Retouching in No Time Flat


Retouching in No Time Flat


Class Description

Learn a step-by-step workflow to cut your retouching time! Plan your changes, prep the images, do basic color correction, remove distractions, capture skin texture, paint in new skin (while preserving texture), work on the details (eyes, lips, and hair), then make global changes—all in no time flat.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6


a Creativelive Student

Great class Aaron! I learned things that I had never learned before and enjoyed all the great tips! Thank you:-} Very informative! Worth buying...

Thomas Lanik

Since "most" photography is taken of people- and their faces are predominant- this is a VERY useful class. As a "continuing" PS user in training tools and techniques I found that what Aaron's choices applications are really quite instructive. It's one thing to read or hear what approaches and tools are used and quite another to then see them applied. If you shoot nature, landscapes, architecture or products these techniques will still apply across those pursuits, of course. Whether you are a novice or emerging pro this is a super class presented clearly and at a nice stimulating pace. Thanks Aaron.