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Lesson 5/13 - Inverse Selection


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Inverse Selection

Often times when I'm making selections mentally, I might be thinking about a particular object that needs to be selected, but I'll compare the object I'm attempting to select to its surroundings, and I'll select whatever simpler. So even though I want this bird selected doesn't mean I'm going to use something like the quick selection tool in pain across the bird because the bird various more in brightness and in just complexity of its shape and things. So what I might do often time to select what I don't really want, which is the surroundings, and then when I'm done, I just go to the select menu, and she was in verse to get the opposite, and now I can get that object, but I just find that so often people get mentally stuck on the idea of I'm trying to select this object and therefore that's all I'm thinking about where so often I'm thinking about what's simpler, the thing I want or the opposite of it, and so oftentimes they'll select the surroundings as an alternative.

Class Description

Learn how to take advantage of Photoshop’s powerful Selection tools and take your image editing skills to the next level.

Join Ben Willmore and explore everything you need to know to quickly select complex objects and refine selections in seconds. You’ll learn how to remove complex backgrounds (like trees and other naturescapes), precisely select smoke, and work with translucent objects. You’ll leave this course ready to make much more effective selections.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2