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Retouching Clothing and Fabric

Lesson 7 of 8

Adding & Removing Detail

Lisa Carney

Retouching Clothing and Fabric

Lisa Carney

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7. Adding & Removing Detail

Lesson Info

Adding & Removing Detail

So adding detail real quickly, I can go through this quick because it's channel pulling. So what we're going to do for channel pulling. Do you remember that luminosity action I gave you? Highlights, bright highlights, whatnot. If you have a wedding dress and you don't need to change the color, but you just need to add some highlights to it, what will happen is, if I can come back to my screen please. So, here I have a dress. And I did, there's a little body shaping on it, all done with liquefy. Oh, excuse me, it's not all done with liquefy. It's done, retouched, and then shadow and highlights. We're not really going to cover this in the class, but I feel like I should tell you. Image adjust, shadow and highlights is fantastic, but in order for it to be nondestruct, you have to do it on a smart object. Okay? And what I want to do is I just want to add some detail. And I'm hoping you can see this on our screen. It's subtle, but it's not subtle in print. So, what I'm going to do is I'm go...

ing to throw this away and do you remember? We already did this. We already did the luminosity, right? Luminosity mask. So, look what I have here. There's highlights, there's brighter highlights, there's brightest highlights. I know some of you already know where I'm going with this, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna say, you know that brightest highlights is great. It's not quite there. I'm going to make a copy of my channel, cause I'm a channel pulling moddy fofo. I'm going to pull it down here. I am on my channel. I'm going to use the dodge tool, or burn tool, and I'm gonna burn down my shadows just a bit. You can be kind of loosey goosey with this. And why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? Cause I just want the hot lights. That's all I want. I don't want anything else. So, I'm gonna say that's good. I'm gonna command click on that channel icon. Or drag it to the load a channel icon. I'm gonna make a brand new layer and I'm gonna call it Hot White. And I'm gonna fill it with white. Command delete. I'm gonna deselect my selection. I'm gonna put a black layer here just for a minute. I have a transparent layer of hot whites right on top. I'm gonna turn it off. And then I apologize. A wedding dress is a little hard to see on a screen. I'm going to put a darkening curb just for a second. Before, after, before, after. And what you can do is you can mask it out. Option, click on a mask, and you can paint it in where you want. It's a little sloppy right now, but I think you guys get the idea. Adding detail to fantastic, any kind of fabric, anything you can use this for. Any questions on that? I know I sped through it, but we've already done channel pulling. So, same luminosity. This is no different than doing the flames. I just added texture to the flames on that gal. That little girl in the pool. This is the same channels we used for the apple lady, only I'm using it as a selection. I'm gonna tell you right now watch the video again. I know for some of you, you're going "What?" Don't worry. You watch this again. Channel pulling: what is it? So you've got channels that are stored information. You can read this later. Luminosity masks: why are we using it? Because it gets you a greater one than just the channel. You guys, I could have absolutely just used a blue, red, or green channel and done it myself. It just takes longer. But the luminosity masks are so quick, and then do an extra levels move on that.

Class Description

Got wrinkles? Ugly colors? Poor tailoring? Join digital seamstress Lisa Carney for an in-depth class on clothing and fabric retouching. Perfect for photographers and retouchers looking for easy new ways to handle fabric-related fixes, this class will offer quick tips for dealing with wrinkles, wrong colors and other textile challenges. Topics covered will include editing with Adjustment Layers, using channel pulls to change value and tone, exploring shadow and highlight adjustments to bring out detail in hidden zones, and emphasizing incredible detail in fine fabric. Join us for this deep dive into the world of the woven and slash the time you spend doing the laundry. We’ll help you iron it out!

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Photoshop Lisa is the best teacher. She makes learning Photoshop fun. Great course. Lisa has a great teaching style. She mixes in a great speech cadence, great voice up and down and pausing, jokes, and is extremely knowledgeable and fun to watch. Awesome course. Learned that skills can apply to other projects, not just clothes. More tools for the toolbox.

Amy Vaughn

Fabric retouching presents some unique challenges and I appreciate finally getting a class devoted to it. The explanation about how to change from dark to light (or vice versa) was my favorite thing I learned from the class, and I appreciate the out of the box techniques like using frequency separation (it isn't just for faces!) and painting fabrics. The slides were outstanding, well organized and I appreciate how we get them all as downloads with the class for very fast visual reference when we're trying to remember how to do something from the class later.

Charlotte Madsen

Love this class! Lisa is so energetic in her way of presenting her knowledge and she has an amazing way of making complicated stuff sound simple and affordable. I find this class very motivating and can't wait to get started. Oh, and she has a great sense of humor as well!