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Milestones to Document

We're going to start with just talking about what should you document thinking about things beyond the normal milestones that people take typically will put up in a baby book and the first thing up here I have it's just a slide to show you want include the milestones they are so important on events that happened holidays any first it's on guy have just on each side has some examples of pages that I've done and some of these are much older products you'll see some of them are ten years old eleven years old but here's an example of another one of those monthly review pages where I'm just taking a couple pictures from that month and then listing a bunch of milestones that my son reached that month this would be an example of reach the whole layout about a milestone so this is when he started crawling and I did a whole page about that and again you'll see it's not specific baby papers that says crawling or you know whatever it's just fun page papers that match kind of what he's wearing mak...

e him stand out on the page instead of competing with him okay and this is from an event this was his dedication at church and unidentified for adding more photos on one page we talked about collages that's one way to do it but on this page actually had an envelope that I tucked behind the photo map and inside you can then place extra photos in there some journaling it's a way to get some other pictures on the page and especially if they're pictures that I don't know maybe aren't the best and you don't want to showcase some is the main photo on your page it's a way to kind of sneak a few more in there but beyond milestones events and first also think about documenting relationships this page was about my husband when he when we first had our twins and he was in law school and things were just kind of exhausting at our house and he has a picture of him and I just was writing about what I saw on him as a dad and you know how what qualities he had and and how well he was doing with managing to babies and everything else so document and tell the story of the relationships that baby have with his family members here's a layout about my son and my daughter she was in preschool at the time so she was home a lot more with us and so the two of them have a special bond and it was fun to steal a page about how they enjoy each other they really enjoy each other's company um also babies heritage and family connections so if you this is a fun technique for a page if you have the photos available I had a photo of my son will and his little superman shirt and I found a photo of my husband a little bit older than will was in this picture but in you know the superman under ruse or whatever those were remember those back seventies and eighties and it just is a cute waiter like compare and contrast you know looks like his dad they're wearing the same little outfit and if you have pictures like that of yourself as a baby at that same age and your husband as a baby at that age it's a fun way to show family connections I also like to kind of just include stuff about the baby's name so each of my baby's books has a layout about their name and what it means and so my one of my twins was named for my grandfather his middle name henry is my grandfather's first name and so I did a whole layout about that and showing the connection there and the heritage and how that how we chose the name and how they went, how they're sitting there together is a nice photo up. So think about that I think some was mentioning wanting to take pictures of their children with the family members and forgetting to do that and so this is a nice way to use those on a layout don't forget about funny stories and, you know, cute moments there's lots of them in baby's first year like I said, my daughter and my my youngest have a special connection because they were together a lot that first year, and she was like to play baby dolls. Actually, obviously. And the pressure is a lot of dolls. And then one day, she got to be funny to kind of put him on the bed with all the dolls around him. And we took a picture and just was a funny little memory. And then I shared the background on that story. So remember that not everything has to be serious deep. Sometimes you just like to document those funny things that baby does, and I wanted to put this picture up there. This is an older page. My twins were not even a year yet there. And this is an example of one of those stories that I had completely forgotten. I mean, I did this page ten years ago, and I honestly did not remember this memory at all until just last month, when I was taking all my baby book found preparing for class, and I ran across this land, I read the journaling, and it was just so sweet. And then it all rushed back to me when I read the journal in how they usedto, you know, on their their cribs were right next to each other and, um one the one that was walking already would kind of run back and forth at the end of the crib when they were wake up from their nap and the other one was not walking yet and so he would just stand holding on to the rail and crack up and I hear him on the monitor this like running, you know, on one crib and the other would just be cracking up in giggling but I completely forgotten about that story in that moment until I went back into my scrapbook and found that page so that's a really cool thing about scrapbooking also think about scrapbooking the challenges and struggles during that first year I chose this page because it just shows we were just wiped out with those first couple of months and my sister was visiting and took some photos of us like we conked out with the two babies air and, you know, scrap of those stories, those challenges that you're facing maybe you are having a hard time getting your baby tio eat or not sleeping through the night yet or whatever it is you can document those stories as well and then really I enjoy pages that show off babies personality so you know, going a little bit deeper about who baby is and who he's becoming so for example on this page my son with a little bit older than a year he's probably almost two there, but he got into the stage where he really loved toy story and buzz and woody and so he had all of his toy story toys there and was watching the movie pete enough over them. And so you know, it just tell us a little bit of a snapshot of who he was at that time and what he was interested in on this layout. It's another one about his personality because it's actually a picture I took on the road, we traveled a ton, one holiday break and he was such a trooper, the eleven o three one thousand one hundred three that's the number of miles that he had traveled within his like life so far. And you know, I journal about just how easy going he wasa as a baby, he just was he just go with the flow, I guess that's what happens by number four, they just kind of there are along for the ride, you know, and he's just really it was a laid back baby, so this page just kind of shows a little bit about his personality. Um, this is another page. This is a great way to get a bunch of random pictures on a page it's, just a grid design, and my one twin jack he was had a very expressive face, when he was a baby, who is almost like an old man and a baby's body. And he would make all these interesting faces and so just kind of showed a little bit about his personality, and I just labeled each one it's kind of the different faces of jack, and then also just consider doing, like, a snapshot of right now, you know, what's going on your life, what's going on in the baby's life. This is a tag from my daughter's first pair of little baby jeans, her little baby gap jeans, and I had taken the tag off, which is the teddy baronet says first denim on it, and I'd say that to a page and it's, a little bit of memorabilia, a little bit of something that you can put on a layout kind of shows what stage we're at there and some pictures of her and her jeans. And then this is another example of a snapshot kind of lab is the same kind of idea we did with the monthly review where I just had random pictures of her at age one. I put them on the page, and then I just thought of a bunch of descriptive terms of what she was doing, what she was into, what toys she was really playing with, you know, how she was but foods she liked at this age and that's her thing and it's, just like you're taking, like I said, a snapshot of right now what they're doing on what they were into and obviously, if you are a new mom and your baby's still young, this is probably a little bit easier because you have all that information that you can remember because it's fresh in your mind, if you're further out from the baby year, it might be a little bit more challenging to do this kind of page, but you might have saved little bits and pieces of things from I don't know different different experiences that you had with them that you could use on a page and and go about it that way. So I'm really excited at this point because we're going to talkto ali edwards and she is she's been so inspirational to me over the years in showing me how to are encouraging people to document the big moments and the little moments like all of all the things that happen are in our lives are important whether they seem bigger, small, so looking forward to talking to her. But before we do, did anyone have any other things that they can think of are important to document and babies? First year beyond the milestones, anything that pops in your head or anything you've done in your own baby book so far, you have some great ideas here. I love the idea of, you know, your child have really incredible expressions. That's, a really great idea, because those things you will forget. That's, right? Yeah, I seem to remember, also documenting clothes sizing, because he went from tiny little things to bigger things as the year went on and taking pictures of apple it's sad. But it was something that struck me as this time is being very cute, and that would be something that you can. You know, you might not want to preserve that little outfit, that you could take a picture of it or take a picture, obviously, a baby in it, or something like that.

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In the flurry of adjusting to life with a new baby, it can be tempting to shelve your scrapbooking plans and leave your photographs in their digital formats. But those moments only happen once! Learn a system for getting those memories down and creating a scrapbook you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Scrapbooking Your Baby's First Year with Nicole Samuels will help you sift through the photos, moments, and memories and decide which ones belong in your memory books. You’ll learn how to use Studio Calico kits and products to create clean, modern scrapbook layouts that highlight the milestones and relationships that emerge in your baby's first year. Nicole will show you how to create scrapbooks that both focus on the big events, like sitting up, and the unique ones that simply mean a lot to your family.

Time is fleeting and precious, don’t let the first year of the important child in your life go unaccounted for. Develop a system for documenting those magical moments in Scrapbooking Your Baby's First Year.


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This was fabulous! I enjoyed Nicole, she was easy to understand and follow. Her class had a ton of useful information and I took many notes. I look forward to any future classes she teaches.