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Lesson 23 from: Screenwriting for Film and Television: How to Begin

Julio Vincent Gambuto

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23. Feedback

In this lesson, we’ll explore the question, “Now what?” This includes a discussion about feedback, notes, colleagues, etiquette, and grace.
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before we wrap up, I want to talk about feedback. Feedback is so important in the writing process to know how your work is landing what it sounds like to people how it's coming off two people. But there's a really fine line between what you want to say, how you want to say it and you believing in your work and what other people think about your work. So you know, when you're working with a studio or you're working with a production company, you're gonna hear feedback all the time. You're gonna get notes on your work constantly, and it will be a back and forth, and you're almost creating the script together. Even if you've written every word of the script, you're still kind of creating it together. The important thing about feedback is to know that it's a muscle, and you've got to start to develop it right now, meaning everything you write show to somebody and let them tell you what they think of it. Start getting used to hearing negative feedback, hearing positive feedback. If you're o...

ne of these people who, like you can't say a nice thing to get over it, take some nice feedback sometimes. And if you're one of these people who doesn't like hearing anything, negative writing is gonna be that much harder right. And succeeding as a writer in this business as a screenwriter is going to be a lot harder. So develop that muscle and a fun way to develop it is to talk to your friends and family and say, Tell me what you think of me right now Tell me how I look right now. Tell me how you feel about me right now. It's silly and kind of stupid, but it's a really fun way to just get that muscle working right. An important point to about feedback is you wanna ask for feedback about your writing from people, but you wanna be smart and strategic about who you ask and when you ask them, meaning that

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Carlos Sandoval

Just a great way to start on your path to screenwriting. A clear and concise class with a friendly tone and humor. I think it is important that a teacher has actually worked in the field. Kudos.


Perfect for a beginner or actors who need a better understanding of what is and why is. Info packed and FUN too!

Asem Nurkina

I took this class last year. And after one year of working with presented tools (story design worksheet, story fundamentals workseet, seed to script process) on different projects I can say that it is very powerful and useful course I ever taken. I can strongly recommend this detailed screenwriting guidance by Julio Vincent Gambuto.

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