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Sell More With Instagram

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Building Traffic Through

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sell More With Instagram

Sue B. Zimmerman

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8. Building Traffic Through


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Building Traffic Through

So this segment is all about building your traffic through a bit. Lee Link. Who in the audience uses Betley? Most of you great love that. So this is how you can track your click throughs from instagram to your website or wherever you're driving traffic. So I want to give you I've taken these screenshots. It's a mobile app that you can download or you can use it from the desktop. So I want to show you some grafts that air created. Now when you go back to Billy, there's so much data that you can look at once you've created your links and I'm gonna show you what some of ours look like in a minute. But here is an example of the link that we've used from Instagram with the Selma with Instagram course for creative lives. So at the top, you can see that there's been 941 clicks and you can see where they're coming from. And then if you look to the right where the graph is, you can see what countries people are clicking on the link. So I know that I have fans in Australia and Canada and clearly...

the United States and then where they're being driven from. So from my account as well as creative lives. So you get to look at the, um, the whole data of that link versus when you put your own website there and you're not tracking it for Google it. If you're not using Google analytics and you're not tracking it, it's a way to really track. So we strategically switch out thes bit Lee links so that we can track the traffic and find out where it's coming from. And I'm going to show you in a minute how to create that custom Betley link. But when you do, you also get to see how many clicks were made in the last minutes. 24 hours. You can go back today's seven days or 30 days to get a snapshot of the traffic from that bit Lee length. So here's a graph where okay, so the previous slide was looking at that bit Lee link and seeing it 60 minutes of being posted and then seeing it 30 days that it was how many days like this one was posted 30 days ago so you can look at the graph and see the activity in the click food and just really track it, and you might decide to change out your bit. Lee links Um, when you're have when you have a different call to action in your bio and that's what we dio. So I'm on the phone in the mobile. For those of you that are at home on your desktop, you can open up Betley dot com. It's free. You can start your own account. I think you can even log in through Facebook on, and this is what it looks like on the phone. So I asked Ceresa someone in the audience for their their website. Eso I'm selecting all on the phone. I put her website, and they're gonna copy it on an added. You can search. You can search your length or you can create a length. Someone have paste it right here and press go, so that is taking a little bit of time. So there it is. That's what it looks like, and this is what it will look like on the desktop as well. So see how there's all these numbers and letters and it's kind of ugly. You could brand that and have that be whatever you want it to bay. I'm not gonna press save when I do this, because I want you to create it for your website. But the idea is that you go into edit and you can click in and you can literally have this be your website. You can write website. I write SP Z website. Now this is a really great tool to use to shorten the long lengths that you want to make small. And it's not just good for Instagram. It's also good for Twitter. So in services case, what I would recommend doing is this writing her? You know, shortened. It's already it's already pretty short, So it's not a perfect, perfect example. But if you have a product that you're selling on your page and you want to shorten it and have it be called that product, you can name that product in the Bentley length. So this could like what would you pick for your website? Okay, so this just for the sake of following through here, you would clip, you would type in the name and then you would save the link, and then you can copy and paste that link wherever you want to put it. So you might want to put that link on Facebook. You might want to, you know, start using it in your tweets. It's a shorter link, so you'll have more characters on Twitter and on Instagram. I'm going to show you, um, in the keynote examples that we've used for our different accounts to track our billy lengths and click throughs. Are there any questions here with how to do it? Because on the mobile, it's a little bit different than the desktop just interface. It's not so much a question of how to do it, but when you're using it on different social media sites, are you changing the address just slightly for each site? So you know where the traffics actually coming from? No. So I create one bit Lee for one sites, and I use that over and over again. But I'm very strategic on what I'm putting on instagram and what I'm naming that bit. Lee. OK, that's what I'm at. Eso the Bentley name this where your customizing it, you change it, whether it's if it's on Facebook, it's different than if it's on track my instagram traffic, and that's what I want the viewers to understand is that you can track the success. A lot of people say I'm getting so much more business over on Etsy or over my website under where it's coming from. Well, you can see that where it's coming from from the click throughs in the Bentley link. So if you want to analyze your data, which a lot of people that have small businesses want to do so that they can make adjustments, this is a great tool to use for your business. Any other comments or questions? That's yes, I have a question. So I'm looking at my analytics right now, and I'm looking at the graph is one of the slides that you had up a moment ago. And so I see on my graph, I see blue and it says that is indicative of your link and then on yours. I saw some little black lines as well, and that says all links. Yet what is? What's the different between the blue? I'm not quite sure I understand your link versus all links, so so your link. So when you are on Billy, you have all you create a lot of like I have a lot of Betley links. So it might not just be that one specific link it might be showcasing in the graph all the links that I have and the activity from the length. But you can really get specific with what data you want to pull from Bentley to analyze. And you can even bundle your links and categorize them and keep them all in a bundle in. Name your bundles. Kind of like how you would name a list on Twitter. Um, you can You can bundle your links and have a category where you put them all. You can share your bundled links with other people if you want them to be using your bit lee lengths. As you know, if you have a team and you want to share your Bentley lengths, Okay, so just so I understand. So what you're saying is it's kind of the black would be like all of my links that I have going and the blue is showing the one that the one that you are like the research Yes, and when you get on, when you when you get on your desktop is a much more clear. Okay, then off the phone. Okay. Thank you. Yes. Casket. Okay, so let me just show you some examples again on Instagram. You have one link, so I'm going to show you what we've done. Um, so this is on its to get alive and I'm telling you to sign up and I have it. It's called insta su B. So I've created that Betley length. This is for my court, one of my courses I've created and it's called insta results too. So we created the bit willing to go with that course, and this is my shop. And this is my my web site for Scooby Doo. And so it's the website driving traffic. I'm actually thinking of doing away with my website to sell and just using instagram and just having a landing page because I'd rather sell off of instagram than a website because I'm getting more traffic on Instagram. Is that my website? I just don't like shipping and if I find it another business So I decided that I want to just have my website be a one pager until people go to instagram and I'm gonna start selling off of Instagram because you can sell off of Instagram and you're gonna hear more about that from some of the guests. But for me, it's the platform where everyone is engaging, not my website. That's a plan of action that I have you heard and talk about you. You kind of are nimble, is a small business owners and do what's best. And I think for me another in the instagram space will be best. But you're gonna be selling your products. Some of my products of discontinuing, not the ones that I sell in the store. Yeah. So you your product products, not your, um instagram. Right. So this is my store accounts. This would be physical products that I actually have the ship. I don't like shipping. It's a whole other business. So that's why I'm thinking of doing it this way. Yes, I know. They talked about how you know we Here we are building these communities on social media. Um, and if something happens to these platforms, we really need to be bringing people into our home, which is like our website, our newsletter. Most importantly, um, can you talk about that we just don't know when that is doing. Keep the website, and that's I'm just I don't want the shop on the website. So when I still keep the website for S e O and needs absolutely right he talked about you want to have your blog's, you wanna have, you own that and it's so important to have that. But now that I'm or in to, um, see Zimmerman dot com than my super do, it just makes more sense for me to kind of dial that down and AMP. Up the other. So that's my strategy for it. But yes, absolutely want have home base and not give that up completely. Okay, so here's another little hack that I shared. This is when I told you earlier, you know, I learned from Nate. Nate had amazing guest on his show this week, and I met Joshua, who is the owner of post planner dot com. And he has, um, a block post on his website called Five Cool Instagram Tricks. You've never heard of um and so you definitely want to check that out. That's why I put the website there, and I love this tip and this tip. I put it on Instagram and I got a lot of engagement again. We talked about Brandt, the tips in the bonuses and we give away 20 different tips that are just, like, actionable one tip that you can digest, understand, learn and do right now. And this is the way they're all branded consistently. So you see this rainbow means good tip from soup A One of the other things he mentioned in the tips was insta port. So how many people in the audience know about in support so you can actually download all you can sign in with your instagram of account. And here's the website and you can export all your downloads, your photos on instagram so that you can have them all, and I and you can get them onto your your hard drive. Yeah, I know this thing was me learning something like, I'm telling you all. I don't know everything, but I'm learning from other people in this was in that article of the five kind of hack tips. So we're in, You know, we're talking about hacks and tips. All right, so I just want everyone to know about that and then to make sure that you get to go check out that log post. So we're moving into another Google. Hang out with Gen Underscore trends, which you absolutely want to follow. You absolutely want to follow her blog's Jen's trends and so excited to have her on. I'm going to just quickly give this slide before Gen physically gets on to share our story. Gen and I collaborate a lot. Jen teaches Instagram as well as us. She's a social media expert and she writes about it as a blogger and she's an amazing writer, and she and I collaborate a lot on Instagram, and what we really like is that her community is my community and minus hers. And even though we're in the same space on DSHEA, she coaches and helps people to learn. Instagram we're not competitive were collaborative. And because of that, we've been featured on some virtual summits together, Um, and we're gonna be And this was the most recent one with the owner of Camba. She's one of the co founders That's Melanie and Jen, and I just did a virtual summit and you will see both of us that social media world in San Diego teaching Instagram. You know, a lot of people know how to teach Instagram and I Jen and I have the same value system, the same philosophy of how we teach it to small business owners. And Jen does have a full time job. And I'm really excited that she took time out to be with us this afternoon so that we can talk about how she is actually as a blogger, um, using instagram for her business. So we're ready for den. There she is. Hey, Hey, How are you? Good. You're in San Diego, right? I am in San Diego and it is crazy hot today about the Santa ANAs. It's like 93 degrees right now is So don't complain to me how hot you are because, like in Boston, that doesn't happen this time of year. So So, Jen, I First of all, I would love for you to kind of give a background of how you started doing what you're doing is a blogger, because I know that you have a full time job. And, um, it's obvious to me how passionate you are about writing about social media, specifically Instagram and I'll ask you questions in that space in a minute. But if you can give all the listeners Anno overview of how you started blogging, Yeah, so, originally, I mean, this was not the crazy plan that it turned out, To be quite honest. Instagram, you know, has obviously evolved us does my niche and everything. But when I started I that was not my intention. I, as you know, you've been Should I have a full time job in that? A job? One of the challenges we were having was getting the executives on board with social media work. And it was like, Okay, let's go to Facebook. Okay, let's try to get a Twitter going. And let's use LinkedIn. We're in the very be to be kind of government industry, so it's not something that's really popular in social media world anyways, and it was overcoming all these challenges and got them aboard. That's been very beneficial for us. And so going through those challenges, I realized, you know, I'm probably not the only one doing this and having these problems and obstacles and challenges. So I started my blawg because I'm one of those crazy people who can't sit still for more than five minutes, and we wanted to just add more to my daily workload. I said I'm going to talk about all these challenges And so I did. And it just started off as a way for me to just kind of express casually what I was learning and experiencing from my perspective. And it just it grew from there, and it's become what it is now just basically, don't fully thriving business and instagram expert on top eso how many unique fused to get to your block a day. My average of about 3000 and 3500 day. That's awesome. That is awesome. And so, um so why did you, like you started seeing value in Instagram and and decided to write about that? Is that every Monday that you post on Instagram blawg? I know you consistently do one. Yes, every Monday is dedicated to instagram on my Facebook page. It's all instagram on Mondays, so I do other instagram posts on instagram tips or things like that. I kind of devoted Monday to Instagram and what you're doing in your blog's talk about the visual, how you're really consistent about taking that visual image that you've created, probably in the third year in Android Girl. I forget what app you use. You can talk about it because I know a lot of people would love to hear you create an image in that blawg and you consistently posted to Instagram. So there's that brand consistency, Um, and your repurpose ing the graphics and you're driving pat traffic both ways. Absolutely. And you have you listen to any blogger blocking expert anything. They always tell you. You have to have any retreat books that's made. It works. I'm going to share its social media. You want that image attached with it and everyone has their specifications. It should be, you know, a vertical. It should be horizontal issues, you know, ideal for Pinterest. It should be. I the offer Facebook. Well, I create all every single one. My blood posed images. Whether it's instagram related or not. For Instagram, everything is created in the optimized square shape so that I can promote it on Instagram, and that's become my brand. So that's that's how I design. And actually, it's kind of I don't think it's cheating, but I actually took all of my graphics in Power Point so everything is designed in there. I got in there stages a J peg, and that's how it's David, although I do use a couple laps, um, one that you'd like to be using a lot of text shooting for Android. That's a really popular one. And then I also used photo grit, and I can do some text overlays, an additional kind of tricks and stuff using that great that was probably very helpful for people listening in with the Androids. So in the past, you've talked about the quality of leads. I love this Jen, you wrote about this in one of your blog's. The quality of leads that you get over when they land on where you're trying to get them is so much higher than any other platform. Can you explain this to the audience and why this occurs? Yeah, it's and this is one of the reasons I love Instagram, but I get so excited talking about this because everyone's question is always what good is instagram for business, and I just the easiest way answered is, would you like a 0% bounce straight from social media and Of course, who wouldn't want a 0% bounce rate? Instagram will pretty much give you a 0% because people have to. Actually, you have to get them to jump through a couple hoops to get them to your landing page or to your blogger to your product age or your website, whatever where you're trying to get them to for your old action, get the conversion you want. And so by getting them to jump through these hoops that people that get there really want to be there. They're not somebody who cloaked accidentally. They're not somebody who meant to click on a photo, and they clicked on a link there. Not somebody's kids scrolling through their phone pushing buttons. It's guaranteed referral traffic that actually wants to be there. And when they get there, they stay there and they buy. They navigate, they go. Another pages, they read more, and that's how you really get those high conversion rates, and that's what you're seeing. I'm pretty much all your posts, right? Absolutely. And I get a lot of traffic from Instagram, and the best thing is, some people will leave you no comments on the block post but a lot of people hope back to Instagram and leave their comments on the Instagram poems that advertised Block Post. So then we keep the conversation going on instagram, right? So let's stop and talk about that from it. So you you drive traffic both ways and I see it, and you do it very well. And you also have a strong presence on Google. Plus, So when you as a blogger, when you when you have it, when you have the post on instagram and you're trying to bring him back to your blawg because you have one link, are you mentioning it in the comments below that you have a link? Yes, absolutely. I have that clear call to action on every blood closed out of kitchen. So it starts off the same thing way every time a new block post his life. That's how every caption starts, have a block post, and then I have a quick description of what the block punches about the title should be fairly explained for, but I give a little bit and insight. Maybe it's a teaser. Maybe it's, you know, one of the tips and mentioned, or some way to kind of intrigue the reader. And then I use a big double aero and say, Click on the Way and in my bio and then I out of my hashtags for whatever in there as well. So it is very clear. Click on the link in my bio. They get there and it takes them right to my blank page so that they don't have to navigate. I'm not sending them on a wild goose chase. They go right to the blank page. Or that baseball imposes the 1st 1 in the West. Right? So your link in your bio is your blawg. And then the most recent posts that you made is at the top when you land there so they can easily find it. And because the image matches on your block to Instagram, it's a no brainer. Exactly. That is awesome. Yeah, I Jen is a great writer. I enjoy reading all of her block post, and I learned from Jan Jan learns from me again. This collaboration has been really great for both of us. Jen, if you were to give three great instagram tips knowing that they're all watching you from around the world on. And I know that's really broad for you and I to just come up with three, but I'm putting you on the spot. I know you can do it. What would they be like for your success is because you've experienced a lot of success. Well, im I'm kind of including your on your last segment we're wrapping up, which is the best, the links. That is a huge, huge tip for me. So I want to reiterate that to use, um, use that link no matter what link you put in there, make sure it is going where you want people to go. Like we were just talking about. If you do, you said into your home page and you're trying to them for the agent takes five or six clicks is not gonna happen. You have to get them where you want them to go immediately. They've already hit two or three buttons to get. There was not Nichols do anymore jumping through hoops and then using the Bentley links so you can track it is so important. Or you can use a cool, um, shorter than geo about GL. That's the one I usually use that bit. We obviously gives a bit more detail in terms of the triangle, and it's the same function. Is Bentley. You just put your original Lincoln and it gives you a Google shortened like that is trackable quickly. Catcher in the data is not as expansive as it is on a Bentley, right? It's not as expensive, but it's definitely going to give you at least some rudimentary body six, so you can see what's happening. Okay, so I'm gonna combine that into one tip because it's all kind of the same thing. So my second tip would be to tell people your own Instagram. That's the hardest thing for people to overcome is you could have you 10,000 Facebook fans. And if no one knows you're on instagram, they're not going to go there. You could have people coming into your store every single day buying your products that they don't know what you're on instagram. It's not gonna do anything for you. So by all means, tell people advertising your store advertising on your website. Put it in your email link or email signature. Tell people on Facebook get them over to instant, and that's gonna lead into my third tip, which would be to use teaser images from Instagram. Tell your other sex, don't share everything from Instagram. Chose it. So let's say you have an event. You're taking five photos from your bed and put them all on Instagram. Don't share all five to Facebook. Choose one and tell your Facebook fans to come over to Instagram to see the rest of them. And that's how you get that cross traffic back and forth. I absolutely love this, and I totally agree with Jen is if you keep some of your content exclusive to Instagram, they're gonna want to come back and see more of the same. So that's a great one. Do you want to give up because you over deliver kind of gal? One more tip. Of course, you mentioned exclusivity, so I love doing exclusive content on Instagram. Maybe it's a context only on Instagram. Maybe it's a promo code on Lee on Instagram. Maybe it's a weekly Siri's during monthly Siri's Onley on Instagram. So maybe you do you know, um, like a something for you know, Wednesday the first Wednesday of every month, and you do some sort of, um you know Schumer is post or, you know, maybe you do a lot of video. So maybe every first Friday you released your blue parts. There's a lot of different things that you could do to make a regular Siri's, and the more you kind of make it exclusive. But regular and everyone knows it another looking for and they keep coming back for more. Right? And two. I was talking earlier, gen about posting. And how frequently are you posting one a day or twice a day on your account average. Probably won. Some days. I get up to maybe two or three, and some days I might skip it altogether. It just depends on my availability and what's going on in my business in my life. But it is ensure you've talked about names you're gonna talk about. It's about consistency. I will not go multiple days without posting. And you know, no one wants to see a doorman account, and you want to stay front and center in their feet than in their minds. Right? And so Jen. So Jen's account her personal is her featured account. Jen doesn't have a separate one, and she does a really good job at not only giving value with her blog's and driving traffic back to her blog's, but she also humanizes her brand and she has beautiful sunsets. She's in San Diego. She occasionally shows her nails. She's got awesome nails and you know her fashion. So yeah, so you get to really know Jen, um, and like Jen and see that she's giving amazing value. So you do not have to have a featured account. Jen is the perfect example of someone on Instagram that has figured out the balance of sharing herself and her business. Absolutely. I definitely I always tell people I use it as a brand account. It's not a personal account is not a business account. It's a veranda, capped. I'm using it from a perspective of who I am is a bread. I promote my business, and then I also using eye. I'm a sucker for a good sunset. So I'm sorry to see a lot of sense if you follow me. Um, I share photos with my dog and wolf recently, so it was, you know, sharing photos of that process. I share photos of projects I'm working on or things they're going on in my business. So it really does show a kind of all encompassing view of my my personal in business combined as a branch. And because you've built such a large blawg community, you they knew if they came over, the value would be there it was So So you you didn't start with It's all about me. And now I'm gonna share instagram articles or social media articles to get people back to my blawg. You built your blawg and became ranked really high as a blogger, right? And then definitely it all started as a social media block. I got into the instagram because a I felt love of instagram and, um, Quick side. If I was really laid a doctor first person to admit it I resisted Instagram. I was like, No, I do not need another site, but I got on there and I fell in love with it. And so I started blogging because again, my block is my personal experience with social media and I was wanting to share that personal experience. But then it became like I realized, you know, Sue obviously does an amazing job teaching instagram, but there's so few other people out there that I really respected the way they were doing it, and not a lot of people were blogging about it. When you try to find something on Google or a surgery, even like a big popular social media site, all the tips for a very superficial it was like five tips to getting more traffic. It's like life. More people post more photos, use Hashtags, but no details, strategies, new information. And that was when I was like, Oh, I got that's covered and instagram, which is great, which is absolutely great. So everyone needs toe check out Jen's blog's. She doesn't just write about Instagram, but clearly you heard it's become her favorite, um, one of her favorite social media platforms, right about You'll find those updates Monday and she It's great. I learned from Jen. Jen learns from me. It's all good. So thanks so much for taking time to be with us here today, Jen. No, thank you so much. And good luck. Everybody was learning about Instagram. There's so much to learn. I know. So has got you covered. And I hope you guys get just as excited about it. Is heard idea. Thanks so much. Jan's Log. Jen's trends Jen's with J E N N s trends within esa dan dot com and her Instagram, which I actually helped her kind of come up with her name again like her name. Wasn't I forget what her name was, but you have the perfect name for So we did the underscore Jen's underscore trends, and I did. I actually did her bio for her. I haven't insta bio that I do on my website. So Jen and I like I said, we collaborate Island from Jen. Jen learns for me. She loves to write. I like to do Micro Blog's an instagram. I don't like to do big blog's on a website, so it's all good. So this is a great resource for all of you to learn more from somebody else that really knows how to teach it with passion and with great content. All right, so it does anyone have any comments or questions toe what Jen just shared? She always match, now published to her spectacles. Her nails are blue matched glasses. Yeah, she's definitely got the little fashion thing going, So she mentioned that her hyper link is her blawg, right? Cause that's where she's taking people to. Yeah, let me let me let me give you the visual of Jan because I think it's just perfect. She has these great instagram images that she creates, and she said she doesn't empower point. I've never done that. But if you're a power point user, there's another tool for you. And she creates that for her blog's shares. The same one on Instagram. When you click her Earl on Instagram, it takes you to her block her Boggis phenomenal! And when you land on it, you visually see the last post that she's made, which is the last post that she made on Instagram. So even though her blawg feed moves, she has a search bar. So if you search Instagram on her blawg, all of her articles will come up and you will spend hours, you know, reading be a little bit different than some of us who want to take people to a landing page. Yeah, so if you're trying to grow an email list mom and have him land on a landing page, you need that Bentley to be that call to action. Seven steps to be more spiritually grounded or, you know, whatever you want to be. So one other question follow up to that. So if say, for instance, we were to utilize both strategies, like landing page, and then we also blawg Would you change, um, the hyper link on our bio when it's the day that we post that we have done a blawg post? Yeah. If you're trying to grope, get traffic to your blawg and you're giving value in your blogged, you want them to read it and get traffic and comment on your block. It helps. With Seo. They might tweet it. They might share to Facebook that might share it over to Google. Plus, So I think if you have a blogged that isn't really getting traffic and you want it to get traffic and comments on your blawg, I think that's a great strategy. It all depends on what is your goal? Is your goal to grow your email list, Um, or is it to get more eyes on your blawg and more engagement on your block? And you might change that up because you now created a few bit ly's that you can, you know this week. You chest this and you know you can change up your URL and instagram at any time. Thank you. Maybe I'll 70 questions. Yeah, Yeah, that's so the next day you're posting something else and something else. And you're changing the bit, Lee, Assuming you want them to go to your blog's or to a landing pages changing your Betley each time. Does it make sense in the comments section to repost the original Betley? Okay, so you re for us. So if you put a link in the initial description on instagram and share it over to Facebook or Twitter that that link will be live on those platforms, not on instagram often what I do is I'll give a micro, um, blawg post, which I'll be talking about soon. And I'll say the link is in the comments below, okay, because you can type in the link and bring it over to the search engine, and just and then that will always stay without image. Yeah, and if you get a lot of comments on that image that will not be seen, the more comments that you get, But I do. I use that and say the link is in the comments below frequently, or you could do the mock geo tag and put that link up there and say that the girls look in my geo tag and that's there forever and it doesn't move with the comments.

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In this course, you’ll take advantage of the full scope of what Instagram has to offer as a tool for landing more sales. Sue will extend on lessons from her Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses class and teach you about using Instagram® to build communities and create giveaways and contests that drive traffic from Instagram to your online shop – and how to get your customers to stick around and buy once they’ve clicked over. Sue will also coach you on how to position your work to encourage commissions. You’ll also learn how to make money on Instagram using advanced features like in-app sales and analytics, ensuring you’ll be able to use this powerful platform to its fullest potential.

If you’re ready to take your Instagram followers’ likes and comments and transform them into sales, commissions, and profit, this is the class for you!



What a phenomenal course. Thank you, Ann, and the team at Creative Live for this jam-packed class. I'll be honest, when I signed up I wasn't sure how there could be three days worth of information on Instagram. However this content-rich class was filled to the brim with wonderful ideas, tools and inspiration for cultivating success on the platform. I'd been struggling with attuning as to how to best use Instagram for my business - I didn't want to be posting pictures of my lunch, cat or shoes; and I didn't want to simply recycle graphics from Facebook. What I really wanted was to learn how to fully utilize this platform to build my tribe, market my business and connect with others. This course delivered all that and more. Sue is a great teacher and her heartfelt style of marketing and sales really fits with my own approach to business. Every day I learned dozens of ideas that I could immediately implement and my mind is buzzing with inspiration and ways to authentically use Instagram to connect with my tribe. I've been recommending this class to everyone I know. I loved it so much that I purchased Sue's first class, Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses. A lovely bonus of taking Sue's classes is that you can connect with her Instagallive tribe, too. I've been meeting wonderful people and making great connections in the community. If like me, you're a solo-entrepreneur looking for a way to bring authentic marketing to your business, I highly recommend Sue's classes. (P.S. I was blessed to get to attend this class in studio at Creative Live. It was beyond amazing. If you ever get the chance to go to a Creative Live event in-studio or take one of Sue's live classes or events, do it. You will come away feeling inspired and energized for sure!)


Thank you to Sue and to Creative Life and everyone who helped for this course. I enjoyed every minute. So many great tips, amazing guests, useful informations. The amount of information is amazing! I could watched all over again. I'm so grateful for Creative Life community to have such a great course like Sell more with Instagram with Sue was. the course really have helped me grow my Instagram account. I have leared so much from the first course, but now I learned even more and I'm doing on IG better and better every day.

a Creativelive Student

Buy Sue';s course. It's a no-brainer that you will NOT regret! Sue highlights real people with real businesses and demonstrates how they are building their brands and sales on Instagram. She walks you through the process of effectively setting up your Instagram page, teaches you about different types of accounts and how to determine what is best for you, highlights how to develop strategies for growing your presence on Instagram, and shares information about how to implement engagement strategies. Also included: the importance of being authentic and how to do that, providing value to engage followers, running contests, encouraging user-generated content, creating graphics, the best apps for creating graphics and managing accounts, how to get and interpret analytics, how to improve your account based on analytics, and so much more. Her enthusiasm is contagious and you'll look forward to the new content and audience interaction in each new video. These videos are FUN to watch! Every business should be on Instagram, but first watch Sue's course to learn how to be there effectively and sell your product or service. You will not regret this purchase!