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Silly Group Shot

So let's, quickly pull this together. The challenge here is, and I'm actually going to switch to the plus trees just for ease of explanation. So I think we kind of have this area. We're going quickly put together a group shot. We've got a bunch of dinah lights that we can use. All right? We've got a wall, we've got attitude, we can create a photograph the challenge is going to be is that we have to get I'm actually going to take the picture. I'm going to hold the pocket. Was it in my hand? I'm going to fire the camera. The camera is then going to fire the strobe remotely. I have to get the signals, right? So what let's assume that this area is where our pictures taken. All right, so what we need to do is we're going to use that. Let some that's kind of open this thing up, so I have ah, can we put a beauty dish on this on one of them? All right? And I'm sort of rushing because, hey, we're headed time, kids. Yeah, this's about the point I always think, why did I come up with this idea? S...

o let's see, here we have this quickly switch that out. We can sort of leave this in the background so that in the earth's take this out of the way and at this point you all can come up and help because I don't know what you're hoping with because I know what we're doing but here have a frame yeah we're gonna get this out of the way so I'm sort of thinking right that the group shot well we have two possibilities we could either do the group shot on the couch I can set it up come on come time to be creative that's quickly clear this part of the set quick rearrange sorry crew people if we're completely messing you guys up my apologies they like to challenge I was just oh I was going to leave the couch there and move the set there is that okay let's just move the junk out of here leave the car leave the set where it is watch the lamp so I don't know I think somebody we can sit on the trunk I'm going to get this camera out of the way this's gonna come off this is going way got have school. Okay, so what were quickly doing? I know it seems like all of a sudden chaos and it iss is we're going to quickly rigged this remote camera on the key to that thank you is me grab this key to this is that I've got to get this to fire so I'm going what I'm going to do okay is I am going to turn off my pocket wizard I'm gonna turn off my power pack okay? This pocket was it is set for channel eighteen. All right? I'm going to train this power supply to fire on channel eighteen. Turn it on. I'm going to hold the test button watch your eyes if you're looking at a light okay, so we know we're firing now it's gonna happen so this is on channel eighteen. I'm going to change this one on top of the camera. Okay, I am going to make this now on channel seventeen. We're going quickly rigged this up on a tripod if somebody could grab us that tripod please. So it is just like real world like two seconds bam got to do it so let's see here which cameras? This one of my camera's works well on one doesn't. What I'm going to do is I'm gonna plug this into the cable release port and whoops a daisy way count. Well, that seems to be working. There we go. So I've got a pocket was it in my hand I'm firing this camera in my hand that's firing that flash it's blinding me o ur this's really cook so, sir, we just took a second now people, this is a group photograph when you start coming up with an idea for the picture somebody else start directing this photograph this is our set what do we do anybody hello okay yeah person I'm looking for somebody to take over well I said this let's get I agree that's what I'm going for that's exactly it yes the week that junk I mean that find photographic equipment that's there okay so there you go wei have a cabling issue this needs teo make sure you didn't drop it on ideally will take the cable's out thought you're get only but ok it's cool this guy back yeah it's actually it's actually in the shot but that's okay real quick we've got five minutes come on you're in this you've been in the shoot all day come on anybody who can get in this is in it let's get all this stuff softly here there we go thank you very much got it perfect perfect, perfect let's see, we're doing that's here this is yours because they're okay let's quickly get a rough idea what's happening on our light let's uh let's get a quick meter reading and see what we can pull off I'm gonna get in here someone yeah my suggestion on this is that we put unplug this and put the cable writer on the back that way we're not cables through the middle of it a bucket of pocket wizards thank you said ese okay let's see, we're doing way I can't test it plugged in I'm not testing you now if I get out of the way of the camera I might be able to actually test it wait well let's say we're getting away oh it's coming up there let's just get our exposure up a little bit focus be nice if they could see wouldn't it so it's good where dina late packing let's cranks more power right of that pack let's go here which one's that that's that look all right let's see we're doing here quickly get another meter reading move well I'd say we're getting keep running over there it's habit to run to the camera okay we're spring our exposure down a little bit yeah yeah I wonder if the blue the blue actually needs to be go boat you could do whatever you want this is our group picture okay, so the only thing I think we need let me just see which had this one is waken just turn this down it is head on right? So if I if I power this down okay, because it's caller it's going to become more intense right? So I think what auto happen you think I had to be in the back in the middle really there gonna be blocking everybody? I'm so wide I'm like the theme I've never been a theme before we've got a suggestion from the internet here wow yes please suggestion that everyone hold one of the different pieces of gear that he's been using all day today if there's like that's up avail your cool thank you alright but this one yeah lighting kit pretty cool huh yeah we got some flash benders we got some grid's got some pocket wizards uh cheryl let's bring that I think I might just lie right lot lounge around here is that cool yeah uh wait so well yes okay kuwait so that there's another one of these around somewhere what does anybody have a road grid set let's just do a quick test shot clues okay here we go let's do a test shot so it's another grueling day at the office how much do we love creative life that's looking at the camera and say we're going to get a resident at the jump upto look anymore I usually do ah okay let's solve decide look this is our pick this's our picture what do we want to do can I have another kid so I have another lighting kit or not wait wait do we need more gear what are we forgetting camera you know nobody's got a camera in this picture huh? Wait ready perhaps I'm looking to run I keep looking at the screen look at the camera rick you are what you look like you're hanging on for dear life ah ready everybody looking at it anybody else want to push the button you know so look we've got remote cameras we've got you know we've got studio stroh's we get color gels look at that I keep looking in the wrong direction somebody tell me when it's good because I'm always looking over there let's say uh okay that's glaring okay and what happens just so you know okay is it when we got something overly plastic right you have to worry about angle events and hang a reflection so here there you go try that we're gonna have the young and the picture okay john is in the picture too big up everybody look at the camera we're going to run out of time what are you doing yeah way of the bad guys take a look up we have a picture you it looks to make were tad under exposed right quick way I gotta tell you folks this is it a great way to end hammami just check focus because focuses not highly overrated this's ah this is really a great way to end a workshop you know that we've done all the things we've gone from where we were this morning oh, this is gone okay okay hold on is this is this inner out I think the talladega they go a little boy okay ready way here we go yeah here we go way somebody tickle keiko that's looking better man wanted to more somebody help, somebody needs to hold the flash bender, please. Now, where's our grilled grid. Thank we're looking good. How we looking? Yeah, looking great. Last one. Hey, mars, can we have that police, the grid, just the grid set. Just throw it over to somebody. Don't drop that really that's my standard line, we get somebody want one of these on high keiko way. Go last couple say, thank you, creative, live, thanks, everybody. Thank you. Great job of executing this image.

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Quick Location Lighting is part of our special week-long event Lighting Toolkit.

Join world-renowned photojournalist Rick Friedman for an introduction on how to optimize normal light to create stunning, dynamic images.

During his course, Rick will share the techniques he’s learned during his three decades of shooting presidents, scientists, and the world's brightest innovators. You’ll master doing more with less equipment, finding the light in a wide variety of settings, lighting locations quickly, and more.

Rick’s background will inspire you to use your photographs to tell a story, and his expertise will give you the foundational lighting skills you’ll need to shoot with confidence.



Of all the Creative Live classes I've watched this was the most fun and the most motivating. Rick's easy, unflappable style and humour makes it easy to take in what he is saying and doing. Highly recommended.


Rick Friedman does an excellent job in this course. He is a true professional who really knows his craft. He is an entertaining and excellent presenter.