides want their images they wantto share them they want to be able to talk about them and they don't want to wait weeks weeks and the impact that fast has on businesses these days is incredible. You're referrals, your happiness, your client's appreciation skyrockets the quicker you get the images back to them. And so I think your partner we shoot at it because we are the fastest in the industry and that allows you to fast your bride, your groom, your client that is so often I mean it's actually one of things where when they're still in that flush of excitement that that just I I can't believe this happened and oh my gosh, these images they are exactly what I thought and tell everyone and then all of them want to have you as well that z love it so something I realized we totally did not talk about jerry you guys jared has actually been awesome enough to put together a new piece of bonus material for for his probable pricing and his pricing strategy and business courses. So what we've got is he put together a design your priceless pdf that you can check out that will help you to actually start out designing your price list on this will be included as a bonus material if you do purchase either profitable pricing for as part of photo weak or pricing strategy and business his three day so thank you very much do you want to just talk briefly about how people should use it? You know if it is what it is is it's wonderful because another big areas when you finish your pricing ah la times wave feel like oh, check that off the box checked that box off I'm done and presenting your pricing is so important we spent a whole segment talking about that in the three day of course but this is a checklist to help you out how do you present that pricing now that you've had it figured out and once you get it figured out there's a process to go through to make the pricing as easy to understand for your client is possible also awesome. Well, thank you so much for playing this together. Thank you for joining us today for taking time out of your day. We are very excited. Tell people again where folks confined you and she got it online. Yeah, you know, I'm on twitter at jered. Bombing on da through she dies. Just shoot, dot, edit, dot com as h o t d o t e d it dot com it's always a fun one to try to spell to someone on the phone, but it just plunging into google. It works too well, so fantastic. Well, thank you again, jared it's. Always nice to see you and talk to you. You to rest. Thanks again. All right, have a great one and everybody out there. We would love for you to sit down here and enjoy the profitable pricing segment with jared bowman from photo week. Enjoy.

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Pricing your photography is one of the most important tasks in your business, but where do you start? Join Jared Bauman to learn the essential fundamentals of pricing your work, including what to look for and how to build.

Jared will walk you through the different aspects to consider when creating your pricing, and identify which method is best for you: Packages or a la carte. After just 90 minutes, you'll understand which type of pricing is right for your photography services and have detailed steps to get started.