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Bonus Video: In the Same Day Edit Bag

Hi, this is vanessa jury and I'm going to show you what is in my same day at it bag it is a bag by undefined so u n d find top calm andi it's a nice, simple bag because it seemed and in it does a lot for me, but I don't want to have to work too hard for it, so I don't want to have to carry a ton of extra equipment, bring it all in and have to schlep into the reception and back out again released I don't want my assistant to have to do all that work, but this is a bag that I using. It carries everything that I need it's a really great shoulder bag so it's comfortable. I will admit it's a little heavy with the things I have in here, but you're not carrying it around all day. You're just bringing it into the reception hall on back to your car when you're finished so let's, take a look so one of the first things that you'll notice right here I have a flat and in this compartment I have all of my black river imaging lost cards here, so these are the cards that I stick on the table that has ...

a picture of the couple on the front. And then on the back information toward to see their wedding pictures so that's what these are and it usually stick these either out on the tables attire reception if that's what my clients want or else to get next to my digital picture frame I will not the dinner digital picture frame does not fit in this bag however some people like to do this large of right on the computer so that is in here so let's keep going I do have a compartment here honestly this is where I keep my checkbook to pay all of my employees the day of that is them I think they had it back seeing the other things in here we do have power cords here that won this for my laptop did you have the thirteen inch macbook pro and this is where I do all of the editing and everything for my same day at it next we have the printer that I use and this is the cannon I p one hundred picks my printer it's a really nice portable printer super small not too heavy and prince great for race six pictures all right, next I have my portable hard drive the portable hard drive is important. I really like the fact that I can back up my pictures the night of the wedding on to the harder it's already have duplicate copies of them and I'm also putting my second photographers pictures on here is wall so I don't have to worry about getting a dvd from him you know six weeks later and he's super late with the pictures or anything like that no need to worry I also have my card reader in here just a general you speak our leader and I have a splitter as well he was peace splitter and the reason that I have this is because the printer the hard drives and the usb sort of card reader all runs off usb so I need more than the two years reports that the book has the other thing that I use the u s beef or pork for is my internet stick so this is my four g internet steak and used this to get access to the internet so that I can upload my photos right away onto facebook smugmug online gallery creepy an emotive sideshow that stuff the night of the wedding it is nice if I happen to have my assistant that her beautiful blond eyes are beautiful blue eyes with her blond hair and be a maitre d for the pass code for the wifi but if that doesn't work out I do have a backup flynn here I believe that's everything that's in my bag oh no I lied you might want these things paper for your printer and the same day album as well this is the actual four by six album and here's. A sticker it's, my block river imaging sticker that I just put on the inside of my album right there so that my album is logoed when I hand the client, sell them at the end of the night, and they get a little box too. Okay, yeah, it's light. Now, now, that is the end of what is in my bag that I use for same day at it. I just wanted to take this time to show you about one of my favorite tripod made by me photo called the room trip and a lot of people look at this tiny little bag and think what, you have a full set of sticks in there, but I dio on dh that's. One of the things that I really love about the meat photo brand is trying to make things as compact as possible, and they did a really good job with the road trip. So this is the road trip. It is very compact, but it just opens up like this on day. One of the other things that I really like about the tripod is that it has two settings here, so you could have it be a little bit taller in the stance of the feet, or I'm sorry, the legs, or you can have it be wider, so just depending on on what you want. Do you know how stable the ground is? Our unstable ground is you might decide tio, move it differently. Another thing I really love about these tripods is you can pick what color you would like. So this one is a rose gold type color. They have all sorts of colors on dh it's. Not so much a thing about you, my favorite color, but I like, you know something with my bags and other equipment that I can customize. I like it to be conducive to my brand and consistent with my brand. So I really like that I get to choose the color here, the's air the legs that have really easily pulled out and very long so you can make this quite tall. And then you have your basic controls. As with really any tripod here, you've got a full ball head here and the pan, you've got your vertical capabilities here and then what's really nice is that this is set up for you to be able to easily work with video as well. So you've got your tension knobs to do slow pans or tilt if you would like tio, but the cool thing about this this is we can take it apart and it becomes a mano pod. So that's, how I'm going to do here and it's, really just a few tiny little turns. The nabe take one of the legs off, and this leg here has a full grip on it. So that's, really great. And then we take the top part off so it's, just a matter of loosening it up. And for those of you guys who are doing effusion or your even just doing videography may be on vacation. This is a really great way to be able to do that, and this attach is here, and it expands just like the regular try public sue on the bottom and kind of model pod. So it's, really great for kind of running and gunning if you're doing a video or fusion and you need a tripod and amano pod, but don't want to carry all the extra weight or luggage. So this again, is the me photo road trip, tripod flesh, mom.

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