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Quick Home Photo Sessions

Lesson 6 of 7

Print Your Photos

Vanessa Joy

Quick Home Photo Sessions

Vanessa Joy

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6. Print Your Photos

Lesson Info

Print Your Photos

now I have here. This is my canon picks my printer, which you might be able to save. My God, it is the model t s 95 to 1 seat. This is not a super expensive printer. It's like 150 bucks. But it's your It's a great office printer. I just like that came in white. It matches, but it has, you know, scanner. And if prince photos and stickers and CDs Probably. I don't use it for that, but I do use it for printing and shipping on and in the back trail. We have a piece of five by 7 72 loss paper loaded. So that's what we're gonna do. But the nice thing about this, in addition, to be able, just stick in your memory card if you want to. Under here, you can print directly from your phone, which is what I'm going to do. So all you have to have is the cannon print app. Something to go into my phone, hit the cannon print app, and we hit photo print, and we're going to go into recent and there does all the way at the bottom. It's select next, my print settings. I'm just gonna change my paper. Size 25...

by seven. It goes with the last thing that was printed there, which was a four by six. Uh, no, I don't need to check my manual, but had us at my paper. Find out we're gonna hit print. There she is. Oh, I'm looking at it before I let you guys see it. Sorry. Wow. Okay, Yeah, that's clean. If you want to say so. This is a five by seven semi gloss printing tilted. That way, we'll see a little bit better. Let me know when you got that there. Yeah. Good. Cool. All right, so that was it. I mean, we did a photo shoot and then printed it, Edit it, printed it. And what was that? 20 minutes. Super Super short, superfast. And that's going to be a great I'll probably end up doing this with a few different ones that I have on here. And then even if I just stick to, like, five by sevens and four by six is you can easily grab that right there. You know, from your phone, I can put this on social media in a second and then the photos don't have to die there. And I know I'm gonna have fun with this. So your photos your home sessions can have you can have fun with you even though you're still stuck at home like a lot of us are, Or a lot of us are again. Find something to do. Make sure that you give your subject whoever they are, something to do. Set up your lighting, figure out what you want to do and just have fun with it. Don't stress out about it. You can do, you know, whatever. And then, most importantly, print your photos because that's how they're gonna last.

Class Description


Photographer, Educator & Canon Explorer of Light Vanessa Joy brings you a quick home photo session using the new Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera. Vanessa shares her tips for capturing your subjects naturally. Learn Vanessa's efficient workflow from photographing her two kids at home to wireless image transfer to fast mobile editing in Lightroom to printing at home. If you've been wanting to print more of your images, get inspired by how easy it can be.


Since 2002, Vanessa Joy has been photographing couples and educating pros worldwide. Focusing her business in the NJ / NYC area, and alongside her partnerships, as a Canon Explorer of Light + Profoto Legend, she helps pros take their businesses next level.

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Vanessa Joy is terrific communicator, and this short video is fun and informative. I would love to see more detailed courses from her (and her husband on video).


Loved this class! Thank you so much. Excited to get a printer so I can take, edit, and print pics of my kiddos!!


Simple but practical. Good tips.