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Simple PR for Creatives

Brigitte Lyons

Simple PR for Creatives

Brigitte Lyons

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2 Know Your Why Duration:13:59
4 Define Your Key Message Duration:23:56
5 Develop Your Media List Duration:21:57
8 How the Media is a Product Duration:14:06
9 Where Does Your Message Fit? Duration:11:36
10 Design Your First Campaign Duration:04:26
11 Q&A with Artist Megan Auman Duration:25:56
12 Find the Right Contacts Duration:20:58
17 Pitch Ettiquette Duration:15:21
18 Leverage Your PR Coverage Duration:08:53

Class Description

When it comes to your business, pretty much all press is good press. Mentions of you and your work in blogs, podcasts, magazines, on TV, and elsewhere raise your profile and puts your business in front of a whole new audience – for free. But hiring a public relations agency can break the bank, especially for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs just starting out. In Simple PR for Creatives, Brigitte Lyons will show you how to harness this powerful tool yourself.

Brigitte has lived and breathed PR for more than a decade, and she specializes in working with creative professionals. In Simple PR for Creatives she’ll teach you the PR basics and offer a step-by-step approach to generating buzz on a budget. You’ll learn how to get real press attention using tools tailored to the needs of freelancers and small business owners. Brigitte will show you how to:

  • Put together a media contact list
  • Get journalists to write about your business
  • Earn important endorsements
  • Create an effective editorial calendar

You’ll learn insider tricks for fitting your product or service into the editorial mission of your target publications and increase the likelihood of your pitch getting picked up. You’ll also learn the most effective ways to pitch and the perfect times to do it.

PR isn’t reserved for other, more successful people. It’s a great option for enterprises of all stripes and sizes, and it’s easier than you think – learn the ropes in Simple PR for Creatives with Brigitte Lyons.


Jess Laine

This is one of the best CreativeLive classes I've taken. I knew nothing about PR before this class and after taking it I was able to send my first pitch within a week. If you follow along with the workbook provided you really can come up with a pitch template that can can be tweaked to work for just about anything. I really appreciate how simple and enjoyable Brigitte made this class. No fluff, just great straight-to-the point actionable information. It's obvious she cares very much about helping creative people use PR to grow their business. Thanks Brigitte!

a Creativelive Student

I honestly started watching this class thinking that I didn't need PR for my business. I know Brigitte is super smart, and I wanted to check out the live stream to see if I could pick up any tips for my own clients. I was so wrong! I loved this! Within the first 30 minutes I had taken so many notes and gotten so excited about the possibilities- that not only seemed helpful, but relatively easy and FUN- for my business. I ended up purchasing right away and I know I'll be referring back again and again. Thanks for the great class!

a Creativelive Student

I am really fortunate in that I've had a lot of media exposure over the course of my career - all of it by referral or invitation. But with Brigitte's Simple PR class, I now have a framework to confidently pitch ideas and proactively create opportunities. I particularly appreciated her suggestion to tie my media outreach efforts to my business goals. And, she provided a clear roadmap that will help me be systematic and strategic in doing just that!! Way cool. Many thanks, Brigitte.