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Letter Masking

We're covering the entire background with the collage paper we could actually cut instead of covering the background with a collage paper we could paint the background and create the collage kind of like we did in our journaling class if you're interested in that sort of collage technique that shows up in the art journaling one of one class that I offer through creative live as well how to take your collage papers and create your shapes out of these painted collage papers but this time what we're going to do is we're covering the entire background and then we're going to mask out some words on them and again I ask my students here to give me a quote that they wanted a very short quote because too many letters stick down is kind of tedious but this little quote that they chose I pre cut out of it full sticky back posted note ish stuff they are posted notes so I'll just go ahead and say they're they're they're posted notes but their full sticky back ones okay supposedly they make full an...

d a half by eleven sheets that's totally posted notes sticky on the back ok now the reason that we don't want to go with a full sticker label to mask out in this technique is that the stickiness of the sticker will actually pull this paper up when you're peeling it away ok lesson learned I did that on my sample and I thought I had it down just press down really lightly and lo and behold, when I pulled it up it pulled some of the paper up a swell so if you don't want that to happen, what you're really wanting to mask with is something that's just lightly tacky okay, when we get this covered which you guys air surprisingly keeping up with each other, you're almost there um I through the magic of television already have my done set this down here, so once I have mine done, it looks something like this, ok? Like I said on my original I wrapped around the corners that is something that you absolutely can do even after the fact, even after you get the front of the mast, you can cut strips of the paper and wrap it around the edges of your canvas and you're all set, but for today we're just doing the top hey, what we're going to do is we're gonna mask out our words I'm going to let you guys keep going, but I'm going to talk about it did talk about how I made the masks I cut them out of sticky notes tediously hand cut no, I didn't I used I used my digital cutter I use the brother scan and cut tio key and the words that I wanted to cut and each one of these letters was cut out of one little post it notes so it did take me some time last night to cut these out but better than than than in class we wouldn't have been able to do it so what I'm going to do is lay this out and again just like in our journaling class where I talked about one more masking how we want to pick out maybe I'm just going to arbitrarily say it's going to go this way I can flip it around and say where do I really really really love the background and they want a mask that area out so you pick your favorite part take your favorite part but you also have to think kind of composition wise where do I want my words tio how do I want them to flow do I want it to be three words minus b the light so it's pretty easy to lay it out when you're using the the post it notes you don't want to get your fingers on the especially if there's lots of blue fingers you don't want to get the fingers on the back side as much as possible just so that they stay kind of tacky and I thought about bringing you guys rulers for this but I thought no I'm going to make you do it the way I do it that is just eyeballing it if you really need tio make sure that something is lined up you can always find something as a reference point whether I cut a strip of paper and lay it across just so that I kind of eyeball it and make sure that it's lining up straight ok, I really think I want to spread my words out more are you guys doing with the collage ing it's looking good from here? They look amazing and who knew that that just came from photocopies of an art journal page you did earlier it looks wonderful gift card really makes everything go on friday and flat I love that you love that very efficient and you're not wasting any of your medium because it all gets used trying to come up with a quote that my kids didn't think was totally cheesy this week was really hard like what about this one? Mom it's so corny that's so cheesy you want there to be no white face thomas but I'm ideally because you don't know where you're gonna lay your worth out okay? So the first quote that I picked that I did for my sample cases remember who represent and that can have so much meaning especially in my family I'm planning and hanging this over my front door as you walk out the door so it's like the last thing that you see as you leave the house I saw somebody do this a long time ago I think even before pinterest with around on dh they had a really cool sign over their door that said exactly that remember who you represent and so just kind of ah touchstone for for my family to remember as they're leaving you know like behave yourselves children but just remembering you know all of that and on a spiritual level tio just a great a great reminder not that they would really like look up and pay attention but it's the thought it's the thought that have the text it to them probably I texted to him yeah absolutely snapchat it okay so I am going to come around and pass out your letters I know you're not quite there yet but when you get done you do want to hit it with a dryer it's very important that the surface is completely dry before we go on okay I'm gonna come around and pass out your words I had a really hard time with a w so I ended up turning ems upside down because the w was just too wide so our memories last a lifetime way thanks so here's a different w and m if you want a different if you want another posted now you see what that is that's an upside down am and that's a w second bug you know okay thank you e make your own luck right here right now and your w ended up being pieced together but I think it should be fine so once I get this uh all down I'm going to press it down again. The surface of my canvas is completely dry. I've got this lined up I could get a ruler I may want to take a look at it from a can you guys tell me from that distance? Does that look straight ish over here? Does anything need to be adjusted? Please tell me. Okay, yeah. E straight dish ok, and then distance from here. Teo here is not the same, but I'm not gonna let that bother me. Hey, I could move everything down so that everything is in the lower corner. That's just an editorial adjustment that's personal preference. Okay, you guys are looking great out there. You've got almost everything covered now. Does it have to all be the handmade paper? The photo copies of the paper? Now you can throw in handmade paper in here, you can throw in little bits of security envelope little bits of book paper, you've been totally mix and match do it up. But for today, for this particular project, we're just taking the photocopies in the different scale way printed them out full size. We've printed them out half size so you have the different scale and you've collage it down, so get it dry and then get your words on their place them the beauty of it is if I arbitrarily decide to put my mask over a piece on, I don't really like what showing through and always touch it up, take a pen, takes a more paint, add little, you know, dots and marks, and I like the idea of taking the pictures to reuse stuff because a lot of stuff I do is mail art and my husband's always like you're sending that away. You spend hours thinking that you're sending it away, you know, so if I take pictures and then can we use the stuff I've made that excellent point? Sarah, I haven't done much mail are before that's a great idea. So another cool thing about this is that I can have these two pieces of art in the same room, even and they're very cohesive. They're not the same at all, but they definitely play well with each other, right? Easy way to make a collection of art that goes together. We have a few bubbles. Is it good that they're gonna be texture? Okay? Oh, good.

Class Description

Do you struggle with what to do with old art projects that you don't have the heart to toss, but no longer want to display? Andrea Chebeleu will show you how to get more mileage out of your earlier endeavors in Recycle Your Art.

Andrea started out as a professional scrapbooker, but her interest in all-things-art called her to establish a studio that teaches a whole range of creative techniques. In this class, she’ll help you see the potential in pages from your art journal and show you how to make digital versions of your real life work. You’ll learn:

  • Photographing and copying tips (no special software needed!)
  • The best method for the smooth application of collage paper to canvas
  • A foolproof masking technique and how to add shadows for depth and dimension
  • Which paint and glue options are best for paper art projects
Not all art journaling experiments are 100% successful. But, most pages have several redeeming factors – recycling that work is a simple way to take the parts you love and make more art with them.

If you are looking for a fun, playful way to have more fun with your existing work, don’t miss Recycle Your Art with Andrea Chebeleu.