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When I went into some kind of frame ideas, I also when I saw the family image of you guys all together in the ground, I was like, I love that, um and I thought that it would be like, a beautiful I said, the wrong women. If can you tell me that this eight seconds I thought this it would be beautiful in there? Yeah. And this basically it gives you an idea. This is one of the nice things about the software's. They excuse me, it gives you an idea of how we can frame something. You know how we can kind of put it within the frame what we would do to give you a virtual field for it. Obviously we can kind of set this up a lot of ways. We could have just a simple key ally. We could have a double matt. I tend tio frame with a simple double white matter because I like that look, but if you know that there's something in your home where you're gonna want it to have a certain color to it to match your home, we can work with that and get an idea of what it isthe. So, um, this, of course, is as a fra...

med piece, this might be something that you like is a frame piece you might get a canvass as you could see here on my wall, I have all these things and this is about the time we're now we've gone through the emotion we know what they love I'm going to show them a couple ideas I have and then I basically for all intents and purposes taken many field trip we just kind of get up and walk around a little bit, you know? So we would get up and I would show you things and you would touch them and have a tactile experience with what the campus pieces look like with your bar pieces look like and I mean, if we could what's behind that if I take it off with crazy oh no it's not e I would do something where I could say, you know, so this is a seventeen by twenty eight on day as you can see in terms of how it's framed in the peace and the quality happen this's not just for tv, the framing and such and then I would literally invite you to kind of feel like this finish feel this finish for a second, you see the because did you see how honest I invite them to feel they're like, come on in, you get a sense of how like a lester coat feels helping tell it feels and all its star stuff how something kind of crops off a page and everything and we would just kind of taken many field trips so that always sit back down there's no longer a question of what are all these things that you're talking about because I know the words but I'm not sure what they mean and let me go back to this by the way okay? I didn't like the little marines trip and then I I would talk about other ideas we have here like this is how that could look on and sometimes that people love something or like it as a standalone image when you show them this way they can suddenly see it as art you're giving them an opportunity to see how it could look a artwork and this could be really impactful because something that's just showed in the back of the camera or one of many images within a large block of images that just doesn't have the impact it's the same thing we do when we fall in love with an image that were editing and we make it go big screen we just go this is a lot more impactful then this yeah and so if someone says I like it mostly or they say on the fence between liking and not want to do anything about it I encourage them if there's something I see that I could do that I think will make a difference that's leaving unlike and we'll talk about it later um other ideas I would have for you it's simply just putting some things together q love it but we do love this and then we can start talking about what what does this mean and what size and that was I like that picture but I definitely love it having seen it like this yes where kind of picturing it by itself it didn't have the same effect correct? Yeah and that's a lot of what happens we go out sometimes we have the mindset that every single image to be a standalone masterpiece and often the collection is what's impactful yeah and so for for a serious like this you know I would love this and presented teo as something that we could frame and put up in physical mats mohr it could be something that is right next to each other outside of a mad as as a canvas collage that hangs that depends on the space that you were talking about and kind of what you wanted but yet taking the time up front this is pro select which is a presentation software option but there are a lot of options I think laura you were saying you didn't pressure web right my wrong okay and then when you actually is apple tv that you used to show the images okay so and I remember well walk for yourself session I was saying one thing you may want to do right there is if you see something like this instead of going one to three can you see how they might look together taking the time to lay it out if you don't have a simple way to do that I'm doing that in photo shop and then handing them a physical printout if you even want to go to that or I could even make it as another slide in the slide show non image yeah stand on syria but give them an opportunity to see it right and the other thing that happened is we're sitting here and you're like that's great it's good except passion really like yeah I'm just gonna this for example this image better I have the option to go in and end it this siri's put that back in and that out um one thing that I think about a lot when I am doing that is when you're putting together siri's where are people in relation to each other from us? You know, orientation perspective from a head room perspective if I'm going to use a close up of him because we like that one better just as a present for example then I'm going to bring him in too so it makes more sense and I don't have to do that every time sometimes it's fun to have a trip tick where someone's closer and someone's farther way but in this case I would want to do something closer to that I've probably been going in going one more step, but building it with them where you guys can tell me actually that one was my favorite one of all and I didn't like that one and whatever the case may be that aiken aiken change it on the fly because I just came up with ideas ahead of time but I'm not saying that's how it should be it should be what you want yeah, but I do believe you said the other one was your favorite, right? Okay, do a little show I have a question for you this is actually kind of a question for the two of you this is from alan birch. He is from missouri and I would like to know does tamara reaffirming that she loves it? Make a difference on your feeling of whether you like it or love it? And then I'd like to know for you tomorrow when you say, oh, my love this, do you do notice that that maybe if they didn't like it as much that it changes or I don't love every every single image when I pull everything back from the allie, I wasn't like all of this that looks like I was like, you know, I pick the ones that I like first, so it seems like I love the ones and talking to him about it because I've already chosen the ones that I love you know, if we'd sat down with every single image from the shoot but I wouldn't be saying that, you know, I understand that I'm saying, like, when you do really, really love and what he did that when you do, let me clarify when you do really, really love an image and and they might not necessarily love it yeah, do you think that effects okay, we like to hear from them as well, okay? Eso eso an image where, for instance, I didn't really like it and I'm christine, my, you know, friend since medicine it's okay, this is an image where I would say let's, pull this in the photo shop and I would and say let's work real time what you don't love because if it is x y and z and for everybody, they're seeing things that might be a little different sometimes it has to do with shaming or softening or the angle and you get there's a lot we know how to do, and I said, well, what if I were to do this? This is this would that change it for you a little bit like that? The whole example we did yesterday, you know, where we were going through good one images and had to turn them into bestsellers do you see remember how this before or after they're pretty impactful that I would pull that in and work through it with them often times you know I could be sitting there talking to somebody for twenty minutes and it could be like I don't know I'm not sure what it is it's something and as we get closer to clarifying and we find out exactly what it is it's a simple fix you know it's a it's a really simple fix and and so I just want to give up the opportunity for it to be that you know, image like this for instance, as we were going through it, I would say that this would be something that I could personally see it's a very cool tall campus and I showed you that at the time, didn't I? So this is this harkens back to three weeks ago we did this shoot I show in the back of the camera like how I could see this being a tall vertical and I'm pretty sure was exactly the shot him and then if this goes into print finishing the next thing I do is a zoo stuff like this I'm going to clear out this is a distraction I mean actually bring in are really soft and yet I have the tape these where did the word vignette because I feel like it's so destroyed it like over vignette ing is terrible, I'm saying very soft vignette that simply gives a little more texture to the space around us and draws you in on I would just do little softening things that I would do for anybody when I'm doing retouching because that's, that's what I do every time but any little thing that I see that might be a little distracting, I start kind of making changes and removing it, and I tell them, that's what I'm up, teo and and we go through it the other thing that I don't want to miss here because I know we're running time again is the idea of making changes. So this is a perfect way to show you a sloppy start to a book album quite literally is a very sloppy start to a book out, but I want to give them idea of what they can get in one of our albums. And so I might say here, for instance, might be a siri's after we've gone through it all in a real life situation. If we just gone through everything, I'm gonna have probably something like four or five different spread ideas in an album, and if I already know that two of the four ones in here she was not into I'm not going to pick that one to show that I think we're starting to far behind I'm gonna pick one of the ones like I did with layouts that we already knew we all liked if, um yeah sorry, so if that were the case I might like just quickly on the fly say ok, you didn't like that one, but how about that? But I do that all the time, you know, adjusted and make some changes I might say ok, uh we're going to use this image over here, but we're going to put it in black and white just to give you a better idea of what it could be um, and then I could either have one of my actions built in here so puts it exactly into the black and white to match the toning of the other ones or it could say, ok that's going to be very vanilla, blah black and white but do know it's going to match those others and then I'll just gazed you guys to see if you can make that mental leap, but you're still not feeling it and you're not feeling and I'll take it in the photo shop and take it to the next level but this gives an idea of what an album would look like as opposed to saying wouldn't this big collection of voluminous images look good in some book give them a way to visualize it and then physically hand them the book yes as a pro select user I'm curious as you're building this out these album pages with your client where do you go from here is their way to fulfill that the pages in terms of here yet do you see the piece using now export them as full rez and this is actually a new version option within pro select it used to be that you would build the whole thing and then print that out and then go back and rebuild it from a designer but I'm not building the whole book here I'm showing a couple ideas a couple samples I would never I would never sit down and build a whole book, pitch it and not get it so what do you think we hate books with the old bird? And then I'm like a howard crap because I just meant, you know it's the idea of giving you a sample of some sort of some sort of visual call out but I know that there's things that you could do with templates I think that beyond keys did this I think joy angels showed templates that you can build out of holiday cards that you could export real time and go said was that sound familiar to you and I have done seventy workshops but I'm pretty sure I remember joy telling me about that which in the past wasn't the case you'd have to kind of give some ideas and then go back and create him, but now you can actually do the work with the client and be done, okay, great, yeah, I have a question too, and you might be getting to this, so just ignore me if you are, but how do you close, like the wall art sale and then open up the suggestion of album? How do you close the wall art sale and then open at the suggestion of album? Because we have gone through what we would be doing if we weren't so forth polish we'd be going one by one each one of the ones that we love, right? And then when we got to the end, we would have a pile of something like, twenty likes that's about, right? You know, I think in terms of ratio, maybe maybe there's even last movie there's, like twelve likes on by some of the loves we knew slam bang, we're going to do this, this and this, we're putting these in this year's, and then we were left with, like, two with the end that we just didn't know what to do with what we combine that with the likes and we have an album. And the alban album doesn't have to be completely independent of anything else you've done often the large pieces are also like the cover of the album, right, or something built in there so it's not like on ly the images, we haven't done anything with going the album, but after these showed all the different wall art pieces and they love them like, how do you bring up? So which one do you want? And, you know, and they wanted probably know how much it is and like, I don't know that that's kind of where I feel like I struggle that, like, ok, let's, do these pieces been in my head? I'm like, well, ok, we're getting up there and price like what? You know what I mean? Like, how do you bridge that? Let me see if I'm ok or you corrected, but what I think you're saying is, after you already gone through all the ones that you love right on dh, then you go and decide what to do with the ones you like, um, how do you pitch them on? I know every store pitch, how do you then present to them the other options for them specifically? Yeah, I mean, when do you do you wait for them to ask you how much? This is going to cost me or do you kind of give them a run down of? Ok, we're doing this one is a ten by twenty we're going to do this one is a canvas, okay, so you had the priceless right when we bought, so you kind of knew we were going into already you had a rough idea of what this usually costs on average, so you'd already freaked out and come back, and then when we're sitting down here and we're going through everything I am physically normally, I've got a notebook. I mean, I've actually got those kind of senior to book for a second just to give you a full visual georgia, do you think I'm this is exactly how we're doing this and there's a point to that? Because you can tally up the dollars in pro select, but I always find that that takes even though you could do that and have it not be upon the screen, I think that that takes me in a place for I'm on a computer, you know, normally I don't do this. I have a wireless mouse because in the computer, as I said, is not right there unless I need to pull it out to do a photo shop. But as we're going through things I have a rough idea of what this is costing cause I know my price is they have a priceless that they double check and it's usually something like I don't sit you down and say here's my prices stare at the holes hot I mean I completely went that do the opposite so as we're stepping through you may casually say probably more likely you like where we going on the oldest how do we have an idea of how much this is costing that's that you know, this seems like it's gonna be a lot of money way before this did everybody think that I mean that's really normal questions come up regardless of people's budgets or how much money they have? They still want to know what you're spending on dso that is like a very direct here is the price list and I think we're probably around this and that what I wouldn't to suggest is let me stop right now tell it up like I would say let's put everything together and at the very end will definitely make sure that everything is what you want yeah so I mean basically were saying that's bill but your order was build your dream order that if nothing else we're part of it we just love this and then we could do a little reality check at the end and if something's not be removed that's fine. I want youto love what you have. Ok, that is fine, e I want youto lovett. What about our budget? I think you're in your old. Do you have a question about that? Let's say that you get to the end, and I don't know where you are in the process. So I do have a question about the end when somebody says this is a little beyond what we're planning on spending, how do you dress that? G I say, okay, let's, look at it and let's, see what here maybe you don't need. And I think I said this earlier in the program, day twelve or something, I said that if we start, then going back and looking, what? Maybe don't. We want I always want them to have the imagery, because I've already worked on creating the imagery already put a lot of effort into what I'm showing you here today. Clearly, with minutes to put this up is not even the full way. I would present it to you. Normally, I would normally be doing a little more photo shopping a little more, re touching a little bit more everything, but you guys came ready, made gorgeous, so thank you, but normally this would be a little further along, so we're in a little bit more of a you know, I wouldn't pull up a black and white like this, for instance, and say, there's more I'd be doing on e mean, because there's not this would be very close tio finished, and then I'd do some prints, quick quality double checks and make sure we're close, so just it kind of further clarify where I am there, but at the very end, I would say, ok, instead of this one, then being framed in the tune inch mahogany frame that's going to cost four hundred dollars, maybe, you know, we could take one dollars off, make sure we get you a matted mounted print on dh, then you can have that friend separately if you'd like, and then it's just suddenly boom! I'm going to the things that cost me more first, as opposed to the imagery which I've already, for all intents and purposes put myself into like I already sunk that cost. The print is not really as expensive as my time that it's your question. Okay, okay, good. So in terms of something like this and I don't know if you heard that I am going to absolutely step forward and make a suggestion about what we do, so, for instance, that they said they want they knew that they knew for sure they wanted this image I feel like I have enough experience with my products to quickly say this would be a gorgeous control board on our secret, your piece where it would be mounted on a on a wood with wood with kind of square off the wall. I wish I had my products to show you, because I would not say it like that. But it's, an image match done would with it's, a metallic image with the finish that, like you can run your hand across and it's, clearly not going to get messed up on, gets a great option. I think, for literally the way this is colored, I think it would pop off that. I think it would look really cool. There are other images that I would love. This is a campus. I like the idea of the grittiness of the dirt of the dirty sidewalk being part of something. That's got a lot of texture and the campus, and so that to me, looks like it be a better fit, and I feel like as we go through these things, they become a parent. This one, I think, would be better, has clearly oration that this way, I think this would be much better as a framed piece, because I think it would it would give it an artistic quality that, as a standalone wrap, it would not have I think this as a canvas with economy like hey I think this as a dramatically framed portrait is and so that's my that's what my expertise comes in and that's what I want to show you certain things differently and that's why if we get to this image you're like it's ok I'll say but we know he at least like it good let's put in the like pile because I want to show you an idea later that may transform that for you and it may not but I certainly want to give that a try you guys are really doing well how are you feeling there good you know this is about forty six thousand dollars right now yeah so good but so as as we're getting towards the end of it we have basically gone through one time and I've done exactly that this would be the campus this would be I think a great guitar board I love this is a standalone frame piece just an art piece sometimes I look a tw when I'm looking at pieces being framed I'll do different things like I might say excuse man just double click that toys I might say you could do something like this or we could make this a little bit more interesting and have a five inch mat on the bottom of three inch mat on the top and they would hang a little bit more like a museum hanging piece where? It's just a little more interesting and some prince lend themselves to that better than others. But I have a serious in my home that have a picture up, which is exactly like that it's got a thicker kind of thing in the bottom of thinner on top, and it has just a really interesting professional gallery. Look to it on dh sometimes just showing it that way versus this where it's just framed in the middle, can be really compelling. Can you see why that would be interesting? And it changes the field of it? Is it ok if I ask a question? Absolutely cool, but just just quick then by the way, we were holed up with that we've chosen wherever he goes, we talk about the album at that point, I simply say, ok, let's, let's get all this together, give you an idea great job, take a rest stretch, go have some beverages and then we're going to sit down and I'll have a final printout invoice that will have every line item collected and it's very clear the invoices air very clear. There's again, clarity builds trust. There is no point in saying those eight things together came to this everything's line items, and then you can see it, and so there are those questions we can have them and then I simply say so how would like to take care of this today will be about four to six weeks till everything's ready way neither let you know when some of the prints come in first or we can have it all at the same time on ben on then that's kind of close out okay, and then the follow through. Of course, after we get the prince I say, you know, depending on the size of order, we're gonna hang something if there's anything you know and I think it's all very happy to say, if you like these I would love for your friend take photographs, your friends you know, and I have no problem asking for that referral and hopefully then they have the experience to say to their friends I honestly was crazy at that. I don't know what happened. I just there's a lot of screaming and gorillas and it was a freak fest. And yet looking our portrait, which is about yeah, right. Good question. Is there an order the ego through everything? So you want to have them decide? Yes, yes, no like you know, like love whatever images then do you want them decide on their wall earpieces then do you want to decide on album and then do you do prints to you? Do you go in the same order all the time? Yes, it's exactly that actually, so we're going through and we decide which kind of prominent things that were going to do with the ones we know we really love count standouts, which is going to go on the wall and almonds for stuff on dh we'll go to the album next because we've got this great combination likes and then simply floppy prints like a week. I don't know if you remember, but you loved this one. This, by the way, is a perfect example of something you would put together is a three serious and lay out that you had one moment of time to prep before you in live, as opposed to choose between these three and see which one you want I would present this is a three serious, which is really cute, and that would be kind of and then of course, I would be very sensitive to the fact that I want to make sure I have one for their other child. Um as well, so it's not, you know, feeling like they didn't get one, but I would do something, uh, I'd have this ready ahead of time or build it with them, and I would do something where instead that being three very close together images in a row I would have them kind of proportion a little differently and maybe if we've already done a series in color, I wouldn't say what about all these in black and white they could look a little bit different and all that sort of stuff but yeah does that you know that did you see how summer closeout even go closer on this one mixing it up a little bit so it looks a little more interesting making sure ahead room is in a similar place but having something where they all look a little bit different it's not just me by the way I've been talking a lot, haven't I? But this was not what I think right there is reason okay? So then I would show it was just something like this and that we would probably build real time you told me you like those three I'm not going to say here's three choose between them I'm going to say, what do you think of something like this? You love it, love it and love it in color yeah perfect perfect asking other so here is a common thing that I could imagine hearing is ok yes, I love these three pictures you're selling this story board if you will for a certain amount of money and then the client says, well, I'm just going to order three by force or by sixes and frame it myself do you have a response that will get you the sale that you want? Yeah first of all my pricing is set up that all in all the pricing five I think we covered this impressive that five by sevens and under all the same cost so they can get four by six is but they're still gonna pay for the press five by seven and I prefer them to have a five by seven as you can see the images better and I will say that I was so if if the question is for right six is I'm going to say you know the thing where I showed you that I would literally show it on the wall and say that's about what that size comes out to let's at least be able to see this little better look a look at that boy's face is he not like perfection? Why would you why would you put him into a four by six box? But you know, talk about that in terms of just the sizing and then one of the things we have set up is are framing is actually about competitive just a little bit more I think we talked about this earlier with our local upscale framer and that's on purpose because that way we can own it we can get the cell but aiken very honestly say you're welcome to look at other framing options but ours are competitive and they can see on the wall what really good looking framing looks like, you know what I've never known? What should be really interesting would be to have a kind of cheap, cheap kind of one right next to it and show the difference, you know, that would be interesting to say, look at what a difference presentation makes. It's one thing to say, I've got a great image, but let's, go ahead and maximize this now, let's, present it well and then be done. And that is, I think, for me, that speaks to me very well when somebody because of the pace of my life. If somebody says to me, and then it's just done that's like melted chocolate, I mean, that sounds good to me, you know? And so I one percent that in the same way that I would love to hear it. Does it sound better to you that you have having a piece that it's finished? It's well done. You saw the chaos in my life. I yeah, exactly exactly. Question from the internet generally says this is all great for an established photographer with a studio and assistance and expensive software and monitors, but how would it be done, but a relative beginner without all of that, I have an ipad with the portfolio app and that's about it I want to be tamra when I grow up wonderful. First we replay the clip from yesterday morning when I said how I started because it's relevant and first of all thank you for the compliment I really appreciate. Secondly, I started out I joked about being the madwoman in the attic but that's where I was working the addict going crazy and I didn't have the software and the other things but as I was moving up I started investing my initial meetings will initially I sold by uploading them to a gallery waiting for an order and that's what I did for a couple of years later when I said I realized the significance of having these meetings because you're loving this right you love this could you imagine if you weren't able to see me again and sit right here on camera, what would that do for you would be a miss for you write my budget would be intact so what I would do is literally have my monitor and I would invite the client to sit down next to me on a desk not unlike how you guys are sitting right now he would sit at a desk with one monitor next to each other beverages on the table let's go like that's how I did it initially on guy would open them up in bridge in photo shop and we would look at them one at a time and I have a starring rating so star one that you love it start to means you like it actually was reversed three men you liked it loved it two men you liked it and one was like, we're not going to think about it right now and then I would sort by rating and then pull out the ones I knew they loved and so it was another you know, it wasn't nearly as smooth as this, but it is the same concept I'd pull them and then I'd open up the virgin's say, ok, these the ones we know we love, so you don't have to have a software and an ipad it's even cooler than that as you go some people's place and you can get if I had, if I will only do buy an ipad, I would absolutely get the cable to be able to hook it up to a television at someone's home. I think that would make a big difference of highly suggest that you do that you do a former that you looking up via apple tv, right? But that way you could have it set to be able tio if you had to quickly meet somebody in a coffee shop, but you could also do the big presentation, so you don't mean all that and I don't know if you noticed a swell, but I don't have any assistance helping me here on this either and most the time when I shoot I don't have an assistant with me I don't have a train girl looks adorable for guerrilla you wouldn't even imagine but I don't have I don't shoot with assistance that often at all, so I don't you know I mean I do thank you for answering that question thank you for the question and I really like the ending of the questions that was going on and I ask you a question please so at this point do you show them the images in the displays in a room display at all? Can you do that in pro sula so yes way downloaded this eight sex and get a second to get the news version to be able to shop for a select his latest thing there's constantly operating and we also notice when we're moving it over that everything got I don't really get a higher says it s oh yes and that is easy enough that they have rooms in their press elect has rooms in there that you can use the samples but you can of course always at a client's home take a picture just upload it or have them send you one and that helps personalize the situation dramatically yes, yes, yes and part of what we're going through here is the core of what the meeting is there's all these extra bells and whistles that you can bring in that hopefully physically have with you or you know would be with you in that space but that makes a big difference when september you did never he did cover people that were not in your studio cpt snappy says how does she do this now with clients that she cannot meet in person? I don't see you doing the same exact conversation you could that I would have this screen do a screen share and then they would watch me navigate it and we would talk through things it's very similar to this what do you think of this one? You know how about this siri's? I had this thought mine, you know, can you track that one fourth one down, over oh, I know that. Yeah. I mean, do you guys have any questions? No, I don't think, you know, I mean, did that? I mean, obviously we were doing this kind of phasing in and out of being just us and answering questions and clarifying, but does this feel like something to you that would be just comfortable and yeah, totally and then from the perspective of asking your time for you to come in here and do this would you see how this would be worth it? Just have it done and knocked out. You're going to see you get to go share your kids and your photos with somebody else. Who's going to go all that so cute, you want to be able to do that? Uh, yeah, absolutely wonderful. Well, good, well, thank you, thank you for the all of it. I know that was crazy. Thank you very much, all right.

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