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Part 2 of Quiz - Paper Handout

All right part two this is where you take out the answer sheets on your pencil and do we have the answer sheet it's actually the back of your chair will turn around and reaching the pocket okay again no blurting feel out the sheikh we'll go through the questions and then at the end will come up with the answers and I've still got ah bunch of prizes left here so we've got some good stuff to give out to people okay part two for the really big prizes ok first question robert bring hers elements of typographic style uh he classified the top following typefaces but only balm ardito wall bomb as what one of the four did he classified the mass did own lyrical modernist neoclassical or romantic market on your sheet? Which of those classifications did robert bring hearst as to put to those they face designs typeface designs oh, I see some rounds out there from people that shouldn't be frowning okay, can we move on okay what would you find in this white area of the california job case? What woul...

d you find? I'm not sure if the view there is I don't know that I give you an answer on the choices on that I think you just need to figure that one out what would you find in that part of the california job case? You know it's the middle type and all that stuff what would you find there cannot move along oh, right there. Okay, but kettler little known typeface designer what important typeface did but kettler design was that ariel? These typefaces we all love to hate was that ariel was a comic sands was a courier there was a trade gothic what important typeface did but blood kettler design one of those four okay let's move along. What was the last letter to be introduced into the roman alphabet? Last letter to be introduced in the roman alphabet was it a j and m a w or why one of those was the last letter to be introduced into the roman alphabet? It was kind of late in the whole cycle actually j m w or why? Okay let's move on okay this was very ill give you already time on this one I don't want you doing this is multiple choice so everyone that you get right counts is one point when I want to do is match the title of the famous book with its famous author and these are the famous books and essay on typography the anatomy of a typeface just my type somebody's going to get that one right thinking with type twentieth century type designers and type rules I believe that's the last one no typography emanuel of design and here you're authors positive sebastian carter wrote one of them simon garfield wrote one alexander okay gil ra one alexander lawson wrote one ellen lupton wrote one email email router wrote one and like your friend of mine I lied stressor wrote one who also has one of the one of the classes here it created life so match and draw a line between him or whatever match the writer the author with a book okay next question another san francisco question multiple choice who was the first president of a san francisco one of four possible choices jennifer marla kid hinrichs linda hinrichs are primo and jelly which one of these people was the first president of a san francisco one of the organ the organization that brings you san francisco design week okay moving along name the designer from life sick who preferred his typography new spend some quality time with with king penguins and even reinvented a garra mon name the designer from life sacred preferred his typography new spend some time with king penguins and even designed a new paramount and it would be either email router yeah and she called max medinger or paul ryner it'll be one of those people they're all european that's a hand okay you keeping track of how many of these air historic and how many are ok our next question right four hundred and forty nine enrollment numerals any type of file ought to be able to do that right four hundred and forty nine enrollment numerals figure it out no googling so I know we're not going to eat somebody's not going to get twenty one right? Is that correct? Think about four hundred forty nine what's a four but would be five hundred point is something or other I don't know. Okay, you know what? And tara bang is how many people know what interrogating is ok for those of you who don't know what in tara bang is it's the punctuation mark that goes after what the okay or you mean you did what that kind of thing who invented the entero bang was that herbal ballon he could have done that he does that kind of stuff. Maybe a guy named martin spector was a type of typographer in nineteen fifties could've been oswald cooper he did all had a lot of fun with letters in nineteen twenties the early nineteen thirties or it could have been a guy named vince patella who was a typeface desire who actually worked for international typeface corporation ho invented the in terra bank and you can actually find it in some plants not a lot but some open type fonts okay, more up to speed when was the first digital digital use of emoticons actually emoticons date back to way, way, way away long time ago but it was the first digital use of an emoticon was it nineteen, seventy eight nineteen, eighty two nineteen, eighty eight perhaps or nineteen ninety two what date year was the first u digital use of an emoticon? You can kind of noodle that one out. Do you think about it? Look like I get kind of close anyway. All right, who said I only I want only magnificent I don't work for the common reader who said that was a firm indeed o g m petition but tony john baskerville or william calves line which one of those guys who are about the same time late seventeen hundreds early eighteen hundreds who said I only want magnificence? I don't work for the common reader obviously you didn't know anything about a kindle. Okay, next question. Okay? The first a talent fonts, he's their metal flying handset metal funds first a calico clients were missing. What of the following which is the following characters they were necessarily complete with a missing capital letters were they missing figures? Were they missing punctuation marks? Or were they missing all of the above first handset medals plants that were of metallic typefaces sites, caps, figures, punctuation, polity above. Okay, we're getting toward the india, which is the following is not a typeface by sumner stone who by the way, had a birthday yesterday yeah, um but salt you notice there's sort of a theme here sumner stone assault magma silica slate okay there's sort of a theme to his typefaces once he got beyond the sea still one thing which one of these typefaces was not designed by sumner stone this all magma silica or slate okay just recently design firm gave us the hillary logo which gave us helvetica what design firm created the hillary logo the logo for her presidential campaign was it chase design group future brand living god poor pentagram which one of these four branding agencies design firms created the hillary logo okay last question what is this called and spelling counts what is this called and there is not a four part you just got to know what this thing is called and spelling counts okay are you ready? Everybody filled out their shades okay nobody's on the phone all right so you want to know what should we find out what the answers are are you ready okay here we go first question robert bring here's classified the falling typefaces as what they don't lyrical modernist neoclassical or romantic who's going to take a guess you've already written it down tell me yes romantic how did you do that? Ok he got romantic right set it down is correct that's good okay what did you find in the white area? The california job case you've written it down what would you find there what would you find? Yes spaces spaces anybody else want take a guess yes his face is between letters not even close anybody else want to guess punctuation is getting closer but that's not it either let me give you a hand. There are only eight of them not the full set going to see something like symbols. How about numbers? Yeah, I kind of cheat a little bit but their numbers okay, you would find numbers there casey we're down to twenty now, huh? Okay, what important typeface did what? Kettler design clips courier anybody's guess career very good for you. Excellent, very nice man that worked for idea what was the last letter to be introduced into the roman alphabet? J m w or why take a guess and who says ok, how many say aye okay, how many say why? I mean you're saying jay and how many are saying w it is a j mark that one right? Okay was introduced in fifteenth century for those of you who care okay, marissa to claim the title of the famous book with its author and I'm going to run through these they are essay on typography would be ergil anatomy of a typeface would've been alexander lawson just my type sebastian simon garfield and whoever out there got the book that I have gotten that one right thinking we type you know that one that's ellen lupton, twentieth century typeface designers that sebastian carter no relationship to matthew carter and type rules that would be eileen strings for and typographic emanuel design and that would be a meal router so if you get any of those you got right count as a point ok, guys who was the first president of a san francisco to somebody know you do you do I know you do you better know anybody want to get you to take a guess? No, it wasn't a hendrix yes, jan rick's wife ok, then the designer from leipzig who preferred his typography new spent quality time with king penguins which was a publishing company uh penguin publishing and reinvented a garr amman and that would have been the typeface able who would who did all that stuff? I told you what he did who did all that stuff well designed stable who wrote no typography yon chico right drag it out of you. Okay. All right. I'm not going to ask you how to do this but here it is that's how you're right four hundred forty nine in and every day to get that one right? I know there are two correct answers you haven't both okay? You know, because you have them both um just because rob um what do we got here that would be really good for somebody who's smart enough to have them both I think you deserve a medium choir sands t shirt, ok we've been the terra bang anybody want to take a guess on who invented the in terra bank? Did you write it down? Ok I know you think you probably do know I'm not going I'm not going to do that one again I'm not gonna give another prize quite yet anybody yes oswald cooper know someone won't take another guest yes this for cello vinnie fratello would have loved that but no we did not do it martin specter it is. How about ahmad just forgetting that one right now I think that it's ok I don't have a martin specter mug but okay first uses digital use of emoticons first use of digital use of emoticons nineteen eighty two well now if you think about it nineteen eighty two is probably a pretty good answer but really digital typography didn't become common you know mainstream until the desktop rebel desktop publishing revolution and that's usually given his nineteen eighty five so does anyone take another guess yes wow nineteen eighty eight you just won yourself to notebooks and got that one right? Ok, who said I only want magnificence? I don't work for the common reader who said that who wrote it down who took a stab at it? Yes basketball who took another stab at it? Yes, sure you know good basketball we got video who took another stab at it? Yes did anybody either write down or think it might have been jim batista but tony yes did you write it down? Is that are you just lying to me? Okay, we have this great monotype this a curated um package of these specimen books by famous designers and such and what they did is they pick their faith their favorite typeface designs and they sort of talked about him so you know take that with you okay? It was jim petition but owning kallick signs were missing. What of the following characters? What are the following characters were missing in italic flaunts you write something down? Okay? I heard a couple of all of the uploads which one of the all of the above it's not over you won something you want something you've all you want something so who out there is not has not won something probably thought it was all of the above did you really? Yeah. Well, sure you get absolutely you did because that's worth a medium choir sands t shirt of the first italic fonts were on lee lower case characters and they actually were even typeface sensitive with the roman typeface is supposed to be used with they were just there they were and what would happen would be the types that it would take the lower case letters out of the italic font and mix them with the caps in the punctuation off whatever type face that he had to be working with at the time and it was until the eighteen hundreds rub their full italic fonts uh really know is that it really never really came into baby adonis time okay it would've been all of the above which of the following is not a typeface by senator stone which of those rock fist typefaces were not designed by sumner stone assault no it was not assault anybody else write another one down? You've won a few times but I have a proctor anyone who is not one I made a choice for one of the others who has not already won something is everybody here one something where we had our second round I want a second round ok anybody here is only one one thing one yes you're gonna get magma um you know when I was talking about magma which is a face I like a lot I was very careful not to mention the typeface designer because it wasn't something it is sometimes stone so it's not magma so we're down to silica and slate silica and slate who designed those typefaces and I think this is going to be worth you know no matter what how you doing to make a full task you're going to go with slight do you work here you live in a city your designer so what? Gil sands pull condensed this's air gills and sign down the bottom his writing was part the morning tide foundation it is a number two hundredth of thirty of five hundred limited edition prints once they're gone they're going you're very welcome groups what they do very gulf it was slight okay what design firm created the hillary logo yes, now you're getting good you guys are getting good okay let me see what we have here uh see if some good stuff you know what how about this james matori bold and fearless design certificate it's a good session you'll like it okay, ok, I think this is the last question what was this thing called and spelling counts does anybody want to take a chance what was that thing called? Let me let me through this first what do we got this really good here? You know we've got this kind of good is I didn't give it away today nobody has thie complete monotype typeface library on cd do they pose no here it is who that would be scary. Okay. Um let's make this really good the complete magma family magma tool from sumner stone released about a year ago if you get this one right ok anybody want to hazard a chance take a chance? What is that thing called? I'll give you a hint it's not spelled the way it sounds that's a pretty good hand it's not spelled the way it sounds could use a good speak up coin key yes, boy all right. Nice going okay wears what we want to do I got tiebreakers so in case you guys well you have your score how many you got, right, right telling of your scores there what they say twenty one possible let me know when you've got your scores tallied and this one is for so long we're doing this okay? We're going you know we're going for the big time here. This is the grand prize two thousand fifteen san francisco design week type of file of the year complete monetize typeface library on cd open type lots work on any machine ok get anybody get twenty one right twenty eighteen four seventeen sixteen fifteen really fourteen fourteen ok, now I know that you already have one of these yeah you d'oh d'oh ok that you would have me right? Fourteen thirteen right lucky thirteen or you had fourteen laura at fourteen but you kind of work here. Laura did anybody get thirteen? Twelve okay? You know it's it's the type of files in the group um you know what I think this belongs to laura into because I know that they the folks here the creative life will put this to good use so weighed down to twelve and we've got herman's job design, scholarship it's all the design class is the creative live offers this is way, way cool and we had twelve eleven, ten I really have to go down before again ok anybody being between four and ten okay be able to get nine everyone here raise your hand on a right game but I get it okay now you won big correct ok, so you get the hermanns after design I still have some stuff up here um I guess I got some really good stuff and then when we have what's ever left over um you can just trying to come up and get but before I do that I want to mention that just in case this that folks want to do this again next year at san francisco designed with two thousand sixteen be sure and tell your friends how a lot of great time they missed and how much loot they missed out on okay so you had how many? Right okay did you have seven write a really you are so good now tell you what I don't know I don't know if any do you want do you want florence? He liked wants you want some point really? I didn't give you some really nice fonts or I'll give you three t shirts what you'd rather have e e e e all right six to its six three six you know I'm running out of the good stuff so here's what we're going to do one to go you're five oh ok we're five six or the six I hear my apologies. There you go, put him up between you, okay, you guys were great, you're great audience. I realize that maybe was a little bit harder quiz, and then it should have been. If we do it again next year, we'll make it a little bit easier for everybody. I want to thank the folks that creative live that made this possible, and the folks that monotype, um, sitting in the front rows here again. These are companies that you should take advantage of their products and services. They really support your community, so, thanks for being a great audience, enjoying the realm of design week. Thank you.

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