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Ideas for Pocket Scrapbooking

The segment is all about pocket scrapbooking. We're going to use a lot of the project life materials here and also some from other companies as well, but this is a really popular way to scrapbook right now, and before we hear from becky, I just wanted to kind of give a little bit of an introduction. I know she's going to talk more about it and she's obviously the best person to talk about it since she designed the whole system of project life. But this is like I said it last segment, this would be a great way to go about documenting baby's first year if you're feeling completely overwhelmed by that by that twelve by twelve landscape of of space to fill. If that's too much, you might consider trying project life because it really is a little bit more manageable. I wanted to kind of just show you first the's air, the page protectors and effect he has designed, and you can see that they make some different from regular twelve by twelve page protectors is that they have these openings in t...

he top and they're divided so you could just slip your photos in the top and slip your cards and other photos in the centre ones they come in different styles and different arrangements of where the pockets are in the sizes, but this is kind of the standard one this is design a, and this would be the one that we're using for our spread today. But before we get too far into that, I wanted to talk a little bit about how to go about it, getting photos that can fit into this smaller pocket, because I know for a lot of people we talked about in the last segment that we like to usually print in four by six size that's kind of the standard printing size. But what about these smaller pockets? I think originally becky had intended that these would be for cards for journaling cards to go into each of those pockets, but a lot of people now find that they have so many photos that they want to fit in there, that sometimes they rather put photographs in these smaller pockets, as well as the journaling cards of the filler cards. So how do you get a three by four photo? Because it's not an option at your photo printing place, you can't just check three by four photo and have it come like that you have to be a little bit more proactive and getting it done. So I wanted to just share a little a little tutorial on how to do that. We'll have up on the on the screen here again. We talked about pick monkey in the very first segment second, second, second segment, I guess, and we made the collage and pick monkeys. Also great for making two three by four photos on one four by six canvas and the beauty of that is that you get a lot more bang for your buck because you can pay for a four by six photo or print and you actually get to photos on that. So it's a great way to be a little bit more economical and stretch your budget a little bit as faras photo printing goes, but if you would go toe pick monkey again www dot pick monkey dot com we're going to go to the collage option, just like we did to make the eight by ten collage, and this time we're going to instead of the elegant that we shows last time for the larger collage this time I'm gonna I'm click on biggie smalls, okay? And this is what you get when you click on it. You've got a kind of one large rectangular picture and two square ones, and obviously that doesn't look right, yet we need to be two three by four photos. So the next step is to change the ratio at the bottom. Remember, last time we change it to twenty, four hundred by three thousand. This time we're going to change it to eighteen hundred by twelve hundred and again, you might have to click on that. Unlock that little lock icon at the bottom to be able to change the ratio. But this is what's good for printing a four by six photo that's the right ratio and inside that you want. Okay, and then next we need to get rid of that top rectangular photo. Because it's still that's for three photos. We just want tio, so you just click on that little acts. Can you see that at the top? There you click on that axe. And what that does is it say, there's arrow there's a little x that will get rid of that third block for a pictures and you'll just be left with two large rectangles. Let's. See if I can get this. There goes. Ok, so then it's the same procedure that we went through with the larger collage you upload your photos and these are the two that I had, and then it's the same idea of dragging and dropping them into place. Ok, now, the one thing you might notice is that this has a border around in the collage. We like that because it kind of gave some white space in between each photos so that each one showed up a little bit better, but for project life and fitting them into three by four cards, you might not want that white border. What you can do is to go down to that little I kind of get in the little paint palette icon and you can change the spacing. So you see at the top, the spacing bar, you can just slide that slider all the way down, and that removes any of the white space around the photos. Now, some people like to have white space even in their project life albums and that's fine it's a personal preference, but if you like it to be exactly through by four, you get rid of that white space that way. And then, of course, you would save it just like we did. Um before so you can save it. Choose that sean option. So it's the largest file size save it to your computer, and then you could either print at home or you can send it off to be printed somewhere else. So that's for on the computer and again that's great, but what if you have a lot of pictures on your phone and you want to do the same thing because you don't want to have to then at an extra step of uploading them to your computer and all that? Well, there are a couple options. The most popular one that I've come across from other scrap pickers and project lifers is to use pick frame it's, an app that's available, I think on both apple devices and on android, there it goes, okay, so I believe it's my free on for iphones and it might be, is it free? Also an android or it's ninety nine cents it's really inexpensive? Either way, the first thing you need to do is select the option that has the two photos next to each other, and again, it looks like a square we don't want to square we want a rectangle four by six rectangle, so you'll just change thie ratio to four by three and you do that up in the corner where it says four by three there's a little drop down menu and you can change it to four by three, and that would enable you to get a four by six campus then you obviously like I said you to select the two by tio collage option and then just same ideas we didn't pick stitch were yes pick stitch where we tapped on the square, and then it will open up your camera, roll on your phone and you can choose the photo that you want to use so that's a super easy way. And again, something just as ali was talking about. If you block off fifteen minutes at a time, you could maybe do several of these real fast save them back on your camera and then upload them to have them printed somewhere. So it's one of those times saving time saving thing as well, what's really exciting. I'm sure becky is gonna tell us all about it when she's here chatting with us is that project life hasn't act now, it's just for iphones, I believe right now that she could punt, give us more details about that, and you can see right there on the home page of the ab there's, an option to make a photo collage so it's already built right into the app. I'm not like, as I said before, I'm not a digital scrapbook er so I I probably wouldn't use this to create a whole layout, but this app is really useful for me for quickly making two three by four photos on a four by six campus okay, it also comes with digital journaling cards and lots more features like I said that one for me putting the two pictures on one campus is probably the best thing and the best way I would be able to use it and then you just save your creation and you can print it however you'd like to print it okay? Is that helpful to anyone because I know there's a lot of comments on and questions on the message board about how do I get a studio calico and other message boards but how do I get three by four photos and if you were going to print them out specifically is through by four could get probably pretty pricey but if you can combine them together on a four by six it makes a lot easier. So what I wanted to dio is go ahead and open up the project life kit because we had been using in the other three segments the studio calico scrapbooking camp but they also make a card kid each month if you like to create cards on dh they have a project life kid right here and the project life kid it's fun because the cards are all pre sized for these page protectors and ready to go but they also have of course little other fun embellishments inside so when your box comes it's in this cute little reusable box, open it up we'll just kind of look through it in here and again these items the specific items will change for months and months on what I also love about these project life kids is that because so many people use connell use project life as a chronological way to the kind of document what's going on in their life? The kids from studio calico kind of correspond a little bit with kind of the time of year that it isthe and they're not theme I wouldn't say that they're themed, but they have like just a feeling that goes with them that would support the time of year that were in so this is actually the underground project life kid that was just out in october and so you'll see that a lot of the items in here have kind of a fall fall feeling to them and this this washington is a great example and isn't just a fun washi tape it's got all these words on it that are related to fall like pumpkin apple cider get cozy snuggle crunching leaves so that's a really fun embellishment and there's a lot on here but that aside these are some cute little star shaped paper clips in kind of a gold finish lebron's finish just like the scrapbooking kit often comes with a stamp in it this is a stamp that comes with the project life kit and again it changes from month to month but this one is a really sweet little one that has lots of different icons on it that you could use for different holidays or different events. There's like a snowflake and star anchor. Ah, little geo techs all different things so that's, really cute. And it has the two thousand fourteen there then there's some rub ons again, some fall theme to them these are some really cute puffy stickers and diamond shapes. I love the colors that these all these different colors on here they different sayings like I love my heart right now this say yes um and you can see again we're not using baby themed items, but there's lots in here that can be easily adapted for use in your baby book. So even just the I heart right now a random or you listed some random facts about baby. You are my happy that one's really sweet let's snuggle be thankful things like that. So I'm really like those there's also a little mini alphabet that's on a smaller scale. That's perfect for these smaller campuses of four by six and three by four. And then this is a fun addition to the kids this month. You open it up so you can see it better, these are actually little silk screens. And if you've heard of still screen, like for making t shirts and other prints and things, this is like a mini silk screen, so it gives you kind of opportunity to play with the some crafting techniques that maybe you wouldn't normally do in your scrapbook. But it kind of helps you branch out a little bit creatively, so we're going to use this one where it says hello and a little bit, but I I really thought these were cool there's, just some words imagine yes, lovely hello, perfect. And then I like these stars one the's could be especially nice on a baby paige. And then finally, the meat of the kit are the cards, and again, they have kind of like a an information card at the front, you know, just use my scissors toe get the wrapping off of these, and what I like about this information card is that it has kind of the color palette that we're using in this kit. You can see it's really beautiful colors really nice and thick enough. Lindsay, they're really nice. You're right, they are so we'll just take a peek at those and you can see here it is it's called the underground's from october two thousand fourteen and that's, a project life monthly kid and what's really cool about these kids from studio calico is that they have teamed up with becky higgins, so they're kind of like partnering with her to bring these kids to you. And as a result, the cards air sized exactly what they need to be sized, just like vicki higgins. Core kit cards or sized, just write the corners are already rounded for you, just like the project life core kits are so that you can easily mess the's into your project life using the other core kits from becky. So that's, really wonderful online is she's asking how themed do the studio calico kits get? Well, I would say, this is this is the extent of it it's more like a seasonal like it's, not in your face theme it's more of a very like general theme justice the time of year on dh they do offer add on kits of a collection of cars that might be a more specific theme that you can purchase a different times of the year, but that's why I love them because they're they're adaptable and that the versatile enough that you can use them in your scrapbooking no matter what topic you're covering, these are also monthly kids, yes, you can subscribe every single month or whenever you want exactly you can subscribe I'm signed up for a subscription and then you would automatically have a kit reserved for you and shipped to you on guy you can buy them kind of allah cart you know month to month as well we save some money if you subscribe you get a break on that so so inside we have let's see and this one we have five of the four by six cards and again these air going toe besides perfectly to fit right inside the pockets this one says sweater weather is better weather so obviously that's a pretty fall themed page a card is a calendar some tags work, play arrest this one says harvest but I kind of wanted to flip through these cards and show you how even this generic project life kit could be used for your baby album because I know like we said a lot of people kind of feel in this pigeon holed up they have to use baby themed items on their baby layouts and I wanted to show you this is an example that you don't that's not the case you can use any product and a lot of them can be easily adapted to make them into baby pictures this one just says wander this would be great for any any babies learning to walk you can jot down some things happy fall that's just you know memories from fall I thought this one would be great for a baby page, it says, and then he flesh, she said, and you circle one and there's a quote in a date so it could be something that one of the parents said or something a sibley's sibling said about the baby that would be really cute, this card says, obsessed at the top and there's a little list of five five numbers there that'd be great for what's baby into right now what's your toddler really loving is he's obsessed for cheerios and cars and things like that you could record those easily on that card. I'm a happy place this one would be fun for and there's two of these that have kind of like measuring sticks and here's another ruler these would be great for just recording sizes of your baby. So what this doctor's appointment here's the stats he was this long way this much head circumference was this so be a nice place to record those kinds of the memories. This is just a nice card, teo for all of us live every day with gratitude so you can see that even though there's some kind of more generic cards in here and some that are more fall themed, you can make them work for whatever kind of scrap book you're working on and specifically for babies that we're doing today do your best to enjoy your day and then this one I thought, would be really fun, especially for a mom to fill out from your perspective, it says today's events, and then it says in progress and completed so you could get through and list all your to do list because it's usually pretty long and then check off how many did you actually complete versus not? And I know for may and the list of the long and the completed checks to be short so that be a fun thing to including your book as a little snapshot of your life, right? Right then and then another idea, and I'll share this when we get into putting together our layout is that you can actually, you know, cover up parts of these cards that don't speak to what you're doing. So if, for example, this harvest card, we're going to adapt this to be exactly what we needed to be. Um, so don't be afraid to alter them a little bit to make them work better for what you need. So what you guys think of this kid? I get a little overwhelmed are you there's? So many things, this's your jewelry, right, this is your belt to this tea to get like a now outfit on and just matching things this's a lie yeah, more students this point cause we've got sort of variation here of experience scrapbook is in the middle of this not so so experienced particularly jessica and early and I know you're starting out this but what's been your inspiration for this course of what we're going to take away from indiana going to rush home and sort of a document every photograph taken are you feeling a little bit more gentle or or overwhelmed by jessica is I've been scrapping for a little while but I've never just started doing this project life system so I am definitely curious about this section in particular about how to make that work I have a tendency to way too many photos on because I have a hard time turning down uh so yeah, just more tips and tricks on this pocket style tactic. Jessica hopefully over well, meanness, well schooled moving I think I I felt more secure last, uh, sessions because it was it's similar to what I've done in the paths would little more art journaling like we talked about so this this is a little more overwhelming just because there is it seems like it should be easier just pop things in a pocket, but they're like ten pockets and forty things in which pictured footwear and like it feels more like a puzzle and I think the other one is just a picture and I just I kind of would put it on the page and then add stuff shoot this feels more like it's got to be right more that's the beauty of what it calls being teaching us it is finding your space and finding what works for you and finding your artistic expression on how you do that when you cynical exactly and I think that you'll find if you ever search online for like project life pages and see what people out there doing you know and becky is going to talk about this she designed this to be very simple for just photos and the four by six pockets and journaling cards across the center in the three by force and it was supposed to you know, meant to be that way and for some people that really just resonates with them and it works really well but there's other people out there that want to get really crafty and creative and they look at each little pocket is almost a mini scrapbook page and they really go go into a lot of detail on each card and they're stamping on the cards and we're going to a little bit of that of that but you know, some of them really are like many scrapbook layouts on each campus and for some people that's fun because it's a miniature like strong down and said twelve by twelve they're only working on a little four by six at a time and so especially if you're pressed for time, that might be a way to still feel creative but you can be like it only will take me fifteen you know, ten minutes to embellish this one pocket I'll slide in I'll go do something else next time I have ten minutes I'll come down and do the next pocket so you can really there's a whole spectrum off how people approach even using pocket pages. Yeah. Now what about all experienced scrapbook is in the middle here on all right? This is so much fun, this little kid all these little goodies that come out and I'm noticing that this one she's she asked if it was specifically for fuller that no there's some although who wander or lost there's travel in this there's and you can do it for everything you know? Really? The color palettes not like specifically pumpkin is not all pumpkin. I see some teal and there I see some pink and black and gray that's not just pumpkin, you know, it's, just not about halloween, so you know, you can use it for many. I have already started thinking about what I was using for these other cards. This one like these cadets, right? And, you know, a lot of cards I was I was talking to everybody at lunch and I was saying that I enjoyed the project like kids I don't do a lot of pocket scrapbooking in my regular scrapbooking I do mostly layouts but I really enjoy using these cards on my layouts so you know they don't have to be just for project life you can use them as embellishments almost on your scrap booking your twelve by twelve traditional pages you can use them as journaling cards you can kind of consider them like pattern paper and just cut strips of them are tucked in behind and using for photo mat so they're really versatile I mean you could also use these as gift tags on gifts or a cz little notes lunchbox notes for your kids you know spoke from in there so there's lots of things to do with it and I agree days that's nice how they're not super themed that you feel kind of trapped by that you can really use them across the board christine you're not that far away now from your first child have been inspired to date with some things that you want to get ready for her arrival on things you want to do afterwards before scrapbooking I would like get overwhelmed say I want to do this and then want to go back now I'm just going to like finalize it right there and then just be done with it so I could keep going instead of having all these other little projects um but I'm excited but I'm learning a lot so yeah because I'm not gonna have the time to go back and remember I can't remember anything already so it's just gonna get worse way to you're not sleeping anymore yeah just it doesn't need to be that serious and like you said are writing and all that that's a part of us so I don't need teo I try to be perfectionists about stuff and I need to let that go and emily, what about you what's been your inspiration from this class? It's really inspired me to be motivated more and keep myself on a schedule to do my scrapbooking I kind of like tend to do other things and say because I think they need to be done but this is important to think we need to remember that you know another thing I wanted to add about you know, if people are thinking gosh, project life looks really fun and looks kind of up my alley, but I really think I might miss the traditional scrapple pages. I might be more into the design like jessica saying that you know spoke more to you was being able to get kind of artistic there's no reason you can't combine both of them you could have one scrapbook album that had a series of twelve by twelve layouts and then you put a couple of divided page protectors in that maybe highlight just a month of baby's life and are more specific to just that month so you can mix and match things. There's no, you know, you don't don't feel like you're so kind of boxed in that once I choose this, I can't go back or we'll device for so you can, you know, it's, whatever, it's best for you and works best for your style and what you want to document just have fun with it because remember we said that's part of it, enjoying the whole process of it and just having fun with it the question about that, nicole so, do you mix traditional layouts with pocket pages? If you do, what do you put on the back side of a traditional lay out next to a pocket page if you don't really have another traditional layout for this period of time? Well, I think what I would do is I would take and I was thinking about this so here's an example, you know, if I had my album here and you can see that, so this is the back side of my completed project life spread that we're gonna work on after we talked with becky, and if you had a traditional layout on the side, what you could do here. Is that you could just put a coordinating piece of pattern paper or cards, got cut it down into the to the sizes, and then just like those in just for a spacer, you know, on your page and that kind of transition. So if you had a lot of like blues on this page, you might pick a coordinating pattern. Paper. Just put it here. And that way, it would just flow from one page to the next.

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In the flurry of adjusting to life with a new baby, it can be tempting to shelve your scrapbooking plans and leave your photographs in their digital formats. But those moments only happen once! Learn a system for getting those memories down and creating a scrapbook you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Scrapbooking Your Baby's First Year with Nicole Samuels will help you sift through the photos, moments, and memories and decide which ones belong in your memory books. You’ll learn how to use Studio Calico kits and products to create clean, modern scrapbook layouts that highlight the milestones and relationships that emerge in your baby's first year. Nicole will show you how to create scrapbooks that both focus on the big events, like sitting up, and the unique ones that simply mean a lot to your family.

Time is fleeting and precious, don’t let the first year of the important child in your life go unaccounted for. Develop a system for documenting those magical moments in Scrapbooking Your Baby's First Year.


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This was fabulous! I enjoyed Nicole, she was easy to understand and follow. Her class had a ton of useful information and I took many notes. I look forward to any future classes she teaches.