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Representation Through Illustration

Reyna Noriega

Representation Through Illustration

Reyna Noriega

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Class Description


Illustrator and author Reyna Noriega sits down with us to talk about her creative journey, how it feels to see more representation in creative communities and gives us an illustration demonstration on her iPad Pro. Using Apple’s Procreate, Reyna takes us from rough sketch to final piece, so you see how her work comes to life. 


Reyna Noriega is an Afro Latina author, illustrator, and educator. For her, art has always been a tool by which she could dive deeper into herself. The joy and clarity it brings her have led her to devote her work to help others heal and find the happiness that is intrinsic. She lets her culture and experiences as a woman shine through in her work in the hopes others can see representation for their experiences and feel empowered.