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Oh my gosh you've been around for shooting for quite a long time and I just really wanted to get it right fifteen years of photography nine years of weddings my gosh that's truly amazing and rob again fifteen years of shooting videos we were just talking a second ago about the fact that you guys could write books about the experiences that you have just made ok all right, well welcome and without further ado same day at it I think we're excited to be here. I particularly am excited to be here and not in spandex teaching yoga so thank you this is the normally not you'll get a tire but yeah, I wanted to talk to you today about the same day at it and robin I previously did this course has a full day workshop on here which is really more extensive it was a few months ago but I wanted to talk about this again one because technology is changing and there's even more stuff that we can do with this and two because one of the battles that we constantly fight here as photographers is saying that...

it's an oversaturated market I mean, you guys have probably heard that phrase seven hundred billion times, particularly on the panel the other night right oversaturated market and the idea that you have to get yourself out there in new ways like we've never had to before is something that so prevalent and something that needs to be at the forefront of our minds we can't complain anymore that the some photographer is stealing our work whether it's an experience photographer or a new photographer we can't complain about it we have to do something about it and that's really what this is this is about we're going to talk about an effective way to reach your clients so let me around my little clicker here yeah beyond the same day and it is really what I talk about because while we talk about the same day at it which is the base bone of what we're going to demonstrate today what it really is is a marketing strategy so the marketing strategy that this creates and then the work flow that it creates after that that's designed to not only get you new clients and new brides but it's meant to make your life easier free of your life get your client their products faster they'll be happier I'm really just a ton of kind of beneficiary things from there that's the whole speed equals quality sort of thing you know your pictures will have a great impact if they're seeing quickly you know you want him to have a high quality as well obviously we don't want to pump out garbage but we do want to give give the client's immediate satisfaction and that will definitely help the boast of your image and your reputation exactly you know when it comes to the immediate satisfaction little little story maybe one that will go on in our book one day I was photographing a wedding a month ago actually think it may have been only three weeks ceo and I had this woman who not only was she and I don't know aunt betty whatever the female version of an uncle bob is not only was she that but she was also wearing a white dress which I found to be offensive I think with women wearing white dresses that weddings like just no no I'm sorry you're not allowed to do that but to be to make it worse is she was extremely obtrusive and she quite literally followed me around the entire ceremony so you know I tried to be very discreet but meanwhile I have this white dress tail following me to literally every part of the ceremony that's photographing and I'm like ok, you know I'm not gonna be one of those people make a big scene or go sit down teach address you know I'm not going todo but so she followed me around and then the champagne toast comes out you know the bride and groom were coming out of the church and and I'm standing here she is right next to me hanging out and taking pictures with her her camera I remember what it was it was definitely dear so are but it was a consumer level dslr and she stands next to me and she goes well help them not in your way you know I know your pictures are really important but you know what? Yours takes weeks take weeks for them to see and they'll get to see mine tomorrow and I looked at her and I said, oh honey, they're going to see mine tonight on and she was like really like and I get in my way woman go change but anyway that instant gratification and being able to provide that to our clients because quite frankly our clients and now they're guests are you know, expecting and thinking it's better to see something sooner so does anybody here try to do any sort of the same base like joe at a wedding if you're winning no cool it's daunting it's very daunting at first you know you think how can I have time to do that on dh how how can that work? But the truth is when it comes to the wedding you really need to think the thinking about which brides maid is going to be your next bride because that's the reality of it that's how word of mouth works word of mouth works with people that the bride nose and the bride talking about you to them so I always find it funny you always talk about marking and what are the best ways to market to people you know, is it facebook? Is it advertising for you? Is it doing bridal shows? Is it networking with other vendors? You know what works for you? And my whole idea is that I don't want to wait till monday to figure out what's the best way to market I'm in the same room with all my future clients every weekend, so I need to make myself known then when I'm actually standing there with them and you know, in some cases, with the bridesmaids with them all day, that type of marketing should not wait till monday. Yes, they were up to me a way to make yourself known they of so maximize your time with them, reach them. This is one thing that I really like to do just in general, when it comes to photographing and trying to, you know, play nice with the bridesmaids that helps you out anyway because, you know, you create a relationship with the bridesmaids and throughout the day your job easier, you know, learning their names and they respect you by that point, but I try to take headshots of all of them as well, just like you see here, it's just nice for for me to take them, they want beautiful picture of them, you know? They're really excited, they look gorgeous, they had their hair makeup done so I tried to take head shots of them. I'll upload them obviously to the online gallery that I provide my clients, but I will also try to put them in the same day. Ettus, though, that they're uploaded to facebook as well. And then the bride usually tags them and it's just a great way, you know again to reach the bridesmaid so one of the things they always recommend that you do not only to prove my point here but teo make sure that you know how your business is coming into you is to make sure you keep good track of your your source your leads on and you generate what I call a lead source report how many of you guys do that keep track really good track by management's most climb management systems will do this for you. Yes, just simply by process. Exactly. Most client management systems will have that in there we used one called ave tv dot com. I'm not going to stay with our in the fan or not a fan of it right now, but it does track our leads and you have to be vigilant about it and my contact form. I do ask them, where did you come from? How did you hear about me? If it's a previous bride, I'd like to send a referral gift just another little marketing thing but what happens is I end up with this report right here and we have a very very clear winner as to where my clients are coming from so what types of marketing actually worked the number one up there it's his previous client which really is your word of mouth so that is huge I mean it is it is more than triple any other source that I have and I have done that intentionally through what I'm going to show you guys sitting so word of mouth isn't just your previous clients talking about you it's also vendors talking about you on dh the second one right there does say rob adam so I am married to a videographer so that's a pretty easy vendor to recommend me looks like I have more work to do you have more right in a way you have to catch up but it is other vendors talking about you have other names on they're just my baby seem eyes a wedding planner that I work with k english is another photographer the palace is just a reception hall bias so different different vendors that are referring me and that's the council's word of mouth because they're talking about you and then obviously referrals that are just simply your friends on facebook getting people to talk about you other things to mention here that are prevalent on dh this lead source report is from last year the one that's on I believe it's one, two, three, four, five six one down is the google search and that is extremely important how many of you guys I don't know if it's just me I struggled with theo so much you know we were talking about this on the panel how it's so hard as a photographer you're trying to learn so much about your craft and to be a great photographer but then you have to have have to have this knowledge about everything else because how many of us can really for entire pr firms and to do all the search engine optimization for us so the way that we're going to talk about the work flow with same day and it is going to include that inherently so it'll be really great but it is important google searches I mean, just this morning I received the lead and on the contact form she says she found me on google so that that's what happens? You know, when I don't know we search for something new and google it I mean google it's a verb is not just a one state anymore. So it's very important to have that in your marketing plan and search engines have become so oversaturated themselves this with so many photographers out there that it's not enough just not a tag keywords in her image hoping that they're going toe stimulate hits on google so you need to find another way to roll that into your work fluff that it does it immediately for you in a very effective way thiss what we're going to show you here today will do that all my networks that definitely something to talk about places like snap, not wedding why're, you know, blog's like june, june bug weddings or style me pretty or, you know, maybe if you're in california green wedding shoes, those air definitely something to talk about on that is all included as well, because those online networks, especially the blog's again, it's going to boost your ceo and help you get more clients in so these are all the types of marketing that actually worked, but where the mouth is really what we're going to concentrate on today, I always feel like word of mouth is one of those words that are freezes, that's, cliche and you just say it like, oh, what's, the best way to mark her mouth, ok, that means what? So I really want to talk about how you create that word of mouth say, because we know it's, the most powerful tool that you have when it comes to bringing people into your business, but because we need to know how to do it, so how do you guys do it? I was like to ask anybody want to chime in on time and let me know how you do it doesn't have to be if you guys they're better at it maybe with a non wedding photography types for the more than make there I'd say right now my number one ways through facebook and people tagging me and a lot of times it's better if the person that gave the picture to actually post it because they love it rather than me posting at them saying seeing it by chance and then ten myself so I feel like I've done something right if they post the picture that I gave them and say and then they tag me and say, oh, this is a great photographer and there is so much and that's kind of the maybe like that we're going to come back to that later about about them posting anyone else you just want to share something that you do to create word of mouth sure well I actually children family but mom's groups moms I like the key if you can get in with one than bill you know the same kind of thing that posted on facebook or even talk about it or I saw that picture at your house or whatever and then um you know, even if you get one more person from that group it's fantastic great nobody posted pictures of kids on facebook no ok rob and I were I'm thirty years old, so I feel like a lot of my friends are having babies, and I looked in my news feed and it's like it's, not the sonogram, but uh uh, so lots of babies and lots of months post so that's great and facebook, you know, it's kind of the key that tied both of those things in there, so facebook is definitely one of the strongest marketing tools that I think we have it's photographers, along with some of the other of photography based social networks, so we're going to talk exactly about how you create word of mouth for me, ivory or the mouth by using the same day at it and that's, the method that I'm going to show you guys today in reality, I think that there's nothing better that you can do for your business, then to do your best work and let everyone see it because there's, no point in doing great work if no one sees it, it's the whole concept of, you know, hiding your light under a bushel it no one sees it, it doesn't matter so same day edits are the tool that I used to do this, and I like to define same day edits because it definitely is traditionally known as a slide show that simply presented at the reception I'm not talking to guys about such is that is not what we're going to be talking about we're talking about what I affectionately call a slideshow on crack because for me it is a slide show presented at the reception it does start there it's also the same day album given to my clients at the reception it's all my photos uploaded to facebook and tied and watermarked the night of the reception my online client gallery is created the night of the reception the anne emoto slide show is created the block post is also ninety five percent finished and my photos are already submitted or almost ready to be submitted for publication and I have all my second photographer, his photos acquired and ready to go as well. So that's what we're going to talk today and just looking at that it's so much work and how many of you guys do that stuff on monday or tuesday or into wednesday and thursday? You know this is something that tends to take over our lives during the week when we could be doing so many more other things during the week instead of sitting behind their computer trying to get her block post finished on wednesday, we could be out to lunch with the wedding planner instead and that's the kind of time that you want to free up, not necessarily so you can, you know start drinking at twelve noon every day well, so that you free up your time so that you have more time to better your business in other ways or so that you have more time to take on more clients and made more money. So this is exactly what we're going to talk about today any questions and hear any feelings of complete overwhelmed there's? No way I can do that? Yeah e don't know nowhere is nowhere is all so that is what we're talking about more than the slide show maybe equipment from the internet records fantastic. So marcel would like to know how much of your pre planning goes into the thought that you're going tohave the same day at it in a slide show at the end of the day preplanning aa lot because I do have to pack certain things into my into my bag and we'll talk about that actually I have a bonus video for you guys with this with this course that you'll be able to see how I packed my bag and it's really not that extensive, but it is to pre plan that I do pre plan what pictures I take hk so that I know what pictures I'll select later so that I have all the pictures I need to not only tell the story of the day and then submitted for publication so there's a lot of preplanning and premeditation that goes into this and this is something that she aims to do it every day what everyone right it's not only certain ones it's not an additional charge to do this this is rolled into the price so every wedding you know that morning you know we know we're gonna be doing this by the end of the night yes, thank you. Perfect. All right, so I do want if I haven't sold you on this concept yet I do want to quickly tell you on that because the idea of this really revolves around relevant marketing and when I say relevant marketing this may have been one of those terms that I completely made it myself but relevant marketing to me is marketing that that is internalized by the people that you're marketing to so it's a well factor for my clients from marketing to my clients it's the wow factor it's the oh my gosh you got what on your wedding night it teaches others to talk about you andi it does it in a way that's not can't be like I don't know reposes on twitter too you know like my facebook page to enter in the contest, which yeah, they're kind of teaching people would talk about you but they're doing for their own reasons, you know, for your reasons not really for uh you know, organic reasons it's free advertising that's relevant to the people that you're advertising to that aren't already your client so for example, you take out an ad in a magazine and you know you pay eight thousand dollars for an ad in a magazine which is just crazy but you have a beautiful picture there maybe it's an award winning picture maybe it's just the most gorgeous picture that anyone is everything in their entire life. That picture is not going to be as amazing to someone who doesn't even know that bride as your mediocre picture that you put on a slide show of the night of the reception will be to a person who knows that brides that makes sense so if you are emotionally invested in the subject that is in the picture picture that is going to be more relevant and that is going to create more of an emotional impact and help them remember you and this is relevant marketing to us because in new jersey where we are not all but most of the brides are always looking to outdo the previous wedding. So if it's a friend or her sister it just seems like there's this dare I say cattiness of you know, this is this mentality of a wide path of gotta do or one up I've got to do one better and this is the type of stuff that they that rings in their minds yeah, they sent and subliminally now I'm simply uh I'm not trying to promote that kind of keeping up with the joneses but at the same time you have a friend who got exceptional work and you know all this other wild factors stuff and you're like, well, I want that obviously so it doesn't make the impact and I always say this like I said, if you advertise in the magazine and again it's the most beautiful picture in the entire world he won the fun of the year, you know, at a photo convention or something it's still not as good as that one that creates the emotional impact that I would say that your pictures are better than they really are is there the first that everyone sees and that they're relevant through the person who's seeing them so it's true, the pictures that I find you know I would be the first to admit I feel like I fail at weddings often you know, you take pictures and you're like these are the worst pictures in the world I'm going to be sued and when I showed the same thing right, so anyway way all have that about ourselves, you know you're more critical of yourself, but when I showed the same the slide show my bread still crying over that horribly lit photo on the bright sunny beach noon because that's when the ceremony wass that makes all the difference in the world that picture is so much better than it might photographically technically be if they're the first that she sees and then a lot of ways because we live in this society that we live in speed equals quality I have clients I the kind that came in the other day and you know, like three weeks after her wedding I've already got her album designed on where we're sitting down and we're picking album covers and things like that and she brought one of her bridesmaids friends and and her bridesmaid got married in two thousand six and she does not have her album yet granted as photographers we know that's probably breast fall should not pick your picture is that kind of thing and we'll talk about how to avoid that later but my pictures because they're in my client's hands faster have a higher perceived value than these that you know, how many years ago that seven years in a year even even abroad has been waiting a year it's going to make a big difference in what you know what he was a year ago and you already have your album you know, that sort of thing exactly and it's going to help you with relevant marketing and marketing to all the vendors as well and we'll talk about ways to do that so it's going to help you build vendor relationships too instant gratification I was just like to talk about this first because that's just the world we live in like I said with that woman who was, you know, try and it's not telling me that you know her pictures to be available the next day and mine would, you know, take four weeks. The truth is, if mine took four weeks, my client would start to get empty they do because we want everything yesterday, but when I make them happy by giving them something that they're not really expecting, I don't usually tell them that I do any sort of saying they had anything they're happy and they're already talking about me instantly on facebook on pinterest on then when it comes to the things that you can do for your son self because granted I'm making my clients happy about this, but I'm not gonna do anything that isn't going toe have more than one benefit to it, and this benefits me as well. It opens doors for surprises like the same day at it seemed the album and then allows you to search a living your products faster my clients like I mentioned three to four weeks after the running their album design is done, the pre design is finished most of my clients if they you know our responses clients will have their complete final albums that three months from their wedding um and it wasn't always like this because I will say just last week I received a set of albums in for my last client from two thousand eleven so I did not always do this method and I had a huge problem with clients that would take an extremely long time I was making them pick their pictures it was it was a long drawn out process of making as much money in that case I lost money because of the you know what I charge them in two thousand eleven are really two thousand ten when they book to what the album's costs now in two thousand thirteen so it's really nice that you can start delivering her products faster so albums pre signs thank you cards whatever it is that you d'oh and then it's also publication ready how many of you guys actively get published in magazines and block do you want to get published? Do you want the key question this's exactly what this does is really make everything publication ready because those images and I'm going to show you what wants to take the images that we use for the same day other are the same ones that I use for publications and the one that I submit for publications leader the work is already done I don't have to you know sit there and do a ton of work later I always include a ton of details because that that is what publishers are looking for. We could do a whole course somewhat publishers are looking for, but really when it comes down to it it's the details I use the service called to bright lights to do this and I'll show you what that looks like later on dh then I also put it on my block and for people who aren't on to bright lights the editors that aren't on to bright lights I'll just send in my block blink so it's nice it's fast and it causes more than seventy percent of the work that I should to be published somewhere it's a huge number and I would actually venture to say that it's probably closer to eighty five percent but I try not to guarantees you're going to start looking at my weddings and like eighty five percent I don't think so, honey, but being published not only adds credibility to your work, but it's an ego boost don't mean that in a prideful way, but it's something that's going to motivate you to keep you going and keep you excited about your own work. All right, take questions actually perfect timing so k w would like to know, do you blogged every single wedding you shoot or you more selective about which weddings I've like every single wedding I should yeah, I do I think there may have been one in a past, like five years that I did not, um well, david to terror, and I think that celebrity factor, I think, involved in that yeah couldn't extenuating circumstances type deal? I do for a lot of reasons. One I'm using my block is a troubled to get these images published in too I feel like it's, but I think it's dishonest to not block every wedding. I understand that, but I think it helps you manage my client expectations if I am blogging every wedding and they can see what I do question. Well, I right definitely was relating to you when you say like, you see your picture and you don't know, so I think it's the best picture ever. But if you have a bride that you know, wants to get published, are you going to submit those to editors anyway? Even though you know that they're maybe not the best picture apple? Or do you ever say like that's? Not the best idea? I don't want anyone to see that? No, no, I do. I will submit all of my weddings because my brides are awesome, always people no, no, because there's definitely always something at a wedding that you can tell a story about or something that will help another bride so I do always submit everyone ng to be published she also makes it very clear to the client that there's no guarantee that anything is going to get published or considered right definitely because you don't tell them because I can handle the rejection of a wedding not being published my bride probably not so much yeah I wouldn't want to put them through that so you you bought every single wedding that's crazy how do you avoid getting repetitive I mean I know you said that there's a different story for every wedding but how how do you avoid becoming repetitive and like how average length like four hundred words two hundred words like is it predominantly pictures how do you keep those bog post fresh and keeping people to come back for a new you need those for every wedding great question there's to enter that one I'm not a writer and I'm really bad at that and I don't write that much on the block I am a visual storyteller not nothing well yes I am an author but not ever for weddings and describing weddings it can feel a little bit daunting I do have an assistant home that helps me out with that with some of the writing because sometimes that you just get stuck but as far as the pictures go I tend to purposely put a little repetitive nous repetitive nous in them when it comes to some of the posing in the way that it shoots certain things. And I do that on purpose. Yes, that sometimes I am bored with it a little bit, but it creates trusted. It, creates consistency with my work that my clients can come to expect, and that manages those expectations. Yeah, maybe one more from, you know, a great, fantastic thank you, so tough total asks, does it diminish? Does it diminish or enhance the print and product sales after the wedding? If people have already seen and enjoyed the photos at the reception and all add to that, do you sometimes see, like, a one that I know this is going to sell and save it for the big? Wow after like that, and I've had that question before and camera who asked me before, but I have to thank them fuselier for asking the question, because I was not doing post wedding sales, and I was losing thousands of dollars without knowing it. So, one, what to clarify just a little bit for some people might not quite understand. The post sales process is that you would save these pictures for when they come in for the post wedding meeting in order to wow them when they get their decree a high emotional reaction in order to get them to spend more money on whatever is that you're going to sell after the wedding for me I don't I don't save the pictures because I think that's valuable to create the buzz I have I make them come into view their album design and I have that album design already pre designed for them and that's the world that I use and that works and that dan equates to adding more spreads into an album up selling the album itself you know, besides the cover options, that sort of thing yeah yeah and I'll get into talking a little bit about my method with that but that's a really good question yeah, awesome all right let's keep going mental clicker all right? One of the things that I love is it really is less work on monday so I don't have to wait for my second photographer photos to come in I don't have to worry about blinding a whole entire wedding I don't have to think about my facebook marketing plan because it's already in place you don't have to upload that online gallery I don't have to do an animal like so and I do you have to sometimes choose which one I'm going to submit for publication? It just depends really realistically I do this stuff online so if I have wifi access at the reception hall usually that part gets done, if not oppose their slower, and I don't get that done that you should have to do it on monday, but it is a ton, ton, ton, less work, and then from there I can also go on monday and upload my own online profiles as well. So you know the member of snap, not in june bug weddings and family pretty and things like that, and I want to make sure all those sites, along with my website, stay fresh in the images that have been out there don't want it to get stale, and this makes that part very, very easy a swell I think I do on monday, and I'll talk a little bit about that later, but on monday I am going tio cultural my images and go through proofing process, but we'll talk about that later, so we're going to get started into the actual same day at it process the workflow workflow when it comes down to this, this is what the same day at it workflow looks like number one and certainly the top of the list is getting assistant how any of you guys work with assistance right now, you didn't call, so the two with you, you're back certainly more. Then the two of you I'm telling you right now because you're resistant and the gray hair probably doesn't doesn't come in too quickly when you have an assistant as well for this entire process I will say it is not necessary that you have an assistant it really is not the first time I did the same day at it album I did not have an assistant and I did it myself I also got a lot more gray hair and my back hurt from carrying all the banks so I do recommend getting in assistant I just think it's nice the day of the wedding obviously to be able to focus on what you're doing and not look for your lens caps not look around a ton of bags but the same times the value add to your client as well my assistant and we'll talk a little bit about training and what you pay them the things like that but she's great that they have and she helps out the bride and the bride needs something she's there and she's holding the flowers and whole you know, helping grandma walk and whatever it is it's definitely a value add so this is a whole same day at work for I'm not going to go through this point by point but because we're going to actually show you the process of it but I do want to mention that you can actually get same day at it checklist I created entire checklist for you guys that starts with what to bring, what to do and what to do on monday it's completely for you just go to vanessa and rob dot com the mailing letter sign up thing is there and it sends you a link in order to get the same day at it checklist so this works. This works well and checklist is also extremely scaleable and that's. One of the things we stress in the beginning is just because of ns is out there doing, you know, forty to fifty or sixty pictures of whatever is in her slide show, you don't have to go all the way you don't have to do that much of it. You can start with five or ten photos it's still going to have an impact? You're still hitting that immediate gratification factor in that wow factor, so don't feel like because, you know, you see all of what is being shown here today, you can you can scale this exactly and you see, you know, start baby steps may be the first time we do it. You're simply just doing those four, five pictures that you're putting out on the slide show and then the next time you do it, maybe do a little more and put together the animal side show that night and the next time you do it do something else and you know build it gradually build it that's how I did it I didn't come out let me just sit down one day and come over this massive plan how we could make myself crazy at a wedding now I started off doing the same they slide show twenty pictures really small and then I just kept making steps from there what else is it back and I can have my assistant do with the reception because in the reception she's not as active holding reflectors lenses helping the bride what else can I have her do that's going to save me time later on monday right so she could still concentrated shooting the wedding as well yeah I have a job to do so the first thing that I always like to mention you do have to take the right pictures when it comes to the wedding day for the same day at it and it's really nothing out of the ordinary that you should already be taking but I do like to mention it you always want to have first of all pictures for the bride and groom tell the story of the day that's what your bride and groom on okay that's that's number one seems pretty obvious I hope I hope it's obvious. Secondly, you want to think of the guests whenever you guys look at a picture of yourself and hanging out with friends and no one takes a group picture and you look at the picture who are you looking at? First yourself you're finding yourself it's just psychology it's just what it is everybody wants to see pictures of themselves so take pictures of the guests take pictures of the bride's means like I mentioned the head shot to do the bridesmaids put those in the same day edit slideshow because they're doing the same thing when they're standing here yes there you all the bride looks beautiful lovett ceremony lovely oh yeah there's me oh I'm awesome so make sure you put those in there and then lastly you wanna make sure that you take pictures for your publishers in order to get the wedding published it's just details details, details it's everything from the little rings on the pom pom like you see in this picture here tio the bridesmaids flowers too. I don't know the picture that they have out of the grandmother and grandfather's running picture but their shoes next to our shot of the whole reception room also and this is also great for building vendor relationships vendors going to see these phil photos or not, but I mean venues not better they're going to see these photos and say, hey, maybe we can work a deal out, you know talk about being in the book, you know, so there's there's definitely a benefits that as well, exactly so lots and lots of months, not hosey details, and now I really feel like the climate as faras what brides want has really changed for them to really want that as well. When I first started shooting weddings, you know, ten years ago or so way took a picture of the room. Maybe we took a picture of, like, one of the tables at the reception room, but that was pretty much it you didn't get into close ups. We sometimes took the picture like the name cards outside. The details really weren't, at least when I was in like that prevalent, at least for the bride a broadsword has created with details, as they are now that the wedding's air all details were into now seems exactly the detail oriented in them on top of it, a lot of, you know, d I wanted to do it yourself, so the bride wants to see pictures of the thing that she just spent sixteen hours on last week. So now it's not only something that publishers want that your bride, they're going to look for that as well, you know, there's this picture of this in this in this, so make sure that you are taking the right pictures we're just going to go through and this is my step by step for the same day and again, this is in the checklist this whole service that process I don't feel like you have to firstly write this down right now, but I will go through this so it all makes sense for you for when you do look at the checklist so the first thing that happens at the reception and we usually start this right around the cocktail hour my assistant is downloading the second shooters photos and my photos I have them download on to a portable hard drive that you know, she's you speed drive that it stick into the computer I really, really love that it just makes me sleep better at night, knowing that my pictures already backed up twice before even leave the wedding and then the back up again later, but we'll talk about that um so that's her first step in doing all that, then I come in and this is still during the cocktail hour, usually after I've already photographed all the reception details, I choose around sixty to eighty of my favorite pictures using photo can I have a range of sixty to eighty the last wedding that I just did on sunday I accidentally chose one hundred seventy seven to ten my assistant yelled at me and told me that I can't do that many so I said fine and bart it down to one twenty six and then supposing so that it happens it was a fabulous wedding. The wedding we did on sunday was actually someone who is a friend of ours and just more fearful, leading the world in that lover anyway, so I chose way too many pictures I highly recommend not choosing way too many pictures you'll never get this done so fun of mechanic is the program that I used to really easily as well like those pictures and again, I'll show you we're going to demo this later, but this is just a step by step version I bring them into photoshopped ah, we should mention that my camera she was the one d mark for so I am shooting raw on one card. Ah, and then on the smaller card I am shooting medium sized j pigs and the medium sized j pegs or what I'm using for the same day at it because it'll go faster because there's more refined, so I edit them with far green country actions in photo shop. Um and I go through them and I'll show you those actions there really simple basic stuff and then I collage and logo them in a program called blawg stump you confined this program at blogged stump online dot com not block stop dot com that is not the website the hug stop online dot com really fantastic come even as avery's block some good the best the best love it all right after that my assistant will set up a digital picture frame and I'll throw those logoed and collage pictures on there I like to use the logo and collage ones two reasons one I want everyone see my logo and relating that work to my logo to people have short attention spans and one picture for three seconds on the on the screen too slow too boring I need to have like three four pictures at one time every three seconds get their eyes moving around the screen engaging them or you know they're they're more actively in bottom concentrating and looking at this like what it is that's what I don't know maybe I have a date very powerful how large is that screen that screen let me click that's my screen right there is eighteen point five inch high rez digital photo frame it's not wildly big I mean it's it's like here you know on the table I don't want it to be obtrusive I'm not into doing you know a projection of any kind and let's wall watch this during dinner and the reason I don't do that is because that won't teach anyone to talk about me that will teach everyone to go holy crap wow that's amazing and then sit back and not talk about it I have a picture frame out they're gonna walk up to a couple my god that's amusing oh, did you see this? Did you did you see this? And they're gonna walk around and they're going to ask everyone if they saw it and they'll talk about me and their little perpetuate and will become a constant form of entertainment throughout the night. Every we'll walk over twenty people be there ten minutes later a new set of twenty people if we set up a time lapse is overlooking that table you would just see groups one group gone, another group gone and maybe see a few of the same people you know women love to go grab their boyfriend or fiance and coming you have to see this. This is this is what I want when we get married. What do you remember when we started a fight? Once between a way did it was it was the rob rob start now we're not technically, but rob will do a same day edit looper that will essentially be video shots looped playing on a laptop and we'll put it next to each other. My pictures in his video and a an engaged couple walks over and by the time they walked away, the groom or the groom to be, I guess did not want video at the wedding and the bride to be is in tears what way wrong yeah I used to do a picture frame the one that you see there and do you have any other sorts of branding in that area the lawyer on the screen yeah I have these little jammy it's right here on what this is and sometimes I'll put them on the tables sometimes I will which was the closest it's right here I detect what kind of range here. So these air double sided cards there from black river imaging there the lost a line which is amazing because they're super thick and they really nicely textured s o I will stick these around with the couple's engagement pictures if the couple wants on the table with the picture side up and I usually do a whole bunch of different pictures as well so it's not just the same picture so it looks like cute little scattered around picture thing on the tables or I'll just take it next to the digital picture frame and it's yeah it's advertising but my clients actually want me giving out this link to my clients to the guests so that they know where to go look at all the pictures online so that's what I give them yeah all right so my sister will set that up usually show that her pretty blue eyes and ask the maitre d for a cocktail table and that works out pretty well usually she's quite cute so she gets what she wants she also makes the slide show using an emoto ahs you guys are not familiar with an emoto I'll briefly show you their interface lee there but wants to assure fastest way to make slide shows with both photo and video in the world so fast my sister is not a photographer and she can do it beautifully I don't have to train her it's really actually love so after that step number seven she will take those logoed and collage photos upload them the facebook tagged the bride and groom the venue and any vendors that we know in all of them and I'll have her put my website you know in the description of every picture she will upload the single pictures so the pictures that are not logoed and collage I'll have her upload those to the online gallery because my online gallery like you can see right here it puts my water mark on it just by default so that's blind up and that's really great not only for the instant gratification thing but sometimes I get people ordering pictures the week after the wedding from the only gallery which I host on smugmug and actually I realize it and take the picture out the smugmug gallery is awesome now I don't know if you guys are familiar with smugmug but they just did a whole re design that's gorgeous and also to you guys it's really quite beautiful um so step number seven I will print out ten of my favorite pictures on this bad boy right here. This is the cannon picks my one hundred printer it prints really beautiful pictures just four by six they will print I believe up to eight by ten or something along those lines but it's a great printer I've had this one since two thousand nine yeah, that thing I bought that few for christmas I mean, here we got married yeah, and it was only two hundred bucks you know, this one's older I'm not broke don't fix it one person so I'm not going to buy the most expensive one every time but that that one is only two hundred bucks I might be better about model out now I'm not totally sure yeah, but that on the on the flood shows that one right there believe what is that one before there was an instant savings that day and then I use these albums that I get from neil enterprises um and you can get these other places it's simply just a self mount album adirama probably sell the's. I have a feeling but there but they're quick peel and stick it and you just stick the picture on and I will make sure that it's all horizontal so they're not like looking and then turning and then looking, you know I'll make sure it's all horizontal or collage horizontal and then I'll have branding here is well and that's what this is so all stick thin sticker on here is is also from black river imaging you just grab your logo and I put the sticker inside the book and it looks great I like it and it's pretty inexpensive you'll enterprises has pretty good I'm gonna say pay anywhere from seven to twelve bucks for this album it's really great that is that of course all of the overhead the cost of goods for all this is rolled into the price even though we're not promising this to the client they don't really know we're doing it you know we've already factored in the cost exactly so my assistant will then take those collage photos that I have those of the ones that go on my blogged I usually go back or have my assistant go back on monday to those images to rename them certain things like I would probably remain this one like brides maid's, brok or vintage okay or something for the ceo tag I usually do that on monday I'm probably going to start doing that a little bit differently going forward because it's pretty easy to re name and photo mechanic just so that you know they're all named something that's going to work for my search engine optimization after that she also will upload to to bright lights we're ah where I submit for publication later that's kind of the last step and this is the one that would fall off sometimes just depending on house on my internet connection is and uploading however to bright lights does directly link with smugmug and well take that online gallery that we've already uploaded and link it directly there so you wouldn't fill it up with anything if you've already uploaded this month my gallery so lots of ways to make it making interactive actually an emoto as well the and moto slideshow automatically will grab your pictures from smuggling too so in order to increase the success rate of being able to get all this done the night of the wedding via the internet we've actually taken it to the a step further we've gotten internet stick we've got a four g internet stick you know we pay t mobile I mean what is it thirty thirty nine bucks a month box a month or something like that and just guarantees that we'll have some some form of internet to really get this life right published eso you said you said that you could even have your smug my gallery be like the packet of photos that they're looking at so did they just choose the photos they want to publish or do you specifically say these are the photos that air half for you happy that's just really good question the editor of the blogger magazine will always ultimately choose which one she shows or he shows I will give them the pictures you should run one hundred issue sixty to eighty ish of the ones that I know that they're looking for the story, the details. Yes. So ultimately they decide which sometimes my brides will be like oh, but it really wanted this picture in there and get on up. I'm sorry. So let's, go ahead and devil this for you. Unless there are any questions before I start, the demo were awesome. Perfect. So we're going to go over to my computer where I have a picture. So I have a wedding here. Just says daniels wedding and these are a whole bunch of pictures. The's air, all of my medium sized j pegs here. And I am just going to click on any one of these and I just drag it down here into photo mechanic and I use photo mechanic simply because it is the fastest way to call your pictures to choose them. I will say, however, light room five does do a really good job with this is well, now. So I think at this point would be a preference thing for you, but I really like to use photo mechanic, so for the mechanic, the way it works. Simple keyboard strokes so I just used my numbers here and if I press one it's going to turn paying if I pressed to read three orange for yellow five green and so on and so forth if I press zero it's going to unm market so you can already see I do have some already selected here, but I would look at them just like this. Sometimes I look at them a little bit larger when it comes to the details. I'm very picky about focus, so I you can just press space bar and look at it a little bit closer just to make sure something is in focus so scrolling here all right, good, you know, the top of the show is in focus, so we're good with that, so I will just go through and mark the ones that I want and when I'm finished marking the ones that I want to, I go ahead and just press option and then click on whatever color it was that I decide down here in the in the right corner. I just click on whatever color it was that I've been labeling these and every once in a while, particularly if I find a funny picture of one of our crew members all mark that the different colors so I have a bad parent and easily later on taken the christmas and the christian girl again so here I have I have that I have all of the pictures now they're seventy seven that I have sorted and collected right in here and they're perfect I am usually doing this straight from the memory card so it can be a little bit slow, but I find it still faster than me copying the entire thirteen hundred pictures from the memory card when I get to hear I'll just select all copy them onto the hard drive from there yes when you're selecting them in photo mechanic does does that by chance transfer over to light room somehow so that you would know which ones you already chose or how do you going to keep track of what you've already chosen when you're then pushing it into your editing software? Yeah, I really like that question you know I don't edit in light room and I used my raw photos anyway when I actually cole so I'm not using these photos when I'm calling ultimately for the job, so I don't know that there's a way with numbers maybe I think that's something that we'll probably beneficial look into in front of mechanic tend to be very innovative, so I would not be surprised if they had that solution are ready well, I'm pretty sure that there's a way to take the ones that you've selected and there's a command for copy to another folder or move them into another folding the springs and we're talking about a direct integration right directly yes but indirectly when your calling later essentially so that you don't forget teo include one of the ones you already edited in approval right exactly so these already copied on the hard drive so I'm not going to copy them what I'll just do is all select uh a little little bunch of these and I'm just gonna open these in photo shop so that we can show how I added some of these normally again I would usually do them in bunches I used to use a program called action runner and action runner would backed entities but I tend to be a little bit more finicky about it so I haven't been using that lately I've just been using my actions in photo shop so again I'm just grabbing a few random cz here going through so we can just edit how many do I have? Twelve that's probably fine so I'm just going to click and drag these into photo shop so I will batch roughly not batch about open maybe like twelve to twenty photos at a time and photo shop and just edit the's so that's how I like to do this and this is a person more comfortable working another program and that depends on what kind of computer system you have a swell because for me this is also like a two thousand nine mac book pro so it's slowing down I mean ever so slightly I love it but it has been annoying me has wait. All right, let me go ahead to my actions folder here and these are my actions they're ones that I created I really was just getting frustrated with actions I have every action said if I scroll down here I have every action set known to man it's insane I have a problem but I only his my now because maybe what I want you almost as many actions that she does shoes all right, so I'm going to just get started here I tend to and it my photos in general lightly I don't like to make an overly vintage look, but I do like a little bit of subtlety to them and I do like a little bit of color pop. So the two actions that personally I tend to use the one that's called get faded film which kind of gives it just a warm film like look to it trying to bring up the dynamic range a little bit of a haze to it and then this mid tone color pop which you can see just adds a little bit of pop and a little bit of color it's all personal preference I do have my warming and cooling filters, of course, because my white balance is not always perfect on dh what I'll do actually so if I have a bunch of pictures that are in the same area so we've got this guy right here which is basically taken in the same places this picture right here instead of going through and if anyone was a faster way to do this, please by all means tell me it really love that I just go there and select my action layers and I right click and hit duplicate layers and I put it on to the next picture and then it's done so I don't have to like do to every picture there's the before there's the after again subtle changes not huge and then I just I go through and and do that to all of them, any questions? Well, I'm just going through it with that one's a little bit warm for me, so I'm just going to cool that down. This is the process where I think a lot of people get hung up on the same day that it's to get really particular about editing the photographs because they want them to be perfect. You got to remember we're trying to get these out quickly, so we're not going to go crazy with raw and tryingto really mess with exposure changes and things like that, but this is really consistent in camera, so for the most part you khun you know, get things you know, right you know and ready to go but yeah we don't spend a whole lot of time finessing processing later I will and then when it comes to the pictures that my client's order for campuses or to put in albums I will go back and touch those up I will have I do have to say though please do look at your pictures closely before you post them I made the mistake recently of completely missing I did off camera cash or something and completely missing the little light stand that was sticking out behind the groom's foot and I'm looking at that later and I'm like oh really even at the like come on I should have seen that and I should have edited edited that slightly further but I did not end that is my problem so I really want to make sure make sure that you do that do do be quick but do be thorough and to make sure what's going out this quality um this one I just want in black and white on this is something from blue lace photography kind of blew his photography as well as myself we have spent two or three lifetimes editing photographs because is this one better is that when batteries is right so does this make you a better editor when you then sit down at your desk and your editing photographs because you have to, you know, make very very quick decisions and are there other germany rules to like to editing like things that you might look for? Tips and tricks? Yeah, um one I definitely take the advice of the people around me when I'm going through this as far as like black or white does this look, does that look good? So that's really helpful to have a second opinion? Definitely, but in most certainly helps me in my editing later won because of her to look through a lot of picture so I know what's already there when I'm photographing later and then as faras rules for me, blurry is gone, but that's my biggest rule, it's something nothing brought doesn't fix for some reason over this is less his brain is also very consistent. So she's looking for the things that really defined her brand throughout like she does block everyone is if you went back and looked at all the weddings there is it you know you can oversee over time. If you go way back, you could see how it's evolved that's how my new the changes are from wedding, the weather you can actually see the evolution from when she started to now, but she's looking for those things that are consistent with print that the bride wants because they wanted to insert themselves in that situation. What they've seen before so I'm done with these just edited those twelve what I would do after this is they have a flat and incl those action here on dh there's a hundred different ways to flatten and close you can use your image processor you can match this actually have a random old script called show it effects that I can use that and it just hits saving close all images and I could do that if I want to really just depends on what you want to do there's a hundred ways to save on closer images choose your poison hey by this time at what point are you in the wedding day? Yeah, this point and I have probably stopped at some point to go photograph the intros the parents dances for stance and the toast I'm usually around first course by this by this point on dh this very for the wedding day for example the one we just did on sunday where he chose way too many pictures you were editing for all I know it was because I chose way too many pictures this was not a good choice. That one we had to take family pictures during the cocktail hour so I lost a little bit of editing time and it just shifted everything a little bit later realistically I should have chosen less picture is not more pictures and that scenario but I did not do way also way also work with the bridegroom extensively before the wedding to make sure that they leave enough time did do their their portrait sessions I mean I know so many photographers they don't really dual an intense scheduling and I think that's so important to me to give yourself the time to do this because ultimately if you have the time to do this and you're at it you know you do all your sessions and you're at it you're benefiting your own business so if you could talk them into giving another half hour forty five minutes to do photos in between ceremonial reception yeah always always a good idea so I have my pictures here I just sort of them right now by you know datemodified so I know which ones are the ones that I've edited so these air just my quick pictures and again I would have normally chosen sixty to eighty ish of them. So my next step is to go down here into block stomp and blawg stomp is the program that I used to both logo and collage my photos these are the ones that are going on the digital picture frame on facebook and and on my block so those are the themes of the pictures that I'm using for those and it's very very simple before I get into dragging my pictures over there is a settings bar here so you really can make your logo pictures look however you want your local pictures to work if you want your watermark actually physically on the picture put it on the picture personally I just don't like doing that and yes, my pictures get cropped and stolen and everything else but I hear on photo week craig great human has good solutions for I don't know going after people up to register in your work you might be protecting yourself into business yes anyway so I just wanted to really quickly point out just the style setting that I have here I have my image with set to twenty forty eight that's a pixel with and someone recently just graciously told me this pixel length this pixel length will help your facebook pictures not looks machine pixelated and funky so that's why I have that they're from working great you can do a lot of extra things in there like I said really make your pictures look how you want them to look the collage but I'm going to drag these eleven pictures over that we worked on and just stop these quickly for you and all you do do this I could sell start the beginning you just highlight whatever pictures that you want together so if I want these three together there they are and then I have all these choices on the right hand side or I can just click and did side you know what arrangement that I want let's say I like the look of this one I'm sorry it's great out on the bottom here for some reason this button is normally says mix it up on there and it's just mixing up the order of the pictures within that particular type of collage in that design actually like the first one that one was good for me so I'm just going to hit what normally right here said stop it and it's going to take away those pictures out of my cue here that have already done and let me move on to the next so that blank blocking my picture by itself looks great so I'm just going to stop that one by itself let's see I've got these three right here and I like those three together just how they are so I'm gonna stop that just like that and I just go through and this part really doesn't take that much time which is nice because you don't have a whole ton of time to do stuff like this you know I still I have a job to do after you photograph the reception and I don't want to disappear during the reception of course at any point you know I don't know my clients to be like why is only the second time here where it vanessa go you know I want to make sure that I'm still out there at this point you can't blogged your pictures right here and in a second you'll see it's loading down here these are all the pictures, the images that I created today um I like him I have this link to my blog's so I can't even tell what category to go into here I have all my pictures that I want right here and I just select which ones I want you to know that if you want I can yeah, I can write the description here it can block post the title so my it can just go right from here on to my blogging and creates a new logbook I always have it on ly uploaded as a draft though I don't publish it right from here later I'm going to check it I'm going to better the image descriptions better the descriptions in in the title is well at the vendors and the vendors credit everybody actually I have my assistant addle the vendors here also and here you can upload it to facebook often so you can do all that right inside block stump. You don't have to go outside a facebook to do that and again when I upload a facebook, I'm just clicking, tagging and doing a generic name you know daniel and columns wedding on the description so that's pretty great right here and you can upload to your personal business so what's trump is really fantastic I'm just going to close out of it now. It's pretty for us story it's very fast and what's nice is when I close out of it too is going to give me all of the pictures and just going to pull it the ones that did said these are all the pictures, it opens up the folder that that they all went teo and they're they're so nice and simple assed faras the anything goes by the time I am done with this part right here, it's most likely a little bit after first course, a little bit before dinner ish area from here is when I would load the pictures onto the digital picture frame and that goes out so that's usually done before dinner, which is great because there's usually a dancing set going on, people are going to start mingling back to their tables for dinner. It's a good time for people to be conveniently walking past the slide show and it's, you know, usually it's out by the main course. People are seated, and then towards the end of main course, they're all sitting there bored the table's wouldn't get back up and dance or there or there engaging conversation, which is great, but then you see a screen over out of the corner of your eye and people, you know, they get curious. What is that? Right and that's when that's, when the group start heading over? Exactly so after this point, I would then pick what pictures I want to print on dh I can show you I'll just open up from this weekend's wedding so you can see there. You know, I just make this folder right here that just says print and I will go back in there and sometimes collage those images for the album as well, mostly for vertical pictures to then become horizontally laid out. So these are the pictures that I printed in the book that I created this weekend, andi, you can see pretty much what I choose is mostly story usually won't put details in the book that I'm giving them because that's, I feel like the bride and groom and get that book want more of this story emotional, not details, necessarily. So yes, these are the pictures that I put in there usually try to get a bridal party picture, and they're definitely one of the ceremony, the two of them I do start off with fusion of the ring shot or a detailed picture. It is a personal preference, it starts on like that one page, so I like that kind of like a a title page of sorts, some I will either blogged those air print those are sort those rather into my print folder and from this point on is when I just hand it to my assistant so from here she knows it wants to print, she'll print them out. I will put the book together at first it was more like a no cd thing like I need to control that now, it's just I find it very calming to put the book together it it's a little bit of a mindless a task that I get to do and then from there she's going to upload it tio, we'll go back to my computer actually. And she will upload it. Teo, I think I have done here. Yeah, here we go. This is not the same running from this weekend, but this is my smugmug gallery, so she'll upload it to smugmug and this I love the new gallery style is awesome. You just click here and it's gemma's leave yeah it's clean and then it just pops up again. My logo is on it so that's nice. The file name is on it and again people obviously can purchase the pictures right from here. So that's great well, this so I will have her upload them she knows how to do that she gets that done boom that's done, we'll close that window she will also do the animal side show this is just an example, what the animal does slide show looks like here and motor was really great how many of you guys have used and you haven't? Okay, so I will actually show you a little bit of this there's not that much to show because you don't have to do that much work when it comes to inamoto, which is the point, it's nice. So what you do is you just select a style which you can choose a theme, basically anything from a simple here's a picture, then there's the next picture you know, or feed to black or something is, you know, wild and crazy is stuff popping all over the place and extra graphic elements building across. So the video sounds you do have a whole bunch of different ones, and then if you're in an emoto protease or you get once that are a little more in turkey a little bit nicer and you can see them start to slowly load so you can see right now we've got ones are a little bit funky here and photos, they've done a great job of listening to two pro photographers who have said, give me something simple. Give me something that's simple and easy that just feeds in from black or white you know not the original style which is a little funky for some brands rain so they've done a great job of that so that's why we're still exactly on board with them absolutely yes so I love them so we're just gonna go back to my project here I usually choose a simple one and then you just upload all the pictures and you can see I just have the pictures here that I did for the same day at it all the ones that you see that air yellow these air one said I have clicked and hits spotlight on and spotlight simply means that hate I love that picture and I wanted up for just like a split second longer during the slide show so it's nice you get to highlight some of your fever pictures you can also have a little title here I've got the title and then you can upload your music or choose from their royalty free music library we like to choose music from song freedom in particular its song freedom dot com is music licensing service that we use on dh it's great you can just upload it there or again just teach from their world take free music library it's usually pretty good stuff so after that that I mean that's really it just wave you are composed and that's it yeah, you just hate preview on dh I'm not going to let this play because in both the light now of the audio will be a little bit funky but that's it it's done in roughly like thirty five to fifty five seconds a little preview and then if you like the little preview that pops up you just hit skip or you could hit skipping produced before the preview but when it pops up you would just hit produced and then it makes it for you and you can upgrade the resolution all the way up to ten eighty piece and you can download that ten ap file and play it on on your computer even yeah that's one bullet monkey I think right yeah style that you've chosen but basically I mean it'll start off three sixty p, which is just web quality, which is great, so if you're immediately he's putting it on the blogged boom, there it is you don't have the wafer to upload or great to a higher resolution right super fast so really, really quick and then I make dvds for my clients out of this it's available for purchase it's another way that I make money later, which is great, so that is it for and a model we will minimize that one way to do so from the time of cocktail hour to now the main course you've gotten yeah, all this stuff done and I usually hand in their book while they're eating dinner that's usually when it's done and that's when I like to do it so it's like a little thing that they can hang out on dio too bright lights is the other program or stuff online service that I used. So this one right here is just a wedding that I photograph the internet a little tricky here, so don't wanna load all my pictures, but you just upload your pictures here you put in description of the wedding, you know, tag certain key words and colors that were used in the wedding and then submit it online to a bunch of different publications. Just note about publications in general, there are what they call exclusive and non exclusive publications exclusive, meaning you can't get published there while you're getting published somewhere else at the same time it was someone once described it to me is like showing up to prom in someone else's wearing same dresses you like, not cool kind of thing, but everyone has different rules when it comes to exclusivity, so make sure whatever publication that you're looking to send it to make sure you know their rules, I have. Some better as lou says, I don't care where it's been or what you've done with it I'll put it on my blogged tio ones they're like I don't even want to see on your web site I don't want to see that preview that you put on facebook I don't want to you blogged yourself nothing those final question yeah it's not that big a question but I'm just curious when you give them the book like especially if they're at a sweetheart table how do you how do you like what kind of burbage do you use to just walk over there and kind of say like hey like I just wanted tio you know I have me this like spent extra special little whatever you like how do you how do you feel like this? You just like well, you know, wear or like you do like insert yourself into that conversation and talk to them and say, you know, it's taken you know, yeah, because you're not expecting it right? This is a surprise it's a complete surprise I've only had one girl expect because she was at a wedding where I did beware of that no, I walk up to them and I kind of like, I don't know hopefully smiling like, hey guys, I was surprised you like and then I handed and I usually handed tio just open to the first page of the book I used to give it to them in this little box that it comes in that's really hard to get the whole amount of this box, so I'd be standing there billick can't get it out, so now I just can't handle it like just, you know, enjoy and they usually walk away at that point sometimes I'll stay there if I noticed that they're looking up for me like between every picture, then I'll stay and I want to run away from some kind of legal issues. Yeah, but you yeah, I just you know, I do it suddenly and then they walk around entire reception hall and show everybody and again their time is a great time to do that because people were seated and another another form of entertainment during the wedding, I think we're not trying to hijack the wedding we're not trying to make it all about us, we're not trying to make it so she goes and that's all she talks about is the talk of you wanted to enjoy your night, but it's just it's again wow factor, you know? And then at some point you'll put it down that's it I don't see it again till after the honeymoon will take along with you, and then they bring it to work and then it continues from there so that's pretty much it as faras everything. The one thing that I do and I get home that the same day and it also makes easier is backing up my pictures online. So what I have my girl do is she will copy all those medium size j pigs to the hard drive that murdered copying all the raw photos on. And when I get home at night, I copied all the raw photos to my desktop at home. And then all those small j pegs we'll go on to smugmug into a hidden folder that I have that's, just my backups. So immediately the night of the wedding, I have one, two, three hard copy backups and won also site online backup. So again, I sleep much better at night, knowing that so that's pretty much it. As far as the demo goes, I need to get into what I do afterwards to really perpetuate this because it's really great if you do all this stuff the night of the wedding, but there's some work that you have to do afterwards to keep the momentum going and to keep the marketing going. So any questions about just the demo side of things before I clicked back, um, do the keynote, we'll head back to that. Sure, so a wendy would like to know hey, vanessa, you touched briefly on the animal show. Do you leave it online for only a certain amount of time and then take it down so they will hopefully purchase it that it actually run online? Correct exactly so an emoto they host the video online you do have a choice, teo send it right to smugmug, though, and sometimes I'll do that I'll send it to smugmug and it's hosted there you can monetize it and you can monetize that there because smugmug will let you sell the video s so that is an option for me, though I tend teo I tend tio do that afterwards, I should part of the monday following process that we're going to talk about next in the kino what's next, we're going to talk about what I do on monday to follow up, so the first is the block like I had mentioned it's ninety five percent finished, but their little things that I want to go in there and tweak whether it's the little thing that I say about it, I make sure that I choose a key word for the google, you know, google key word a lot of times I'll choose wedding photos because a lot of times bride simply google wedding photos, so I tend to do that usually put sometimes I'll make the keyword the name of the reception hall with a lot of people finally simply by googling rocky wedding photos roughly is a reception hall near us and high end reception hall, so fight tail roughly stunning photos and then in the pictures I put that a description of a bunch of pictures that have directly featured in there that's really helpful you want to make sure this is not in the ceo, of course you go on and on and on and on about a ceo, but just definitely make it a part of your process. This helps make it much, much easier because it's, the only thing that you have to do to your blood when you get home is customized it just a little bit ah, and then said it to publish, so I schedule it, I don't publish it right away. I schedule it for about three weeks after the wedding, which is when the proofs already because I have a little email, we'll talk about that what I dio I send a proof ready email, I call it on and it just hey so excited you guys, that you're you're proofs already here's a link to look at your proofs oh, and by the way your block post has published, be sure to share it around on on facebook teo spread your wedding theme um and I have them posted on facebook and that's what? We're coming full circle there. Your client's obviously want to talk about their wedding so encouraged into by all means, so I asked them to post their blawg link and they're on the motor show on facebook because if they post it, more of their friends will see it versus if you posted and tag them in it. So you want to make sure, and it looks less advertising if they're the ones posting it on you so that blogged link I will email to publishers like the not for example, the not magazine is not on to bright lights they don't work with, um, for their magazines, emissions. However, they like tio photos at the knot dot com is how you submit to the knot and on the subject line you simply put new jersey wedding photo submission, and then you just send them a link to your block and little description vendors and that kind of thing, which for me, is already in the block. A list all the vendors also good for you. So I email that blood link to the publishers after that, like I already mentioned, I do have the and lotus I show finished. I send them the an emoto slide show and what I call the post wedding email so I send this email the week after the wedding usually on wednesday after the wedding I find if I do it earlier it's too much too much for the bride at the moment I like to speak these things out so I send them a nice will email it says I'm so happy I was able to capture your day by that point already have their thankyou card design finished so I sent it to them in the email and then I send them animal saijo by the way here's that that's until I know my animal decide just here's a special that I created feel free to post and share it online and ninety percent of the time they do so again have them post much, much better I again like I mentioned I submit to publications via too bright lights but you can also notify the vendors florist, the hall whoever else is on to bright lights about the pictures being ready as well there's a few different things they do for that we'll get into one of the other steps but to bright lights is the way that just makes it so easy I can't wait I want to write like so like take over the world and I want every magazine like that's the only way you submit photos because it's just so so, so easy and so easy to share with people I like to update my online profiles I don't do that every week definitely not I probably would say do that every quarter, but because I have those favorite pictures from the same day at it after the weekend's over, I usually look at all my favorites and if there's any super favorites is simply copy into a folder that I have on my desktop, it says to pin or to add tio um all my profiles or website or whatever and my assistant that comes into the office with you that usually once a quarter she's watching this like, come on my work um, I have my graphic designer we get facebook timeline banner as well. Another thing to do on facebook so it's just nice collage of the images that is size for their their ban they're on their facebook profile page so that gets done this well, I love seeing when you have brides whose facebook timeline banner is still all of your photos like a year and a half after the wedding here, but you still see it it's like, well, it's it's just passive marketing just sitting there, you know, instantly it's great e heard a breath safety questions charities he was the most questions I've asked a week ok, so on that uh photo composite for the facebook banner you also have your logo like right there in the middle is it kind of over in the corner like where do you your men e crazy okay yeah ok my politics you want to know why I'm not going to say the text of this because we're going to talk about what it is but yeah but there's the picture yeah I have my local wanna actually have so it's really plain and simple this was not a good example of this is one where you can see right here I was not careful about what's coming behind the profile pic here lumen normally I put like a random detail there shouldn't be their faces but I have my graphic designer working on months there just a little bit different but yes I always have my logo on it absolutely on monday that is when I call my images I call my images myself I really like doing that I tried not doing it and I just felt like I know the story I know what my bride wants see more than anyone else so I do that I call my images and I send them off to evolve at its dot com how many of you guys there sitting in line for hours doing your own thing? Yeah I'm sorry so sorry he don't do that yeah you know I'm sending it off to them I just there are so many more things whether it's shooting more marketing, more spending time with my husband, more something more things that's going to benefit my business in my life since sitting in my room. So I I let them do that, and it does definitely have to be in your pricing structure. Raise your prices by hundred bucks said about, um, thankyou card is already signed. My girl does that on wednesday. An album design is pre designed that week the week of the wedding have my girl do the pre design with all the same, they edit pictures. And then when the proofs air ready in three weeks, she just finishes off that design in like, you know, two and two hours, maybe probably what probably takes you an hour and finish that design months approves already that we're three weeks right when those proofs already the album design is ready to go to and I can email my clients and I can set up a time for them to come in. Do that wow factor thing of the post wedding sales having their wedding album design already done, it was really great. This is a new concept that I just started doing and I wanted to share with you guys because it's really working nicely, you know, find more ways. To work with your wedding vendors just more ways to give them things that they want what I started doing is just making these double sided cards featuring one of the vendors this one's featuring the florist so I have a whole bunch of the florals on design there and I used to ask for their logo and on the other side is my logo and I provide these to them for free and they give them to all their clients and it's fairly inexpensive you know printing these cards that their press printed cards at black river imaging yeah five by seven cards nice nice and easy so find ways to work with wedding vendors not everyone can afford to make sample albums for the halls and some of these hall is actually that I work with don't like you sending them sample albums because a lot of people do that and they find it pushing so different questions is that their that's their logo that you place and their love and then yours on the bat on the winds on the backside yeah so I get both mine innately what vendor is not going to give out their work with their logo out their client great really so great again those are all same they had images and have to do anything but firm in the local ash and we have a question in the how many photos you take for wedding how many you delivery she has how many photos I take for a wedding I would say I I'm really good I'm not a sprain prayer I would say roughly about three thousand all together with my second photographers photos and my clients see usually a thousand ish I'm not very piggy on their ing it down a whole ton I narrow it down obviously for repetitive nous test shots blanks blurs things like that but I'm not too too picky about the number justcause I want I want to give someone tell a story and want them to be like where's that photo you know that kind of thing all right you'll probably notice how many times I said facebook I said it a lot and that's what this slide show is I just wanted to outline that plan for you so that you've got basically they're not shell of what I do on facebook I hit them five times essentially is what I say so the night of the wedding is number one when all the pictures come up then they're they're collage in logo the animals live show I asked them to post later on that week after their wedding is number two. Number three is the timeline banner that you see there and that is usually done the week after their wedding as well number four is the block post three weeks after the reading that I asked them to post themselves um and number five is the happy anniversary post please please please make sure your clients are still married I am not joking and it's horrible and it's said that happened to me three weeks ago I a client of mine I was already separated and she asked me very plate because she knows that I do the mall she's like looking just not post like a happy anniversary post because not so horrible horrible horrible just something to be something about god in their clients all right from there just little things to maximize for social media instagram is a biggie what I do is I just save some of the pictures that I collage and look good from facebook and I throw them up on instagram with appropriate hashtag slater and tagging my clients in you know in there as well really great make sure forwards to facebook and twitter on dh tag vendors in there too if you know your vendors instagram accounts I don't always know everyone's instagram accounts I'm usually pretty good about on facebook and then all also maximize it for pinterest as well again always has already done so it's just a matter of throwing it up their thorns mache bags so trey inspiration boards that's what my pinterest page looks like it's quite large but do things that are going to be helpful the bride's engagement session outfit ideas you know flower bouquet ideas my favorite wedding venues etcetera etcetera make it easy make it easy for brides to find information and obviously tat you know hashtag and things like that for your ceo and then finally just make it work for you so there is a lot of different questions on a lot of different hesitations one can't get it done in time all right don't do one thing do five pictures then when you're done with that then move on and move on so don't worry about that we talked about it potentially killing post winning sales find a way to make it work for you maybe your same day and it is three pictures so that you you know you don't want to do the pre album design thing maybe it's just three pictures on it so that you can have that post wedding sales sixty pictures or hold back those one or two photos that are really wow and let that be printed on the campus when they come in hoping to sell not getting this exactly maybe you want to spend more time editing so just like rob said hold back those few ones that you know are great spend more time on those editing maybe doing like a crazy at it like I know my company evolved at its does what they call signature and it's and it's just like this holy crap picture save that no spend more time on it if you want to and what about people stealing images online let them advertise for you just try to keep up on a watermark put your picture on it put your that's where you pin it on pinterest so it links back all things like that so just really make it work for you and I want to know what's stopping you guys so what are your hesitations and online feel free to write in there? Oh my gosh you know we're going to do this but tell me why you think about the things that would stop you from doing this and really better in your business and the thoughts here you're all like I'm going to do it absolutely let's go I do want to remind you just while we let the internet respond to that in our seven second delay um you can get that same day at it checklist describe it vanessa and rob dot com and we are having a special for any of the stuff in the store which includes thief are green country actions that I used as well as the facebook template it's that I used as well for the banners those air all online at finesse and rob dot com and if used the code photo fact thirty you get thirty percent off anything on there so and vanessa, can you also let us know that when they do go to the website they'll sign up for the email and that's how they'll actually get exactly. Yeah, it's, a very first thing that pops up. It says, hey, you and some instructions, I'm getting it for free. We're not going to stand you by any means. Quite frankly, I just don't have that much time on my hands to be writing an email to all you guys, but I do try to keep you updated. The newsletter that we send out is usually just full of information free education, and try finding some sort of promo or coupon code that I can throw in there. That helps save you guys money, too. So, like last week, I had a a coupon for thirty percent off this album designer that I know that's. Incredible.

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Tired of searching for ways to attract brides in an over-saturated market? Learn how to reach your target demographic while you're in the same room with them! In this session, Vanessa Joy + Rob Adams will show you how to photograph a wedding with publications in mind, maximize your SEO and Facebook social marketing, plus capture new leads without costly advertising.

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