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Quick Selection Tips

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Straight lines with Lasso Tool

Ben Willmore

Quick Selection Tips

Ben Willmore

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Lesson Info

3. Straight lines with Lasso Tool

Lesson Info

Straight lines with Lasso Tool

Let's talk briefly about the lasso tool with the lasso tool. Usually you can click and drag and make free form shape. You could just trace what other, whatever object you're trying to isolate but there's a trick to it. If you ever run into any straight lines in the thing, you're trying to select it's going to be awfully hard to draw the straight line by hand and keep it actually straight, so when you're in the middle of using the lasso to elect this, you can hold down a special key and your keyboard. It happens to be the option key, and if you keep it held down that's the altar, keane windows, then you could like all your mouse bun as long as you have the option he held down it means don't finish my selection yet it's kind of like a pause button that says, hey, don't finish! Usually you let go and finish and you can just click and click and click and make straight lines and if you want to go back to a free form shape, just click and don't let go just are drawn and then if you let go ag...

ain, you go back to making straight line segments for as long as you have the option he held them. Now, if I let go of the option key, it means no longer pause the finishing of this election. Make it so if I let go of mass bun that finishes the selection like it usually does so far, let go of option right now. It should usually finish my selection. It didn't. Right now, though, it changed it over to a different selection tool. Most the time, though it will not affect your wide stuck just now. But so if I wanted to select this object, I see a nice straight line here I can click the mouse buttonholed option, get a nice straight line, then keep my mouth's held down as I draw around this curve, then let go click again to get a straight line and so on. But holding down the option key is what's going to allow me to get those straight lines that nice. And so, therefore I could have selected the outer part of the circle using the, uh, technique we talked about previously to get the round part first, and then I could add on to it with our lasso tool.

Class Description

Learn how to take advantage of Photoshop’s powerful Selection tools and take your image editing skills to the next level.

Join Ben Willmore and explore everything you need to know to quickly select complex objects and refine selections in seconds. You’ll learn how to remove complex backgrounds (like trees and other naturescapes), precisely select smoke, and work with translucent objects. You’ll leave this course ready to make much more effective selections.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



I love learning from Ben Willmore! He has such a friendly, casual style I just love watching him in action. But he never wastes my time, he attacks his topic forcefully, stays focused on his teaching, and I have learned so much watching his videos. Ben is terrific and I strongly recommend this and his other courses on CreativeLive.

Julie Coder

Excellent class! Ben has a very clear presentation style so it's easy to follow along. I appreciate seeing the diverse approaches to selections, and some creative uses as well. Thanks so much!


I am a beginner in PS. I had been struggling with it for about 6 months until I took Ben Willmore's Photoshop 101. I have had many "aha" moments, but still learning. I decided to get "Quick Selections" because I was looking for shortcuts and quicker ways to process my photography. I am only half way through the course and it has already paid for itself in time that it will save me. It has also opened my eyes to greater possibilities in editing. Ben Willmore is an excellent instructor. His style is laid back, but thorough.