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Quick Selection Tips

Lesson 6 of 13

Lasso plus Magic Wand Selections

Ben Willmore

Quick Selection Tips

Ben Willmore

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Lesson Info

6. Lasso plus Magic Wand Selections

Lesson Info

Lasso plus Magic Wand Selections

Another ideas let's say there was ten birds in the sky, and I only wanted to get one of them. Well, I could select the sky choose inverse so that we have all the birds in the sky, and then I could use the keyboard shortcuts of either shift to add to a selection or options option to take away and take away the other birds. But there are some other ideas we can use here. I want to get the sky divers, so what I'm going to do is use the lasso tool to first tele photo shop what part of the image to think about? And then I'll switch to a different simple tool, like the magic wand tool, and I'm going to hold down the key that takes away from things. The key that takes away is option on a mac all tum windows I haven't held down right now, and I'm just going to click inside the selection that's here, right where the sky is to say take away the sky so the magic wand to will click I could get that I'll do it again to the other sky diver in this case, I'll grab my lasso tool usually fired just dra...

w shape over here, it would replace the one we already had, so we no longer have the other sky divers will choose undo if I want to add to the other sky diver I need to hold on the shift key could shift means add to what we already have and all the strong my lasso around that then again I'll go back to my magic wand tool and I will say let's take away from this election and that's by holding on the option key alton windows and I will click right where the sky is within that selection to say get rid of the blue sky from thesis election as a whole and more spot there and I could get that selected so that makes sense some times that's if I had twelve birds in the sky and I only needed one of them why not just do a simple magic wand around one and then used or not a magic wand a lasso around one and then use the magic wand to say hey shrink that lasso down to eliminate this blue sky area that's there so there's all sorts of ideas we can explore like that but it's really nice field use it and we can use the same ideas holding on shift to add or option to take away on the simplest tools or the most complex there so universal that you just really need to drill him into your head most people I find think about him on a very simple level but I use him even on the most complex tools that photo shop offers we have a question when you make that selection around, whatever the object is, do you have to be in the blue area? If it's overlapping, will it mess up the selection? If I were to make this election over here and overlaps, some of the smoke let's say like that, then when I tell it to take away by holding on the option key, and I click here, it would most likely relieve some of that smoke up at the top. I could hold down that option, he still to say, take away and then come up here is they take that away as well, and I probably have to click here for five times to get rid of it, so I try to make it so the selection that originally create is only touching simple, the simple surroundings and no other distinct detail that's out there in this case, and I'll do the other guy again. I'm holding shift right now, so I don't eliminate the selection we already have, and we'll do that one magic wand option means take away some holding it down right now, walton windows, click where the sky is in on occasion, you'll get some residue still selected within the sky just continue holding down the option key, which means take away and click on the the part that still has two remaining residue just like what I did when we still had a little bit of the smoke selected a few minutes ago I just did it more than once now we could select the smoke that's in here but we just haven't got toe advanced enough level yet to tackle that but when I do select the smoke it will be where I hold down the shift key and young use some fancy tool and photo shop to say add to the selection we already have and if I didn't hold down the shift key it would replace the selection we have so I always keep that in my head yes is it would it be helpful to drop the tolerance if you're even if you like accidentally get more of the clouds and just do like a rough grab you could at the top of your screen there's a choice of here called tolerance and what tolerance means is of tarsus set to zero when you click the magic one tool tries to select on ly the exact color you clicked on and it won't get anything else that's similar to it you know a little bit brighter little bit darker it will ignore those areas and only go for exactly the color you clicked on as you increase the tolerance it means it can go up to thirty two shades brighter darker then what you clicked on and it'll still selected so if it ends up selecting too much, you could lower the tolerance, or if it doesn't select enough, you can increase it, but to be honest, most of the time I leave it at the default in the reason for that is that same tolerance setting is used in a lot of other tools and photo shop without telling you that it's being used. So if I change it here, a lot of other tools, like there's, something called select similar, would change the way they work, too. And so I think sometimes mess me up when I'm using other features, but it isn't something you could a just and so it's nice to be able to take away from our selection using the magic wand tool. Usually the magic want to when you click with it just looks at the color that you clicked on and says let's, select things very similar to this that are within the tolerance setting, which means that's within this much of a difference in brightness from what we clicked on. And the more I khun target an area I isolated first and then just used the magic wand that will take away from it, usually the more often it's useful for me at least.

Class Description

Learn how to take advantage of Photoshop’s powerful Selection tools and take your image editing skills to the next level.

Join Ben Willmore and explore everything you need to know to quickly select complex objects and refine selections in seconds. You’ll learn how to remove complex backgrounds (like trees and other naturescapes), precisely select smoke, and work with translucent objects. You’ll leave this course ready to make much more effective selections.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



I love learning from Ben Willmore! He has such a friendly, casual style I just love watching him in action. But he never wastes my time, he attacks his topic forcefully, stays focused on his teaching, and I have learned so much watching his videos. Ben is terrific and I strongly recommend this and his other courses on CreativeLive.

Julie Coder

Excellent class! Ben has a very clear presentation style so it's easy to follow along. I appreciate seeing the diverse approaches to selections, and some creative uses as well. Thanks so much!


I am a beginner in PS. I had been struggling with it for about 6 months until I took Ben Willmore's Photoshop 101. I have had many "aha" moments, but still learning. I decided to get "Quick Selections" because I was looking for shortcuts and quicker ways to process my photography. I am only half way through the course and it has already paid for itself in time that it will save me. It has also opened my eyes to greater possibilities in editing. Ben Willmore is an excellent instructor. His style is laid back, but thorough.