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Retouching Clothing and Fabric

Lesson 4 of 8

Camera Raw For Color Correction

Lisa Carney

Retouching Clothing and Fabric

Lisa Carney

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Lesson Info

4. Camera Raw For Color Correction

Lesson Info

Camera Raw For Color Correction

This is a little unusual, but I actually really like this option. I like to use Camera Raw to shift colors, I'm gonna talk about why, this is a little bizarre. It is non-destruct, but you have to take a whole layer to do it. So what I've got going on here is my gal, is a Smart Object, alright, on top of that Smart Object I am putting a Camera Raw filter. And here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go to that Smart Object and I'm gonna go Filter, Camera Raw. Now, why I'm doing that is, I want to be able to change this, I want to be able to go back. And if I don't make it a Smart Object I have to actually attach it, and commit to it, and I don't want to commit to it so it has to be, for this technique to be non-destruct, it needs to be a Smart Object, okay. And then inside the color section, do you guys notice what's going on in here, you got more options. So we have orange and purples, you don't have that in hue saturation. See, so it's really, really good, and you can change the hue, so le...

t's say we kinda know this is yellow and green, right? Oh, look, we can add more yellow to the greens or we can make it more dynamic, the reds aren't really gonna do anything. I think there's a little bit of delay, 'cause I'm not seeing a big change here. In addition to that, we could take the saturation out. So what if we want to make a grayer dress, we can do that, oh, that's kinda pretty, I kinda like the gray dress, and one of my other favorite things that you can do also in Camera Raw is you can change the luminosity, the value. So you can lighten, it's all, what do I want to call it, non-destructive, because it's all a merged layer, and you can come back tomorrow, you can come back the next day, you can change it, and you could do all sorts of stuff here. So, that's a new dress color that I changed. The bummer is that you have to mask it, I'm not afraid of masking, are you afraid of masking? The other thing to watch out for is that occasionally if you have too many Smart Objects, occasionally, if you have too many Smart Objects your computer might crash. Most of your average bear aren't going to run into this but I have Smart Objects and Smart Objects and Smart Objects on movie posters, and after like 15 the computer says, you know, no. So I just want to give you a little caveat about this. I love this function, I know this is a little weird 'cause it's a two-stepper, and it's a little awkward, I do want to tell you that under here, see do you remember when we did colorize, we changed the blend mode? If you click here, I am holding the Control key and I'm saying, hey let's edit that Smart Filter, blah, blah, blah. You can change the blend modes of a Camera Raw. Now, I'm saying, this poor horse is lying in the gutter, you know this, I'm beating this horse to death, it's hidden, this is hidden, this is why this is a little confusing, I just held the Control key, Janet Jackson, Control, yeah you get it? Clicked on that icon right there, and I'm saying, I want to change the blend modes and what did we say about when you put a color adjustment on color, it does not change the tone. So, why do I use this, it's complicated because you've got those two extra sliders, you have orange and purple. Skin tone, now ya picking up what I'm putting down? You want to correct someone's skin tone you want orange, where in the color correction in Adobe right now is there orange, nowhere. So while we're doing a fabric class and I'm showing you on fabric, I want you to say, oh my heavens, I could do this on skin tone and this, we just broke the wall of stop looking, this is just a fabric class, I am showing you stuff that is gonna be way beyond fabric. So, Camera Raw, color correction, skin tones. Okay, cool? Excellent. I'm presuming you guys are cool.

Class Description

Got wrinkles? Ugly colors? Poor tailoring? Join digital seamstress Lisa Carney for an in-depth class on clothing and fabric retouching. Perfect for photographers and retouchers looking for easy new ways to handle fabric-related fixes, this class will offer quick tips for dealing with wrinkles, wrong colors and other textile challenges. Topics covered will include editing with Adjustment Layers, using channel pulls to change value and tone, exploring shadow and highlight adjustments to bring out detail in hidden zones, and emphasizing incredible detail in fine fabric. Join us for this deep dive into the world of the woven and slash the time you spend doing the laundry. We’ll help you iron it out!

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018



Photoshop Lisa is the best teacher. She makes learning Photoshop fun. Great course. Lisa has a great teaching style. She mixes in a great speech cadence, great voice up and down and pausing, jokes, and is extremely knowledgeable and fun to watch. Awesome course. Learned that skills can apply to other projects, not just clothes. More tools for the toolbox.

Amy Vaughn

Fabric retouching presents some unique challenges and I appreciate finally getting a class devoted to it. The explanation about how to change from dark to light (or vice versa) was my favorite thing I learned from the class, and I appreciate the out of the box techniques like using frequency separation (it isn't just for faces!) and painting fabrics. The slides were outstanding, well organized and I appreciate how we get them all as downloads with the class for very fast visual reference when we're trying to remember how to do something from the class later.

Charlotte Madsen

Love this class! Lisa is so energetic in her way of presenting her knowledge and she has an amazing way of making complicated stuff sound simple and affordable. I find this class very motivating and can't wait to get started. Oh, and she has a great sense of humor as well!