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Low internet good morning and welcome to quick location lighting with rick friedman here on creative live this is part of the lighting tool kit week which I am very excited to be a part of my name is russ andy's this is susan roderick and we're going to be your host today we could not be more excited to be here susan am I right? Yes you are excited how are you doing? I'm good how are you today? Fantastic pleasure is we don't get to do it enough and I'm always pleased when we do so we are going to get started here we're going to do a about ten minutes of pre show so let us know out there on in the chat room if you can see us and hear us as we test our audio and video to make sure everything's working for you and please let us know where you're joining us from if you could just put in the chat room your name and the country or city you're joining us from we'd love to give you a shout out along with that we'd love to give a shout out to our in studio audience we have six amazing people he...

re so please introduce yourself to the world and let them know your name and your website or where they can reach you online and maybe why you're excited to be here today so where should we start my star really I am lee tena bo I'm a local photographer little bit north of seattle and you can find me my website is l ten photography dot com same on facebook at cell tien and I'm just really excited to see rix work and meet him in person and see what kind of wonderful tips and tricks he can teach us. I am katherine gooding, I'm a seattle based photographer I mostly specialize in interiors and real estate photography, but I also do it some event work and I'm excited tio take ricks suggestions and put those toe work and take great photos and short logistically thank you. I am sarah anderson. You can find me at sara anderson, hawaii dot com and the same on facebook I'm actually here from the big island of hawaii shout out to all my homies back there on dh really happy to be here I think it's exciting to be here on day two. Yesterday we had high fashion photography and today we get to go to photojournalism, so yeah, how exciting hi my name is kelly bui. I'm a local photographer as well more weddings and events, kids and family kind of thing my website is kcb photography dot com and I am thrilled to be here just to kind of glean some of rick's enthusiasm and excitement for what he does and just incredible talents hi, I'm glen nelson I'm a local photographer mostly in the web, sports and nature stuff on the kind of guy who always says that I do natural lighting because this kind of stuff that rick does is intimidating to me I also I'm familiar with ricks crazy energy and interested to see how that's going to work on a computer monitor and how it's going to be contained and I'm looking forward to any drinking that might take place afterwards I'll diddle that last comment um britt tolson on the senior forensic photographer for the seattle police department specialising crime scene and evidence photography however, we do a lot of photography on the side as well for public or community type of events and publication's annual reports, posters, billboards and so forth and part of that photography involves me going out and photographing training events and things of that nature and it's kind of a quick moving, fluid kind of environment and that's what I need learn is from the master of the run and gun speed light rick here. And so I'm really looking forward to this class today. Absolutely and I think the answer to your question is we won't be containing rex energy I don't think that that is physically possible susan let's talk about how people are joining us online we always have our large global audience and I'd love to check in with them I'm so excited to read off these countries this morning I love the global audience here critic clive and just let rick know and everyone know how many countries are represented so let's see we bobi is joining us from germany we have russell hey who's joining us from the center of the universe we have andre gunther is joining us from poland and we have a guest from guatemala filling is joining us from china and maria is joining us from montenegro juan collar carlos is in venezuela I love this I love this job it's fantastic. It really is amazing to be able to be involved with people from literally around the world and bring them someone like rick friedman just let me know oh, I will continue I will for a moment though I want to get to know britt britt why don't you come on up here and bringing mike with you? Britt I'm really excited to have you here understand right here tell us a little bit about your job and kind of how you got into that because this as as a forensic photographer this kind of quick location lighting is I'm sure what you do every single day actually it is I started in this well actually started out as a military photographer and I was in the gulf war version one point oh desert storm that was a long time ago and so I that was a lot of running gun photography as well because it's a fluid environment and that led to me working in the police department and so there we photograph crime scenes and we photograph evidence would use some laboratory work we also photographed training events and a lot of documentation of things going on in the city and so that requires kind of ah fluid movement kind of what's ric's doing here as opposed to a set studio location and so yeah, I'm really looking forward to learning from him today it's fantastic. I know that when we were talking before we started you mentioned you wanted to bring some more kind of creative elements to your photography. Is there something that you're thinking about specifically that you wanna be able to deal with it? Like I was saying, we we do a lot of publications and we try and do a lot of images that reach out to the community because I want to set aside the crime scene and evidence photography that does not lend itself well to creativity. I imagine that's a very strict procedure code we have to go by however on the publication side a speedy does have a website we also have a twitter feed so those of you interested in logging into that you'll probably crash their network today you're welcome to do that and wait do publications like posters? We also have flyers or pamphlets that go out let's say domestic violence, and we'll have imprinted in multiple languages and may have images, and they go out to the community, but also currently we have display of officers, kind of done in a richard avedon style and ah display of historical technology in the department and it's on display at the and folk gallery as city hall right now, it's open to the public until the end of this month of fantastic and so those of you out there that want to take a look att some of my work that non criminal, of course, don't crash site either place, but you can go to www dot five hundred p x dot com backslash drop box with the bee x d rop b x eight zero two four and you'll be able to get a kind of a look at what I do for fun, fantastic side, the criminal world, that's wonderful, and I'm excited that you're able to be here and bringing different perspective from, you know, the the majority of our audience does not shoot crime scenes. I think I'm I think I'm safe in saying that, so I wouldn't say it was a job for everybody, but I do love what I do that's great, well, thank you very much, I appreciate your coming up. Absolutely on. We're about ready to get started here. Let's have one or two more shots from the chat room. Susan, where else? Their joint people joining us from. Okay, let's, see here. Well, should we, uh, give some shadows to people in the united states? I love doing the international one. So, alex, alex dent is joining us from las vegas and well, get pooh khan is joining us from the netherlands. Let's. See, marianne is joining us from romania. Hi, marion. He is a regular and let's say we have burleson, texas, representative from cawsey and it just goes on and on. That's fantastic. Now rick has over thirty years of photojournalism experience he's, based in boston, his he's been published in time, newsweek usa today, today, new york times and so many other publications that I I can't name them all. He's had over seventy five magazine covers. He's worked with presidential candidates, every presidential candidate from jimmy carter all the way to the current president barack obama. Hey has so much experience. He travels worldwide, and I love to read a brief quote from him. Hey says one of the greatest things about being a freelance photojournalist is the great variety of assignments I get to cover. And the places I get to go I could be covering the president one day spending the following day with a noted scientist or professor or both and the following day overseas on a travel story I truly have the best job in the world I would argue that I have the best job in the world because I now get to introduce mr rick friedman wrecked come on thank you thank you very much pleasure to have you here thank you how is are you excited for the day? I am so excited to be this is a great honor to be here creative live to work with you folks and get to talk to all of you out there so I'm really looking forward to it. It was great fun watching lindsay adler yesterday was a fantastic body of work I'm now going to show you a completely opposite end of lighting, so what we're doing is we're not in many cases we don't have any planning time we get an assignment they call up and say how fast can you get to andi will jump in the car with my wonderful assistant keiko romanian she may be on the phone quickly researching the shoot and we're trying to think it up as we get there we walked in the room we've never seen and sometimes the communication person says, oh yeah and you got five minutes to do this and we still need to go back to our editor with a great photograph. So we walk in. We look at the lighting, that's there, what can we do with it? Do we need to add, what is that we need to do to make a great picture within our very short allotted time in a location we haven't seen? And what we're gonna do is we're going to share with you. I'm going to share with you a little bit about some of the things that I've had, the honor of doing some of the places I've gotten to go on. Some of the amazing people I've had the honor of meeting.

Class Description

Quick Location Lighting is part of our special week-long event Lighting Toolkit.

Join world-renowned photojournalist Rick Friedman for an introduction on how to optimize normal light to create stunning, dynamic images.

During his course, Rick will share the techniques he’s learned during his three decades of shooting presidents, scientists, and the world's brightest innovators. You’ll master doing more with less equipment, finding the light in a wide variety of settings, lighting locations quickly, and more.

Rick’s background will inspire you to use your photographs to tell a story, and his expertise will give you the foundational lighting skills you’ll need to shoot with confidence.



Of all the Creative Live classes I've watched this was the most fun and the most motivating. Rick's easy, unflappable style and humour makes it easy to take in what he is saying and doing. Highly recommended.


Rick Friedman does an excellent job in this course. He is a true professional who really knows his craft. He is an entertaining and excellent presenter.