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Shoot: Family Session

So we're we're here in the alleyway and we have a few considerations ahead of us we're trying to do a live together, and we were having some issues with the employee with a five d mark three on de so what we're gonna do is everything I'm shooting part of the goal of this is to show you thank you, laurie and crew helps me fix my strap way a part of the goal here is to not just do a shoot. The purpose of this is less about a live shoot and more about how we re enforcing the sale as we're going through the shoot in a way that isn't like, are you ready to buy now, but more just like a natural way that that it would occur? And so we had to make a decision do we do alive tether and sacrifice the image in the back of the camera? Normally, if I were just shooting, I wouldn't care in this situation, I actually use the back of the camera often. Well, that's a question I get a lot is do you show people the image in the back camera? I do, and I talk about what we're getting in the progression it's...

a way to kind of give them a vision of what what's unfolding here, and then later, when we sit down, we could say, uh you know, so that's why we're going to do here today it's a little chilly in the alley interestingly enough so if we see some blueness that's why? All right so we're just gonna get started. Hi, guys. It's good to meet you so we have one little, uh, sleepy guy do you want to say hi to every single person staring at you right now? You know? And then we have another guy you want me to say your names or do you want to say your name's going to say it? You don't want to say a e think so. Oh, no there if this were a normal to our drawn out shoot thiss getting going part is going to take a little while we're going to try to speed it up as best we can, which means that everybody who is part of this photo shoot gets a free ipad you're buying ipads for everybody you think it's true do you think I'm being honest? No, you are smart. I heard you were smart look though she might have won I might maybe this is an ipad that's love you see the minecraft teams in here my craft ugo closer did you see right up there look right in there is it? Did you you didn't look close up with those damn visit a temple john don't go hey let's do something when we all get together on this couch and get snugly because this is a terribly insecure situation. This's really confusing. All right, I'm going to this is gonna be a little embarrassing. You ready? Promise me you won't laugh at my reflector. His name is henry. His name is henrik. You say hi to henry. Henry gets kind of shy. Okay, so I don't want you to have it him, but here's what? You should know here's, what you should know about henry henry is afraid of being naked. Way are gonna make henry naked. I'm going take on henry's close and he's going to find it terribly silly, but I'm going to do it anyway. Ready? Showing some skin a little bit more, shall we say, how do you think he's doing radio? Do you like it? So by the way, I can do this shoot by myself by literally doing this, which I often dio or I can say, hey, somebody want to help me, and that way I can focus more on what I'm here for, which is showing you about sales. All right, what do you think of henry's close? You know, just gonna help us this is tricia you may not have met her before, do you know where she came from? Where you come from you know, I guess it's gonna be funny guess where tricia came from and you can hold it just like that tricia came from the zoo if you look really closely at tricia she looks like she's pretty right now she's part of guerrilla and that's all she is far gorilla and she's going to show you exactly what the gorilla says. I've got a great idea. I've got a great idea will you do me a favor? People he's all riled up, put him into a ball and just protective okay, just even making just thiss not showing all very good and then you guys jump over here bottom up graham greene all right, you're going to stay just like this. We're gonna have this little head it's going to be right like this and we're gonna put down the shirt and we're gonna make sure the ears or dick building and then lift them up to you lift up wait make sure the ears were just ok there they are perfect. And then if we can put this up this is I think the perfect oppose is that perfectly or do you want to go down during a hug dad here you want to stay like that, you kind of like the o you give kids right there all right now bringing back the other way can I show my show daddy how he should hold you can thank you now let's live what if you picked him up just like this ready? I'm your dad ready for daddy? I'm your daddy already you do it just like that and then turn and stores me yes that's perfect exactly what I wanted his right elbow that's what I was hoping to get yeah. All right, give us the gorilla affections that's really good. All right, I'm going to do two things right now. You're ready? The first is ask you if you can just around a couple times just disorient him. I think he's a little too centered. Yeah, just like if I am you yeah, keep doing it, do it again. But master my man, I can't breathe all right now let me oh, it is day. All right, so the big thing we have to keep in mind when we're working with reflector is that first of all, we need to keep it in relation to where the lights the lights come into this way to us, right? We can easily look and see where is the light coming? The lights coming down here, we're going to bounce it back up like this like right like that is the perfect way to shoot it like just like that and I actually wouldn't mind if you zipped a little bit of his clothes back on it I think he needs the silver close you're doing so well do you know what we're getting here today way have this the great thaw happening over here this is like an ice age the great thaw as the good news is there's nobody watching no it's just us it's just us but over here we can keep working while certain things resolve themselves nico I think my camera bag was stolen we could bring me my bag we'll try something watch this this will be funny can you stay just like that you're perfect scooch over so you're sitting right here ready keeps kitchen keeps future wait wait and then you do this watch you just hold on to daddy yes your whole job first of all I must see your head I must say it don't show forget look you hear geo he couldn't even believe so relax your heads relax your hands come back come back today perfect you're gonna be all like manly shouldered head turn what you're gonna be up on and say daddy being gay is that way last him way last him we must wear isn't there's oh I'm pretty sure we lost him again before you bring this in and adjust my studies because you're bringing in a total light which I appreciate you're but you're killing me on the internet like right like this because this seattle cloud cover is a little deceptive, it seems like it's, right? But it's actually pretty dark, so we're going to use the silver reflective, but we can't. We come right up on them it's crazy, bright and it's. Really? No, I'm just but it is really contrast, so we come back here, you are being the perfect, adorable gorilla. You were going to come back up to me because I'm missing you, I'm missing your face, I cannot see it and how goes the great boss? So from a sales perspective, what I'm doing is that that great expressions over here, I've got a head that's collapsing, but then it pops up. It is a beautiful and I've got a dad who's so into this, right, and I want them to see how cute they are and what I've got going on. Some of his show them examples. You ready? Ready for adorableness? Are you ready for super goodness and I will do this by the way, if you see me, I'm scrolling through it, I'm thinking about what I want to show. A lot of times I know that photographers we'll look at the back of the camera, they'll just like quickly try to show something just in case people don't think that no it's okay to thoughtfully determine which image you want to show them because it's having an effect on what they see it. The first image they see isn't the last one you shot that's ok, you got to go in to find the one you want so oh, my normally what just happened here? What on earth wait, lift your head to the heavens, young child given dummy, let me said ok, you do not look at me because I love what you're doing right now, but a little bit more on mommy heritage and mommy, move your knees a little bit more this way and this is going to come back a little bit this way and you are not at all going to look at me because that will ruin everything. Your head will go to the headings here I like how you're just like kind of casual here like what's up like that's. Perfect. All right, good, good, good. Ready? And then if you can come in right here and give me I'll be I'll be the grill I think I'll get me right e I was just kidding I miss you. I miss you. Come back to me. I will give you seven versions of minecraft and an ipad, three bars of chocolate and two cans of coke and a budget ice cream and my car. I will give you like car. It is yours to keep. You could drive it. I'll give you the license to it. I will get the insurance. Giftcertificates, you have to pay for a gift certificate. Dr e has gotta do you know what else I'll give you? I'm not kidding. I will give you henry the reflectors clothes you can take them and you can sell them on ebay for at least one to two dollars. That will happen for you. Do you like it? All right? Even though this is absolute chaos, let me show you how adorable this is. We've got them just say, you know, the back of the display I've got it set so that it's not auto adjusting outside aa lot of the cameras can auto adjust so that one is really bright. It gets really dark et cetera actually toned down my lcd. So the back of my lcd looks just like what I have in my monitor so what I'm going to show you might look a little bit like a stop down image a little bit darker but just know in your brilliant imaginations that what I'm going to show you is an indication of how fantastic it will be. Can you get a sense of that? Even though it's a little dark can you see how cute you are? Look at this thing. Let it all right. Three back this time. You know what? Even though in this picture you were so cute when you're tucked into mommy and your head was down you know what I wanted to see? Let me show you what I want to see. This just looked right at me. You don't have do anything at all that makes you uncomfortable. Except for me. Ready? No, no. At least at least let in it. But I matter. Dark, cold world. Show me. Were your friends right now? E e o freddy. Look, I will dance for you right here in front of the world. I would get what else did I dio? I would give you anything. You have a dream e. I give you the kid. That is. Yes. I introduce you to the man who created minecraft. He's, my neighbor. I did he's got he's got to realize minecraft that you could put a suit on and play I have died. Ok I've got an idea while he's collapsing and craziness I want to see if I can get you two together let's go to you car you joined just a wonderful job I love the back of your head it's just the dimensions of it are so fantastic I that that was great that was great three open your cashing in a picture yes, but just for the love of all things all they don't know that you're on tried and now you wanna hold on tight to daddy that's good okay thiss could go either way wait excellent I'm ready bring it your people you're right dan I've ever shot at oh my gosh I'm so tired right are you so tired you won't do it again but what did daddy look what you just put on his face he's got chocolate on his face living all right let me ask you a question while this is brewing because you're doing such a goodjob this by the way is exactly what we were hoping you video I'm really thrilled and very proud of you thank you thank you. Okay, ready and that's not not being sarcastic this is actually perfect. Okay are you ready? I'm going to switch from I thirty five to twenty four seventy because I said they feel it's dawning on me that this is an uncontrollable crazy situation all right way ask you I ask you a quick question while you're changing now I'm in my zone about your about your focusing because you're moving around so much yes how are you focusing I am doing auto focus I'm one shot mood and I am making sure that I have just this absolutely beautiful child who is not going to talk to me or look at me or ever for any reason be pleasant ahead of me that's why I'm doing and she did one shot focus my citing specifically right now right I saw one hundred I met one one twenty fifth when everything solid when we had an a for oh aperture when we had throwing up in the air I adjust my shutter speed to be able to get more motion and then and then as a result I'm adjusting my eyes so accordingly perfect thank you all right can I show you by the way how cute this is that what we are getting I wanted this is what I want to show watch look look at this point I'm more interested in making sure the chute unfolds so I'm gonna put my attention to the point of most resistance can I show you this look right there I can't believe it's a spaceship in there that was weird how weird that get in there with me on the show the other one but do you see the spaceship? Can we get one of you and mommy now you can stand out that was good ready yes good this is brilliant you guys are fantastic do me one favor let your dad man here's your father let your father let good you see when you look at me and all that more really you're doing such a goodjob think a gorilla that is beautiful that is so good that is so good now you're doing so well thank you so much your academy award best performance ever beautiful oh what did you just do to mommy what did you just eat your mommy do you there when he's coming in at you at the tendency when you're holding a child is to kind of go with that and then yet we do that so what do instead exact I want you to get close to him but pull your body out and put your chin out and get close so try that again can you give me a kiss on the cheek uh beautiful do me a favor make this knows attack that knows no no good even while he's doing that what he's telling you you're giving him all right yes very good and then the other tactic tio that was really good that was really good should we do to get ready ready just your mommy oh, I don't know how he oh that's actual spit from you you did you ate my god ok look at this look at this it's blood to see the booth all right, we're gonna have this problem way all right I loved can I show you by the way what I got of you guys back when that that brilliant moment ok, by the way and I love this can you see this? We're gonna zoom in keep on looking at I I love this think about that because right here were shot we shot where we had it, right it's chaos to jumping out good but and when I showed to later by the time we sit down together I'm gonna be zooming in I'm gonna be crabbing I'm going to make it a panoramic horizontal it's going to be black and white none of the stuff in the background would be and they're just going to love love it all right for you yeah, sure that is the latter let's get the ladder we needed changes of scenery I want to go to this here random letter that is in an alleyway as they are ok I would love to show you what I think would be really cool this letter if you were to keep climbing do you know where it takes you? Where do you think like should we try to see if you can just sit on here by yourself let's see, just you right here can you get me my eighty five one to police let's try you sitting just right here okay can you see how I'm doing it can you do it like me all right let's try it just you ready just you thank you oh my goodness a little bit farther back there we go okay wait wait do that again I didn't get it I didn't get it I'm not very good at this I just got here okay okay all right that's perfect I love your smile can I do it too ready here we got to do to did I do it now and show me how you do it again I don't think I got it. Okay. All right take a break with your mouth rest and go like this okay? Let's be gorillas you might go crazy. Oh, okay. Very good. Can you see that beautiful for the mama if you can see that again I have the lcd brightness turned down so it's not going nuts out here do you want to do something like this? Come on way come on, somebody's glad somebody is getting someone special. Oh, my gosh. Is it just me or is his hair just brilliant? Ok, by the way somebody should be catching mode baby daddy save his gorgeous john from any sort of yes, thank you all right, daddy close where's daddy okay, all right, very good that's about that's about it? Yeah, you forgive me out for having me out, all right, so come down a little bit and let's have your brother come here to ready, brother. Thank you very much. Want to sit there? Show me how you could do the same thing. All right, show me your best like member how your brother did this. You show me how you do that. No, not exactly. Wouldn't it be cool if we had your mom way? Had your mom come over here too? And she was all like my child. But what if she did that and daddy was ever here and gradel? No. Ok, she's good. All right, so you just all like, yeah, nice maybe handed rocket. Yeah, excellent. And gave me this attitude like, I don't care about no stinking internet. Nice, right? You're great. The only thing I don't want you to dio doing depth on head don't step on head been great you're gonna snuggle up with mommy and I go all the way over here, which is quite a distance. But and as I'm here, I'm realizing this is fabulous, but I want my training for seventy over thirty five either one ok, thirty five, thirty five I didn't mean either one I mended want I meant in one I did it okay, so, tricia, you could step back a hair let's look at it like that. So just kind of a flat up reflective. I know it's, so I am. He just did and stuff. Do you want daddy to get you? Come here, let's get a better but didn't govern humans? Pretty all right, the's, things that drive me crazy. All right, here we go. Because my family is on a different plane of focus. I'm gonna ask the family the background to scorch forward, and then if you could lean back that be awesome, because if you can see like you're here and you're here and you're here and you're here on, then I have to shoot it like that ninety seven to get you off. All right, tricia, back up your grand. I could only say that cause you're extraordinarily fit. All right, here we get ready. Here we go. Come back. Wait. Just a minute ago. It's. Good. Perfect. Just in just his head. Like an autumn atran. I am a not of a dry and I have gotten to get you and that didn't favor. This is so good. Step forward. Ready? Come on. Release yourself from the ladder on, and then all you do is grab daddy. You can all you're gonna do is come in and ok by the way do you not love that we show you what really shoots are all right and then you're gonna just lower yourself did you tell him about the other thing you d'oh now I didn't you didn't tell them down she didn't tell you in many respects I mean we can almost say that she lied to you way have a shared e okay you know what she does she's a professional hugger partly now like this and you know what that means not like sweethearts he's gonna not like not like a scary hugger like a love a hugger freddy let me show you what a love you hug her looks like oh my gosh this looks so good lienen snugly kick out yes good, good okay, that is so bryant let me show you exactly what she does ready she comes up to people she doesn't know when she does this free oh ok I'm the kind of five I'm going to take the last photograph I've ever taken here it is this is it this is all I've got it's either good or it's horrible way to three far way where was I got so bad? All right that was terribly sweet way got all of you that is and the random letter all right, if this were a real shoot we would keep going through but I want to talk to you a little bit because, like, obviously, when I shot you right here, that was a really cool, totally perfect vertical. And we were talking earlier about, like, the shot that you want in your home. Are we gonna be doing way no evidence, one way or the other? So we're going to do those in a combination. Okay. Okay. How that? Ok, now you're ready for the letter. Now you're ready for the shot. This is your moment to shine. Now way. Should we step away from the ladder? I'm going to do one more, just flat out in the middle. The alleyway. Ok, ok. Because I started to get to remember when I count to five and I said that's, the last I ever took, I actually only got two four. So this will be my fifth and final shot. You ready? And that's what I want. Mommy and daddy todo totally get dirty. Ready way. Go! I'm pretty sure some dogs were here and they left some poop, so you're going to be sitting in dog poop. All right, dad, I'd love for you to start, like right here. We're going to get you settled. Sorry to call you dad. Very good, christine. You're gonna be out like, but not like this if you want to go down on your left hip so you're on your left hip. So instead of, like, sitting and leaning, you're more gonna be like this. Wow. Somebody knew this coast. Somebody knew what to d'oh. You gotta wait. It's right here until we get it. And then she's gonna tell you where you go, ok? Gorgeous. And then you're this right? And you're so if I'm like instead of like this, I'm gonna be like, yeah, he didn't love me. Yeah, just for a little more anymore e gonna get back. All right, they are. And then you're going to just put your channel of it towards their go find people. Good. Awesome. You're never going to do for the rest of this one. Except you told the captain. But that's a starter. All right, you know what I would love? Because I love I've never seen your whole face before this is brilliant just to be a favorite snuggle up mommy ready like this guess what this is gonna be this is going to the one photograph that we upload to facebook for the minecraft game yeah yeah you gotta look if they don't see your face they rewarded that is gorgeous you guys are brilliant because behind you all I see is this gorgeous beach on that's all I care about ok ready black let's do it from my angle I want to make sure I'm not shooting here and just have some gonna be right here I'm no poles in the head I'm shooting it I s o I s o two hundred one to fifty if reverse that I said to fifty one, two hundred and four five aperture how much do you love them shooting at four five aperture? What is that? That basically means when we decide to give this to you, can you can you say about that? Can I see the little reflective he's? Okay, thiss is it this's it we're going to be almost finished ready hold on super tight because I'm about to throw this at your face is ready like he's like he's like going going remember remember yeah, it was really it and then do a favor for me there that was good. Okay, listen tell me if you hear this tell me here if it clicks listen to hear it you're a helicopter do you hear the click is going is going to say you couldn't tell it he's embarrassed that he's even going to see valley with me that was beautiful. Okay, last one super hug squeeze tight squeeze tight squeeze squeeze dater squeeze even data tio good, good, good so well done, girl we have options way have options check it out. Oh, so cute waigel will go bag of that and that's going in wait little faces that we bet squeezing you know what I remember? I got some of you guys and I got some of you guys I didn't get really you too, and I certainly didn't get you to yet. Yeah. So you wanna have one with just mommy right now you owe me very my eighty five one too. Just like that, I've got a great again exactly as you are is perfect. How about you sit right here and put your legs over here? Okay? Oh, so you're doing great. I want your legs over here. You're gonna sit on mommy, okay, I'm sorry can get a five one two three you get a little big no, no, no he's just a little baby all right ready and you're gonna do me a favor put your knees up a little bit, okay oh, I love this ok do you know what we're going for here gets what we're doing here today. What do you think we're even doing like why are you here in this alley in seattle with all these strangers who told you you know what? So we could make sure that when you guys go home you have something lovely of yourselves together all right, so what? But you hey uh ok all you have to dio guess what guess who was doing all the work on this thing your mom I just showed up here you know work it is to get you like the socks and all that sort of stuff all of you with a lead in a little bit ready well ok, that is so good. So would you say mama you did such a good job he said oh, squeeze him even a little bit more love it on and then can you like right there oh that's good he's just caught in the circuitry of the alleyway yeah that's really lovely wonderful oh, drop your hand better be free there we go beard so good look so good looks so good thank you. It was perfect, okay and then we have to get one more round back I know we release the hounds way that was so good to do that again in a year of the big black lie ah, perfect brilliant from run. All right, so let's try every here real quick I want to just get just mommy and daddy you guys get to be free all right? We're gonna try one with just you guys and we'll go this way. Yeah, I just I did something nice and sweet with just you too and I love do this every time because obviously it's really easy to just get caught up in oh, yeah I am now a human watcher way call that a we become the service provider way become service providers that's all we're doing is providing a service to everybody around us and we kind of forget like were the originators so, um that's kind like this? I love this so you just kind of doing this ready and then you're gonna go kind of out there at eleven lovely used to wake you but that's ok, good, beautiful we're gonna try just like that I'm on it no girl of suggest back here beautiful down a little bit like they're ok first of all I'd like to make one quick observation that may be a parent all it's so much easier to photograph adults you guys were just like doing what I say I love it thank you so much I'm so intensely grateful to you for this look at you look beautiful you're opposed wonderfully got some great eyes look I didn't teach you are you are so engaged this is brilliant thank you I'm almost tearfully grateful for this beautiful all right let's try one more that's just you guys if you want to come here oh, by the way I should be remiss to not show you love the expressions right not that one that one on and I see this as a really tall vertical like a black and white like that right? Come here we're going to try one more or just going to be you guys and let's do this let's try start here all right? So it's needs need over the microphones it's ok, I think we still okay yeah I always my girlfriend of all my humans I'm still keeping everything under wraps right? All right, so yes that's gorgeous. I love that the knees out perfect. Ok, ok. And then we're gonna have a little bit of a shoulder turn so you're almost like your chest is facing that but then you're back at me. Yeah yeah ok you like your children in france, right? Good, I love it so this is like perfect, right like he's here he's after boarding school but it's not like he's like what are we doing now it's just like all right it's cool I'm with you can you want this side because I have this thing behind us on and then I want you to just okay if I am you then she's just like that and you're gonna be like this but see how I've got yet just like more like that so it's casually as comfortable as it would be for you and now what you're doing is you're leaning in like but instead of thiss it's more this so like that knee would roll in yeah good okay ready reflect on radio and then let's do me a favor fix your hair thing just a little bit I feel like it's gone back and they do that don't they they're not like in traffic right okay I I'm assuming ok get ready we just do one more of you guys together we're gonna have you just here and then here leaning a little bit more and then this is the weird part ready you're gonna lean in towards me good closer like literally cheek to cheek and then in the part that makes it not look like this I know it feels like what on earth do you want of me they were doing a great job and lean in good beautiful even closer okay is where does it is even closer good very good I'm gonna shoot these two different ways, so we have lots of options. Perfect let's go, you've done so well, so stressful you were like he was en masse for the whole time, okay, I want to tell you just to wrap up since we just finished that we have, it feels like when we're doing this, the attention is very much about, like, where is everybody? What we doing? What are we getting? The truth is we're getting a whole bunch of stuff because we only need these, like, microseconds, and so when we get done, I want me to know right now before so the next three weeks that we've got a lot of got a lot to go through that great family focused, wonderful ones of you two together we got a great one on ones we really did have a wonderful session on, I swear would never say that, mr chiu. So even that you're saying, I'm sure I promise you we did. Ok god, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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