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Reset Your Money Mindset

Lesson 6 of 7

Building On Your Successes


Reset Your Money Mindset

Lesson 6 of 7

Building On Your Successes


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Building On Your Successes

This last lesson is one of my favorites because it is Building On Your Successes. And part of a successful money mindset is tapping into when you were the most successful. So I ask everyone to fill out a moment when they were successful and not related, when you felt successful, related or not related to money. We had a few submissions from the audience. We had a few from the office, the Creative Live office, and the staff and team, so I'm just gonna read a few of them. But then while I'm reading these online, please answer the following question: Name a moment when you felt successful, related or unrelated to money. And so, let's see, so we have, we have supporting my mom through cancer. We have changing career path and transitioning into new industry and rebranding. Children. Weight loss. Getting a graduate degree. Every morning that I wake up and keep going. Having the courage to seek out new, sometimes uncomfortable experiences, such as moving across country and traveling the world...

. Loving the people in my gruo? I think. Loving people. Move into another country twice, continually progress. First speaking engagement, which can also be a little nerve-wracking. Building a personal professional network in seven cities. That's amazing! All of these are amazing. Educational goals. Finishing Masters degree. Graduating college and studying abroad in Paris within four years. What I do love about these is they're not purely financial. And what I love about that, is that a lot of times we think that our financial life and our personal life, or our professional life, or our career, are separate. But here's the thing about all of these, and I'll definitely get some from the audience. It's a spoiler. You are viewed as the same person who is capable of this, you accomplished that. So whenever I feel like I'm reaching a barrier, I realize I'm me. The same person that's capable of this, or this goal, I accomplished that. Or I was able to accomplish that. And so I would like to hear online, what do people share as far as their accomplishments? It's taking a few minutes to come through. Okay. It'll come through in a moment. Laura, when did you feel most accomplished and successful? I guess I always think of times such as study. So if you complete study, 'cause sometimes, especially adult learning, that's hard to achieve. You've got all these other things in your life that you've gotta get done, whether that's paying rent or family, so anytime that you complete any education, I think that's something you need to celebrate. Yeah! So personally for me, probably completing. And also things like supporting family and being a friend or a family member that I want to be. And that other people are to me. That's amazing! So it's like, why do you think there're limits on your success? Why do people a lot of times when it comes to money, why do we feel like our success happens in a can? And that we're limited in this one area of our life? So, it's like, I can be successful at my job, but I can't be successful at anything else. And that was one of the challenges and that continues to be one of the things that with My Fab Finance I realize that I'm the same person who accomplished going to graduate school. Or, you know, moving to New York City and I didn't know anyone. Leaving with a magazine cover. I'm the same person who accomplished that, so why can't I accomplish this task? Even the smaller things that I've overcome. Accomplishments don't have to be big things, you know? Accomplishments could be, I checked my online account the past three days in a row. You know, one of my biggest accomplishments recently was when I challenged myself to do meditation for 30 days. Setting time and creating space for myself to meditate every day for 30 days. That was, I think, one of my biggest accomplishments because I showed up for myself. It didn't have anything to do with money, but it does have everything to do with money, because if I can show up for myself for meditation? I can show up for myself when it comes to spending money in ways that support my financial goals. And I want you to think about that when it comes to your money, because you're not separate from those successes. You are the very same person that accomplished them and you have the same attributes that brought you through that particular challenge that can bring you through your financial challenges. So as you think about money mindset, I really want to drive that home. That yes you might have had financial struggles in the past. You might not have been taught money growing up. You might have made some poor financial decisions. But you also have successes and accomplishments in your life and now that you know what your triggers are, you're able to make decisions that financially support your success or that support your financial success. So I would love for people to share any realizations that came up for them. And online, too. I want you to share realizations with my studio audience. Yeah! Yeah, that last quote that you had about being the same person who accomplished some of the things that were on the board and that we talked about, like, really hit home for me. Just make me realize that I'm my biggest, I guess barrier to success, in the financial realm and most realms, when it comes down to it. Yeah, you're not alone. You're not alone. A lot of times we're our biggest barrier. [Woman With Curly Hair] Steal my thunder. (laughter) [Woman in Glasses] It's our thunder! No, cause honestly that was prolific, what you just shared. Remembering that you've done these things, but yet we often, even previous screen where you said we always focus on the negative and we don't focus on the positive. And if we just did that more often in all realms of life, because even at work people always remember the negative, but you have these loads of positives. Yeah! People forget about when they're hyper focused on the negative. Isn't it so crazy how that happens? Yeah, exactly. I don't even read reviews of anything. (laughter) I don't read reviews of anything. My book, my podcast, anything because that one negative review would make me feel like, oh I do nothing right. So it is important to start to focus on the positive and I have to remind myself of that, as well. As you do things and put yourself out there more and challenge yourself to reach new heights, or new accomplishments in your life, you know, you have to be mindful that that one negative thing that should not, and does not overshadow the slew of positive items that have happened. Anybody else have any realizations? I think when overcoming the different mindsets, it's important to have examples or images of people who may have also overcome that. And so, for me, when I was first thinking about money and that's when I started following your My Fab Finance 'cause it was a good example of someone who's similar to me who I felt like really gave me an example of how I could be better with my money. Great! So that's something that when I think about what I've accomplished so far, that's helped. So I wanna think about how I can do that with things that I still haven't accomplished. Thank you! Thank you so much, and yeah, that is important. I think we always have to look for reflections of what's possible and people who have overcame, you know, certain circumstances similar to ours. And that's why I started My Fab Finance. Because I feel like the media does an exceptional job of always promoting, you know, this person paid off $200,000 of student loans and saved $30,000 or something. And you're like, but what do they do? Oh, their parents have them $50,000 towards that and they married a doctor. Oh. Okay. Like, it's not my life. So thank you so much. I think it is important to find those people that you connect with that have similar experiences. Or to be that person. So it is to be that person, and that might inspire you because you know that people around you, particularly in your family, I know that in my family my mom comes from Florence, South Carolina and my cousins are from Queens, New York and all over and they might not have someone who's as financially secure at this age, so I want to be that person that shows them that it's possible. And you all are capable of being that person that shows people that it's possible, wherever they are in their life. Do we have any more realizations? Destiny says, I realize that my mindset is really the only thing holding me back from financial freedom and focusing on the positive things. And accomplishments are key. Christian said it's all about rewiring your brain and your way of thinking about things. Understanding that it's a journey and it's not gonna happen overnight. That's it's a bit like weight loss, or, Yeah! It takes time to make progress. And also, Linda earlier had messaged and said, she's a senior, and so we obviously mention millennials, but she said that like, for her, it's interesting as a new perspective on handling finances compared to perhaps more traditionally being taught. Yeah. It's kinda like talking down, shaming, you made these mistakes, and so, and so, and so, instead of understanding that you're powerful and you're capable of fixing these mistakes. It's a journey. It's like that thing where you buy the gym membership and just because you buy the workout outfit, and the shoes, and the membership, does not mean you're going to the gym everyday. It's a journey. Your financial journey is the same. Just because you take this class, just because you become more aware, doesn't mean that you won't make mistakes. But it should mean that you know how to handle them, or if you feel like you've gotten far away from where you're comfortable, or your money mindset is supporting you, you know how to get back to that place. And the great thing is that you can revisit and watch this, and say, Okay, where do I need tweaking? Where am I bearing away from this and how do I get back to it?

Class Description

Throughout our lives, we focus on building strong, positive connections with family, friends and partners. But we tend to neglect one of the most important relationships we have—our relationship with money.

How we view, handle and treat money has an enormous impact on our lives. Out-of-control spending, financial worries and too much focus on pursuing wealth can affect our happiness, well-being and our personal relationships.

Author, consultant and millennial money expert Tonya Rapley will help you create a healthy, harmonious rapport with your finances—no matter what your bank account balance is. You’ll learn how to develop a positive mindset even when challenges arise, understand how money worries are hurting you and tap into the joys in life that money can’t buy.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Explore and critique your financial history.
  • Understand how much your life costs and examine the true cost of ownership.
  • Regain control of your spending and identify spending trigger situations.
  • Figure out what makes you happy and create alternatives for spending.
  • Identify negative self-talk you’ve engaged in and establish positive money thoughts.
  • Complete one action that contributes to your new money narrative and achieves your goals.


Tatie Diallo

Amazing teacher, she uses a simple language and gives you examples you can relate to and stress out how important shifting our mindset is the foundation of our financial freedom. I loved it and never really thought of money that way.

Kristen Arnett

Concise and easy to digest and pleasant to follow along. Tonya offered some simple exercises and powerful tools to reexamine one's relationship to money.

Rachel Garcia

This class focused on money mindset. I loved the examples for how to turn your negative self talk into positive affirmations.