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Day 2 Wrap-Up

We're going to be heading into tomorrow. We're going to be talking about managing the move unless I know there, right from the very beginning there were so many questions about, well, how do we make money with this? And what are all the finances? So we'll dive into that tomorrow, so to help you with that, bring gather your bank statements, expenses, financial reports if you have them, if you don't that's, ok, but, you know, just having your bank statements would probably be helpful and then also just start to write down what you're limiting beliefs around money might be any kind of thoughts about, you know, scarcity, any of that just kind of get it on paper will be working through that tomorrow so that you can come from a more abundant place. Yet, yeah, I was wondering for people who might not be familiar with that term you're you're limiting beliefs homework like what could be an example? Um, there is not enough for, you know, I can't afford things. Francis francis scotland was again ...

because there's, a yoga teacher, that I really subscribe to the limiting belief that we just don't make much money and that only a few really lucky yoga teachers could make enough to have a very comfortable living, and I've learned that that's a huge limiting belief yeah artists probably have you know yeah the starving artist yeah right no one's going to pay for my artwork it's not worth anything whatever it is we all have these records that play in our head right? So getting those down on paper so that we can reframe them and move on so that we can make more moola and then way we put together you are getting the word out plan or at least started it and getting things in place so why not take a small action you know, it's night something that you can do that's fun doable and to get the word out light as homework to practice and let us know how that went when we circle back tomorrow excellent. Excellent. So as shannon says there's so much power in dreaming and we covered a lot today from the business landscape to your custody ideal customer portrait it all begins with a dream and we want to turn those dreams into reality. I want to thank you so much for the internet audience out there for sharing your comments today and I want to thank our studio audience francis rebecca, caitlin kathleen and kathy and nathan for really letting the audience share your personal journey today and thank you again, jennifer for sharing this really powerful content thank you. Yes so let's see uh let's give with that let's give jennifer a global and jen I wonder if we could talk again further about a little bit more about tomorrow. Yes, so tomorrow like I said it will be covering managing the mullahs but we also will be talking about corralling your creative cohorts it's hard to go this alone I know nathan's brought a lot up about that that's a high point on his plan of making sure he's putting a team together so we'll talk about what kind of help you might need even if you don't need it right away it's always good to be thinking ahead spear not kind of trapped in a corner when you need help on dh then obviously the action planning making it really and really tying this plan up with a bow so that you can put the final touches on it and start to bring your vision out into the world so tomorrow will be a lot of wrap up and making it really our vision of the world in a big way. I want to remind everyone at home that we are signing a global thank you card to jennifer on the creative live facebook page s so please go to the facebook page and give jennifer you're thanks today people way do we have someone s someone said thanks a lot for this inspiring workshop as an energy boost in the moment when my left brain fears becoming overwhelmed on make it made me feel weak now my positive energy is back again great school and I and I hope that we see a lot of those types of comments and I hope that watching, sharing and hearing sharon talk was really powerful for me and I we were seeing that online out there that she is somebody that has been doing your program the writing business plan rate for five years and from the book and she became a facilitator I guess that was now going on two years ago but just starting yesterday back with your concept on its own kind of the perfect case study for us to be able to look at and see that we're hearing some many of us are hearing this for the first time today and to see her dreams go to action I love there were a couple of things that she said that really hit home for me, she said I sharon said I didn't see the point in a traditional business it didn't work this works and yes, I said business should be fun in again what? Well three types of people but if what sharon talked about of sharing story touched you and if you resonated with her at all, then I think that this right brain business plan is for you it's kind of work for you and so um we've been visually we've been visualizing over the past two days and I'd love to ask you to visualize yourself sitting with jen on account of five years from now and where will you be? And you can have this program with you if you purchase the downloads right now and you the course is one hundred forty nine dollars again, what a great investment in yourself when you purchase it right now it is ninety nine dollars what you can do right beneath the screen that you're watching right now by clicking the buy button so again take jen with you on your lifelong journey, which is building yourself on and also self care is a lifelong journey on today we've been talking about importance of self care, so we have a live event coming up a special announcement on we invite everyone online to join crossfit pioneer dr kelly spread it january thirtieth to thirty first for his maintaining your body course during this two day event, kelly kelly will walk you through how to resolve takes on body pains, prevent injury and optimize athletic performance. So mark your calendar and a role for this workshop. All right, we look forward to seeing everybody's homework coming through a cz well as tomorrow as well as your pictures coming through with what you collaged today so everyone thank you for joining us and we will see you tomorrow same time same place another round of applause for jen

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Learn how to grow your business in a profitable, sustainable way using that unique, imaginative brain of yours.

Join 6-figure success coach and best-selling author, Jennifer Lee, for "The Right-Brain Business Plan" - a class dedicated to mapping out your business plan in a creative and visual way that is both fun and simple.

In this class, Jennifer teaches you how to craft a business vision and takes you step-by-step through the planning process. You’ll learn how to select a business team, manage your money, evaluate the competitive landscape, and much more. Jennifer will help you develop a clear idea of how to set and achieve your business goals while using your creativity and having fun.