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Gear Settings

Lesson 2 from: Quick Home Photo Sessions

Vanessa Joy

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2. Gear Settings

Lesson Info

Gear Settings

So let's talk about all that techno Do you have the beautiful cannon? Are five here with me? I can get closer to the wide angle lens, which is every woman's dream. It's new. Cannon are five have the battery grip attached. I have. This is a ka wah pro gear strapped, and this is when my favorite shops actually has my name on it. And I figured if I attached my name to the camera can and will let me keep it right. Unfortunately, I do have to send this back. I'm shooting with the 24 to 105 Now it's kind of dark in here, and this is an F four lens a fixed at four ones, so I can't go any lower and let light in that way. Instead, I'll be cranking up my I S o probably 6400 or eight 1000. And here because it's dark, I can't go lower than f four. I'm not going to use Flash, and I have to keep my shutter speed probably around 2/100 of a second or higher, because I'm photographing my kids and they don't stop moving, ever. So I need to be able to freeze some action that way. All right, Now I am usin...

g why've you to get my exposure? But that's kind of normal from your list shooters, because you've got the electronic viewfinder with the exposure simulation in here. I'm primarily a DSLR shooter, actually. Been getting my exposure that way for a really long time. So Okay, let's get set. I'm gonna go ahead and go to auto White balance. It's something outside right now, but the sun might go in and out and the last thing I want, especially photographing young kids, is to constantly have to change my white balance in addition to some settings. So I'm gonna go ahead and keep that on auto. I've found so far at least that this camp it is a pretty good job on auto way bounce of these for my taste. And after this, we're actually gonna edit these photos with my light room up on some tools that I have on light room. So if there's a little bit of color, you know that I don't like easy fix, Okay? It looks like I am about at eight 1000 eso, and that's a good thing because everyone's talking about the I so capabilities of this 45 megapixel camera because, you know, it's more megapixels. Does it show more noise? Now, I personally have done quite a few tests on this, but I figured, why not shoot at a really high so here so that we can get, you know, a nice life example? Uh, I am at four, which is good also for keeping both my kids and focus. And I'm going to try to get some shots of the two of them together, and I am at a 2/100 of a second. We're pretty good here, just taking pictures of the Plato, but it's a pretty good exposure now. That's good to get the exposure simulation, but I tend to hit info and look at my history, Graham, just to make sure that everything looks good and this so far is pretty good. I feel safe at 200 of a second, and, uh, we're going to get started

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Vanessa Joy is terrific communicator, and this short video is fun and informative. I would love to see more detailed courses from her (and her husband on video).


Loved this class! Thank you so much. Excited to get a printer so I can take, edit, and print pics of my kiddos!!


Simple but practical. Good tips.

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