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Day 1 Wrap-Up

I would just like to say that at the beginning of the day today my website was not live and designer has been working furiously behind the scenes so now it is live it's just it's a landing page and so it has the mission statement and has all the social media connective ity but it's divorce cafe dot com's cafe dot com let's let's break the site way daria to bring it down on its first day congratulations that's great and now you have even more yeah so cool that we could celebrate it with you and that it's growing with us like you can add stuff tonight totally yeah club I'm going to read out one more one absolutely think the things that are coming in are so great and the ah ha is that people are having yet so allison's I photography says I realize now looking at my collage that I totally missed including teaching, educating and mentoring which is such a strong part of who I am and I was able to flesh that out the value portion interesting I didn't see that as part of my photography busine...

ss plan until now loud, so cool yeah it's so nonlinear it's like oh, we're doing the values thing and then oh that spark something with the big vision and products and services so that's why I just keep being patient with yourself because the spark may happen, you know, two steps later and then you'll it'll all make sense. It's been wonderful. I mean the studio is filled with energy, creativity it's been such a great today. What a full day today! I'm so excited for all the studio audience here who obviously kind of launching their businesses as we go and I want to thank everyone out in the internet audience you have been providing awesome questions enquiries I've been truly inspired about what you've been saying, so thank you so much. So let's give jennifer a round of global round of applause for a first day of the right name business planning you thiss homework too, so let's not forget the homework thank you on dh the homework is to continue working on your big vision collage ok, so if you're still you know, flushing that out great don't spend too much time on it, but I know if you want to kind of wrap it up, maybe give yourself another half an hour let's say do that tip of like deal playlist half an hour, wrap it up and then share it with us, post it so we can see right and then to help us with some work we're going to do tomorrow ask at least three people to use three words to describe you, okay? So you might just shoot out an email tio, your friends and or clients, it could be a mix of both. You could do even more than three people, but that was just to make it feel manageable. But for those of you who are ambitious, you can send it to your newsletter lists you, khun, pull all your clients, go for it, but this will help with some work we're going to do tomorrow. The other thing is, tomorrow will have place sheets that will use, I think two of them, and so it might be helpful just to put him out ahead of times that you have in the morning. So it's the business landscape one and the getting the word out play sheet so have those printed out if you can print amount in color all the better, so you can see them in all their colorful glory, right? So, yeah, we did a big vision, values, passionate, perfect purpose, proclamation, products and services, and then we're going to head into looking at business landscape so kind of seeing how it all fits together, and then how to start getting the word out that's tomorrow wonderful, wonderful. So just with the homework that jennifer was talking about, please go to a creative, live dot com to get your business landscape place sheet and getting the word out play sheet so you have those in color ready in the for tomorrow when we get started also continue to work on your big vision collage and asked three people to use three words to describe you all good stuff and that was just just to be to know tape so everyone and make sure that they understand those two that we just mentioned for tomorrow are free when you and roll for this workshops you go to the course page and when you enroll for the workshop then you'll see right beneath the picture there for the course, but there are those free when you enroll on then the rest of the pdf there the rest the resource is our part of the paid download, which is just an incredible array of additional materials. Absolutely so I wanted to read off again some more there's there's so much coming in okay, what people have experienced today atlanta hernandez says, I'm feeling over very overwhelmed but excited because it's really getting me thinking about what I want my business to be, not just what would make the most money yes and and again that's that is what we started today is really stepping back and not even thinking about the money part but really looking at what it is that we want for ourselves in order to move our life forward and again, we've been building the foundation today at the values, the passion, the purpose and like atlanta, hernandez says it is a bit overwhelming, especially if you're somebody who hasn't done these types of exercise as much there's we just went through a range of emotion, mental stress going left to right brain wait, I'm trying to be right for the left s so what? What is so wonderful is that you can I own this workshop so that you can take this process and make it sort of go out further along when you're not so overwhelmed with trying to to do it all at once, so it is going to be an intense weekend. We're so glad to see so many of you participating, but you can own the videos for any time access to go back as well as all the additional resource materials. The workshop was one hundred forty nine dollars. However, when you buy it right now, it is only ninety nine dollars and you can get there by just clicking on the buy now button right beneath the video that you are watching and so with that let's, give another big round of applause and we will see you back tomorrow.

Class Description

Learn how to grow your business in a profitable, sustainable way using that unique, imaginative brain of yours.

Join 6-figure success coach and best-selling author, Jennifer Lee, for "The Right-Brain Business Plan" - a class dedicated to mapping out your business plan in a creative and visual way that is both fun and simple.

In this class, Jennifer teaches you how to craft a business vision and takes you step-by-step through the planning process. You’ll learn how to select a business team, manage your money, evaluate the competitive landscape, and much more. Jennifer will help you develop a clear idea of how to set and achieve your business goals while using your creativity and having fun.


Holly Danger

This is one of the best classes I've taken on creative live. I'm trying to start a business while also juggling a time consuming day job. Jennifer makes the process simple & fun, and opens you up to the vision you are trying to create with your business plan. It's been an exciting challenge for me and I feel like I'm going to actually going to achieve what I set out to do because of this class. I love that the sections are bite sized so I can spend a half hour a night on this and make progress over time. Thanks for your right brain approach to business Jennifer!


This has been an AMAZING COURSE!!!!! I have been trying to write a business plan for over a year and its been so daunting, this has not only made is easier, but fun and inspiring!