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Sell More With Instagram

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Branding & Messaging with Canva

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sell More With Instagram

Sue B. Zimmerman

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4. Branding & Messaging with Canva


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Branding & Messaging with Canva

my next in studio guests is one of my team members. I am just so thrilled and excited to be introducing Rachel polished to the stage. I have to let you know she has a sore throat, so her voice is a little bit off kilter. She's gonna be sharing with you all how we use Camba in our company. In fact, the whole slide deck that you're looking at, the gorgeous Rainbow slides are all created in Camba by Rachel, and I won't even ask her how many hours it took to do it. But let's just say it was more than you can imagine. And I just love her to pieces. I'm going to get her on stage and have you guys cup on and have her tell you this story of how we met Rachel's 24 years old, and I my business would not be functioning without her. So, um, this is a really sweet moment for me, and I'm just so happy to have her come on stage. So welcome, Rachel. Oh, everybody. All right. So we're starting out. We're gonna use I think this is a story for every business owner to hear. Yeah, So I graduated, um, a yea...

r and 1/2 ago and with a degree in nutrition and, like, I'm sure hundreds of people out there in the world they graduated and said, Wait a second. The last four years didn't really get me ready for something I really love doing. And so I It left a job that I wasn't super happy at and was Googling instagram for business. Guess who showed up on YouTube Yours truly on. So she popped up there with the Webinar where she went through how to use Instagram for business, and I was kind of hooked. So I watched for approximately the next nine hours on And, um, you can anybody in the audience, I'm sure knows what it's like to watch Super cell for hours. It's pretty entertaining, to say the least. And so I was Yeah, I was hooked and I wanted to know more, So I just sent her a message that Can we Can you help me? I'm, you know, a young person. I want to do social media. What's your advice? And she basically said, I need an intern. Come to my house on Monday because way did talk on the phone first. And, um, yeah, I ended up at her house. I worked as an intern. So YouTube, she found me. She lived one the minutes from my house. And so I'm like, OK, I am like, I need someone to help me manage just a little bit of stuff, right? So we so we linked up and I worked with her kind of just investing in the knowledge peace and connections and, um, learning different strategies and stuff behind social. And eventually I got really comfortable with it. I did a lot of the instagram stuff for Sue. And so now here I am, full time helping Sue with content creation, getting her ready for speaking events and a lot of the instagram management. And I'm the one out there engaging with all of you on instagram and instigate Alive and Twitter. So that's me If you're wondering how Sue is magically instagramming while she's on stage. So everyone you know people have mentioned you have multiple accounts. Yes, I have six accounts. And because of her, we can manage the six accountant. I do mine in real time because my brain thinks that way. I know exactly what? Content to post every day. I do not struggle with that. I've always been a visual thinker s. Oh, I see opportunities as there in front of me. Rachel is very strategic and plans. So she plans on our instigate all live account on our instagram expert and occasionally on Scooby Doo. When I say, you know, can you post for May she posts is if it's me speaking. She knows me so well. It is my voice I'm like you friggin nailed me on So if you're gonna hire out instagram someone to manage your instagram, you gotta make sure that it's your authentic voice And she makes me laugh with my post sometimes like the last one. Wait, What did you say that? OK, if you don't sign up For creativelive, the last one to sign up is a rotten egg. It's like like she did just a playful post. And she's just so endearing and great about it. And I have to say here that, yes, I have three daughters. I have a 22 year old and twins who were 18 and I am just loving being surrounded by brilliant 20 ish year old that just want to do what they love. And so Rachel is the epitome of finding a job where she is living the daily dream of waking up every day and doing what she loves when she wants, um, most of time and where she wants. But But it's really it's been transformative for both of us. So Justus much value as she is getting. I am receiving because I learned so much from her as much as she learned to make. So today, she's gonna actually take you through Camba. Yeah, so can visit to all. I'm sure a lot of you might be familiar with anybody in the audience out there Worldwide Global. Hello, everyone. Um, if you're not familiar with can va, it's a great application to use for graphic design. If you are a small shop specifically, and you want to stick to the stuff that makes money that you know building your products, making your connections like spending time doing the things in your business that need to make it run and less time on making a graphic look perfect for 10 hours, you know, just for a Facebook post canvas a really great application it's Web based to use and keep things really simple. So who has mentioned that we did create the entire slide deck all of those beautiful rainbow colored slides with Can Va? And I'm going to kind of walk you through how we did that because we did touch on it last time. We did a little bit in the last course. The first course we did do a little bit of a tutorial, but there's a lot more to it that I don't think people really understand. You can really create a consistent branded message across your entire social media platform by using one tool, and it really helps to keep your branded messaging consistent. So people, when they land on you, whether it's Facebook or Twitter or instagram or YouTube or you know your blogged even or your email newsletter, everything looks the same. They know it's you. It's very identifiable. I'm sure you can tell, you know, soupy tips all around the world that they look like so so that's really the goal. When it comes to branding and messaging is to create a feeling and a concept that people identify with with you, not just a bunch of pretty colors that look cool. Um, so I think we'll get into it over here on the computer and, uh, take a walk. You guys through how we did this. Okay, So here's the canvas application I'm locked in here is me. And when you sign up for camera, you have your own account here and you'll see on the home page. They're actually still in big it, actually. Congratulations to can, brother. Now over one million users, which is really exciting. And they have a brand new mobile application for IPad. Not on the phone quite yet, but they're on IPad. So that's really helpful for people. They're based in Australia. Uh, talk. Johnny is probably happy to hear that. Okay, So you can see here you start out with all the different templates, and they add new ones frequently to make things easy. So we're gonna talk about the square image here for social media, but just that you guys have a understanding. If you don't already for presentations, you can make a full slide posters. Facebook covers Facebook posts, and you can really easily make you know, Twitter, headers, Pinterest, all of these different things. all in one place. So you're not, you know, spending $700 to some graphic team or designer, and it takes three weeks. You're doing it yourself, and it can all of consistent because it's really easy. So most of the time we're just using the Social Media Square here, which is perfect for Instagram. You'll also see some of the older images that we've created. Throwback. It's not Thursday, but throw back to our old, uh, flies from last time they were created here in camera as well. So I have here my link, so OK, Caroline. What? Europe There. So we start here with the basic square, so everything is a white background when you first start, So it's a brand new. Um, here will even show you here so you can see what it looks like when you start with nothing. So it's just a plain square. Okay, so you first choose the color background that you want to use. We have the three different ones that we've used for the slides. There's the blue, the orange and the green. And I kind of strategically kept everything in one project year just by, um, duplicating right there. That's the button. So you start with one, and then you build out so you choose the color in the background we just picked, um, the background. You just choose the color. So this is the orange and you can enter the color code or your hex colors. If you have a logo that already exists and you want to match back to that, that's really helpful Eso that you're not like Is that the blue? I don't know about the blue green pink, so you can match back to all of your hex colors. So we've got our fun, bright rainbow here. So you start with the plane background, then you bring in the text. So instead of this is not one text block, there's three different pieces here. So this one the 2nd 1 and then the 3rd and you can choose the different fonts. So we go back over here to text, you bring in a piece of text and you can adjust the fonts to whichever you prefer as well as the size. Okay. And some of the fonts allow you toe upper case or bold or different things so you can really customize it to make it look exactly how you want it. So that there Okay, so we have those pieces now these lines here at the bottom, you really want to get creative so it might look really simple. But, like, how did we get all of those lines in a rainbow? What's different about Can Va and I think that people miss? It's not just about text overlay. It's about the elements and pieces that you can incorporate incorporate into the images. So you search square. Yes, I talked with the search bar, so there's the search bar here, and you can search all of the different elements that you want to use. So different shapes, different picture. Or if you typed Instagram, the little Instagram icon would pop up. You type boats. There's elements, so that's a search far to find. Whatever element you need to incorporate into your look and feel right exactly, So let's even I'll show you once. Okay, so when we search Instagram, this is the piece years that we used to create this graphic right? So you'll see. This is what it looks like out of the cash or just cooperate. Yes, so because This is how it exists as its own element. And then you pull it in right here to make it look two toned, so that's one square behind it. And then we have the instagram element here. I also use the square to shrink. So this is just the A regular square. There's different transparencies, so transparent things they're really elements are really good if you want to make your text stand out over an image that you already have that exists. So if you wanted to upload your own image here, you could do that. And then oh, hey! Oh, and then, um and then put a transparent element on top to make your text stand out a little bit more little ends up being a little bit more clear. So we would push that to the back, and your stuff ends up being a little bit more clear. We'll get rid of that there. So what you do with the square is you just pull it in and you can adjust this to make it your own shape that you wanted to. So we just shrink it down, extend it and change the color. So I have all of the different colors, um, already in here cause we've already been using them, so it holds onto the colors that you're currently using in the project, so you don't have to keep at reentering the different color numbers down at the bottom. But if you wanted to pull in a specific color, you could by doing that really easily. Now Penny is asking, Rachel, can you use Pantone colors on canvas A. Or you're limited to the colors that are available. They are. I'm almost 100% sure that they are the same actual country. Yes, thank you. The same number. So it breaks it really helpful when you're using other things that you use in your branding, which is the key, right? So, like we said, you want people to identify you when they land on Instagram when they land on Pinterest or Google plus or anything, anything, so they want to know it's you. So by using the same look and feel, you're really able to create that message a little bit more quickly, clearly and easily what Rachel just did. She threw that in the trash so you can throw anything that you don't like the way it looks in the trash. Can you talk about the dollar Sign one? Yeah. Eso The same way that I pulled in that square, these air different elements here. So I just pulled it in, spotted around with this little do dad. Um, to rotate it, you can rotate it and any grab dolls, and then you again with this piece in the back, the same thing. Then there's another one right here, and then you just use text dollar signs. So the key right here, really, with Canada is layering. So you really want to spend some time? If if you have the time. But you don't have Teoh. Certainly. Um, some things are easier to create than others, but the layering does help you, um, create things that look different. Stand out are eye catching, which is, um, a big goal when it comes to your instagram feed. So we did all of the different, um, slides here for Sue, um, sneak peek at things coming up in the, uh um the question slide. So even here at the bottom, we changed it up for things that have bullets. So we added, Ah, a text box year in all of the different bullets and then just moved around the different layers of the squares as well as the instagram um, avatar logo here. Does that make sense? Does anyone have any questions about specifically how we did this design? Like a couple of questions that came in from saying, I think you just touched on this Rachel. Should people really try and think about their entire branding so that what they do here in camera follows what they're doing instead of on their websites acceptance? It always looks the same, so I have to kind of approaches. So if you're starting with absolutely nothing, why not start with Camba? Because if you have nothing and you build out one piece at a time, it's really easy toe layer things and make things look different. And the more you use it, the faster you'll get it. So the first graphic you might make might take, you know, a little while. But then eventually, you'll get more comfortable with it, and it will be easy. Like, Oh, I got to do a Facebook post. No problem. Like, let me just find the template. Put it up there little text overlay a little graphic. We're gonna show you an account that does use this camera Really well, in a few minutes. But, um, if you like. I said if you don't already have a presence on a few different platforms, um, it might be helpful for you to just start here. If you do already have a really great branded strategy that you're happy with, You can just, you know, supplement some of your posts with this and use it kind of as you go. And that way, you know, when you sometimes I'm like, Wait, how did I I need something that has a little transparency, Or I need something that looks a little eye catching. Or how do I layer different graphics on two different things? Um, you know, when this becomes really helpful, Actually, let me go back to so, like this one. So we for sale to your success? We had an agenda right for the day, and I pulled in our logo in the back. Then I added each little, um, you know, the time elements. Then I added, you know who was coming on. I pulled in Jill's little logo cause she was a sponsor. Then I pulled in our sues logo, the B. And it ended up being a really easy way to quickly provide this information to our following, because I think at the time it was we were a few weeks out and we were like, Everyone wants to know the, you know, the segment of the day, how day is supposed to flow. So this was really helpful. And we're paperless. So creating this allowed Rachel toe have announced a gram post for the day and to share it out and posted to Facebook to the group. So, um, so it was really a great way to tell people that where it waas the agenda for the event. Yeah, this was really helpful. I mean, this probably took because I did each piece out individually. It probably took a little bit longer than a normal graphic, but it certainly was much easier, Like cheap. Much cheaper than asking somebody else to do it. Um, and and, yeah, we ended up with a great thing here, so people were happy with that. Um, any other questions that anyone coming back to the logos, the question I was just about to ask was Can you upload your own logo? Work around it? Because I just saw the up loads up there. And it must looks pretty easy to work around because you had Jill's there, and then you had sues. Yes, yes, that you upload your own images, so you cannot and you can upload your own images, which shoes from all of your different files. And, um and they stay there. Yeah, they stay here for a little while, So, um, yeah, so you can upload them here, I'll show you. This was you know, that's the sense your success logo, um, that we used. And it makes it easy to if you want a watermark things. So as a photographer, it's a really easy way if you want. You know, you're not already using something you might already be. But if you want to, Adam, you know a colorful watermark. The key with the logo, though, is you need it to not have the background. Like what? It has to be just this image, not with a white background or black background or something. But it certainly is very helpful for logos. Very similar questions coming from online do these images, then savers J pegs. Can you use them elsewhere on your WordPress? Absolutely. So I'll show you exactly how we export these images. So right here at the top, you'll see the title of the project. Um, I created 101 campus lives for this presentation. In case anybody's wondering, Let's just say it was This is why she has the sort I was dreaming and rain bows as I was like moving furniture. Anyways, Um, OK, so this is the title and what I did because there's multiple pieces in here, is I. Every time I saved an image, I want I exported one piece at a time, so you'll see that they're numbered here on the sides so you can identify which number they are. And so what I would do is I would just save this as the next one. You know, 102 Then, as it's it's sieving here and then you just download. So there's a few things here that I want to point out as well. This link section here in the on the left, you'll see you're able to share the project, So if you want somebody else's eyeballs on it before it goes public, and you don't want to export the whole thing first. You just, you know, copy and save the link. If you want them to be able to edit it, you just click this button here and they'll be able to edit it as if they were you inside the project if you want to just export one piece of it at a time. So if I just wanted to do slide three, you would just type in Slide three and then image but regrettable short cinema also joining us online if that they're fairly regular with us. So welcome back to you. Thanks for being in the chat rooms, and they're basically saying so. They're so excited. They've learned three new applications already in this course, including Can va. But they're interested how you find out about these applications and then given that there are other applications that do similar things. How Rachel do you decide which is the best to use? So we're kind of always in the discovery and learning phase, like Suze learning new things, I'm learning new things. I mean, I'm sure we'll learn new applications before the end of the day from people in the audience that, you know, use different things. It's kind of word of mouth. Um, we don't really spend time like Googling cool New APS for X, y and Z. It's kind of as they organically come into our, you know, into our brains and into our high sites will use them. Can Va has been significant for us for a while. At first we were invited is one of the first beta testers. We've been with them for a while, so yeah, And when I went to Sydney, I did stop it the camera office and met all the young designers that worked there. And they are literally coming up with new elements on a regular basis. It's a really impressive company, and it's changed the way that we do. Graphics. Absolutely. Finally. Okay, So, um yeah, so that just popped up. And you can also share the Facebook, tweet it or email it to yourself. But it just saves in my downloads, and I'm able to move it within my computer wherever I needed to. Ah, lot of times. If I'm you posting it right to instagram, I'll pop up. I'll pop it into Dropbox. Put it on my phone. If I'm, you know, out and about, I'll be able to access it whenever I need Teoh Post whenever I want. Now we got a question coming up online about copyright. So do all of the other way. The template, etcetera and elements do they belong to canvass? Do you have the right to use them as much as you want? You absolutely have the right to use them as much as you want there, there for you to use some of the pieces. You'll see some of these interesting backgrounds over here on the sides. If you're working with, you know, a blank canvas and you need some inspiration. They have lots of different things here you can purchase for a dollar, and once you have it, it's yours. And you just pay at the end when you're exporting the image based on the different elements that you've added into your project. I was looking at it and it was all free, and I and then I thought, Let's type in chocolate. Just some amazing photos came up and I've got I've found a great photo of a girl holding chocolate caramel. And I've called a Christie that caramel chocolate taster on. Then I just did the overlay, and it was a dollar. And I actually paid $10 I got 11 11 free images. It was just value for money is just awesome. Absolutely. You can certainly use it as a stock photo source as well. If you're, you know, you don't have the time or the funds right away to do a photo shoot. You know, something that looks professional. These are certainly I delicious. Does anyone here or anyone in the audience watching wants to type in a word so that you can see what pops up for your graphics? Like she just found chocolate beauty us to beauty. So we've got a lot of, like, grab. Um, we might need more. So you would want to probably make up. Yep. There are lots of things that are beautiful. There we go. Yeah. So yeah. So if yours elements for every category, So if anyone else wants this toe, do a search. Yeah, interested. So we've got some dogs here. Uh, so absolutely lots of fabulous puppy love going on here in Tampa. So yeah, I mean, you can search pretty much anything and you'll find lots of great stock photos to you. You know, I just want to clarify on the photos. I think it's a single use license. Yes. So 24 hours on the photos on the photos Okay? Right? You can Once you've made it within that hour, four hours, you have it for life, right? Project becomes yours. So if you use if you purchase that element and you're using it on Facebook, you can. I mean, it's your Emmett completed image forever. Yes. Yes. So we have a great account. Um, Liane Caruso, the CEO of Hello Limelight Limelight Marketing. LeAnn has a team. Wendy does a lot of the instagramming for her on and their account. Hello, Limelight. Absolutely want to get on there. They are the epitome of creative when it comes to using, can va Teoh get their message across? So Yeah, so let's pull them up on the phone so that you guys can see their feed. It's pretty awesome. You may recognize Leanne from last time again. They will be in the back instead. Got live, So if you're not finding them right away, don't fret. Week got you covered their back there. So marketing consultants I want to point out before we dive into the Camba their bio because they have a rocking bio that is all aligned with their limelight marketing. So they did marketing consulting, Because that's what they are. And they use the green emojis greens. Seems to be a theme around here. The avocados money. Hello, limelight. So we love Hello, Limelight. And actually, they work with us for to help us with our Twitter on bear, a great company based out of Tampa. And they have passed 1000 followers pretty. I know. So congratulations, Leanne. Wendy and Bree, we love you. So we are going to just kind of school through all it. Rachel, talk while I drive so that you guys can get a sense every single post is done in Camba. So let me just go back a little bit raging. I'm gonna I'm gonna tap on them, Okay? I should say every single post I do see them humanizing it occasionally with with company photos. So let's go through a few, and you might be able to talk through what elements they've pulled in Uh, and they're sticking to their brand colors. I want to point that out. Yes, soas faras I can recognize, though. They've got, like an oval here triangle triangle, different squares that she's probably shrunk down. More ovals they've used. It looks like three different text blocks to create this. Their unique cash I stand out socials just turned him a little bit done. Absolutely, so you can turn the text the same way you can. It's been an element, and so that's what she's done here. She's taken three different text blocks and used the same font, so it just looks like it's curved a little bit. And that's also adding your hashtag to your images is another. Great. So here's an example of the unique hashtag that we talked about earlier, and their unique cash tigers stand out social. So if you search that an instagram, you will see all of lands. Ah, hello, Lima Lights post using that hashtag. So this is a really great example of pulling in all those graphic elements that Rachel was showing you earlier. Let me pull up a few more for you to look at. I think they do a really great job messages. Yeah, I mean, it's really simple again. It's just about the layering. Mostly, um, she's got her. I'm not sure what you did with the with the grass one day. You gotta give me a clue on that one. But for the most part, it's just other. She probably took a square here and then ah, circle and just added it to the top to make the mailbox. So what doesn't seem quite so obvious Like, it's really just adding shapes together that, um, make things look pretty cool. And she's and she's created one. Yeah, so she's creative with the stuff that she's doing. So I mean, I always have a chuckle. So that's another piece of it to like. You kind of take the, um, a little bit of humor into things which helps, Yes, so just to elaborate on that. So there's the branding, the messaging, and it made you laugh or smile. So this is something where you would stop an absolutely engaged because they gave you value and very consistent. She's posting every day, so you might think this could take a long time, but I mean, it doesn't she's got it down to minutes. She's so good at it now. And there are the creators right there. This is Wendy one day and land and Leanne on. I mean, just even they have their branded look and feel across the whole thing, but they're celebrating their employees to which is nice to see the face behind, creating anything you know, birthdays and things like that. So there, even their offices really cute thing was that sews events. So that's LeAnn there. But they're I mean, if if you're looking for a little social media inspiration great, I'm great stuff to show clear because people are asking 33 or four people actually ask about Maria saying We can actually import our own photos. Absolutely. On cakes by Sabrina is asking. So is it better to use your own graphics and photos rather than the generic things? What was your feeling? It depends like I said. So if you have your own collection of stock photos ready to roll, you know, upload them into Canada. Use that. Certainly stick to that. If not, or if you're, you know, need a little inspiration, plug in some keywords and do a little search and you might find some things that spark your ideas. You don't have to do one or the other. Um, but make sure that the pictures look cohesive with the rest of your account. If you've got, you know, selfies across the whole thing, and then you pull in this, like, beautiful skyline that clearly you didn't take it might look a little, um, out of police. Just just also exactly that question. I knew it. I could feel it through. I got This is the essence of this account, right? Yes. It's like it's simple into Rachel's point. It takes some time to Master Campbell like any other tool that you're gonna embrace. And once you master it, the empowerment behind your brand and not needing a graphic designer or spending money is priceless on. And they've just done such a beautiful job at creating this, and I don't think it's been all that long. A polite bum. Oh, absolutely. Pull up. Can va? Oh, yeah. And it's grand. They have Ah, uh, yeah, yeah. So? So I think campus in the back to, um So let me just So this is a perfect example of what I was talking about with the transparency. So they've got a clear circle here and then they've just made it transparent. And so you can more clearly read the text overlay That's winsome. So you're adding a little possess to the, um the typical photo text overlay. You're making it a little. A little more elaborate on what was on their feet. Look who popped up on camera. So and they've got a good color combinations to If you're, you know, kind of wondering about which colors to put together their often posting the different codes that might look good together. You want to pull up one of those? Yeah. Yeah, there was less when I have you. Yes. So they have. You know, the color codes here so you can identify those and take a look in which, you know, colors might look good together for a little inspiration. So any other questions from you guys in the audience? These air Beautiful. Do you suggest deleting any previous or first post that may not fit into that branding? Are you talking on instagram specifically? Yes, that's a great question. I have my very first instagram post up because I think it's so important for people to see what you started. Do you want to know what my first post was? Nail polish nail polish with, of course, a shell cause I had have a nautical theme. I didn't write a description. I just That was my first photo photo. That was my I'm on Instagram Island. Kira. Yes, I'm going to start understanding the space. And so I think it's good to let people see progress and not perfection. And even on YouTube, like about people say, should I delete my old videos because they're ridiculous when you look at him? No people, I think it's It's really important for people to see your growth and how far you've come in the short period that you've gotten there. And if you think it's tainting your brand for some other reason, of course you can delete it. But I like the journey, and I think it's important for people to get the inspiration. This is where I waas in June, right, Paul, and this is where I am, you know, now in November, and to see that journey of what it took to get there, so kind of like recapping and bringing things back the last time you can spend doing the things like this that you may not be enjoying As much as you know what it is, creating the products for your business or your services and working with people the more time you have to do that. So you're its inefficiency. It's helping you look stronger online and attract more eyeballs and stand out all things that eventually lead to making more money, doing what you love, which is the goal, right? Which is the goal, isn't she? Great way. Find you online. Oh, yeah. So I am at Rachel. Polish up. Instagram? Yeah, Only a girlfriend. She's adorable. Here she is. That was this morning thistles. Me? Um, this is the one on grand, and it's not the same name on Twitter. Actually, there's somebody else that has my name. So its reach a polish if you're looking for me on Twitter so sometimes that happens. So I always get that disclaimer. This is them making fun of me and some creative, cute way did the video naked, and I and it's my dog Cody in the back. Rachel always has these creative little post chief rights. Yeah, I'll go to SP Z team, The hashtag Oh, that's a good one. Okay, Yeah. So this hashtag is thistles are like our team Hashtag so if you have a team, you can have a little team hash tag and yeah, we have fun with it. Like from And, you know, in a employee standpoint, like when we do stuff together, I'll tag the SBC t minutes kind of nice to track your memories as a as a group. So if you've got people working with yes, tell me, is the hash Zoubi made me dio just came up with that hashtag You guys have to check that one out soon be made me do it. Just great having you with. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Instagram® is a powerful tool for marketing to potential customers – but how can business owners turn that attention into sales? Join Sue B. Zimmerman for an introduction to leveraging Instagram® to drive sales.

In this course, you’ll take advantage of the full scope of what Instagram has to offer as a tool for landing more sales. Sue will extend on lessons from her Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses class and teach you about using Instagram® to build communities and create giveaways and contests that drive traffic from Instagram to your online shop – and how to get your customers to stick around and buy once they’ve clicked over. Sue will also coach you on how to position your work to encourage commissions. You’ll also learn how to make money on Instagram using advanced features like in-app sales and analytics, ensuring you’ll be able to use this powerful platform to its fullest potential.

If you’re ready to take your Instagram followers’ likes and comments and transform them into sales, commissions, and profit, this is the class for you!



What a phenomenal course. Thank you, Ann, and the team at Creative Live for this jam-packed class. I'll be honest, when I signed up I wasn't sure how there could be three days worth of information on Instagram. However this content-rich class was filled to the brim with wonderful ideas, tools and inspiration for cultivating success on the platform. I'd been struggling with attuning as to how to best use Instagram for my business - I didn't want to be posting pictures of my lunch, cat or shoes; and I didn't want to simply recycle graphics from Facebook. What I really wanted was to learn how to fully utilize this platform to build my tribe, market my business and connect with others. This course delivered all that and more. Sue is a great teacher and her heartfelt style of marketing and sales really fits with my own approach to business. Every day I learned dozens of ideas that I could immediately implement and my mind is buzzing with inspiration and ways to authentically use Instagram to connect with my tribe. I've been recommending this class to everyone I know. I loved it so much that I purchased Sue's first class, Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses. A lovely bonus of taking Sue's classes is that you can connect with her Instagallive tribe, too. I've been meeting wonderful people and making great connections in the community. If like me, you're a solo-entrepreneur looking for a way to bring authentic marketing to your business, I highly recommend Sue's classes. (P.S. I was blessed to get to attend this class in studio at Creative Live. It was beyond amazing. If you ever get the chance to go to a Creative Live event in-studio or take one of Sue's live classes or events, do it. You will come away feeling inspired and energized for sure!)


Thank you to Sue and to Creative Life and everyone who helped for this course. I enjoyed every minute. So many great tips, amazing guests, useful informations. The amount of information is amazing! I could watched all over again. I'm so grateful for Creative Life community to have such a great course like Sell more with Instagram with Sue was. the course really have helped me grow my Instagram account. I have leared so much from the first course, but now I learned even more and I'm doing on IG better and better every day.

a Creativelive Student

Buy Sue';s course. It's a no-brainer that you will NOT regret! Sue highlights real people with real businesses and demonstrates how they are building their brands and sales on Instagram. She walks you through the process of effectively setting up your Instagram page, teaches you about different types of accounts and how to determine what is best for you, highlights how to develop strategies for growing your presence on Instagram, and shares information about how to implement engagement strategies. Also included: the importance of being authentic and how to do that, providing value to engage followers, running contests, encouraging user-generated content, creating graphics, the best apps for creating graphics and managing accounts, how to get and interpret analytics, how to improve your account based on analytics, and so much more. Her enthusiasm is contagious and you'll look forward to the new content and audience interaction in each new video. These videos are FUN to watch! Every business should be on Instagram, but first watch Sue's course to learn how to be there effectively and sell your product or service. You will not regret this purchase!