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Family Image Review Session

Between the shoot and now we were just hanging no, I went back and we way actually had a little bit of ah battle with some of the factory settings in the camera getting kind of morphed around with trying to tether this and that but we're all good and we figure something out and we were thrilled to be that way on dh so now we're going to fast forward and it's three weeks after the shoot an imaginary two days after they've already seen the slide show so they already know that the images were good and they've already cried they love them and now we're coming in to do something about these typically from any given shoot I have about sixty images or so from a session obviously that was an abbreviated shoot and with the time we had I've got, you know, somewhere close to fifteen images I'm going to be able to show on that we're going to walk through them I was able to quickly throw down a few samples of things I would want to present to them to give an idea of things to buy and now I'm going ...

to simply be welcoming them to my studio so here we go hey good to see you again undergoing very good come on in have a seat she missed me can I get you guys something to drink? Yeah are you sure oh yes yes well that water thank you so much my studio and it is going to go get you um you want some chips started I know you guys just said you just came from lunch but we just can't normally I'd love to be able to give you a wonderful environment so I'm gonna be doing this rial and then telling you behind the scenes stuff and then going back in eh so what did you think of the slide show love days it was wonderful so much you probably watched it over and over and over these last few weeks did you two days since his last week? Well, what I would love to do today is obviously we want to be able to just kind of go all in and get this order done I know you guys are busy and you've got a lot going on and um thank you so much and you check my mail too I know you guys have a lot to do so the best part of this part I think is that we get to just kind of put everything away be here I love your little boys but obviously this will be a lot easier to focus with just us here and we're going to step through them one at a time and simply see what we see normally right now we would probably having a dialogue for a comfortable ten fifteen minutes of what's going on in your life you know how are you and way don't have all the time for a typical sales meeting but they're you know they run close to an hour half two hours an hour it's somewhat you know there's no real set time limit but it's what it takes to get through everything and make sure we're all done um with anything I always feel like if you can just set the expectations and crank through then you are finished if you get partly their part way they part that you got to keep going back and doing it and it loses some of the joy in it so just to give us a flavor for that house everything going going really good yeah what you guys been up to crazy yes like what would you do today way had a baby shower yesterday yeah that was fun so you got a baby yeah way happened three weeks good cleanup right everything you need now do you mean by baby number three do you feel that give everything oh yeah absolutely yeah I was feel that like friends I know having babies now my angus is now seven I'm always just like the stuff now is so much better though nawas like car seats I mean basically they put the kid in it yes it's with fantastic wait no okay so they're moving in so this software is actually pretty easy and really, really simp apple we're going to look at each image one of the time and you've got a really good food for them so I'm sure you already have some favorites in your mind but we're simply going to say what we love love which was to be like you know that that that's a don't just like we like this image in whichever we're just not doing it with right now just go through them one at a time and I want you to just you know enjoy drinks kick back relax make it a show and get some popcorn and do whatever you want to make this more fun so let's just start simply at the beginning and go full screen so we have our sweet little spy loving eyes I love the little nugget that's you in the picture that's you so tell me as we stepped through these if you love it and again we're not even thinking at all about what we're gonna do I love it love it yeah I love that you love it we're not going to even think about what we're going to right now it's just what do we feel about it what do we see when we look at it so we know we love this one all right let's move on so this was the chaos hiding that zooming close ones attacking the other love anything like it I get it right now, huh? Nothing right now don't don't love it yeah, but what do you mean by that? This is where I know ok? All right living on so this is as we were warming up him as he is love it not right now love it. Not right now, love love it yeah, tell me what this means. Well, I wish connor had his eyes open, right? But if we didn't have any difference with the expression, just simply the image otherwise, if his eyes were open, I'd love it. Ok, same thing. Yeah, you're all in with her. Okay, so if if there's something later that we could see that would adjust that, then you would like it or love it, love it. Ok, so I'm gonna put it as a like for right now, okay? Because we know, you know, you don't love it as it is, but there's possibilities with it. No, we're just going on, okay? All right, this is this. Close it up. What do you think? I like it. You like it? Keep in mind thiss image in the background when we're in the final stages yeah, that's gone. We don't worry about this, okay, and this is, by the way, normally, if I had more than thirty one minutes two at these images I would have done that I would have gone ahead and give her a much better feel for what I need by there would've been nothing in the background I wouldn't have edited to the point of precise very specific hard core print finishing not at all but I would have got it brought it in a little bit more okay so and then I want to ask you to when you say you like it tell me what thoughts you have about that well it's more self conscious right now so there we were all a picture of the emotion but then I have like okay it's okay that's why I want to put it in like but later when we go through it one of the things that a lot of people don't necessarily know is they kind of feel like I love myself in it or I'm not sure I let myself in that there is a lot of little adjustments we could make to make that have you like oh you change that no bit amazing that's really normal and I tell people all the time like the photographs I have of my family in my house I made sure I loved him let's just say what we say they're so let's go ahead and we'll put it in like for now because I think that uh we can hit that later I kind of love that one e love that one all right easy love it I think I love that one dio that's good um and again we're not even to think about what we do with them we're just seeing what what are people love it that's my favorite so far awesome I think I love it too because I absolutely want it okay not right now not right now yeah not right now they love it I love it to I do I love it too and and just so you know we're going to get more into this hole but later but there's a lot of extra little finishing things I am excited to do with this photograph yeah that's going to agree even more impactful but I do love it to kind of thinking oh I love it I love love love it love it yeah I do tio I really do love this in fact this is one of the in the frenzy and if you're a member of a n weeks yeah hard to forget I believe in the frenzy we know was sometimes when we're photographing go going nomad yeah, all that gorilla sound was more um and again when we're in it we don't realize that we just got every eye open everybody cleared every focus and everyone looks good and just so you know we're not even close tio print finished with this this is something I love this I'm so excited to do extra little things in terms of takeout distractions and clean it up and you know things like that but right now I just I love it I love it wonderful not right now not right now tell me that about that I wouldn't say that it's cute because it's my kid of course but he's a cute in this one particular cute any it's just not the connection that and missing the connection with like, you know he's off looking I just missed that just slightly where so yeah ok, I'm gonna make you cum in everything you're doing this so just be prepared because it's going like this to this all right for your thoughts because and I asked this sometimes because both have different yeah, I mean you're both incredibly compatible gorgeous together but sometimes you see things a little differently on get I want youto have the frame of mind of we're not finished yet yeah, you know there's so much more fun things we khun d'oh yeah, I like it it's cute but I don't it doesn't grab me it doesn't I don't have that like I said the motion it's not pulling me in ok, can I do a thing like this? So if you are in this situation and you're hearing this, is there ever an opportunity for you to sit there go I like do you ever have that experience and so what? What do you see watching me representing you in this instance like, do you see how I could have a lot of reason to simply just say thies air your images? This is what you take home, you are in no way defining me as a poor, average or great photographer based on what you feel when you look at the images to me right now, this is, I think, a really empowering experience because from my experience front and center with associates in my studio especially I see them kind of respond like, no, I really like, did you know as if it's an affront to their artistic everything and it's not it's simply that and it always is little things that we can't know or can't watch out for or the amount of times that like I look and I'm like, oh, I love the lightness eyes I love how she's, right next to my life, she's holding it, but I'm not looking at it as her who's saying, but I've seen this and I've shot this or, you know, or I know that we could be this with more time here, it's just a whole different take, and I need to rebuild, respect that and say, all right, let's keep going, and luckily I have sixty images that we have a lot more to do with so I do want to make a point of saying that because I sometimes we get tripped up right here when it adds no value to the process or to ourselves I'm totally getting tripped up just watching it, you know, like I can feel that me sitting there if I were you I don't know yeah, yeah, well, it's powerful and what I have to say about that is I can look at it and think, wow, that's, you know, it's beautifully shot, but because I'm used to that emotional part of it, I don't even think about you taking the show, I think wow, it's a pretty picture, but it doesn't have blake and me and so that's where I you know, I see you know what you're looking for and what you and I made the emotion between us and that just doesn't grab us. Yeah, so and again, it's on an image, you know? Ok, so we love it click I get love it love it, I love it love it love it love it, love good, I love it, tio ok, so we don't think about what we're going to, but right now we're just going to say we live in, um and all right, so we're finished with all sixty images a beautiful and, uh, let's talk a little bit about what we could do with some of these images, we know that we're less with what is the percentage of eight of thirteen and how that would be out of sixty. Could somebody do that? Math? We're basically left with sixty five percent ok of the images we know we want to do something with. After that, we've got another couple that we can add in which, of course, would be a larger number. In another situation on dh, there are three. We definitely don't want anything with like, we know that for sure. Three, thirteen is that percentage. Okay, so that's kind of that's actually common normal pace. You know, sometimes I think people say, well, it's, easy for you because you can solve all your images or this or that for other photographers. You know, I've heard that about other photographers as well and that's not true. We have just as many people say, I like you. I think you're great and I'm not that's, not what I want.

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People love to buy ... but people hate to be sold to. If this is true for you, too, why would you ever want to be perceived as a salesperson? Most of us don't.

This course not only covers the nuts and bolts of achieving great sales but goes far beyond, with the intention of priming you to consistently sell your work for what it's truly worth - and to create even better relationships with clients who will appreciate a better experience. If you own your own small business, you are in a 100% sales commission job. Tamara Lackey has worked in a 100%-commission based sales role for 15 years, achieving remarkable success in sales before she ever picked up a camera professionally. 

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