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Lesson 7 from: Quick Home Photo Sessions

Vanessa Joy

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7. Q&A

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all right, Vanessa. Well, first of all, thank you so much. It really is incredible to see you be able to do a photo shoot in such a short period of time. But it's not just like you said the photo session itself. Because then if the images just sit on your camera, uh, then you know, I tend I can often be a cooperative. That could be me. So can you tell us again what I know? A lot of people you know might be new to the transferring their images from camera to phone. So tell us again just how that generally works. We don't have to look at it again. But are you generally doing that just for certain images for a short use or tell us when you use that functionality. So you have to have a WiFi or Bluetooth enabled camera, and with can in the way that they do, it is you connect it to the canon, connect app on your phone, and I believe that's android or IOS. So you should be good. Their injuries or or apple device, I think, don't get me wrong. But I think their newest T seven rebel camera even ...

has WiFi capability that you could do that with. So don't think you have to have the are five. I know the are Has it up the one txt or six. I believe the R P has there lot of cameras that have WiFi connectivity. Now for me, I'm not downloading everything there yet. However, there is a server connection capability within the R five that I haven't totally explored yet. I need to. That's on the to do list. Why happened? But for my purposes, I'm just picking my favorites. And that goes along with my entire workflow, too, because I do not like editing photos that much when they're not my favorite. So I send all of my editing and calling out to freedom at its If you go to freedom at its dot com forward slash vanessa joy. I should get a free $50 to give them a try, but they are the ones who are doing all of my mic grunt work. So going through the thousands of photos of drunk people dancing and and calling them down and getting them from raw to J peg, uploading them to, you know, to my online galleries. I don't like doing that. I like, however, my favorite images. I love editing them. I do, because those are the ones that you just you want to look at a little bit longer. You want to tweet, You want to finalize. You will make it exactly how you envisioned it. So those I will edit and those are the ones that all tend to transfer to my phone. They're the ones that will be the preview that I give to my clients earlier just to get them excited. And I think that works, whether it's a wedding or portrait session, anything you show them that's like sneak peek A preview beforehand is just going to get them more excited. Get them more excited. The love your photos more by the more you get to feed your kids, it's really wonderful. So but yeah, that's that's what I do personally, those kids look like they could eat, you know, way, Way did have a question from Jennifer, who is a longtime creative libras. Well, how's it going? How do you get the presets into light room mobile? Is that something you're doing on you do on your phone? whether they're your presets or any other presets out there. Or do you? How does that work? So presets? It can work with any presets, my presets, which you can find at preset Stop breather passion dot com, and we'll put that up probably in the chat. I'd give you those DMG files, the D and G files, which you need to get your presets into light room mobile. So I include them in mind, said a lot of people, that's all presets. But if you have your favorite presets on your you know your light room, here's what you do. You pull the photo, you apply that preset. It can, by the way, be a white photo or a black frame. It does not matter just a photo of any kind. You export it as a DMG file. So what it's doing is it's keeping all of the metadata in there and all of the settings there. It doesn't matter what they're doing photo. It just matters that the settings air There. You save that photo to your phone. You open that photo in light room and hit, um, go to presets and hit save settings as a preset and then that DJ file that has all the settings is now light room, and then you're basically taking theseventies from their copying them and saving them into lightweight mobile. It's a convoluted way of doing it. I think with the not free app is actually easier way of doing it. I tend to tell people how to do it with the free app, because I find that's what most people have your mobile. But if you have a light room subscription, I think there's a use your way to get it to sink through light room. I just actually haven't done it. I did it the hard way, but it's do the hard way. Do it the hard way, and then you can teach people. Thank you for that. Good to know that it is. Takes those extra few steps. All right, let's talk about the canon are five because I know you did a actual promo video for Canon as an explorer of light. So just give us give us the highlights for folks who are out there Curious. Yeah, absolutely. So the cannon are six is the camera that I had a lot longer. I've had the cannon are five. For roughly two weeks now. We've done an entire day's worth of photo shoot with it. It was Oh, my God. How hot was it, like, 97 degrees that day? Except it felt like on the red that feels like 102 and so humid and horrible. But we shot with this all day that day and then ended the eight hour day shooting video. And I went We went through every single video setting from a K, brought it 10 80 60 and just got all that information. And we will find that on my YouTube channel soon. Right now, on my YouTube, generally confined, you know, my initial thoughts, which is religious suspect video on the R five before I had in my hands. You can find a ton on our six because that did have in my hands. But my initial thoughts, uh, like most of you, I was scared about it overheating. So I'm going to pretend that wasn't when you hear that kind of thing, you're like, Oh, my God is gonna work in the last thing. You want this feel unsafe about your gear. So, through those eight hours of shooting and then ending in video. We do not have an overheat. Once we were in essentially 100 degree weather on a new engagement shoot. When I first tried this, I had shot. It was 77 degree weather. I shot for an hour. I was so blown away by the auto focus. Now the auto focus tech that's in here. The deep learning tech is actually in my candid one d x mark three. But for it to enable you have to shoot live, you having the auto focus capability when you can use the E V f. It is mind blowing both in the R five and the R six. It tracks my crazy running kids with no problem at all. And for me, focusing is it's a rough point, you know. I think it is for a lot of people. We struggle with missing images, not being able to focus fast enough. This camera, this autofocus tak has completely just taken that fear away, and you're able to take that hurdle out and just be so much more in the other thing. I was really excited about Isa little like capability, So the images that came out of that. I mean, that's 12,800. We did tests all the way up to the 51,200 that it goes to in video and photo. I am wildly impressed with the low light capability, and a lot of people were thinking, while would they are six at 20 megapixels to better than they are 5 45 Having shot both of them, I would say this one's cleaner from my experience they are five is cleaner, that they are six. But yet those are all my initials thoughts just so far. And I tend to think about things not in specks but in circumstance in workflow. So the things that I care about primarily as a wedding photographer like capability and focusing, who's with two things. I'm fighting at every wedding every day, every time. So I mean, I can walk into a church that has, you know, red carpet and nothing but stained glass windows, lighting with some orange fluorescent or tungsten lights. You know, coming down and not have to worry about anymore, cause Aiken go so high. It's also nice having your body stabilization. We did all our video tests handheld. Uh, so I haven't pulled him up on the screen yet. But when I do, they will be on my YouTube channel. Would get that out some point. So, did you have any other thoughts? I'm talking to my husband here. He's the video tech. Did you have any other thoughts about the AARP action? I mean, aside from it, looking great, I'm just a little concerned about the overheating issue. Then also, the playability of the four K files. I'm seeing a lot. Youtuber sayings. Heavy workflow. Yeah, before I You know, I four k a k in general, it's always gonna be heavy. That was the other thing. Definitely investing in higher, larger memory cards. It is a must think 5 12 or higher, Which is which is hard to dio. Yeah, I think those are all my initial thoughts. I'm sure I'll have more at some point. Well, I appreciate the sentiment that it's all about how you're using the camera, not just the specs. Ah, and so like, you said that when you said 12,800 even inside the house that you hurt. But I think I was like, Wow. Uh, so that's really amazing. Can you talk a little bit about the benefits of, you know, for people Mirror lis versus Non Marylise and how that's helped you or such? Oh, that's such a big fight can do you want to go there? So Marilyn sources DSLR eso I shoot both. I have my one dx three that I still shoot weddings within jobs with my mirror Elice camera the are the one actually have. This is this one that's on loan. I shoot most of my portrait settings. With that, I will say I have been enjoying near Lismore and more not only as I got used to it, but with lenses. The 28 to 72.0 lens is phenomenal. I could get it real quick if you don't mind looking at in the screen for a second. But this lens is It's crazy. It isn't. You can do bicep curls with this so heavy, but it's a 28 to 72.0, so what's been happening? It's all I take with me is this lens and my 1 35 which is an E f lens, but with the adapter on it and that's all I take with me on most of my shifts. So my bag has drastically lightened because this camera, I mean, it's a little bit later than my one dx three with, you know, once I have the battery pack on here, but not like a ton. So I'm not gonna say that, you know, fearless cameras or so much lighter, unnecessarily but the biggest thing other than the ones, this is just the advance focusing system. So I find myself shooting with my one dx three in my view a lot, because I want that focusing tech, which you can only get, in my view, the IED detection. Uh, for pet photographers, this has animal detection too. So that's nice. So I I'm a hybrid shooter right now. I shoot both because that one day x three has a better weather ceiling. And if I'm shooting a wedding, I shoot in the rain and sleet and the snow. I need that weather see, like the are five has about the weather ceiling of the five D mark four. If you're going to compare it and the R six has about the weather ceiling, I think of the 60 or the 60 Dean. I'm drawing a blank on which, but it's just not what the one d X three gives you. So there's security in my one dx three with that on comfort in shooting with this. So yeah, I still do both Can You can't make me about my care. And we don't have Teoh. Vanessa. Well, this was going to take for me. Oh, right. That's true. That's well, I just want to say thank you. So so much for doing this. We have, ah comments coming in. Mary Jo saying I'm amazed at how maney in images you had taken in such a short amount of time and super helpful she comptel with the eye detection. For sure. I'm personally a made that how sharp those images are and how you can see that, you know, just looking on your IPhone and doing those quick edits and then printing. I still have not. I have not. I don't have a printer at home, and and I appreciate that you have. You know, like you said one that's just over $100 versus thinking about investing in the $1000 printer. What have you, um, and that you can you know that you can get those that those prints, um, is super awesome. So, Vanessa, I know you mentioned your presets. Um, and you mentioned your youtube channel, so this is just a short session today. But like you said, you have so much education that you put out there. So tell us about where people can find you, follow you what kind of things you do on YouTube. And then I know that after we end today's show, we're gonna show a little bit more about those presets, automation tools and such that you have created for people. Yeah, So you can find me personally on Instagram. I would say that's where hang out the most. And then YouTube is We've been going at it for eight months now, So eight months and were 21,000 strong, which is pretty great on there. You can see, you know, breakdowns of gear and how I use it. We have life photo shoots, actual clients, not just once that we put together. You know, we'll have a video person sneak onto engagement sessions, you can see what it's really like versus me, just setting it up and just today I released a video, um, kind of incriminating myself. I told a lot of war stories when it came to weddings, some of them which did not paint me in the best light. But I figured, Why not? So those the two places you can find me. And if you want to keep up with all the rest of the stuff I have going on, see there with you can go ahead and download that posing guide because that will sign you up for my email list. And I always have good stories to share. I'll keep you up to date with content. Not a lot. Probably email you after the initial email to maybe twice a month. But it gives gives you a lot of free information. What's going on. And then, of course, any cannon news. I'm good to come to for anything cannon, because I do get to have my hands on things before a lot of people dio So yes, that's for you can find me awesome and tell us again about the, um, what we're about to see in terms of your presets and automation tools, cause it's not just presets, it's not you know presets. I'm actually not a huge fan of presets in general, but their production tools more so. Their tools that help you go through your entire workflow, whether it's capture one or white room and do things that you have to do, like white balance and corrections, or adding film grain or dealing with contrast saturation. But it helps to do them much faster because we still have to use all those sliders. But I found a way where you don't have to use the sliders. And then, in addition, I have an entire pack that's dedicated to being able to retouch right in like room, which is my favorite thing, because then I don't have to open up photo shop and deal with that. I can lightly retouched and do the things like get rid of the under eye circles. Maybe set your eyes a little bit, get rid of wrinkles or, you know, shine the hair, saturate the lips, whatever it is that you can do that right in light room. So it's a complete workflow from start to finish. It does include presets or styles. Uh, those are the thing will probably use the least to be honest, you'll probably find your favorite one that fits the style of your photography. You'll stick to that and you'll stick to one black and white style, but the rest of it you'll use all the time. Vanessa Joy here, and I'm proud to announce my very own presets and productivity tools. I have 15 new presets for you for both, like room and capture one. But I didn't stop there. I've created 30 production tools, meaning you don't have to go up and down on sliders anymore. You have stackable buttons to control things like exposure, shadows, sharpening and even adding film grain. I've also created 30 local adjustment. Fresh is to help of fine tuning. You can easily add ingredients creating and nice blue sky, enhancing a magenta sunset or adding son flair to your photos. I've designed all of these to give your photos that extra wow as quickly and as easily as possible. The local adjustments also let you retouch somebody's face on the spot without ever having to touch photo shop. I even have my very special tool that I called D Jersey Skin gets rid of fake tans on anyone 15 styles 30 brushes and 30 stackable production tools are all sold separately, so you can grab whatever you need. But if you grab them together, I've got a great deal for you down below. Go ahead and use the sliders on all the different images below. And even some of the brushes is well. Styles include four black and whites, including a warm and the CPF right in vibrant, crazy, colorful, dark and moody, fresh and clean gray day. Joyfully simple light and airy. Make it pink pastel and paisley, toasted almond and stupid green. I'd love for you to grab all three packs and see what a difference it makes in your photography and workflow. Thanks so much for your support on Vanessa.

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