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Reset Your Money Mindset

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Introduction to Workshop


Reset Your Money Mindset

Lesson 1 of 7

Introduction to Workshop


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Introduction to Workshop

Money mindset is just as important as understanding the factors that contribute to your financial history, because your mindset determines everything. So, we say why does this even matter? I mean like, I just want money, I want to spend my money, and leave me alone. But, money mindset matters because of a few things, and while responsible spending and understanding of the actions needed to accomplish your financial goals are important, your mindset and habits are critical to your long-term financial success. So, we might be able to do things that set us on the path of financial security whether that is purchasing a book, working with a coach, setting up a budget, but it's actually that mindset that's gonna sustain you along your financial journey and ensure that you continue to be financially successful. So, I can give you all the tools and all the education that you need, but if we don't work on your mindset then we're gonna end up sabotaging all the good work that we put in. And so, ...

one of the things that I often study before I became a financial educator, I worked with low-income populations, particularly in affordable housing was scarcity and how, one of my approach to financial education isn't just based on what I've learned from working with people, isn't just learned on my own experience or what I've learned in my certification courses, but it is also an observation and one of the things that I deeply, deeply, deeply understand and that resonates with me is the scarcity mindset. And this quote from, I do not want to mess up this name, so I'm not going to, but this quote was on NPR. A scarcity mindset leads you to take certain behaviors which, in the short term, help you manage scarcity but in the long term, only make matters worse. And how many times have you made decisions that it made sense in the short term, but in the long term, it was like no, this didn't make sense? For some of us, it's our student loans. For some of us, you know, it might be a relationship or a co-sign of someone, or co-signing for someone, or taking a loan from someone and that ends up damaging the friendship, damaging the relationship. And so, that mindset, it's important to understand your mindset, because in order to remain financially successful, your mindset has to be aligned with your goals. So, by the end of this class, you will have a better understanding of how you're currently using your money and what your current mindset and habits are costing you. You will learn how to tap into what joy exists in your life that money can't buy. I'm really big on this and the mission of my company, My Fab Finance, is to help people become financially free so they can do more of what they love. Because it's great to have money, but if you're not enjoying your money and you don't know what makes you happy, then what's the point? And, if you don't know what makes you happy in life and the things that money can't buy, then you'll always be a slave to money and you'll always be responding to the way, your financial situation, rather than your, you know, your actual situation, your circumstances. And then, how to create a powerful ritual for maintaining a positive mindset even when challenges arise, because I'm sorry to tell you, but things happen, you know? We could have this class, it's amazing, you have to walk out into the world, you're gonna walk out of this bubble and you're gonna walk into the world and as soon as you enter into the world, something could happen, or you get a phone call or e-mail, and you're like yeah, I just sat here learning about money mindset for the past two hours and look at this. And so, we're gonna help you reframe your mindset and create rituals to help you even look at those negative experiences as positive. Sound good? Okay. So, who am I? Covered this briefly, but we'll go back to for those who aren't familiar. My name is Tonya Rapley, I am the founder of My Fab Finance. I created My Fab Finance in 2013 out of a need to take control of my financial journey. I felt ignored by the financial services system, I felt taken advantage of by the financial services system, and I felt distrustful and I felt that there had to be a better way to learn about money and take control of my financial future. And so, My Fab Finance started out as my accountability partner. I set out a bold goal to improve my credit score and as a result, I improved about 130 points in 18 months by learning how credit worked. And as I learned how credit worked, I was like oh my gosh, this is not as hard as they make it seem. And so, I decided that I was gonna create a resource to help other millennials who learned in methods similar to me that was practical, relatable, understandable, and compassionate to help them take control of their financial future. As a result, I also work with, primarily work with millennials and women, and this is a picture from our Coffee and Coins brunch in Venice Beach, California and one of the things I like to do is bring people together to talk about money, because too often financial conversations are leftover from when things are bad, instead of what can we do to prevent things from becoming really bad. Or just having a conversation with your friend. One of my favorite conversations with my friend before I started My Fab Finance was like you know, I've never talked to my friends about how much I make, and then when I talk to them about how much I make, I realize I was making more than them and they're not, I'm not any more talented than them. And so, my friend said you know we need to talk about negotiating and earning our power in the workforce and just talking to your friends sometimes can be empowering, talking to other women and other millennials, or other people who understand your experience can be powerful. So, I create spaces like that as well for people to talk about money. So, how to connect with me just in case you have to leave or you're like, you know, I won't be able to stay until the end. You can connect with me using the hashtag Mastering Money Mindset, so if you're watching this and you have an aha moment, if you have a question, you're in the chatroom, but if you decide to tweet it, feel free. If you wanna connect with me on social, uniformly branded as MyFabFinance which you can tweet at me at MyFabFinance, tag @MyFabFinance on Instagram and other platforms, and you could e-mail my team at Very hands-on, so I'm sure you'll touch me somehow, but you can e-mail my team.

Class Description

Throughout our lives, we focus on building strong, positive connections with family, friends and partners. But we tend to neglect one of the most important relationships we have—our relationship with money.

How we view, handle and treat money has an enormous impact on our lives. Out-of-control spending, financial worries and too much focus on pursuing wealth can affect our happiness, well-being and our personal relationships.

Author, consultant and millennial money expert Tonya Rapley will help you create a healthy, harmonious rapport with your finances—no matter what your bank account balance is. You’ll learn how to develop a positive mindset even when challenges arise, understand how money worries are hurting you and tap into the joys in life that money can’t buy.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Explore and critique your financial history.
  • Understand how much your life costs and examine the true cost of ownership.
  • Regain control of your spending and identify spending trigger situations.
  • Figure out what makes you happy and create alternatives for spending.
  • Identify negative self-talk you’ve engaged in and establish positive money thoughts.
  • Complete one action that contributes to your new money narrative and achieves your goals.


Tatie Diallo

Amazing teacher, she uses a simple language and gives you examples you can relate to and stress out how important shifting our mindset is the foundation of our financial freedom. I loved it and never really thought of money that way.

Kristen Arnett

Concise and easy to digest and pleasant to follow along. Tonya offered some simple exercises and powerful tools to reexamine one's relationship to money.

Rachel Garcia

This class focused on money mindset. I loved the examples for how to turn your negative self talk into positive affirmations.